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I have had ongoing internet issues for the last month- the service
drops/goes out/ intermittently several times a day. I work from home so
this is a major issue that is costing me income. When it is working, it is often crawling slow, other
times it actually works fine.
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
sent a tech to my home, he found ...More /> nothing inside but they sent me a bill for $60 which I refused to pay. I
have verizon fios in my other home, which is supreme and to deal with
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
is excrutiating. For the first two weeks they gave me the
standard "There is an outage in your area", then sent the tech out and
charged me. I call daily, sit on the phone for 30+ min to get a rep and
no solution. I am now researching plan B and forced to switch
providers. If all this wasn't enough, they also now charge for any
changes to your account- $2.99 to upgrade or change your service, to
order a new cable box, etc...
I ordered an additional cable box
for a new television. Got charged $3 on top of my monthlly $9.99 fee.
Really? I am now paying
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
to send me additional equipment that
they will be charging me for on a monthly basis? Oh- and they tried to
charge me $10 to mail me the cable box even though their service centers
were out of stock on them, and I had no other way to get it. This is
the WORST company ever, if it wasn't a monopoly here, they'd be
- Sharyn K.

What can you say about
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
that is not already known about them. They are consistently in the bottom of the customer service quality listings across the country. They are the company that wins awards for being the worst company in the country for customer service (or should we say, the lack of it).
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
has been a monopoly for many years, but thankfully, small upstarts that supply direct fiber to the home or to the community are starting to eat their lunch. They are the biggest, but they are the worst in terms of customer service. The company was called to fix a cable problem with slow internet speeds, and after forty five minutes on the phone waiting to get someone, I was connected to a person somewhere overseas who I could barely understand. After a frustrating hour of going through the things that I already knew were OK, they agreed to send someone out.
But they never did. I called and called, but still after two months, I am still waiting for the call. They are simply the most incredibly awful company that I have ever had to deal with at any time in any place I have lived. They deserve the competition being heaped upon them and I hope that eventually that my neighborhood will choose to leave their service and go with someone else.
I need not say this again, but if you have a problem with
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
, good luck. There is simply no way to describe how poor their customer service is.

We began pleased with the offers made by Centurylink but once installed I was surprised at how slow the Internet speed was compared to the same Comcast service they replaced. I was told that apples for apples it would be superior and it hasn't been superior in any fashion whatsoever. I spoke with their customer service, who transferred me to someone else, who transferred me to someone else. Finally I spoke to someone that said they were with the department I called the first time, you know the one I was transferred from twice! I was told after testing my line speed that I had faster service than I had before. REALLY? Is half the speed mean twice the satisfaction? I don't think so! So anyway I had been offered Visa gift cards and reduced costs if I transferred to Centurylink from Comcast but had to agree for one year. During this time I experienced problems with service and billing accuracy but was reminded that if I went back to Comcast I would have to reimburse Centurylink for the gift card and price reductions during that time period. Are you sold yet? The other thing that bothered me was that if I wanted to use their service at the best cost savings I had to bundle services, Internet, TV and Phone. That alone raised my long distance service from two cents per minute to eleven cents per minute. If I refused, then forget the remaining savings which at the time seemed very worthwhile. So I did it and have regretted my decision ever since. Also my service costs went up significantly following those savings offers, some I expected, some I didn't until the myriad taxes, fees and additional costs were added up. Sad...
To make a long story shorter, I want to explain that I'm not a complainer. I always try to work within the system but this has gone far enough. The last four months I have paid my bill online and by phone. Three out of four months I was notified by a late payment notice that I was on verge of being turned in to collection! In all of my life I have never been late with a bill and certainly never turned in to collection. When asked what was going on I was told that my bank account number was false and they said the bank had no record of such an account number. Why then did that same account number work the rest of the time? Why did I have confirmation numbers from Centurylink for every transaction? They couldn't provide a reason. They did tell me that I was going to be denied the ability to pay via anything other than a phone pay method. My paper check and Internet payment methods were no longer acceptable! REALLY? I'm sure you're asking why did I continue. Well that goes back to all of the gift card and service savings they promised for that year and I would've had to pay back. don't forget all of you that changing all of those accounts back to a new email account is a super pain in the butt, to say the least! Anyway (short story, remember?) I just returned from vacation and after almost two weeks I checked my email and there wasn't a single message. I checked while on vacation for messages and when I saw nothing I assumed it was another one of their problematic service issues. Once I arrived home I called them and it took three days to finally get ahold of someone that could answer my questions. It took five different calls to five different people at the same freaking phone number, same extension. Each time I got a different department, each time told that I had the wrong department. When I was transferred to the correct department, it was always the wrong department, regardless of the fact that I explained what was going on with the transfer errors. Sorry sir, sorry sir, I got sick of the apologies. I simply wanted to talk with someone with a brain and the ability to tell me the truth. It sure seems to me after reading a number of other complaints that my problems aren't unusual. But remember my near two week period without email messages? Well I was told that because I use Outlook Express it is due to my error making the proper settings. She claimed that I failed to set my account to save messages to their server. WRONG! I had done that long ago and had confirmed it with another rep. I told her as much and she said that if that was true then it's because I turned my computer off while on vacation! If I had left my system on while away then it would've worked properly. How many of you leave your computer on while on vacation to be sure your Internet provider can get your emails to you? Not many I spose!
Stay away from this outfit, they simply do not have it figured out yet and will tell you one thing to achieve another. If you try this company out I hope you don't experience this kind of service. If you do, you were advised not to!!!
- Brady T.

I live with my son. He has had contact with them for a long time. They were very good once I got the right person on the phone. They exchanged the box immediately. I would use them again in the future.
- John W.

I do not know that this field will have enough characters to explain the bad
service, bad attitude that is the
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
experience along with the overall
obvious poor training of their "customer account executives".
2007-Moved to
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
into a community where "the basic cable is included"
well they charge you $17 more per month for a box (each box) than if you lived
in an area that did not pay your basis so it is untrue
1-I had so many problems at this house where on a weekly basis I was spending
an average of 2 weeks doing my own network reset. The phone service was so bad
where I would open a conference line and then have to dial into my own line
from my cell phone so that the attendees could hear me.
We were renting at this community
20111-Bought home in the community that backs the 2007 community. By this time
I am fully prepared and familiar to move the equipment myself (I think
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked

refers to that as "free installation'
so I did and things were fine other than the TV. Point - I moved my service and
again had to pay for 2 months on the first bill of the new place as this was
"new" service? Then
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
required me to take all the equipment out
as this is an old Time
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
neighborhood where the other was not. This is
THEIR politics and THEIR acquisition however if I wanted
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
to bring the equipment
that needed to be changed out yes I would have to pay.
I am still spending an average of 2 hours a week rebooting boxes and modems as
their system goes down constantly.
I disconnected my home phone in Oct 2012, as the number I was given was
associated to a couple who apparently never paid their bills so to avoid having
to explain over and over that I did not know who or where those people were I
shut it off. Note: by this time I have no special offers as I am a long term
customers and you are not considered special after 6 months with
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
. I got
my November bill drafted from the form of payment that I have set up and darn
it if I am not still paying for a phone line. I call, on hold for about 45
minutes and am told I need to go change the modem to one that is for internet
only. Well for the love of
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
, you are going to swap the modem for one with
one less port but on top of the hour it took me to find out why I am still
being charged for a an inactive phone line I am the one expected, at their
request, to go stand in line to swap the modem. I told the CAE if that is their
process then send someone out to my door and I will hand them the old modem and
take the one for internet only. Well that is a $30 charge I am told. I discussed
this with my husband and at the end of the day, for the time I have spent
already we were ready to pay the $30. Now I work from home and need a set
day/time for this transaction. I call back, on hold for an hour then just gave
up as I was going out. I take the modem and as I enter the
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
building I
am 20 numbers down to speak with an agent. I call again and spoke to the one
and only person I have ever had contact with at
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
who was nice and seemed
willing to help; I believe his name was
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
. I explained the situation and he
says "no you don't need to switch it out this happens all the time"
he looks at my account and comes back with "I was wrong they just put a
new process in place" obviously seeing the notes in my account of my unhappiness
suddenly I am still left to wait. I get to the counter and am speaking with a
woman that was so rude and offensive I could not believe it. I tell her that I
would rather have had someone deliver the modem for the $30 but could not get
back on the line. Suddenly the cost for that service she remarks is $50 or just
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
lie; I cannot be sure which one.
I get the modem home, reconnect my network and darn it if the computers will
not pick up an
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
address. The 45-1 hour hold time starts again, I go through 2
hours and 2 people who cannot figure it out, suddenly all my equipment i.e.
router, computers and all are to blame (I mention everything was fine with the
old modem) and then am told the last
Naples Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
will have to transfer me to
"signature support'. I say fine however I will not pay a dime for it as
this has wasted a lot of my time and the old modem worked fine. She says I will
HAVE to pay. I say forget it I will get it up myself, which I did. And I do pay
the $3.99 per month for service calls however not one person in this nightmare
brought that up.
These people have no idea what they are doing, the do not offer a service they
offer a line connection (whether it be internet, phone or TV) that always has

- Mikelle I.
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