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arrived on time, did a thorough job, and did an amazing job cleaning up an unbelievable mess our roof and gutters had accumulated.
" was extremely polite and professional.

-Kaylynn D.

"There was a bit of a communication problem at the start but once that was overcome everything went very well. When you call the company the call is dumped into an" automated answering service and you are asked for subject matter and a call back number. Call backs in the mornings were pretty quick, in my experience, but my one late afternoon call (4:30 pm) was never returned. The work was on my daughters home and the crew got there about the same time I was leaving for there, about a 1/2 hour+ drive. By the time I arrived the 2-man crew had completed the main work and was cleaning up after the job. The roof looked good and all the stuff from the gutters was in the local yard debris can ready for pickup. All in all, a very good job was done by the crew.

-Lee P.

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Local Articles in Leesburg

3 Roof-Cleaning Methods for Ugly Stains

If you're confused by conflicting information when researching roof cleaning services, here's a break down.

tile roof cleaning
Roof Cleaning, Roofing

This roof cleaning review is one of those times when pictures really do say 1,000 words

Angie's List
Roof Cleaning, Roofing

Angie's List
Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Repair & Replacement, Roof Cleaning, Roofing

Asphalt shingles are on about two-thirds of the roofs across the U.S. And, in most cases, homeowners can expect them to last 20 to 25 years.

Angie's List
Moving, Painting - Exterior, Painting - Interior, Plastering, Plumbing, Plumbing - Drain Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Roofing, Sewer Cleaning, Siding

For larger projects, especially those that may involve more than three different service providers, a general contractor to oversee your project may be required.

Angie's Answers

Wow, i aum surprised you didn't get 10 answers already with roofers say X was the best or N was the best or A was the best. In reality you are focusing on the WRONG THING!

5 estimates? Why 5? Why would you do that to yourself? Normally if you are dealing with reputable companies you don't need more than 2 estimates. I advocate to people to always get at least two estimates and if the roofers are saying something very different or if the roofers are way way way off in price, get an equalizer, get a 3rd.  Obviously if you don't trust a roofer disqualify that roofer immediately.  I beliee you have now fallen into "Analysis Paralysis" which is what happens when you have too many opions.

But back to the topic, I said you are focusing on the wrong thing. Why did I say that? Because you can take the best shingle in the world and if installed wrong is compeltely garbage. i can take the worst shingle, known to fail, and if installed properly will last some ammount of time. So you should focus on the roofer, not the product. The roofer is more important and a good quality roofer will only want to install good quality product.

The roof is a system comprised of many components, not just the shingles. You have the water proofing underlayment such as ice shield, the water resistant underlayments such as felt. You have the shingles, the ventilation and the flashing details. All of these things add up to equal one roof. Neglect one and your roof is doomed to fail.

But the roof is more than just product it is detail, know how and heart. Heart? yes heart. It takes the utmost CARING the utmost DESIRE to want to install a good roof. It's hard work and easy to fall into the train of thought as to do what's easier, instead of what's faster.  Faster and easier seldom ever equals better. At the end of the day you ened a roofer that cares about your roof.

So what product is best? That's hard to say. Each manufacturer has multiple plants and it seems each plant puts out varying levels of quality. I will tell you in my area Atlast is known as a cheap commodity shingle. I have Tamko Heritage on my house but I stopped using it because I was having seal failue issues and at the time they offered no contractor certification program, but I hear they started up one. Ownes corning is a decent product backed by a great company. I don't install very many OC's though. I primarily install CertainTeed Landmark shingles and my feeling is that they are the best on the market in my area. I'm sure others will disagree with me.

But don't miss the point, the roofer is more important than the shingle.
I appreciate the fact that with homeowners like you who want to beat the insurance co out of deductibles, so then my rates and every other homeowners rates can also go up just to save you.....Thanks for NOTHING..[8o|]

Any roofer worth using should be able to do the roof with NO MONEY DOWN.


The only scenario I would ask for a deposit is on a crazy odd ball shingle that had to be special ordered.

The question was, Can it be done? The answer is yes. The real question is "Should" it be done? The answer is, no, not unless it is an emergency.   But also let's clarify winter, because we are having a pretty mild winter, so there's kinda not a problem this year so far. I'll refrence "below freezing" from this point forward.

As a certified and licensed roofing contractor, my reputation is on the line. I debate this topic quite often with other roofing contractors who seem to care more about profit than a job well done.  Well, I can tell you from past experience having been a professional roofer for 14 years as of the time of this posting, that the chance for failure increases exponentionally when installed below freezing.  It's better just not to risk it.

Personally I will not, unless absolutely necessary and the customer signs a disclaimer of limited liability, install a roof below freezing and really really want to install the roof at 40 or above. The shingles need to seal, and will not seal unless they warm to about 70 degrees F ambient temprature. This does not mean it needs to be 70 outside, because the shingles will warm from the sun.  

So what can be done to install the roof below freezing? Well first, the roof should not be gun nailed below freezing. This is because the shingles become brittle and it's easier to "blow through" with your nails. It's also harder to regulate air pressure when it is cold, I speculate because of barometric pressures, but I am just guessing.  Therefore the roof should be hand nailed. This takes more time. Furthermore since the seal strips will not seal, they must be manually sealed with proper compatible adhesives. This will also take more time, and more material. I once spoke with a roofer in Alaska who builds tents around the houses he is working on and covers them with tarps and heats with propane heaters.  Now that takes real time!    The question is, are you prepared to pay for this extra time? Can you wait a few more weeks? 

Attic ventilation is a science that is unique to the architecture of each building. There are no one size fits all solutions. There is no "better" as a blanket statement without knowing more about the structure. 


Ridge vent works well, with proper initake. All ventilations work more effeciently with intake, but some like ridge vent won't work at all without equal or greater intake when measured in Net Free Area (NFA). 


Commonly if you have a hip roof, you may not have adequate ridge length for a ridge vent. This is a a VERY common mistake I see from unskilled roofers. For example a house with a 1,000 sq ft attic space would need not less than 27 linear foot of a good quality ridge vent like Air Vent II.  That is to say if your house is 1,000 sq ft at the foot print, and you don't have at least 27' of ridge, a ridge vent is not Better, but is Worse. 


Typically my rule of thumb is to stay away from ridge vent on hip roofs.  So what then?  Well I will then normally install what are sometimes called canned/mushroom.turtle style breather vents.  The same 1,000 sq ft home would need only 3 vent, assuming they have 144 NFA each. Without an intake you would need to double this number to make 6 roof vents.   


     I am not really a fan of turbines, aka whirrly birds. They do work, but they have been known to break down and are reliant on the wind. Without the wind they are nothing more than big ol' breather vents on the roof.  If you chose to have turbines installed the "book" would say that you need 3 if they are 14" vents. However since they are not always whirling around, I'd say add another for safety sake. For this reason, as well as cosmetics, I would encourage you to consider the 144 NFA mushroom/turtle vents instead.




One thing most people agree upon is that you do NOT mix exhaust ventilations. Don't put turbines with ridge vent. Don't put mushrooms with ridge vents. Don't put mushrooms with fans near by.  THis creates a short circuit meaning the two fight each other.   Think if your turbine is spinning. It is pulling air. It is supposed to pull air from the soffit/intake vents. However it will choose the path of least resistance and pull air from the closest opening, ie: the ridge vent. This is why they call it a short circuit, it will interupt the path of air flow from the soffit and thus most of your attic will not be properly ventilated.



Sounds like wet felt to me. What process did the roofers use when replacing the roof? Did they tear it off and felt it in on day one and then shingle it on day two?   This method is frowned upon with organic felt paper because it leaves the felt exposed to morning dew.  Moisture such as dew will cause the felt to wrinkle.  Or if the roofers got caught in a rain and didn't protect the felt from the rain but kept on shingling this can also happen. 

The wrinkles will lay down flat if allowed to dry before first installing the shingles. However this is a waste of time. This is why I live by two 1 rule, never tear off more than you can put back in the same day, and if by some chance you opened more than you can shingle, tarp it. Felt is not water tight. 

I really am only speculating. Without seeing it I really can't give an accurate answer. 

There are a few other possible reasons, and framing (actually sheathing) is another possible reason. If the plywood is fastened improperly or if the plywood was installed without a gap between the boards for expansion and contraction, ripples can also occur.   The difference is you will see the ripples spaced very evenly 4' or 8' to match the spacing of the plywood.  If it is the case of improper fastening of the plywood, meaning the fasteners missed the framing so nothing is holding the plywood and it warps, you could easily depress the warped plywood with your foot. If the plywood actually buckled due to lack of expansion gap, you would not easily be able to depress with your foot.  If the roofer didn't install the plywood, it wouldn't really be his fault, though if he or his crew saw it when working and didn't fix it then they probably should have. But I am not going to play the blame game unless I know exactly what the cause is.

A storm ripped through the area two years ago. The storm chasers use the cheapest possible shingles, and I am seeing something I haven't seen before. I am only guessing but what it looks like to me is like the shingles are expanding too much and causing the ripple effect I mentioned above in regards to plywood and the lack of expansion gap. The difference is there is no expansion gap required with shingles.  This affect is something I never saw before and is only related to one cheap commodity dog house shingle which alot of cheapo roofers like to use.  I've been roofing 14 years and this year is the first time I have been seeing this particular problem. It seems to come and go, which also tells me expansion is some how involved. I don't think you'd be able to depress it with your foot, though I've never tried.

Can you post some pictures?   

Roof Cleaning reviews in Leesburg


They did a great job. Detached structures are NOT included in the price, so if you want them to do a shed or anything else, make sure you mention it upfront and be prepared to pay extra.
They use some kind of vinegar-based cleaning solution that attracted lots of fruit flies all around the house until the next time it rained, so you may want to save this for a day just before rain is forecast.
- Stephanie M.

Even though Evergreen didn't do any work for me, I wanted to leave a review because their phone service was highly professional and responsive. Many other contractors I called went to voicemail--sometimes even with full mailboxes--and often didn't return calls. Evergreen always picked up promptly, were easy to communicate with, and professional with booking times.
I will definitely call them again when I have a need.
- Thomas S.

The company was cleaning the roof across the street and I spoke with them because they were removing bees nests. They said they are available after they finish the neighbors property and quoted me a cost and did the work. The reason for the D and not an F is because my roof is clean but they did not inform me that every plant and flower (which I had just planted the week before) would be ruined because the chemicals which would come down off the roof and destroy them. I did notice that they covered some of the bushes but that was it. I wish I would have been told that paying the $150.00 would lead to a clean roof but would destroy hundreds of dollars and planting time on my landscaping. There is a line around my home where the chemicals burned the grass and every day more and more leaves and flowers are on the ground. We have not had a good pouring rain so I am concerned when that happens the chemicals will be washed down even more. Also, the chemicals left a lasting smell for about an hour or two which was sickening. Their card states - "Safest Roof Cleaning Available" - I would not recommend them to anyone.
- Christine R.

It went very well, but I came home in the middle of the work and the end caps were dirty and when I ran into the house to get something they left. I called back and let the owner know and had someone come out within hours and it turned out perfectly.
- Margaret E.

My service appointment went very well and my roof now looks brand new. I will definitely use
Leesburg Roof Cleaners Provider Name Locked
Roofing again! They offer a maintenance plan at a discounted rate in order to keep my roof clean in the upcoming years since since I used their service. They have cleaned a few of houses in my neighborhood and what a difference it makes in the appearance of the neighborhood.
Leesburg Roof Cleaners Provider Name Locked
was very friendly and went out of his way to show this Westerner now living in the Northeast how to prepare his house for the winter.
- Craig U.

they were prompt, courteous and cheerful. They also kept me informed on how the job was going and what to expect. They were also very careful to not harm any shrubs or flowers that were planted by the house. This is my first experience with then and I was very pleased. would use them again.

We used
Leesburg Roof Cleaners Provider Name Locked
several years ago for our house roof and were very pleased with their work. So we didn't hesitate to call him this time to clean up our garage roof. Once again, everything went perfectly. They sent an estimate right away, arrived right on time to clean the roof and did a super job of washing away the stuff that was there. It looks great!
- Sandra G.

Leesburg Roof Cleaners Provider Name Locked
Leesburg Roof Cleaners Provider Name Locked
came to my house today 10/07/2015 before scheduled time of 11:00 AM.
Leesburg Roof Cleaners Provider Name Locked
Leesburg Roof Cleaners Provider Name Locked
did an outstanding work with the Roof Tiles. "They Look like new'' they also did my front, backyard and sidewalk plus cleaned all the outside walls of the house for the same price. Please
Leesburg Roof Cleaners Provider Name Locked
’t hesitate in hiring this company they are Very Professional, also owner
Leesburg Roof Cleaners Provider Name Locked
was total gentleman when I contacted him via phone. I will hire them again very soon for the painting of my house and yes they will paint your entire house. Bottom line they are a keeper. Thanks
Leesburg Roof Cleaners Provider Name Locked
Leesburg Roof Cleaners Provider Name Locked
Leesburg Roof Cleaners Provider Name Locked

Roof Cleaners in Leesburg, FL

Companies below are listed in alphabetical order. To view top rated service providers along with reviews and ratings, Join Angie's List Now!

1st Class Roofing Inc

5610 Lake Fox Cir
Winter Haven

24/7 Deluxe Renovations LLC

12407 Mossy oak dr

A & A Property Maintenance Services LLC

1641 Gregory Drive

A New Beginning Environmental

1324 Windmill Ridge Loop

A Plus Preservation LLC.

5626 Oakwood Knoll Dr


102 timbercove Cir


600 N. Thacker Ave

Algae Solutions

1349 Big Bear Trail


3921 S US HWY 1
Fort Pierce

All Florida Cleaning and Pavers

352 Autumn Breeze Way
Winter Park

All Property Home Renovations

18821 Belvedere Rd

American Green Solutions MC

1916 Kamler Ave

American Restoration and Remodeling Inc

4044 Commercial Way
Spring Hill

Americas Guy

16215 State Road 50 Ste 202

ANC Roofing Inc

720 Business Park Blvd
Winter Garden


12204 Hillwood Drive

B&B Home Improvement Service LLC

11291 papyrus ln

Barfield Contracting & Associates

1311 US Hwy 1

Brett's Pressure Washing

449h alafaya woods blvd

C&D Services

2603 Virginia Dr.

Camilo Handyman

7110 Harbor Heights Cir

Cardwell Home Repairs LLC

428 Little Spring Hill Drive

CentraFlo Pressure Cleaning LLC

PO box 195261
Winter Springs

Chris' Handyman Service

183 Tollgate Br.

Clavero Design LLC

109 Ambersweet Way

Clean Spray Corporation

361 Anchor Road, Ste 1009

Cole's Painting Inc.

4043 Alicia Ct

Collis Roofing

485 Commerce Way

Conrad Construction Inc

PO Box 470424

Construction Solutions

1750 Florida Ave

Cornerstone Construction & Company Inc

1746 E Silver Star Rd.

CRG Pressure Cleaning Services

635 W. Highway 50 Suite B

D&U Home Improvement

595 Notre Dame DR.
Altamonte Springs

D.A.Meadows Cleaning Service LLC

2036 cabo San Lucas dr apt105

Dan Swingle Construction

1074 Leeway Ct

Dave Hill Handyman and Painting Services

2801 Lady Lake Blvd
Lady Lake

David Braunheim Painting

435 Gentle Breeze Dr

David Lundberg Building & Roofing

1709 Howell Branch Rd
Winter Park

Day Roofing Inc

730 Maitland Ave
Altamonte Springs

DeCota Coatings

4300 W Lake Mary Blvd
Lake Mary

Dependable Pressure Cleaning

5006 Rishley Run Way
Mount Dora

Detail Shine

155 S Court Ave

Dickson Construction Services

1929 Lime Tree Dr

Dimon Professional Services

2841 Northampton Ave

Distinct Painting and Drywall,LLC

1708 Cinnamon Cir

Doc's Restorations

15580 S US Highway 441

Elevate Construction Inc

1000 S Fairfield Drive

Empire Craftsman

5722 Grand Canyon Dr.

Final Finishes LLC

Mobile Services


16714 sarahs place

Five Star Enterprises

12203 SE 99th Terr

florida re-screen & renovation

3938 villas green cir


1808 ACME ST

Food Health & Environmental Safety

563 Ferguson Drive Suite L

G&A Certified Roofing

3500 Aloma Ave
Winter Park

Gibson Home Improvement

7225 Windham Harbour Ave

Heaven Scent Commercial Cleaning Company

2028 summerfield road
Winter Park

Honey-Do's Handyman

614 E Hwy 50


5305 Mauna Loa Ln

Ink 2 Link Inc.

3603 N Pine Hills Rd

Integrity Roofing & Gutters Inc.

6955 Hanging Moss Road Ste 100

J & E Industries, Inc.

P.O. Box 881

J & P Construction of Central Florida

443 Anessa Rose Loop

JAM Sunchine Services Inc.

6707 Crescent Ridge Rd

JF Professional Painting, Inc.

10024 Marsh Pine Cir

JT'S Lawn & Landscaping

1117 W Line St Bldg A

Juniors full tree service's

1316 43rd street

Keene Home Improvements

2716 Knollwood Trail

Keeping You Dry Roofing

631 Triumph Ct

kenneth cayson contracting

5033 Mustang Way



Knockout Services

100 fairfax ave


350 Crown Oak Centre Dr



Landress Painting & Son

306 Larkwood dr

Louis Painting & Pressure Cleaning

817 Kentucky Woods Ln

LSH Roofing Enterprises Inc.

3519 Wading Heron Terrace

Mackaddie Services, Inc

14834 Lee Road

Mallard Systems

7006 Stapoint Ct
Winter Park

Mandrell's Pressure Cleaning LLC

13430 Hidden Forest Cir

Masimo Construction Inc

16105 83 Rd Pl N

Master Home Repair,LLC.

234 E 8th St

Mc Hale Roofing Inc

2508 N Griffin Dr

Mr Tickler Home Improvement LLC

5124 Park Central Dr #515

My Handy Craftsman Inc

1950 Lee Rd.
Winter Park

Nieves H&G Services LLC

134 Zacalo Way

Orlando Painting Service

PO Box 3260
Winter Park

Orlando Roofing Group

2750 Taylor Avenue Suite A-31

Oviedo Home Remodeling

4040 Live Oak Reserve Blvd

Precision Gutters LLC

5612 Carder Rd Ste 2B

Pressure King Inc.

25525 E. Colonial Dr.

Prestige Metal Roofing, Inc.

6061 Cinderlane Parkway


306 South McKinley Ave

Proactive Roof Management

16732 Magnolia Terrace

Progressive Property and Lawns

2461 The Oaks Blvd

Property Repair Specialist, Inc.

395 Golf Brook Cir Apt 105

Property Services by Musitech

7512 Dr. Phillips Blvd.

Protective Coatings of Lake County, Inc

2307 E County Road 44

Providence Golden Services

7501 Puritan Rd

Quality Assurance Painting Inc.

11327 Grove Street

R.C.G. Orlando Llc

1554 N. Carolwood Blvd.

Real Estate Doctor

4630 South Kirkman



Renovation Experts, Inc.

2750 Lake Howell Lane
Winter Park

Rent a Son of Central Florida, Inc.

42330 Tamarac St.

ResCom Rehab

E Kennedy Blvd

Richard Painting

743 McDougall Ct


1919 Ellman St

Robert Jones Pressure Cleaning Inc.

17065 s.e. 249th terr.



Roof Rx®

9838 Old Baymeadows Road


Port Saint Lucie

Roof Tops and Exteriors

10200 Gopher Rd
Howey In Hls

Roofing Connection Services, Inc.

801 Cornwall Rd

RossPro LLC "Home Services"

PO Box 414
Fruitland Park

SAB Cleaning Servies

6797 S. Kirkman Rd

SAB House Cleaning

6797 South Kirkman Road

SB Professional Painting Inc.

5932 Statler Avenue

SC. Signature Construction Corp.

1512 Meadowlark Street

Scott Smith Roofing Inc

2105 NE 19th Ave

Sham Shield Powerwashing LLC

5135 Frisco St

Simmons Performance Roofing Inc

22335 Horizon Vista Way

Sisson Roofing-Central Florida Inc

150 S Magnolia Ave

SOS Contractors, LLC

4900 Fiji Cir


8818 Metheny Cir

Spartan Contracting Services, Inc.

354 Blue Heron Dr
Winter Park

SpitShine Cleaning LLC

6965 Piazza Grande Ave


Saint Cloud

Stayclean2impress, Easy as 1-2-3 LLC.

Alafaya & Lake UnderHill

Steve and Jeremy Farris, Handymen

1460 Lancelot Way

Sunfire Specialty Cleaning

1024 Valencia Vista Way

sunshine softwash

2860 Mirella Ct Apt 7309

Sunstate Quality Cleaning LLC

1009 Lester Ridge Ct

Surface Tech Pressure Washing

755 Carnation Dr.
Winter Park

Therma Seal Insulation Systems, Inc.

1703 South S Street




3774 Biscayne Dr
Winter Springs

Total Roof Services Corp

2014 Edgewater Dr

Two Brothers Affordable, Inc.

5050 SW 27th Ave
Fort Lauderdale

Vibe General Construction LLC

6084, Stevenson dr

VMS Pro Clean

PO Box 1846

Wardlow Building Group, Inc

2341 settlers Trail
Saint Cloud

Weather All Roofing Inc

PO Box 940657

Window Genie of The Villages & Leesburg FL

11962 CR 101 Ste 302
The Villages

Windsor Painting

1406 Vantage Dr.

X-stream Clean Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

744 N. Gretna Court
Winter Springs

X-treme Building Contractors Inc

PO Box 521832

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