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A few years ago, a guy named
referred me to a friend of his named
at Advantage Funding in Brentwood, TN for a mortgage re-finance. Me and my wife went there to talk to him about the rates & etc. and decided to let him handle the refinancing of our mortgage, since he sounded like he was very knowledgeable about mortgage loans.
At the second meeting we had with him at Advantage Funding, the subject of a re-construction loan came up, since we wanted to do some remodeling and additions to our home.
said he could get us a re-construction loan for up to $150,000 for about $500-600 a month in addition to our existing mortgage. So what we were to do to prepare for this was take all of our non-mortgage related loans and roll them into a re-finance then, and that would make our credit score go high into the 800 range which would help us get the best rate for the re-construction loan about 6 months later after the credit bureau updates with this new information. So we did the refinance with him then, but he was putting us in a variable rate loan that was fixed for 3 years. I asked why, because I heard those kind of loans were bad. He said it didn’t matter since we were going to re-finance in 6 months anyway.
So during those 6 months, I started figuring out what we wanted to do as far as re-modeling and the additions to our house and hired an architect to draw up the plans for what we wanted, and that cost a little over $600 for the drawings.
I had a question for
and called his cell phone number he’d given us and left a message asking him to call us back. This was a couple months or so after we had refinanced our home. I waited several days with no return phone call from him and tried calling again, and had to leave a message again. Since there wasn’t any big rush, I waited several weeks and still never heard from him. I got my wife to call him and leave a message. Still, no return call.
So I looked up the number to Advantage Funding’s office in Brentwood and called and asked to speak to
. The lady who answered said there wasn’t anyone there by that name. So I told her that we had met with
there a few months earlier and refinanced our house thru him there. She then told me that he hadn’t worked there in six months, and then asked what my name was. I told her and she tried to look up me and my wife’s name on their computer and couldn’t find any info on us at all. So I thought about it for awhile and tried to figure out what was going on. So I called Advantage Funding’s number again, and like everywhere else, I had to listen to a recording. So I listened to their company directory list and recognized
’s wife’s name,
had told me that his wife owned Advantage Funding in our conservations, so I dialed her extension and she answered and I asked her if she could get in touch with
. She said sure, that she would talk to him at lunch time and have him call me. I asked her why the other lady there said he no longer worked there and she told me
had went to work in another companies office up in Virginia at United Capital Mortgage. But still, I got no return phone call. Well after lunch, I looked on our refinance paperwork and saw that we had actually refinanced thru United Capital Mortgage in Virginia, not Advantage Funding, even though
told us he worked at Advantage Funding and we met in those offices.
So I looked up Untied Capital Mortgage phone number in Virginia online and called there. A man answered the phone and I asked him if
was there. He said he didn’t know who that was and no by that name worked there. I told him a little about what was going on and he asked some of the other people in the office there with him if they knew who
was. They did, but they knew him by the nick name, “puddin”. So we talked more in depth and I find out that he was telling everyone up there too that he and his wife owned Advantage Funding down here in Brentwood, TN. So the guy finally told me that
was in the Baltimore Maryland office but I should talk to the district manager, who was in the Virginia office with him, and tell him what was going on. He said he would have this district manager call me right back.
So in about an hour, I got a call from the owner of United Capital Mortgage in Knoxville, TN,
. He asks me to fill him in on what’s going on, and as I was telling him,
is beeping in on our call. So after being so helpful and concerned, I hung up with
and called
back. He’s raising h*** with me, wanting to know why I’m calling everyone making trouble for him. So I tell him that I’d been calling him for months leaving messages and not getting called back, and he’s going off on me for making trouble for him. So he finally calms down, fills me up with more crap, reassuring me that he can do the re-construction loan as promised and so on. So I work on the home addition plans and re-modeling details with a builder for a couple more months.
So now I’m skeptical about this guy, and I call Advantage Funding back and talk to the manager there. She tells me that I’m not the only one who has called there asking about
and ending up furious because of misleading info that he has given them. She told me that I should call the lady who owns Advantage Funding,
, and talk to her, since she was very interested in what was going on with
I called her and she tells me that
didn’t work there when we refinanced there a few months earlier and that his wife
who worked there, her best friend, was letting
use an office there to meet people in and do business, but she wasn’t supposed to be doing that. She also told me that
and his wife were stealing customers from Advantage Funding by his wife sending customers who came to Advantage Funding out the door to
, who would either meet them there or somewhere else and finance them thru United Capital Mortgage. She also said that
were under investigation by the commission that regulates mortgage brokers for this same thing.
She wanted me to file a commission complaint on
along with several other customers who had the same experience as I did.
So after all this, I finally find out from talking to the owner of United Capital Mortgage again that
couldn’t do the loan he promised at the amount and percent rate he promised. It was almost double the amount per month. He also said that
couldn’t have done it for that amount that year or the year before for the amount we were told.
So we end up in a variable rate loan that has a fixed rate for 3 years. Our house is tore up from me getting everything ready for the re-construction that was supposed to happen. We didn’t have the money to fix all this back up to get a re-finance and the three year
comes up. Our mortgage loan balloons and our mortgage goes to $2000 a month and up and up. It’s $3300 a month now.
Not long after we found out we were screwed, I talk to the guy who referred me to
, and told him what had been going on. At first he asks me why I’m calling him, like he shouldn’t have anything to do with the situation at all, and then his reaction was “Oh boy, let me talk to
and I’ll call you back. I haven’t heard anything from him since.
The thing that bothers me is that United Capitol and several other businesses that
has worked at have found out about all of this from me, and not one of them cared one bit. Over a dozen people that I know of and probably more have been ruined by this crook and he still continues to work as a mortgage broker. All that matters to mortgage companies is make that sale no matter what.
From the realtor that shows you your soon to be new home, who refers you to their good friend, the mortgage broker, and their other good friend, the home inspector, all the way to the banks is why the U.S. economy in the housing industry is in the state it is in now and has been in. They all knew what was going on and still are able to operate like nothing happened.
and his actions is a prime example of why and what we went thru in the mortgage industry.
has him as a branch manager in Nashville, TN. I bet if they were to look into
’s past records, they wouldn’t find a thing wrong or care if they did.
I recommend to anyone to not do business with
being that they have
working there, and as a branch manager no less. We have lost tens of thousands of dollars because of what this guy did and I sure wouldn’t do business with him ever and recommend the same to anyone.

- Frank W.

was absolutely amazing. What I was expecting to be a long, tedious process was handled with just a handful of phone calls and emails. She was pleasant, personable, and professional.
walked us through the process step by step and made everything easy to understand, as well as providing us with her insights in making some decisions. Even with the holiday weekend thrown in, the whole refi process was completed in two weeks. We definitely recommend
and Cobblestone!
- Janette W.

New Port Richey Mortgage Brokering Articles

Mortgage Brokering reviews in New Port Richey


This is the second time I've turned to
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
for help in getting a home loan. The reason I'm a repeat customer is that
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
is great. He always gets me the absolute best rate and is an honest, tell-it-like-it-is person - so very appreciated during the confusing and scary process of getting a mortgage....More /> I tend to run a little on the neurotic side, and
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
handled my constant badgering and near freak-outs with great finesse, providing just the right amount of hand-holding and straight-up advice. This time around, I bought my home through a private sale, meaning neither party used a realtor. So I needed even more attention and guidance.
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
not only did a great job with the mortgage, he also gave me invaluable advice on issues related to the sale but outside his scope, such as home inspection.
A big THANKS to
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
. I couldn't have done it without you and
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked

- Alice C.

Ed Cooke was a pleasure to work with. When we decided to change proprieties he was very easy going and not frustrated at all. He worked very promptly to get us to close on time. He succeeded! We closed on our new house in 15 days! I would definitely recommend Ed and
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
(the mortgage processor). Thanks guys!
- Wendelyn M.

During a large part of the process we were traveling out of state.
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
successfully negotiated through the entire process, made sure all the T's were crossed, and corrected the mistakes made by our truly awful real estate agent. He approached each situation professionally, thoroughly informed us, and demonstrated some first rate humor along the way. I recommend him highly. You won't be disappointed.
- Peter S.

We were referred to
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
by a close friend who had recently completed a refinance with him and couldn't say enough about the ease and quality of her experience with him. As soon as I spoke with
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
on the phone, I knew he would be someone we could work with; he responded to all my initial questions with ease and quickly made an appointment to come to our home to discuss the details and process. I was overjoyed that someone would actually come to our home since we live outside of Portland, and that we wouldn't have to make the trip in to town.
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
was prompt and spent time going over interest rates and closing costs which were lower than other mortgage companies and banks. We found
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
to be forthcoming, professional, courteous and was always available by phone or email even after hours. He was also prompt in responding to any questions we had and always took the time to make sure we understood the process in full.
We referred
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
to friends who also used his services and were very pleased with the refinance they completed with him.
Overall, we had a excellent experience, appreciate the quality work he did for us and would willingly recommend him to anyone looking to refinance their home.
- Shirl L.

For a little context, I was a first-time home buyer hoping to finally realize 6 years of effort in preparation and saving. Much like other first-time home buyers, my family made compromises each and every day so that we would have the
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
one day to afford a home in the Seattle area. Needless to say, when the time arrived, my family and I were both feverishly excited while at the same time fraught with fear and uncertainty. We found
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
on Angie's list, and he was an absolute blessing for us from day one and throughout our first home purchase process. On the very first phone call with
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and before any decisions on a mortgage broker had been made, he proved clearly that he was the person whom I wanted on my side. He took extra time to explain the many details of buying a home and the complexities of the lending process. In the following month while looking at over 30 homes in-person,
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and I spoke multiple times about making a wise investment that was right for me. His perspective was invaluable. I was very impressed with his knowledge not only of the lending process and how to bend it to my needs but with real estate investment as a whole. For me, this was huge because this is not only a home for my family but the largest investment asset of my life. I was very concerned with making a smart investment for my family and our future.
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
helped me understand how and why it made sense for me with where I was in my life. I imagined that
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
would grow
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
of the many phone calls I made and the constant barrage of questions I had, but humbly he was always available, friendly and engaged in every conversation. Once we made an offer and that was accepted, he was prompt and diligent helping keep the closing process transparent and organized. He continued to keep the communication channel open and to make himself available to me. This was a short closing whereby we had only 3 weeks to get it all done on time...a tall order with so many people and process involved. However, at no point was I ever confused about my responsibilities during the closing, and so not surprisingly we hit our dates like clockwork.
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
even helped secure extra closing cost credits for me. Furthermore, when there were questions about my ability to use a significant amount of the credits, he went to bat aggressively with the lender to ensure I was able to take advantage of every last dollar towards those closing costs. Because of his efforts, we ended up buying down points and getting a better interest rate and thus a lower mortgage. In fact,
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
was on top of things so well that I never had a single doubt in being well-positioned and that we would close on time. I even felt fairly calm throughout those final weeks despite what I had heard from others about the many anxieties involved in a closing. As we approached the last week before the closing, there were a few last-minute obstacles for us to resolve between the lender, the escrow company and the home owner's association that could have easily caused us to slip the closing date (even down to the day of closing).
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
resolved them promptly and ensured that everything came together seamlessly in the end. He made very sure that I knew exactly what the obstacles were, what needed to happen and why and the exact timeframes for the expected resolution. This was such a relief for me with so much on the line at the critical moments. We were due to have the keys in hand by 3:00 pm on the day of closing....I had them in hand at 3:45 pm; that's outstanding!! There is so much to learn when you are entering the process of buying a first home that it is nearly impossible to weather it on your own. My family and I were very fortunate to have found
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
before beginning to navigate the process. His personality and professionalism are top-notch, and he is truly, truly a person whom can be trusted. He treated us as if we were family and made our hopes after the many years of waiting....worth all the effort!!
Thank you
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
for being the person that you are!

- Bryan D.

Phenomenal experience from initial contact to closing. Mortgage payment and closing costs were exactly what was disclosed in the first email. Always quick to respond to questions and everything promised was delivered. Overall, just an incredible business to deal with.
- Dustin J.

The staff was very helpful and friendly. Their responses were very prompt and I was even able to get a hold of them after hours.
The only complaint I have with this company is they have you sign a document for the home appraisal that states you will not pay more than "X" amount. Then they make you sign the form again and charge you another $100.
Other than that, they were fabulous.
- Jenny K.

I found
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
years ago when I was thinking about buying a home, through He and I initially spoke back in 2009, but for various and sundry reasons, my husband and I held off on actually purchasing a home until May of 2014. Through the process though, off and on I would have questions that I wanted advice on, so I called
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and he very eagerly helped me, and never pressured me into buying; more often than not, he encouraged me to take my time and to be cautious when I didn't feel like things were right.
Well, in May of 2014, things were right, and they we right very fast. My husband and I started looking at homes on a Monday of one week, and had an offer out on a house by that Friday. To say we were in a tornado of things, would be an understatement. I immediately called
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
, and he got the ball rolling. He always told me what he needed, helped me anticipate future needs so that I could be ready when asked, and never ever let the ball drop on his end. We closed exactly one month to the day from when we put the offer in, and
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
had to jump through a number of hoops on the back end because of my husband's company's reporting for income, but he never
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
us to believe that closing wasn't an option.
New Port Richey Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
was incredibly kind, patient and beyond helpful through our process. He literally answered calls at his desk some mornings at 7:45am, and then again in the same day at 7pm. He knows his business, and definitely puts in the hours to keep it going. I would recommend him to anyone and would definitely call on him again if we needed to move from our new home.
- Elizabeth F.
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