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I just purchased and am renovating an older home using the FHA 203K loan program, putting an additional ~$60K into it including repairing all issues that we were aware of at the time of inspection/closing. I purchased the home warranty in case any issues arose that we were not aware of and hadn't budgeted for in the renovations.
After the kitchen cabinets and drywall were demo'd, we discovered that the main kitchen drain was leaking at a joint, so I decided to file a claim with the home warranty company. I filed the claim online over the weekend when we discovered the leak. The home warranty company got a plumber out to the house on Wednesday to inspect the issue. It took about 10 minutes and he left and informed us we would hear back from them to schedule the repair.
Several days passed and I didn't hear back. I called the plumbing company, HTJ Global, and got voicemail and left a message. After another day passed and not hearing back from them, I added a comment to my online warranty claim to get a status update. When the warranty company called me, they informed me they weren't aware the plumber had even gone to the house and said they would contact the plumber to get an update.
When the warranty company contacted me next, I was told that the claim was denied because the plumber observed that someone (prior owner) had attempted to repair the leak with plumber's putty and therefor it was not covered. She also offered to have the plumber do the work for me directly at around ~$400. When I referred the warranty rep to the following section in my contract, she informed me that she could see how I could misinterpret it to think that since we were not aware of the issue it would be covered. So, she essentially insulted me and told me that I am unable to read and/or interpret written english language! For reference, I've include the excerpt from the contract below:
...3. This Contract does not cover defects known prior to the Effective Date of coverage. Known defects are excluded from coverage until proof of repair(s) is received by us. We provide coverage for unknown conditions if the condition would not have been detectable by the Buyer, Seller, or Agent through visual inspection and
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
mechanical test. For example, a
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
test would be visual inspection of a heat exchanger for cracks or a carbon monoxide test.'
I questioned her as to how we would have known about the issue, since it couldn't be seen until the drywall had been removed, and essentially didn't get an answer. I explained to her that I purchased their highest coverage option, and that I was repairing every issue that I was aware of at time of closing, in addition to buying all new appliances. This of course means, that we wouldn't be filing any claims for appliances and many other things that are being repaired/replaced over the term of the coverage. She seemed un-phased by this. I then asked her what is the value in having a policy for unknown issues that doesn't actually cover unknown issues. She then responded that after all the work was done on the house, I would then be able to use them for any 'future' issues. In the end, I remained unconvinced that my money was well spent on the policy and asked for cancellation.
Cancellation took multiple days of back and forth phone calls to multiple individuals including transfers and voicemails. When I finally spoke to the person that 'handled cancellations' I was told they would be deducting a fee and their 'costs'. I've now received the refund and out of my $525.00 initial expenditure, I was refunded $351.25 with them retaining $173.75. I am extremely displeased that I basically spent $173.75 in addition to at least 5 hours of my time (which I bill @ $65/hr), and the entire episode put my renovation project a week and a half behind. This might not normally be a big deal, but we were on a tight schedule to get moved before the school year starts since my daughter is attending a new school near the house, and now we are stuck having to make the commute in the meantime since school starts on Monday (in 2 days).
Before this whole experience, I had wondered how home warranty companies made money as a business, but now I have my answer. Apparently it's the whole 'deny claims' business approach. At least now I know for future reference. I'll never purchase another policy in the future.
- Adair D.

I was contacted quickly by the Garage Door Company and they quickly scheduled coming out to assess the issue and repaired it by replacing a sensor and it works great now.

The timely responsiveness to my needs, great customer service, and quality work provided are what was needed in a Home Warranty Company. I will use them again!

- Amber S.

I contacted
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
to have a Washer and Electric range repaired. A company was recommended at first but this company had taken a very long time(about 30 days) to respond back to me after removing a part from my Washer. I contacted
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
again to inform them that the company they had recommended has not followed through with the repair of the Washer and I also needed my Electric Range looked at due to one of the elements was not heating up.
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
authorized me to get a company of my choice to make the repairs and that I would have to pay initially for the repairs and then I could submit receipts for reimbursement because they did not have another company to recommend to me. I was suppose to have the company that I choose to make the repairs to contact
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
to get authorization for the repairs but I just told the company to go forward with the repairs because I did not have an alternative company to call and this company had the parts to make the repairs on their truck. I called
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
and asked how to get reimbursed for $521.00, their customer service representative informed me that I should have gotten approval prior but I could still send in my receipts. I thought that I would not get a refund but I did receive a refund check from
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
and I do appreciate them for this even though I failed to get the proper authorization for the repairs. Just one last comment, I was with another home warranty company for years and although I was paying a monthly fee, I still had to pay the repair company a service charge any time one would come out to check on any issue with my appliance. However,
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
does not require a service fee to be paid to any company. That is a great savings to my pocket, especially when the other home warranty company required me to pay a service charge of $75.00 per call. Thank you
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
for the great service you provided to me on this call.
- valentino S.

Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
exterior was very helpful. We had good communication about the work that they were about do for my roof. They worked very fast and efficiently. They were willing to solve the problems with my insurance, association and the county office for me. Their customer service was helpful and kind. They always called ahead of time to let us know about the roof work. My roof is beautifully done. We really satisfy with this company and would like to recommend this company to others. This is very honest company that you can trust.
- Jisun Y.

I was informed that, if coolant was needed to fix my problem, I would have to pay an additional $45.00 for each pound needed; with
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
paying only $10.00 for each pound. This piled on amount did not include my usual and contractual $75.00
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
per-visit fee. I quickly called
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
to verify this. The customer service agent said that he was correct. She said that because of the increased cost of coolant agents,
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
only pays $10.00 towards each pound of coolant. If only half a pound is needed, I still have to pay $45.00 for the whole pound (if only 1/8 pound needed, pay for a whole pound). My per-visit amount due has increased regularly (initially $60.00 but has increased steadily to the current $75.00 amount). Not only has this amount gone up but my policy premiums have increased steadily as well. So I'm feeling a little "gypped" at this point... For my two-story home, I currently pay
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
$646.00 a year for their highest coverage plan (Pick 10) which covers other items as well. My "pick 10" items covered: 1: Central A/C units. 2: Central heating units. 3: Water heaters. 4: Clothes Dryer. 5: Electrical. 6: Garage door opener. 7: Dishwasher. 8: Built in microwave. 9: Garbage disposal. 10: Ceiling fans. Other items covered in my contract are Washing machine, Range oven, Plumbing, and Refrigerator... I have been with this company for about 10+ years... Customer service has gone down the tubes. Last year I was called a liar by an
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
agent when I complained about a service provider. My yearly contract would normally renew this September. NEVER AGAIN! I just cancelled my contract with
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
. I have opted to go with a five-star rated home warranty provider on Angie's List. Higher coverage, Lower premiums, Lower per-visit payments *** And no extra charges for a/c coolant...! Thank you :)
- Richard J.

Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
Home Plumbing was an hour late to their service call. The technician was in my house for all of 5 minutes indicated that he could not fix the matter and exited my house. He did not investigate where the odor was coming form. He just indicated that
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
would not cover the issue and left my residence. For the 5 minute service call I received a bill yesterday for $60. This amounts to a $720 hourly rate for a plumber.
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
's business model is the following 1) charge 300 - 500 for a policy 2) write a policy which excludes 95% of all repairs 3) charge $60 bucks for a technician to do nothing.
- Patrick A.

I should have heeded the warnings! My real estate agent offered me a Home Warranty Policy paid for by the seller. This is something that happens all the time when one purchases a house. I looked on all of the usual websites (Angie's List, Yelp to name 2) and most of the companies had abysmal reviews. Since I wasn't paying for it, I chose
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
even though they had lots of F grades, with a scattered few good reviews (probably planted by the company ). Most of the reviews said the company would do anything to avoid fixing a product and would find all sorts of loopholes and send out shills to appease the client and then do nothing. They charge $65 per visit which you must pay in advance. OK, I live in the house 2 weeks with a working propane water heater and it stops working. I call Fidelity and they were extremely solicitous on the phone. "Of COURSE we will help as soon as possible and expedite your request since you have no hot water," the receptionist said. So they sent out these two guys who arrived an hour after the scheduled time. They looked at the heater and said it was old.
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
. They tried to light the pilot AND DIDN'T KNOW HOW! I had to show them and light it (these are supposedly hot water heater repair people). Then they started taking pictures. They didn't try to fix anything, they just wanted pictures. A metal piece was missing from the cover and they took a few pictures of that. I told them that had NOTHING to do with the problem. The heater lit up perfectly and then went out after about 2 minutes. There was probably an issue with the regulator (I did some research before they came). They left and said that I would hear back in the morning. No call in the morning. I called the repair company and they said they were just about to call Fidelity. Five minutes later, I got a call from Fidelity saying that they weren't going to fix the heater because a piece was missing - EVEN THOUGH IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH WHY THE HEATER WAS NOT WORKING! The woman on the phone said, "Read the fine print - if there is anything missing, the repair will not be done." I told her that was the equivalent of an eye doctor saying, I can't fix your vision because you have a hole in your shoe." She said, those are the rules and hung up on me. Almost every review of
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
says they will try to get out of doing any repair. They collect millions of dollars from home sellers and the buyers think they are getting some peace of mind and the only thing they get is a loss of $500 that could have been credited to the buyer rather than given the bogus policy. This is a pervasive, rampant scam and it should be exposed and stopped.

I called the repair company, and provided them the claim number. They sent a technician the same day. The technician determined that a tube was clogged, and unclogged it. The technician was friendly, punctual, and thorough. Best of all, I was not charged a penny. I haven't had good experiences with home warranty companies in the past, but my experience with CP was different. The whole process was
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
, easy, straight-forward.

This is a note of caution to potential customers.
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
is new to the area. As a result, they don't have a wide variety of service providers. I had an issue with my A/C and they only had ONE service provider who was located in Fort Worth. Due to the 50 mile distance, the technician only had limited time of day that he was available in Plano. I work full time and need either early morning or late appointment. Trying to schedule an appointment was such a nightmare that I hired an repair service out of my own pocket.
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
would not reimburse me.

I had a similar experience with a dryer repair. The ONE technician in
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
's database is located in
Duluth Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
. Once again, it was difficult to schedule an appointment. Additionally, when he arrived, he was not competent to diagnose or repair. I'm still waiting for a call back. I've already paid my $59.00 service call fee. I have no idea if the company is ordering parts, still pondering a diagnosis or simply squandering my $59.00
- Monica J.

Refuse to cover the washing machine when they had told me 10 days prior that it was covered. I acquired this policy by purchasing a home. It is the worst policy I've ever had. They told me my washer/dryer were covered, and when I called in for a claim on the washer, 10 days later, now it's not covered? This is total bull. That is out and out a lie. All they wanted to do was argue with me on the phone. They told me I could add it, for an additonal $70 but now there has to be proof that the washing machine is working. Their solution, call the agent who sold the policy (real estate agent), yeah they will take care of that right away. I left a message for them, but haven't heard back. This is ridiculous. Will definitely be reporting this to my attorney.

- Christine W.
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