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and a crew of 3 other workers arrived on time at our house and did a quick walk through to review everything and to get the other plumbers caught up on what needed to be done. I liked this as it ensured everyone was on the same page as they discussed how they were going to accomplish this.
The team started around 10 am and finished up around 6 pm. Having such an older home where everything isn't necessarily up to new code,
did a fantastic job of bringing everything up to date and explaining why the code was the way it is. Also, another "perk" of having such an older home, certain areas of the house proved to be more difficult than others but this didn't stop the team from getting the job done.
One of the things I liked most about them was their "whatever-it-takes" attitude to get it all done with no complaints (even with 2 very angry chihuahuas barking all day in the other room). I am very happy with their work. Their estimate was very fair and never did I feel like I was being "upsold" on some additional products. Even when speaking to
on the phone, she was courteous and professional in scheduling everything.
I would definitely use
in the future as I feel like I can trust them to do a good job and not cut corners. Highly recommended.
- Jacob H.

My Kitchen Drain was blocked and going down slow. Called '
' from Angies list for Rooter Service. Their Plumber 'Davit' arrived on time with his helper. Davit was extremely nice. He immediately got the 'Snake' and attempted to clear the line. After about 10 minutes the snake was stuck in the line. It wouldn't go forward or come out, it was really stuck. Davit's helper went under the house and said the snake was stuck in a cracked pipe. He called his office and I was informed I would have to pay for the snake and it was going to cost $2500 to remove the cracked pipe, replace with abs pipe and clear the line. Now we've gone from a $65 Rooter Service to a $2500 Repair. I told Davit that When my car is in the shop getting a tuneup, if a wrench breaks during tuneup the mechanic doesn't charge me for the tool. Tools break and wear out on the Job. Replacing them is the cost of doing business. He didn't argue the point. At no time was Davit disrespectful or angry. He disconnected the snake, and left it in the drain pipe. He did not charge me anything. He wrote up a estimate work order for the repair cost of $2500. After the Plumber left, I consulted Angies List again and I called 'Michaelangelo's Plumbing' in
Hills. The came out early the next morning (7/11/14) and removed the snake. They repaired the 2 pieces of cracked metal pipe. Total Cost $475.
- Bernard F.

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Mr. Below is prompt and reliable. He turned the water on, checked for leaking pipes and repaired them if he found any. He takes care of the hot water heater.
- Karen K.

The tail pipe running from the basket in my kitchen sink into the drain died of old age and needed to be replaced.
I live in an old home (nearly 200 years old) and the kitchen is vintage to the 1940s. The old farmhouse sink had a heavy duty stainless drain basket, brass nut and metal tail pipe that hooked with newer (still vintage) plumbing. We were replacing the kitchen faucet (ourselves) on a Saturday when the pipe disintegrated and I punted and called a plumber. They were able to schedule someone to come out and repair the tail/drain pipe very quickly (but not as an emergency call) which was great. They were out on Monday and they sent a plumber named
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
I was NOT there but my husband did say
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
was pleasant and prompt. It as when
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
began working that things started going wrong.
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
removed not only the disintegrated pipe but the perfectly good basket and brass nut and replaced it with one of the flimsiest kitchen drain baskets I've ever seen and a short length of what seemed to be very 'cheap' PVC pipe and plastic nut under the sink. I wasn't home when he did the work, my husband was and regrettably didn't pay enough attention to what
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
was doing until it was too late. When I arrived home and saw the new basket I was not pleased and more I was completely furious to find that my kitchen sink, which for 60 years had drained like a champ, was now backing up after 10-15 seconds of the water running! I asked my husband if he questioned
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
about this new development and he said he had and
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
told him it was a problem with the configuration of our plumbing and there was nothing he could do.
Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt we gave it a couple of days and a bottle of drain cleaner to see if the problem would somehow remedy itself. In fact, it did not. Here are the things we noted:
1) Metal pipe was replaced with what seemed to be flimsy pvc under the sink (-1)
2) The basket he had replaced (my perfectly good one) with was narrower (by at least 1/2 an inch) and deeper (our old mesh strainer didn't even fit halfway into the basket in the sink (-5)
3) The gasket he'd used to fit the pvc pipe and pvc nut was protruding into the sink pipe, narrowing the channel by ~1/4 inch (-5)
4) I discovered that not only had
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
removed our old basket and nut but he took it with him.... (-10)
I called the company, explained the situation to the woman who answered the phone. (i.e., the sink was suddenly not draining and the pipe fittings appeared to be wrong) She said she needed to get in touch with the plumber and would call me back that day. I told her I was leaving town and wouldn't be available again until Monday after 3 PM that day (Thursday). I never received a call. When I got home from my trip there was a message on the answering machine from
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
, the plumber, left at 3:30 on Friday saying to give him a call about the problem.
I attempted to return the call several times (from work) the following Tuesday. Each time I called
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
' phone I got an automated message saying that the phone was not set up for voice mail. I left a text message asking that
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
please TEXT my cell as I couldn't get calls at work, but could step away and call him back immediatly if he'd text me. After not hearing from him I finally called the main office again the next day, explained I was having trouble getting hold of
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
and could someone please have him text me so I could call him. The next day I received a text from
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
to call him. I did [within 5 minutes of the text] and got....the automated 'phone not set up with voice mail' message again. A few minutes later
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
called my phone. I was able to duck into a conference room and take the call, but normally this would not have been acceptable and I had expressed that numerous times.
I spoke with him, explained what the problem was and that having a kitchen sink that didn't drain was not an option and furthermore, it wasn't the issue before he worked on it.
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
informed me that there was nothing that could be done, it was a problem with the configuration of my plumbing and that he could come back and take out the seal I was seeing protruding into the drain pipe but my pipes might leak. THIS was his solution. He also told me that the brass nut and heavy duty stainless basket had "fallen apart". I know this is untrue but was not in a place where I could discuss it further. I simply told him that was not an acceptable answer, he told me he'd talk with his manager and see what they could do.
The next day I received a phone call (again, on a work day after having told the main office and
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
multiple times I could NOT receive calls while at work) to schedule a call with a 'master' plumber.
In order for me to be available for the second house call they scheduled me on a Saturday morning (+1)
The plumber they sent out was named
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
. He called before he came out, arrived on time,was professional and polite. (+1)
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
listened to my description of what was there initially and the 'excuse' that
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
gave as to why suddenly my plumbing was not functioning and new immediately what the problem was. (+5)
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
quickly replaced the cheap PVC tail pipe with a metal pipe comparable to the one that
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
had removed. (+5)
He replaced the narrow, shallow basket
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
had put in with one that had a slightly wider and shallower drain (+5)
What's more, he extended the length of the metal pipe back to it's original length (
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
had shortened it by several inches) (+5)
Now? My sink is back to its old self! Draining like a champ and
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
even replaced the aerator on the faucet he noticed needed replaced.
So thanks to
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
and his professionalism, clear understanding of how old homes and old plumbing work and attention to the details, my opinion of the company came back from an F to an A. My only qualms are the lack of professionalism from
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
, the fact that after repeatedly being told I couldn't take calls at work they (
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
and the main person I spoke with at the office) continued to try calling me are the reasons they don't get an A for 'responsiveness' and 'professionalism'.
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
is a master plumber and did a fantastic job fixing the issues! I would use them again and would recommend them but I would also caution that if you have a special situation like older plumbing or other 'oddities' be very specific that you'd like one of their 'master' plumbers to address your problem.
Thanks for making it right!!

- sarah W.

The work done was excellent and exceeded my expectations!
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
cut no corners and his workers were polite and well mannered.
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
the owner was on the job and performed the task of working in our attic installing pipe under the worst conditions while his workers were replacing all shut off valves and feed lines. They also installed a new water heater, replacing the
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
and all fittings.
They remove the old water heater and hauled it away when the job was finished. When all the pipe was installed and tested and ready for the city inspection, His crew cleaned all area's they had worked in and left the job spotless. If you are looking for an honest and professional contractor to perform any plumbing job, you will make a mistake if you do not call
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
in Port
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
! Thanks
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
for a wonderful experience that is not often the case when you hire a contractor!
- Dennis P.

They didn't remove the molded wood under the old tub after they pulled it out. They didn't put any liner under the new tub. We originally wanted a walk in shower and they claimed they couldn't do it because of the stud that was in place where our linen cabinet slid in and out. By the time I had gotten home from work they had cut out the stud to put the new tub in forcing us to have a new linen cabinet custom built to fit into the smaller slot they had created. For the amount of money they charged it in no way compared to the quality of work that was put into it. Would never ever recommend them to anyone.
- Tyler W.

My technician
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
(number 2231) was excellent. He was very friendly and was able to get the job done quickly and cleanly. He had to run out and buy the part and it took him longer to go and buy the part then actually replacing the shut off valve. He knew his stuff! He arrived right on time and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
- Jim M.

Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
was wonderful to work with. Very responsive and accommodating in scheduling the work. On time. Professional. Honest.
He came over to replace kitchen sink and replace kitchen sink faucet, supply lines, shut-off valves, new garbage disposal in my father-in-law's house. After evaluating, he identified that the original sink/countertop/cabinet installation done by the builder was done incorrectly which meant the only way to remove and install sink was to remove the countertop. He did a good job of
assessing the situation and gave us the options and implications of moving forward. We opted to keep original sink and just replace kitchen sink faucet, supply lines, shut-off valves, new garbage disposal. He also corrected the installation of the dishwasher, which he identified was done incorrectly when he pulled it out to assess the sink/countertop issue.
While there he gave advice about the condition of the water heater and what to watch for to prevent a surprise in the future.
A good man. I have utilized a lot of plumbers over the years and I must say that
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
was the best. I recommend him highly and will definitely use him again.
- Judith C.

I think the quote of $240 to fix a drip in the kitchen faucet is a bit pricey. That's not even replacing the faucet. I was also
given quotes for a water softener. Nothing under $2000. I'm replacing a $500 Water Boss that lasted 12 years so I know you don't have to spend over 2 grand. It would be nice if
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
could give you a more diverse price range for water softeners.
- sharon C.

I purchased $150 worth of "Service" from Angie's List (Big Deal) towards the cost of 'Estimate for Transfer Switch Installation for Portable generator' for $75.00. Does it cost $150 for an estimate for "Transfer Switch Installation for Portable generator"? I feel I simply wasted my money as there are a lot of other service providers give free estimates! Mr.
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
showed up and understood the requirements: He gave me an estimate for $2132 for a 6 Circuit Transfer Switch, its Installation and for a 6 ft. 30 AMP cord. He also gave me an estimate for $2632 for a 10 Circuit Transfer Switch, its Installation and for a 6 ft. 30 AMP cord. This company is has no sense in fairly quoting the customer in this economy or knowing that customer has other options! I ended up doing it myself by buying a 10 circuit switch from Amazon for $402 ($376 + $26 as Tax for a "Reliance Controls 31410CRK Pro/Tran 10-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch Kit With Transfer Switch, 10-Foot Power Cord, And Power Inlet Box For Up To 8,000-Watt Generators", including 2nd business day shipping) plus a professional installation for $500.00 (which included a permit also) - Total Cost $902 - All ended up with nice and beautiful. I'm very happy that I didn't further engage
Danielsville Plumbers Provider Name Locked
. I wouldn't take their service for any of my future need.

- Ramesh K.
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