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Rated by
Ingrid G.
"I had contacted
about a month before our move about coating the floor right after we moved into our new house. He explained the process and what to expect. I" contacted him again when it seemed like everything was on schedule for our closing and move. Unfortunately, the weather and his schedule did not permit him to coat the floor in the few days we had before everything was moved into the garage. However, his crew moved everything out of the garage, coated the floor and replaced everything. The crew was kind and hard-working, and the garage looks great!
Rated by
Wendy R.
"Overall I am extremely happy with the outcome.
made many samples for me to choose from and
the owner went over the details of all the" options I had. My backyard and front walkway look amazing. You can use these guys with no apprehension. They did a great job; the workers are very tidy and courteous.
Rated by
Steve S.
"Went as expected, except odor was quite strong. The odor is diminishing a little every day and looks like it will last approx. 4 weeks. The overall appearance is sensational - and" performance looks to be far superior to Nature Stone.

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Epoxy flooring comes in a variety of colors to match any room's decor. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Bob S. of New Palestine, Ind.)

7 tips for rubber or epoxy flooring

Are you thinking about updating the flooring in your basement or garage? Consider rubber and epoxy flooring options, which can be both attractive and functional.

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

Granite chip epoxy concrete garage floor sealer
Concrete - Stamped & Decorative, Epoxy Flooring

Make your concrete last longer and look nicer with garage floor sealer. Evaluate the types of floor sealants, and learn how to properly apply and maintain them.

Epoxy Flooring in garage
Epoxy Flooring

Homeowners install epoxy flooring in garages and basements because its long-lasting requires little maintenance. Get tips to clean and maintain epoxy flooring.

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Consider your home's layout to decide if an existing space can be converted into a game room or if you'll need to add on.

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From the wall street journal online:

"Etiquette and tipping experts agree that tipping a contractor and his employees isn't expected because contractors offer to do a job for you at a specific price. Any extra money they would want would be built into their bid. Also, it's a business relationship rather than one where they are performing a personal service for you like a waiter or a maid. But if the employees do extra jobs around the house, then experts say it is appropriate to tip a cash amount equivalent to the task; "tip gifts" such as cookies and drinks can count. "The key to tipping is whether or not it was outside the scope of what was normally expected," says Mark Brenner, author of "Tipping for Success!"

My opinion is that a little bit of courtesy (snacks, drinks, expression of appreciation etc.) goes a long way and upon completion of their work you feel compelled by a job well done to offer a little extra in the form of a tip - go for it, but do not feel obligated. 
Agreed.  If you have existing cracking in porcelain you need to know the cause first.  I don't know of any reputable contractor that would dare install tile over existing tile.  Also, any manufacturer warranties for defects would be null due to improper installation.  Did the contractor offer this solution or did you ask for it?  The mear fact that he is agreeing to or offering it tells me you need to leave this guy for someone who knows what they are talking about before he does only half the job which will have to be redone in the near future, costing you more in the long run.

I get so many calls from customers that were talked into a "cheaper" way to do something only to find the work very sub-par.  The sad part is they are out the money they spent in the first place along with the additional amount I have to charge just to undo what the first contractor did before I can do it right.  This floor could end up costing you double what it should if it's not done right.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services

Epoxy Flooring reviews in Spring Hill


Text book service from the quote to the finish! They showed up on time both days. I also called them a week later to check a couple of areas and they fixed promptly. Excellent Company. Glad I choose them. Very Happy.

- Michael K.

I currently have a complaint filed with the Arizona Regisrar of Contractors. The Monroes have had about 6 weeks to make repairs for substandard work as requested by an Investagator from the Registrar of Contractors. This includes both flooring and drywall work. At this time because the repairs have not been made, the complaints I filed are being sent to the ROC legal department in
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
by the State of Arizona Registrar of Contractors Investigator. Please feel free to email me at b.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
@gmail and I can answer any questions you have personally.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
has been licensed since the end of 2012.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
, the son, is the holder of the contractors license. The class of the license
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
holds limits the type and scope of remodeling work that can be performed by
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
and Remodeling. I hired them to remove tile flooring, put down concrete overlay, and do some minor remodeling. They removed some built-in shelving and changed the opening on a linen closet. They also removed baseboards and installed new ones. The quality of the work was substandard. It was obvious that the employees are still in the learning phase. They literally could not comprehend that the lines on the floor that they made to
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
the faux grout lines needed to be squared properly. It took 3 days of marking with chaulk lines and then redoing them because they couldn't do it properly. (see pics.) The texturing and straightness of the drywall work was so poorly done by the
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
employees that
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
even hired another contractor to make repairs to the sub-standard work done by his own employees. The texturing was better after the other contractor's workers finished, but the walls are still not straight. The flooring is alright but has several areas where the finish shows visible areas where it was not smoothed properly. Therfore it does not blend well with the surrounding floor. All of these areas are places that the inspector informed the Monroes that they need to fix. Working with the Monroes was a frustrating process. I tried a hands-off approach until I saw their inability to do quality work. When I started raising concerns about things I knew needed attention I was told by
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
that I was being "particular". I guess having straight lines on the floor and having straight walls was being "particular" in
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
's eyes. I have always felt that quality work is in the attention to the details. Let me tell you, they pay no attention to detail. If the Monroes didn't think you would notice mistakes they made, they would make no attempt fix them. At one point even
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
said that he painted part of my wall with the wrong shade of paint to see if I would notice. If not he said he was going to leave it. A reputable contractor would have just gotten the right color of paint and painted it properly without seeing if they could deceive the customer. Here are some quotes from
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
when he was at my house trying to help get his workers to
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
straight chalk lines on the floor and discussing concrete overlay. "Right now I am educating myself." That sure was not reassuring to hear. " It sounds like I don't know what I am talking about. The fact of the matter is I don't know what I am talking about." Great, so you are in charge but you don't know what it is your workers do or how they do it? Again, that was not very reasssuring. When doing drywall they failed to take any time to remove fixtures of even a window covering. At the very least they could have asked me to do it since they did not want to take the time. Mind you, I had already removed every other window covering in the house myself. The window covering was never removed during the whole process. Hard to imagine. (see pic.) At one point one of the workers said he was leaving and was totally done with the drywall and texturing in the entire house. He handed me a piece of sandpaper and told me that when the mud was dry that all I had to do was the knockdown (final sanding). Cool, I was glad he was all finished with the drywall work except for all the stuff I needed to do to finish it. Even though I trust my abilities more than the
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
crew, I was paying them to do the work. The very next day
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
called another one of his employees working at my house and instructed him to go into my garage and to look to see if I had taken his drywalling materials that had been in front of the house. What he found out was that the worker who had handed me the sandpaper had taken the materials with him the previous day because he thought he was done with all the drywall. Very unprofessional in my opinion. I never did receive an appology from
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
for having had someone go through my garage. He denied it even happened. But his workers confirmed that it was
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
who had instructed them to look. There were tiles under my dishwasher that were not removed when the overlay was done.The edges of the tile remained visable. Instead of just fixing the problem, they tried to hide it from me by pulling my dishwasher away from the cabinet and putting a block of wood in the kick space to try to cover the exposed tiles up. An attempt to hide poor quality work.
Even in the beginning it became pretty apparent that the workers were not careful or conscientious. They broke outlet covers, put gouges in my wall and mared paint when removing my old baseboards. Which by the way was all left for me to fix. They did not cover any of the carpeting in my bedrooms to protect it while they were working and just threw debris right on top of it. they made no effort to vacuum or clean my carpet other than picking up some of the larger pieces. I had to put moving blankets on the carpet myself to try to protect them.
I will update information as my case goes through the proper channels at The Arizona Registar of Contractors. I gave the Monroes opprotunity to make repairs, and minimal was done. For instance, a person showed up one day to do the drywall repairs and then left because he said it was too big of a job and needed to reschedule. The next scheduled day he was going to be at my house between 6:00 and 7:00AM. He never showed up. Attempts by
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
to repair the floor went poorly also. When trying to match the floor color they were putting stain directly over floor sealer. When I asked
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
if that was correct he said yes and that it was fine. According to the manufacturer of the stain all floor sealers need to be removed. I notified
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
of this and got no response from him. A follow up inspection was made by the ROC Investigator who witnessed that no repairs had been completed on the floor or the drywall.
In the beginning
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
said that if the floors were ever damaged, they could repair them. Apparrently that is only sort of true. When My floor was attempting to be repaired
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
said that he may not ever to be able to match the color of my existing floor. So in other words a floor can be repaired but the color may not ever match. Hence why the one repair they made stands out from my surrounding floor. I am just glad it wasn't in the center of my room.
Pictures speak a thousand words.
To be continued.....

- Kevin P.

Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
came out and power-washed my house. I didn't know it was the same house when they were finished! They did an excellent job! They didn't use any chemicals that would harm my animals and flowers.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
(the receptionist) was patient, kind and very nice.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
were great with my animals, while they did their work.
- Katherine P.

On time - pleasant to work with - competitive price - nothing paid until we were satisfied. Any issues we had were minor and dealt with immediately. Very impressed with the entire experience and the quality of the work was outstanding. We will use them again in the future. Thanks too to
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
who headed up our painting team - very nice to work with. Thanks guys!
- Charles B.

What a great decision I made. First of all, I've never met a more down to earth guy in
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
came to my home to give me an estimate for coating my concrete floor with an epoxy and painting the entire garage. Let me start by saying I have been employed by a company for 41 years that manufactures epoxy and other resins. More importantly, I have personally been instrumental in the development of these type of formulas for commercial and industrial uses. When
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
arrived I was prepared to just hear another sales pitch from someone who knows just enough to get the job done.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
proceeded to talk chemistry with me about the epoxy, not knowing my background at the time. To my amazement, he explained the cure dynamics and the reaction process of the epoxy system he applies. Furthermore, his comprehension of the various resin chemistries he uses, impressed me to the point where I knew he was the best choice. As an added benefit,
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
designated the names and brands of the products he was about to use. The paint was high quality
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
and the epoxy was from PPG. No substandard manufacturers involved because I have had numerous previous working experiences with both of his suppliers.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
personally does all the work and his many years of experience clearly showed in the quality of the work that was done. His attention to detail delayed several stages of the floor application due to the rain, cool nights and excessive humidity we were experiencing, which is a negative in getting a good epoxy cure. He made
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
decisions that I knew were essential to achieve a successful floor cure, even though having to postpone these steps may have cost him monetarily due to inactivity on these days. Let me conclude by saying that
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
did some extra things that were not included in the original bid at no additional cost. This was a value added service and is a sign of someone takes pride in satisfying his customers and having his work look the best it could be.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
has followed up with me several times to inquire about any issues or anything else he could do, which is another value added service I have not typically experienced from other contractors. You cannot go wrong with
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
because he understands his craft and continually attends training seminars on new epoxy systems as well as application sessions on the existing products he uses. My garage is awesome and as many have said on his review page, my wife is now reluctant to put her new Lexus in the garage, which was the motivation in the first place to get it done. I invite anybody who wants to look at his work to stop by.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
is a Master Craftsman in my opinion. Thanks
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
, for a job well done. I enjoyed "talking shop" with you and knowing I had the right man for the job. don't make the mistake of using someone who doesn't understand the dynamics of epoxy systems, you'll end up with a coating that will give you significant problems, take it from someone th
- Richard S.

Unfortunately, we have epoxy floor in our garage and the guy who owns it now bought it from another guy but it is peeling up right up 5 years and I'm really pretty angry about it. He offered to take it up and redo it all, but he was still going to charge us and I just have a problem with that. I don't know what kind of work he does and it took me a long time for him to come out. The guy was really nice but he was going to charge me all over again. When he did the flooring, he was helpful, but I felt like they should have stood more behind the warranty.
- Bruce L.

Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
answered all questions we had about their process and products through Angie's List messaging system.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
came out to measure and offer a quote and went back through the services and choices they provide.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
and their crew came out on date of service. The crew did the work.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
returned to check and when I wasn't there, followed up with a call.
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
followed up with a thank you note. Each member of Garagewerks was pleasant and easy to communicate with and the floor looks excellent. The people who poured our new concrete left a couple of imperfections and Garagewerks readily did what they could do to correct them. We chose a flat color without
Spring Hill Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
or texture as it will be used mostly as a workshop so we needed to be able to see when things got dropped on it so I look forward to seeing how it holds up and how slip resistant it will be. Just walking on it now, I think it will be fine. The only thing I wished I would have foreseen and asked them to do would have been to tape off the baseboards because some of the epoxy splattered on them. Overall, thank you for your work and thank you for a smooth experience.
- Laurie N.

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