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Banking reviews in Chickamauga


We worked with
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
and he was able to reduce to our existing mortgage down to 3.875%. The information he and his staff provided was quick, accurate, and made understanding the process easy. Loan was closed quickly and with minimal cash out of pocket. We were able to do almost everything (but the closing) electronically, and the closing was done at our house. We are very happy with the final outcome....
- Edward F.

There was a lady who did something super last year. My daughetr used my credit card to get a pizza and then went to the
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
and lost it. I had to get a new credit card and as a consequence I was trying to pay the bill in a different way but it did not show up right away and I realised I had paid in double. This lady gave me a refund and took it over and deposited it for me at the bank. That was fantastic. It was my mistake.
- Nina F.

I never used this card for anything but restaurants and fast food, so when two duplicate charges of $323.33 from Walmart appeared on the account on October 6th,
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
blocked the account. They did let both charges go through, but blocked a third attempt by the same criminal. All transactions occurred within a few minutes of each other. I have been told since then that the criminal probably bought a gaming system for around $299, the rest being accounted for by sales tax.
If this had been Chase, whom I highly recommend, they'd have called me right away to alert me. Not
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
. They never did make any attempt to contact me. This was confirmed later on when I spoke with
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
---the one employee who seems to have a handle on what's going on. But I'm getting ahead of myself. After 48 hours in which
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
did nothing, I tried to use the card myself, and was publicly humiliated when it was declined.
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
apparently has no sense of what this means to a solvent, responsible customer with stellar credit who pays the balance in full every month. Are we so pathetic nowadays that most people don't MIND looking like they don't pay their bills? Perhaps this happens to
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
employees all the time. I don't know. But they could have spared me the embarrassment with phone call or email, and did not. Their only concern was to limit their OWN damages. But when I called (this was on the tenth) to find out what was going on, no one offered an apology, in spite of the fact that I spoke to no less than three people during that first contact, and was visibly upset about what had occurred. To date, I STILL have not received any written acknowledgement that there was fraudulent activity on the card--not in email, or in snail mail, or even on
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
web page, which does have a "messages" link. The charges are still sitting there as if perfectly legitimate, and are not flagged in any way, despite the fact that
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
assumed it was not me using the card that night and blocked it.

Had this been Chase, or any other reputable bank (I reference Chase because I have been through a similar situation with them, which they handled beautifully) it would have been handled during that initial phone call. A Chase representative would have gone over the charges with me, verified which were fraudulent and which were legitimate, and reassured me that I would not be responsible for anything that wasn't mine. And given that for the past several months virtually ALL of the charges on that card had been for places like
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
Hortons and White Castle, it was crystal clear that the card had been cloned by a criminal who then went to Walmart to see how many times he could use it before they shut it down. Given that this is the only time EVER that the card was used at Walmart, and these were big ticket items, you'd think it was a no-brainer. But no.
What they DID do, was put the charges into dispute--as if there was a question about whether against all previous behavior, I had suddenly decided to go
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
, use the card I had faithfully paid off in full every month without fail, go on a shopping spree at a store I never patronize, and then lie about it and refuse to pay the charges---which necessitated investigation, because who knows, I might be guilty of pretending to defraud myself.

Of the three people I spoke to that night, two said I might end up being billed for the charges, and a third said I wouldn't. I also was told that disputed charges would not appear on my next bill. Later on, someone else contradicted this. Chase, I should mention, has NEVER billed me for a charge that was fraudulent, or even a charge that was subject to dispute. Such charges go on hold until they make a final decision.

Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
told me that night, was that they would send me a dispute form to fill out. I am still waiting for it as of October 23rd, in spite of subsequent requests on my part that we get the process moving. Should it take 17 days to mail a form?? I think not. And when I spoke to
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
earlier this week, she was able to confirm that the form had still not been sent.
I called back again--I believe it was on the tenth, and asked that the account be closed. I just felt so unsafe dealing with this bank. What if the criminal had charged thousands of dollars instead of a few hundred? I'm a senior living on savings, and I can't afford to patronize a bank like that. And you know what they did? They coded the request to close the account as if it came from the bank, not from me! An error like that could negatively affect my credit rating. Fortunately
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
caught this mistake later when I spoke to her about the whole mess.

And it did get even
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
. I called again a day or so later --I think on the twelfth--to confirm that the account has been closed, and the fellow I spoke with that time came right out and said that the bank had to verify that I was not lying, and that the card actually had been cloned and used by someone else. I was floored! Guilty until proven
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
, when the charges so clearly were out of my usually pattern? They knew it wasn't me on the sixth, when they shut the card down. But now they aren't sure? When you are the victim of credit card fraud, your bank is supposed to be on YOUR side, not treat you like the criminal! I was so angry that when he asked if he could do anything else for me, I told him he could apologize, as up to that point, no one had apologized for ANYTHING. Instead he hung up on me.

I called right back and got
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
, who turned out to be a decent human being with a brain in her head. She DID apologize, and has followed up with me since. She found the coding error and fixed it so that the account now reflects the fact that I closed it myself because of bad service, NOT that the bank had to take it away because of some misdeed on my part, and she sent me a letter to confirm this. She also requested that the fraud department please send me the form they promised way back on the 8th. And she passed the information on to her boss, who she promised would call. He did make one attempt when I was out, and left a message promising to call back that afternoon, but he has never tried to call back since then, and the number he called from does not accept incoming calls, so again,
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
has failed to follow up. I did pay off the bill over the phone while working with
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
, so the only thing remaining is the criminal activity.

As of today, the fraudulent charges are still on my account, and I am told I WILL be billed for them, but that with a bit of luck, they should have it all handled before the bill comes due. Do I think, in light of all my previous experience, that this will happen? Probably not. So now I get to sweat this out until the middle of November, when the charges will come due. In the meantime I intend to file complaints with the appropriate agencies to make sure this does not affect my credit, because whatever the criminal bought, I didn't get any of it, and I am not paying for it. When the bill arrives, I intend to write on it, "Account closed, paid in full."
Beware of this bank. I don't know if this is gross incompetence, or an actual attempt to make the
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
victim responsible for the
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
of the criminal, but either way, it shouldn't have happened. You're not safe with
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked

UPDATE: After I submitted this review, I once again checked
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
website for any news. This time the charges were finally flagged as fraudulent, but there were still unanswered questions: where was the form I was supposed to fill out, did they still need me to do that, and if so, when would it be sent? And why, with a zero balance on my account, did the voicemail prompts AND the website both say I owed
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
a $13.00 minimum payment on a zero balance? I called the bank yet again, and was told that the web page was "messed up," and there wouldn't be a minimum payment after all. As for the form, the person I spoke to hadn't a clue, she said there was no way to tell if it was ever going to be sent. I did ask if there was any
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
would put the charges back on my card and she said no.

But my bill arrived the next day, and the charges are STILL THERE. And yet, the web page and the representative both say I owe nothing. Presumably the bill was mailed before they deleted the charges. I can only hope. My overall impression after this experience is that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, the folks in customer service rarely seem to have their facts straight, and no one cares enough to initiate communication when dealing with an ongoing issue. I suspect that
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
gave her boss a nudge and he finally expedited things, but I am only guessing. Regardless, I see
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
as sloppy and uncaring when it comes to getting it right. I can list the "sloppy."

1. The card was blocked before anyone notified me, although customer service told me later on that this was an error.

2. The notification I ought to have received was never sent. Apparently they usually DO contact people in fraud cases.

3. They never mailed the form they wanted me to fill out.

4. The person who closed the account for me entered the wrong code, which could have adversely affected my credit.

5. The manager who promised to call me back never did.

6. They wanted a thirteen dollar minimum payment on a zero balance.

7. They billed me for the fraudulent charges anyway.

UPDATE: Received the form at last on 10/27, it claims THEY closed the account, not me. This could affect my credit rating, so it's not over yet.
- Susan D K.

Though the women that dealt with me were polite.As soon as the paperwork was done they sold my loan to another company. I feel that I was not dealt with as a person. They allowed me to believe they were going to be my bank. I wish I would have dealt with a local bank. Also, I was not allowed to do my paperwork by mail. I was new to the computer and it was extremely stressful to do the mounds of information on the computer and fax machine. They knew my reattor and allowed him to speak disrespectful of my husband and me.
- Patricia S.

I had put up $1500 earnest money. Closing was to be 5/8/2014. There were problems with the loan so I needed to file a denial letter. I sent this to my realtor on 5/3 and she forwarded it on the same day. The cut-off day was 5/5. The bank did not file the letter until 5/7. This cost me $1500. I asked them to reimburse me and they gave me a bunch of excuses such as they didn’t receive it until after normal business hours, the loan agent wasn’t aware of the cut-off date (Untrue) and finally “it takes time.”
All I want it to be reimbursed for my losses.

- Spencer A.

I have a very long story about their mortgage services including refinancing. I have been a customer since 1997. My problems with them began in 2008. Suffice it to say that
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
tried to foreclose on my house back in 2008 because I made 2 payments 30 days late due to my financial difficulties at the time. That started 2 1/2 years of an absolute nightmare. This was during the housing foreclosure insanity and even though they had no legal right to foreclose, they tried it anyway. These vultures didn't get my house but due to their incompetence, they ruined my credit. All of my payments have been on time since then.
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
was one of the banks involved in the predatory loan lawsuit by the Government. My loan was one of them and
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
was forced to pay a small dollar amount to borrowers affected by the bank's illegal home mortgage loan policies.
Despite admitting that they were in the wrong and the slam on my credit was wrong, they still refuse to remove it. I have filed appeals through the big 3 credit bureaus. Each time,
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
responds that the "past due and foreclosure record" is correct and they can keep the negative info on my credit report for up to 10 years. The foreclosure wasn't ever completed due to my perseverance.
Because of the bad report, I can't refinance or get a home equity loan with
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
or any other lender. It has made it very difficult and in some cases impossible for me to obtain other credit such as a credit card. The real insult was when I applied for $200 of overdraft protection.
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
said NO based on my "serious delinquency" in 2008!!
So, they've tied me to them, perhaps until 2018 because of their illegal activities.
Run, don't walk away from this bank!
- Linda M.

The Branch Manager is more concerned with the customer signing the contract than answering customer questions, branch manager is thin skinned takes everything personal,Fatigues ASTONISHINGLY fast from customer’s questions. Jumps to conclusions, wants to dismiss customer and refuse to write loan if customer ask too many questions, yet branch manager Repeatedly assures customer that He will answer any questions you have and assures you that he personally will
handle your account and answer all your questions yet he gets upset when
you ask him questions to make sure you both have the same understanding, he
claims it is a waste of time to repeat himself. Sometimes you may have to
repeat an answer to give clarification to make sure everyone is on the same
page. Once contract is signed if customer has further questions he
blame’s them chew’s them out, lectures them, and scolds them for
signing the contract without full knowledge and understanding of contract. Branch
Manager also makes tons of verbal promises and assurances of all kinds
then refuses to put them in writing. Yet he wants you to sign the
contract based on those verbal promises. It seems that his own Company's
policy and (Federal Law -15 day Cool off period -) where a customer
has the right to change his or her mind within 15 days of signing said
contract, also seems to irritate Branch Manage. If Branch Manager
Would Allow the Customer to tell him what they need and how much they need
Chickamauga Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
and not interrupt them and rush them tire of their questions and jump
to conclusions, and dismiss them and ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS and NOT give
them the hard sell, then both he and they would be on the same page. And
He Branch Manager, would not have any misunderstanding and he
Branch Manager would not have to RETRACT a loan or cancel
a Loan and rewrite loans, he gets in his own way. And it waste not only
his time but it wastes the customers time….Above All Else … ALL.....Questions…MUST
be… ASKED… and …ANSWERED….Truthfully…… and…….Correctly …….
- Kim W.

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