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– about as bad as it gets. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a divorce, have always wanted to file for bankruptcy, or just like being miserable. You can read this whole review, or you can stop with the
of my nine year-old son, “It was pretty terrible.” I've tried to give some time to cool off before writing this review but it hasn't worked. we've been doing a lot of renovations on the house and
was by far the worst contractor we had working for us.
After we signed the contract,
was late, unprofessional (both at the job site and in dealing with their office), and unethical. The price went up ~30% and the time to complete was about 2 months off their original estimate. Beyond that,
the final quality of the installation was extremely poor.
Some background: we have a 1920’s house in Miami Beach. I have a background in construction so am pretty flexible about reasonable delays and know and understand the possibility of unforeseen site conditions. We had a baby in the hospital and Alpha knew that the work needed to be done well in advance of our bringing the child home – their salesman assured me they could do this before we signed the contract. The salesman and someone I’m told was an engineer inspected the house
before we received a final quote. It is no secret that old houses have issues and it is no secret that Miami Beach has
strict inspections (thank god for that otherwise this story would likely end with our house being destroyed in a hurricane).
March 7 We receive the initial quote for ~$16,000 with estimated the windows will be delivered in mid to late April with installation complete the first week of May.
March 23 The price jumps $2,350 because they forgot to include some of the windows in the quote.
May 7 Installation complete. Ha, no, just kidding – this is when they were supposed to be done by – instead the windows finally arrived.
Sub informs me after doing his initial review of the house that he should be able to finish by Friday (at this point I
’t know that this is a sub, as opposed to an Alpha direct hire).
Sub removes the windows in the first room (at this point, Alpha has notice of the changed site conditions).
May 8-9
Alpha doesn’t send an engineer or even the salesman that provided the original estimate to examine the updated site and doesn’t stop the work which at this point was still limited to one room.
Sub informs me that it will take longer than his original estimate, no mention of cost increase but that he has talked to Alpha and the work will proceed (at this point there is no question that Alpha has actual notice that the site conditions are different)
Sub proceeds to remove the remaining windows in the house. The day before the inspector comes, the sub informs me that there will likely be a problem with the inspection because they may require us to set back into the wall farther than they are
doing, so now I know that Alpha not only had knowledge of the condition but has been working with the knowledge of a fix it is not implementing. Sadly, it is now too late to do anything about it but see what the inspector has to say.
May 17 Alpha fails the inspection, all work stops. When I say all works stops – they just left. My wife and I were across the street at the hospital and they left. They didn’t clean up the site, they didn’t seal off the gaps around all the windows (very sizable gaps).
May 17- June 3 The house which has holes around all the windows fills up with a variety of biting insects. Alpha never returns to clean the yard (my son and I have gone through a number of times, in addition to the broken glass, screws and things like that, we also found a bare razor blade one of the workers discarded with a window frame in the yard). Rather than cut their work on the sidework or front porch (like all the other contractors), Alpha did their drilling/metal work in the flower bed – so instead of being able to sweep up all the metal filings, this wonderful little shards of steel will now be a permanent fixture in the flower mulch waiting for a foot or finger to find them.
June 3 The first week of hurricane season and scant weeks before my child comes out of intensive care, Alpha informs me that they won’t finish the job without me paying a 30%
-up. I now either have the choice of paying or exposing my house to
the dangers of the season (which I hired Alpha to minimize) by having incomplete installation and holes around my entire house. At this point in the season for window companies and given the time permitting issues with the City of Miami Beach will take, my house will remain unfinished for quite some time if we opt to not continue with Alpha. That original quote of $16,000 is now over $23,000.
Of course, I have to agree to what I still think of as extortion. They finally finished. I think they failed at least one more inspection in the meantime (and in spite of all this, still didn’t submit paperwork to the city in a timely fashion after it was requested by the inspectors) but they finally got over the line. Once again not really cleaning up the site, where we picked up a couple bags of trash. It’s amazing but after all this, they may have actually lowered the value of the house with their extremely poor quality. In the end, they didn’t do basic things like sand their patch work (or install their patch work in straight lines – as we discovered when installing the blinds), but I guess when you have workers that think it is OK to leave cigarette butts all over the yard – professional finishing touches are a bit much to expect.
What should have happened was that on day 1, the sub should have stopped work and Alpha should have assessed the site conditions it was now aware of now that the walls were exposed and its sub expressed concerns. Given the likelihood of problems, we could have resolved all issues up front -- and while the engineer was working on a fix good enough for the city, the damage to our living arrangement would have been minimized. As it was, I was left with the impression that
it had been worked out and even if it was going to be a little harder, it was still going to finish 2 weeks after the start.
Further by not addressing it then:

I had no
to get a second opinion I had no ability to get competitive bids or to confirm with the original bidders that their price would not change based on these site conditions
What’s more I paid for work that Alpha’s man on the ground knew would likely fail the inspection
Adding insult to injury, Alpha’s path forward ultimately denied us use of 90% of the house (all of the downstairs plus the two rooms we had to vacateupstairs for the door installation). If Alpha had stopped at that point, and gone room by room we could have had a far more livable condition.
So, yeah, not an A rating from me.

- Mark K.

Needless to say that finding a good and reliable contractor in Miami is close to impossible. Well Mr
and his team are not only efficient, fast, and clean but they also truly care about the job. They really think outside the box and are very good at problem solving, which is a necessary quality when you are getting work done in an old building like I am. We had a very important leak coming from the roof that we had been trying to fix for years. No previous contractor was ever able to find the cause of that leak until
came along and finally put an end to it.
They entirely renovated the hotel's bathrooms and I was really impressed with the way the organized their work schedule, as well as with the rapidness of their work. They were completing 2, sometimes 3 bathrooms every 2 days, allowing us to be fully operational shortly after we started the project (it was a very precise and time consuming work as we had to demolish the existing tile wall one by one to save the tiles, install new valves, durock etc...).
Here is another impressive example of their thoroughness and implication. We had always been struggling with storage space in the hotel but could never come up with solutions to gain space, despite the numerous contractors and workers who worked on this site everyday for years. Well, shortly after completing his first project with us, Mr
realized that several walls in the hotel were hollow (under our staircase for instance) and could be opened then turned into small storage rooms or even laundry rooms! You would think that someone would have realized that before! This may not seem like much explained like this out of context, but after working with so many incompetent contractors, finding one who knows what he's doing, who helps you come up with ideas and is not afraid to be creative and try things others don't even want to consider, truly takes a weight off your shoulders!
I could describe every major project they have done for us but the conclusion would always be same. They work fast, they show up on time and will not leave the site until their work is perfect. And their prices are very reasonable, especially when if you consider the quality of service they provide. I highly recommend them, I already have many times and will be happy to keep doing so in the future.

- christelle T.

Miami Beach Door Installation Articles

Door Installation reviews in Miami Beach


Replaced two exterior doors (front entry and side entry). They replaced the doors with all impact rated materials. Everyone I spoke to on the phone and
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
, who showed up in person to measure and give me an estimate were great.
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
gave me a pretty good deal on a beautiful privacy door style front door. A couple of workers arrived (exactly when they were scheduled to), and did a very good job installing the doors. For the front entry way they actually had to replace the door frame because our prior door swung inward. The new door swings outward and both doors have a nice seal. The work was solid. The only problem we encountered is that in the side door, the doorknob/lock we provided them to install sticks a little. Other than that, quality work.
- Beatriz B.

Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
gave us a generous estimate and was able to do it in 2 days. He could have found some bad things and he could not have so he just split the estimate in the middle and was straight up about it. He is good at selling on site and does not do most of the work, he has a crew that comes out. He did stay on top of things and his crew was very good but he was contracting the work out. His painter was only average, he was not 100% what we were looking for. The painter cheated once he got up to the crown molding and rolled onto it and painted it even though it was supposed to stay white. The rest of the people were courteous, on time, and polite about asking to use the bathroom. The price was reasonable and he went the extra mile for a lot of stuff.
- Ilana V.

Excellent and responsible; professional; always on time and very hard-working. And very nice guys.
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
's lead man,
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
, was amazing and
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
does a great job keeping track of all the various jobs. He keeps his word and his prices are fair. I especially appreciate
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
's desire to meet any challenge and find solutions. Most people do not do this, in any profession. I highly recommend
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and his team for almost any type of home repair.
- Ilana V.

Very positive experience. The job was unneccesarily complicated by Miami Beach inspectors, but the work was all high quality and passed the inspections. I had MANY questions and quote revisions, all dealt with professionally and calmly by
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
. I highly recommend this company.
- L K.

I highly recommend
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
. They did a wonderful job on everything listed above. I chose the company because they are very detail-oriented and knowledgable.
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
is wonderful to work with and makes sure you are satisfied with the result.
- Annie K.

there were 3 separte jobs on separate dates. What most impresses me about
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
is the quality of his work. He takes pride in the work that he does and although sometimes it is hard to get him to come, because he so busy, when he does a job it is top quality. In order to install the cooktop, it was necessary to do some framing and to do the gas fittings - no leaks. The fit of the bedroom was impressive, even though it is not yet painted. Both tv's look beautiful on their swivel brackets.

Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
's recommendations worked well because our building has VERY uptight/stringent security team that closely monitors servicemen, installers, deliveries, etc.
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
is a GREAT "one stop" remodeling consultant. He understands condos well and how to deal with them. He's got a great sense of value and is not going to charge you an insane amount of money; he's a homeowner as well in this
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and has empathy for homeowners wanting to remodel but that aren't in million dollar houses like everyone in the neighborhood. He wants to do the job right, to your liking and for the best prices. And once he's paid he still answers the phone and will come to make good on anything that didn't go as he promised. After hearing horror stories for 7 years about Miami home remodeling contractors,and getting NO recommendations from 2 dozen friends doing similar work ("my contractor is terrible!") we were thoroughly satisfied and would not have been able to do our job without
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
. While we only paid him about $1500, without him, we wouldn't have gotten our $35K remodeling project completed in just under 4 months.
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
arrived promptly on time for our first meeting back in August of 2007. At that time we were interested in quotes to open a wall, frame a new kitchen ceiling with sofftits and reinforce the wall opening to take a granite countertop. He reviewed the space, made several observations and recommendations. He inquired about what else we were planning to do, and we shared our plans. He recommended that we do the floors first and then offered--without even having secured a job with us--a contact for the marble and an installer for the flooring. We needed to do the floors before anything else, and we had already interviewed several installers and marble outlets for prices. His contact for the marble was able to get us a better (white) travertine for almost $1 per sq. ft. LESS than the best price we were able to secure on our own, not a small savings at 1200 sq. ft. The installer was cheaper than any other installer we met with and also included the cement/mastik underlayment in his bid. His floor installer was SUPER nice, extremely professional, prompt, and most of all, FAST. He did our job in 8 business days, including demo'
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
old tile, installing/curing sound proofing (2-3 days), installing new marble and marble base boards. We didn't leave the condo (not recommended, but he still worked fast considering that). He returned back to the job at our request to fix some minor items--no charge.
Miami Beach Door Installers Provider Name Locked
helped us when we had to have the entry door cut in order to accommodate the increased floor height. He adjusted his schedule and stopped by and cut the door ASAP because he knew it was holding up our progress. After the floor, he helped us schedule the drywall and electrical installers; AMAZING work!! Only wish we'd done the kitchen install with him; it's the only part that involved significant rework and delays. GREAT CONTRACTOR!!!
- Peggy P.

At the first initial visit, the man looked over everything completely and seemed to be very thorough. Well, he left and never came back or returned my call to give me an estimate. Three months later I tried to call and get a hold of someone, but no one ever returned my calls then either.
- Pat K.
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