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James P.
"I originally had a 20 x 16 shop built by
Construction, and as my needs rapidly changed and I needed to double it's size" and add some design enhancements with an overhead door to allow for larger equipment.
was again my choice to do the work, as my first experience from pricing to schedule to quality had been excellent, and the quote for this job was appropriate. The shop extension job was also done just exactly as promised, on schedule, with great quality. You would never know the original shop was modified to double it's size.
's crews and personnel were professional, and courteous,
again closely oversaw all aspects of the project. I have personally recommended
Construction to others and to commercial requests for reference, and will continue to do so. I could not be more pleased with the work performed by
Construction. My next project is in the planning stages, and I will be looking to continue my business relationship with
construction when I'm ready to have it built.
Rated by
Michael S.
"The work was done over about a three week period. It went pretty smoothly. All the work looks great, and seems well done. The master carpenter,
, did very" nice work on the front porch, retaining wall/steps, and fence. There were a couple of minor spots where they had to come back and touch up the trim paint around a window, which they did promptly when I pointed it out. There was minor damage to some bushes around the house, which is understandable since the bushes were badly overgrown. They did a pretty good job of cleaning up after themselves and pressure-washed the concrete driveway.
Rated by
Jenifer A.
"Chaz and
were INCREDIBLE. Both of them were so knowledgable, nice, prompt, and speedy. The job was completed far under the budget I had expected, and with perfect" results. I wasn't sure the railing was going to be able to work on the front of my house because the feet had rusted, but Chaz was able to find a solution and my railing is extremely steady. I also had some very heavy, unusual items to hang which they were able to do in under 30 minutes. They were very responsive leading up the the project and on-time. I can't recommend them highly enough and continue to use their services. It's been difficult being a homeowner alone as a girl, especially with a fixer-upper like mine. I feel like most of the jobs I've hired people to do have come with a lot of inappropriate comments and a "creepy vibe." I don't often like having people in the home alone, especially men.
and Chaz were a great team sensitive to that need for sure, I never felt uncomfortable or "weirded out" as I so often have with other people who have come to work on my home. They were great! The jobs were done quickly and at an amazing price.

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Rooftop pool downtown Indianapolis apartment building

Angie's Answers


I agree with Jim Casper - after about 50 years of dealing with weathered wood finishing both in my homes and in the construction business, it comes down to about 90% preparation, 10% the finishing. If you do not prep the wood right, any moisture, mold, etc in the wood will destroy whatever you put over it.

High-build finishes like paint and epoxies and, from reading the Rustoleum flyer on this new product that too, work by trying to make an impenetrable surface and depend on a very good bond with the surface, AND no water getting under them. Because they are thick and are designed to provide a waterproof surface, unfortunately where water gets under them they are just as good or better at keeping it from evaporating, so you get fungal growth, blistering, and peeling.

Unfortunately, on deck and most outdoor applications except siding the surface will get nicked, scratched and otherwise develop leaks in short order. Water will therefore get into the underlying wood, and because it entered through small cracks and scratches, does not have any airflow to make it evaporate, so it sits there and breaks the finish bond to the wood (causing peeling and blisters), and promotes decay. That is why new deck boards and siding and trim that have been heavily or multi-coat painted on all 4 sides, thinking that will give the best protection, only last a few years versus the usual 10-20 years or so for boards that are painted top and sides only.

The full sun and hot conditions will, of course, cause more thann normal heating of dark colored painted decking. I had one instance where I was doing an independent appraisal of a very large commercial deck at a government facility, and in 85-90 degree daytime temps, in the sushine the chocolate brown deck surface temp was 150 degrees, and the paint was softening so much it stuck to the bottom of your shoes a couple of months after application.

As Jim said, the studies pretty clearly show that a breathable penetrating stain gives the best life, after plain ACA/CCA (copper chromium variations - the green stuff) treated wood. Penetrating stains, properly applied, do NOT seal in the moisture, they inhibit its entry and (when dark colored) help protect against sun damage to the wood and finish, but still breathe enough to let moisture escape on dry days. For my money, I will only use petroleum distillate (paint thinner cleanup) products, as they penetrate into the wood much better. Water based ones immediately start swelling the wood pores, so it blocks further penetration of the stain, which while cleanup is a bit easier, totally defeats the purpose of a PENETRATING stain or sealer.

I would recommend against any sort of waterproofing sealer, as they trap the water just like paint, and I have never seen one that is effective for 2 years.

My personal preference, though it limits the architectural coloration possibilities, is ground-contact rated copper compound treated wood (NOT the Wolmanized brown product), which comes green initially but can be retreated with either green or brown solution or can be liquid colorized darker (though not easily to a specific tone) using either of those as a base. My practice is to redo the treatment before installation to ensure thorough treatment, as from the mill it commonly has skips where boards contacted each other or where stacking seperators laid on it, and the ends are commonly very poorly done. This is done after cutting to length, as cut ends have to be retreated anyway.  A simple short deck cleaner soak followed by a light pressure washing and brush or roller re-treating of ONLY the TOP surface every 10 years or so has, for me, reduced visible weathering of the boards and beams to negligible.


The product has evolved considerably since the lawsuit.


I would still do your own research and give you contractor your feedback.  At the end of the day, the cost for whatever board you want will be similar. 

As stated by others: You get what you pay for.  Many contractors no longer use employees.  The cost/benefit ratio is gone by the time worker's comp. insurance, unemplyment and other taxes are paid.  Especially with the high turnover in our industry.  Many, myself included, have our guys set up as sub-contractors.  That means even if the job is only for a day the duties have been outlined and a set pay to complete those duties has been established from the onset.  It's a better way to manage costs once I got used to it.  Also, it means I can operate cheaper and not have to charge as much to the customer.  My agreements with my guys, which they sign, make it clear that I nor the homeowner are responsible for their safety and medical care should a problem arise and that all parties are relieved of any such obligation.  If you hire a contractor who follows this growing practice ask to see a copy of his sub-contractor agreement.

That being said, a legitimate contractor still has operating cost which vary by area and how they run their business.  I break even at $150/day not including labor and materials so I've got to charge more than that to make money.  To keep the math simple, if I'm paying $250 for a pne day job in labor plus another $300 in materials and $150 operating costs I've got to charge $700 to the customer to break even.  That's if I'm only doing one job a day which is why most of us manage several at a time.  The point I'm trying to make is that someone with the necessary knowledge and experience to build you a safe deck is not going to be cheap.  Knowledge accompanies success which costs money.

I've repaired or restructured several decks built by handymen who should find another profession.  Ask yourself this question when hiring someone for this project: Would I trust this person to build my house?  If the answer is no you need to find someone else.  The deck is just as important.  It's where your family, friends, kids are going to gather and interact.  If it isn't structurally sound it can collapse causing injury or even death.  One last word on decks: Always screw a deck together, don't nail it.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
San Antonio, TX

Deck Building reviews in West Palm Beach


This was a long process as I needed to get the design approved by my
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
. Following approval I worked with Nkosi Brown and
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
to figure out which color scheme and railing system to use. After all that was done, they sent out an incredible crew that worked all weekend long demolishing my old deck, replacing or reinforcing the deck supports, replacing it with composite material, putting up a cable railing system. They even worked to replace a couple pieces of trim that were displaced by the old deck. Even better, they sanded the top rail and painted it with matching color to my house trim! The excellence is in the details! My new deck looks better than I had imagined.

The job went great. We first got a quote from another vendor and they wanted me to supply the custom stain color (which we no longer had and couldn't contact the original painter who did it to get the color). Additionally, their quote was TWICE what
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Paint & Roofing quoted me! Needless to say, we didn't use them. Then we called
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Paint & Roofing. These guys were prompt, courteous, and professional. They did a great job refinishing all the wood and matched the custom stain color perfectly. They told me when some of the water stains and/or scratches might not come out completely and I appreciated the honesty. However, the water stains are barely noticeable. They really made everything look like new again. We encountered 2 issues, and both were promptly and professionally handled. One, was that one of the workers said that they would return the next morning, and he didn't. I did have to call, but when they called me back, they were very apologetic and immediately got someone else to come later that day and were trying to put another team together to finish the job on time, which it was. The other issue was that one screen got damaged when they removed the protective covering, but they took care of it right away and got it fixed. I would definitely recommend
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Paint & Roofing for the quality of their work, their value, and their treatment of their customers.
- Liz D.

It went beautifully. The weather held up and the job was completed within about 2-1/2 days. I can't say enough good things about
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and his attention to detail and about his determination to do exactly what was requested by me, the customer. I would spring little tweaks and expansions to the project on him and he took it in stride and with patience. In one instance, he himself decided to make double sure that two certain spots on the back patio were reinforced with more concrete so that a future patio cover would be substantially secured.
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
always studied each situation before proceeding and he was always right there in the middle of his team, making sure everything went according to my wishes. I plan to use
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
' company,
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, in the future and, my neighbor has already contacted
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
about a cement project that will be done soon.
- Linda B.

Everything went great. We had several estimates performed in
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
2014 in connection with the painting of the exterior of our home.
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
provided us with a free estimate and a detailed written proposal. We hired Mr.
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
based on the cost relative to the work proposed as well as the level of professionalism exhibited by him during our first meeting. He gave us an estimated start date of Mid-October 2014. He kept in touch with me throughout the summer, and, due to better than expected weather, was able to move our start date to the end of September. The job took exactly as long as he said it would. He and his employees arrived on time, and were polite and lovely to deal with. Our house looks great and we could not be more pleased with the results. We would absolutely hire him again and would recommend him without reservation.
- Amy C.

They were unresponsive to problems I had afterwards. I was not very happy about it. They were some hairline cracks in the concrete, which I pointed out to him before he ever did it. He said not worry because they grounded those out and filled them with epoxy of some sort that is expandable. They put the surface over it. One of the cracks reappeared and opened up pretty badly. He came back and had his guys grounded it out again but never came back and refilled it. It was a very speculate breakthrough this lab through the topping. One area is highly conspicuous. I had the patio pressure cleaned because we had mildew. It was popping off due to the pressure cleaner. Now, it’s going to be a problem the next time we have to have it pressure cleaned. In this planet, you get a lot of mildew; it’s an issue you have to deal with from time to time. I would too if I’d still be able to do it. That’s disappointing. It did not worked out satisfactorily.

When we first called
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
(M.E.) we reached there office where there receptionist took our information down answered a couple of our questions. They let us know that the owner was in another appointment right now and he would contact me when he was done
Sure enough one hour later I received a call and we scheduled up a time for my husband and myself to meet with him. He was extremely helpful and meausered up all of the windows in our home. We prioritized a couple different options and ended up going with the whole house because of the volume discount. they were great and showed us how their windows differ from some of the others we have seen on the
West Palm Beach Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
. We were in love. We ordered them up that day and they let us know that our windows would be installed within 3-5 weeks as they will be getting custom ordered. The install was complete and they walked us around the house and showed us how they operate. I have reffered them to multiple friends and family.
- Kelly C.

Replaced all of our siding on the outside of our seattle home including the soffits and the trim. The crew was extremely helpful and did a excellent job with our home. The crew worked hard and was on time every single day which amazed me because I was late to work twice that week :(. These guys are really top notch
- Kelly C.

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Boynton Beach Pressure Cleaning

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Cahaba Scapes

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Capps Roofing

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Cavour Construction

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CDN Roofing & Construction, Corp

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Centennial Landscaping LLC

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CITADEL Construction Corp.

3757 SW Ottawa Street
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Clark Construction & Remodeling Corp

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Cliff's Pools & Patios

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Coastal Screen & Rail LLC

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Coastal Screen and Rail

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Complete Repairs, Inc.

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DH Construction Services

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Diverse Pools

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2660 Oakhaven St NE
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Exterior Touch Inc.

12610 Waverly RD.

Fix It




Florida Precast Concrete Steps

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Florida Repair Services

5030 Champion Blvd, G6 115
Boca Raton

Florida Screen Builders Inc

3269 SW 42 Ave
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GGL & Sons Construction, Inc.

2288 NW 36TH ST
Boca Raton

Gino's Pressure Cleaning Services, Inc.

7816 Sonoma Springs Circle
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Grandview Home Remodeling

8101 NW 101st Avenue
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Green Building Tech, Corp

3650 NW 118th Ave
Coral Springs

Green giant foliage

5791 DeSoto road
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Greendale Railing Co Inc

8401 Oakview Ave

Guillermo General Home Improvement

9891 NW 24th Place
Fort Lauderdale

Gulfstream Environmental Construction Corp.

1086 SW Del Rio Blvd
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Handy James LLC

4516 SW 12th Ct
Deerfield Beach


P.O. Box 772636
Pompano Beach

Helping Hands Senior Service

626 N C St
Lake Worth

High-End Handymen, Inc

15 Arbor Dr.
Palm Springs

HMH Group

6250 Foster St

Hobe Sound Screen Repairs, Inc

P.O. Box 1232

Housurgeon Inc

6780 Pradera Drive
Boca Raton


3700 NW 124TH AVE
Pompano Beach

J. L. Hawkins Contracting Inc.

2801 Oak Drive
West Palm Beach

Jack O’Trades

1344 W La Salle St.

James Walker Services

P.O. Box 584


West Palm Beach

jc home repair improvements

1379 Elmbank Way
West Palm Beach

JC Home Repair Improvements LLC

1379 Elmbank Way
Royal Palm Beach

Jetstream USA


JM & Company Construction

8361 Mastic Cay
West Palm Beach


46 Blythewood Rd

Johnny Under Pressure

100 via Lugano cir
Boynton Beach

JR Young Builders Inc

301 NE 51st Street
Boca Raton

JSE Building Corporation

PO Box 16276
West Palm Beach

Jupiter Screen Repairs Inc

PO box 1232

Kargmans Inc

10429 Reisterstown Rd

Kasica Interior Construction, Inc.

7705 Cedar Hurst Ct
Lake Worth

KC Renovations

10640 NW 7th Pl
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17 NE 12TH ST
Delray Beach

Kings handyman services

544 nw13th ave
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L & S Transformations LLC

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L C Serives Inc

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Labonte Construction Services LLC

4165 Linden Ave
Palm Beach Gardens


2760 F Rd.

Lenz Pressure Cleaning

9192 Bloomfield Dr
Palm Beach Gardens

Leo Premier Homes LLC

3804 Burns Rd
Palm Beach Gardens

Lord General Contractors Corporation

Post Office Box 99
Indian Rocks Beach

Lundy's Screen Rooms

4711 Australian Ave.
West Palm Beach

M & C Pavers, Inc.

11 SW 5TH CT
Pompano Beach

Mac Enterprises

2578 Honey Road
West Palm Beach

Mad River Woodworks

P.O.B. 1067, 189 Taylor Way

Magnolia Outdoor Living

3522 Ashford-Dunwoody Rd.

Magulick's Pool Co

4600 NW 2nd Ave
Boca Raton

Maintenance Services

22341 Boyaca Avenue
Boca Raton

Marjam - West Palm Beach

715 25th St
West Palm Beach

Master Brick Pavers Inc

3109 2nd Ave N
Lake Worth

Masters Touch Remodeling

Robinson St

Matt Shramko Construction LLC

819 SE 4th St
Boynton Beach

Mayor Construction of Naples Corp

1702 Terracotta Dr
Riviera Beach

MBI Construction

9469 Deer Creek Cir
Lake Worth

Megibow Construction Inc.

9906 Majorca Pl
Boca Raton

Melvin's Pools and Decks

1711 North West 1st Ave
Pompano Beach


1107 4TH AVE S
Lake Worth

Mercedes-Benz of Delray

1001 Linton Blvd
Delray Beach

Michael Orlando Home Maintenance

16086 E Duran Blvd

Mr Handy of NCF

5214 W Piute Drive
Beverly Hills

Mr. Handyman of South Palm Beach

2755 S Federal Hwy 16
Boynton Beach

Mtc Remodeling Inc

235 Worth Ct
West Palm Beach

MW Thomason and Sons Handyman Services Of Boca

201 SW 1st Street Suite #3
Boca Raton

My Sol Pools Inc

4600 121st Perr N
Royal Palm Beach

Nail It Inc.

2029 Collier Ave


1500 Coral Way. Suite B

National Brick Pavers

1391 E Sample Rd
Pompano Beach

Nemo's Handyman Service

West Palm Beach

Ocean Home Remodeling LLC

9868 Robins Nest Rd
Boca Raton

Oceanside Construction & Pavers, Inc

7462 Texas Trail
Boca Raton


Lake Worth

Pacecon General Contractors

129 Turnberry Dr
Lake Worth


2809 NW 63RD TER
Fort Lauderdale

Palm Beach Handy

4 Rachael Road
Lake Worth

Palm Beach Pool Pros

5206 Canal Cir W
Lake Worth

Panda Contractors

1210 Oslo Rd
Vero Beach

Patriot Pressure Cleaning

PO Box 881952
Port Saint Lucie

Paver Block Sealing, LLC

7900 SE Bridge Rd
Hobe Sound

Paver Connection

9044 Alexandra Cir

Payne's A-Z

3815 county Rt #1

Performance Painting Contractors Inc

11463 Saints Rd

Performance Shell Construction Inc

611 SE 18 Ave
Pompano Beach

Pinecrest Construction

13326 SW 28th St
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PJK Inc.

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1408 N Killian Dr
West Palm Beach

Pool Safety Barrier, Inc.

9155 Perth Road
Lake Worth

Precision Contracting LLC

1216 Cherokee St.

Precision Deck & Fence

3823 NW 4th Ct.
Boca Raton

Premier Rollout Awnings of Palm Beach

2082 Cezanne Rd
West Palm Beach


Fort Lauderdale

Premium Painters

Palm Beach: 561-272-2711

Pressure Clean Pros

8462 Butler Greenwood Dr
West Palm Beach

Professional Construction Corp

1203 Town Center Dr

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530 Commerce Dr S


Boynton Beach



R.B.Custom Homes, Inc

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Restifo Builders, Inc.

3140 SW Alexander Ct
Palm City

Richie The Roofer & Co Inc.

8004 Georges Road
Fort Pierce

Rightway Builders USA

7567 Overlook dr
Lake Worth

Rimes Ventures

10407 La Mirage Ct

RJS Construction Group Inc

990 Stinson Way Ste 206
West Palm Beach



Robert Hershberger Construction

2952 SE Monroe St.

Robert Hochstein & Associates LLC

2045 SW Olympic Club Ter
Palm City



Robert's Tiling Inc

11830 NW 39th Pl

Roger Garrison Inc

41 Old Dixy Hwy

Rosco Holdings Inc

10 Valencia Dr
Boynton Beach

Ross Services

4620 W, Commercial Blvd

Scheffler Construction

12456 75 Ln N
West Palm Beach

Screen Builders

9738 Colorado Ct.
Boca Raton


Lake Worth

Sea Laurel Construction

PO Box 810398
Delray Beach

Senior Wellness Specialists

930 Clint Moore Road
Boca Raton

Shine Brite Pressure Cleaning

21110 White Oak Ave
Boca Raton

Soflo landscaping

Pompano Beach

South Florida Construction Group, Inc

2300 E Atlantic Blvd
Pompano Beach

South Florida Dock And Seawall Inc

961 Monticello Ave


11530 Nw 35th St.
Fort Lauderdale

Southeast Marine Construction, Inc

404 NE 38th St
Oakland Park

Southern Coating Solutions Inc

15632 100th Lane North

Special T Pavers, Inc.

20 SE 9th St
Deerfield Beach

Spinelli Construction

19900 Mona Road

Splash Master

West Palm Beach

Star-Lite Pool Builders Inc

10875 NW 52 St
Fort Lauderdale

Stoner's Helping Hands

337 NE 3rd Ave
Delray Beach

Straight Edge Painting & Design

PO Box 39312
Ft Lauderdale

Stuart and Shelby Development

205 NE 8th St
Delray Beach

Sun Shade Decks

Boca Raton

Sundek By Gold Coast Surfaces Inc

1865 Southwest 4th Ave
Delray Beach

Sunsational Pools & Spas Inc

3516 185th Tr N

Sunset View Construction

1428 W Trammell

Superior Home Services Inc

3984 Happiness St.
West Palm Beach

T & P Pavers, Inc.

5253 S Military Trail
Lake Worth

Tanco Construction Co Inc

5721 Royal Palm Beach Blvd
Royal Palm Beach

Teca Solar Inc

4111 nw 70th.way
Pompano Beach

Terra Tiles & Pavers

11049 Seaport Ln
Boca Raton

The Aerial Companies, Inc.


The Combined Group

7344 SW 48 ST

The Floor Cleaning Doctor, Inc.

1300 S. Broadway
Lake Worth

The Pence Company

9407 Northwest 80th Place


Lake Worth

Tiki Aluminum Products

990 NW 13th Ter
Fort Lauderdale

Titan Sunrooms

5680 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Gulf Breeze

toffanello construction inc

8918 SE Colony Street
Hobe Sound

Tom & Ricks screen repair inc.

715 59th st.
West Palm Beach

TR Elliott & Company

PO Box 16276
West Palm Beach

TR Hailey Contracting, LLC

9314 Forest Hill Blvd

Treasure Coast Home Improvements Inc

873 SW California Blvd
Port Saint Lucie

Triple-M-Brick Pavers Inc

15828 92nd Way N

Triton Associates, Inc.

1040 W Industrial Ave
Boynton Beach

Tropical Screen & Repair

16648 64th Pl N

Tullio & Sons Contracting

15290 72nd Dr N
Palm Beach Gardens

US Paver Co

22809 Horseshoe Way
Boca Raton

Varela Design

4241 SW 99 Ct

Venetian Builders Inc

3912 Estepona Ave

Warsaw Home Improvement

1117 East Putnam Ave #492

wassmer painting

11379 Little Bear Dr
Boca Raton


11460 NE 10TH AVE



Wright Scapes, Inc.

4839 SW 148 Avenue
Southwest Ranches

Wright-Way Contracting Inc.

19451 SE 80th Street

Yes Dear Service Handyman

920 Sw 20th St
Boca Raton

Ziegler Builders Inc

4930 NW 74 Place
Coconut Creek

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