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In August of 2009, I
purchased an electric roll-down aluminum hurricane shutter from
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked

Shutters for our lanai and paid $ 8400. At
the time they were the company Toll Brothers was using for their new homes.

Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
, 2014 the shutter
became disabled in the down position. I
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
and was referred to the Manager,
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
who verified that
there were two motors, a receiver and a synchronizer on our system and that
they were all under warranty. He told me that the defective part would be
replaced but there would be a labor charge.
He scheduled a visit for one of his repair crews. At no time did he mention a $75 diagnostic
fee plus a $135 per hour labor charge just for coming out. Had this information
been presented it would have been a very clear indication that they do not
value their previous customers and I would have looked elsewhere for someone to
do the warranty repair. Shame on me for not asking but believed I would only be
paying for the labor when the defective part was actually replaced.

After that first visit,
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked

told me the diagnosis was that the receiver was defective and he ordered the
part. A week later another crew showed
up to install it. They arrived at our
home clueless about where the receiver was located. There was no coordination
between the first crew who diagnosed the problem and these guys who were sent
to do the installation. They were
outside starting to take the hood off when I had to go get them and tell them
that the receiver was located in the attic.
During that visit they left the premises on two occasions to go purchase supplies and tools that were
needed. The visit concluded by this crew telling me that the new receiver did
not resolve the issue and that they would have to replace the
synchronizer. In all they were at our
home for two hours but gone to purchase supplies and tools for at least one of
the two hours.

The next day
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
that he had ordered the synchronizer and was just waiting for the delivery
confirmation information and that as soon as the part was delivered he would
give it priority and have the installation scheduled immediately.

The following day I received
a call from
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
that she wanted to schedule an
appointment for later that afternoon.
The same two guys showed up at 5 pm that day and started setting up in
the back of my house. When I inquired
about the synchronizer being located in the attic, he told me that his boss
decided to just take out the two motors that I had and install a more powerful
motor so that a synchronizer wouldn’t be needed. The install took three hours and after all of
the troubleshooting adjustments they left our home at 9:45pm.

When I spoke to
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
the next
day he told me that he thought it would be better to just put in a new motor
with the capability of handling the size of our shutter and needed to figure
out the billing and he would get back to me. Naturally, I was disappointed when
he called back and informed me the total was $964.50.

I told him that the amount
was unreasonable and wanted to know how he arrived at that total. This was the very first time I was informed
of the by hour billing of $135.00 per hour and the $75 diagnostic fee. I can take the blame for not asking how this
labor charge was to be determined but any good business will inform you if you
can expect to receive a by the hour labor fee of $135 per hour.

I also can’t help feeling
cheated because the new synchronizer would have taken an hour to install and he
decided to remove the existing motors that were in good working condition and
install a new motor instead resulting in an additional four and three quarter
hour labor charge (classic bait and switch maneuver).

The most troublesome aspect
of my entire experience with
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
was that
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
never attempted to
inform me of their billing policies and unilaterally made the decision to
install a new motor without even discussing the matter with me to get my permission.

At this point he apologized
that I felt this way and tried to explain all of the reasons that he decided to
take the course of action that he did and volunteered to take 20% off of the
invoice. He never attempted to apologize
for not consulting and discussing his motive and actions before changing the
agreed plan of action .

I have offered a reasonable
resolution to put this matter behind us without any further action with respect
to complaints and reviews of my experience.
I felt that a fair resolution would be billing only for the four and one
half hours it took to replace the motor which would total $600. This would also match a quote I had received
from another company that installed an electric aluminum shutter on our front

Naturally, I told him I would
not be contacting
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
in the event of any future problems with respect
to our shutters and requested the pertinent information (Manufacturer, Model,
Serial #) regarding the Motor, Remote and Receiver that were installed.

My request for the
pertinent information continues to be repeatedly

Although lengthy my review is
an accurate blow by blow account of my experience with this company and
intended to inform anyone considering using this company not to make the same
mistakes I did.

- Dominick P.

Only negative was minor. Initial contact to request info was frustrating because several call backs to follow up voice mail messages were required over several days .They were extremely busy and apparently the gatekeeper was handling incoming calls before answering previous voice mail messages. I should have been more insistent. The job and the price were well worth the follow up required to get a service call scheduled. Everything from that point on was great!
- Richard S.

Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
and his team were very professional and did an excellent job. The shutters were installed on the date promised. I was appreciative that they worked directly with my homeowners association to get the approval to proceed and also with the county to get the building permit necessary. They made this a very easy process.
- Kris H.

Installation went as planned. It did take a full crew 1 day to install, but I didn't realize the amount of work for a proper installation. The home now looks like a proper Florida home.
- Lynn M.

Very professional competent company. Everyone I had contact with in this process from the individual who came by for the first sales appointment, to the office staff and finally
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
the installer, were first rate.
- Ralph V.

Very satisfied with the product given. I received a few electric roll down shutters, a few manual roll down shutters, and numerous accordion type shutters. I was surprised at the high price of having shutters installed, but this company was right in line with other quotes I received. Communication could have been a little better. Salesman was professional but I never heard from him once sale was made - some follow up would have been nice, even just to let me know what to expect - I didn't know inspector and electrician would be coming out on different days than the installation date. Also, I was not home on day of installation and found a bag full of plugs, with no note or anything. They cover up the screw holes. I thought maybe they expected me to put the 100+ plugs in myself, but upon calling the office was told they needed to stay out until the inspector came. Glad I called - this should have been told to me by the salesman. They did have someone come out to do them. The color of the lower horizontal piece does not exactly match the rest of the frame but I was told this is normal due to ordering those pieces from a separate manufacturer. I was thinking this company did all of their own manufacturing but the office said some pieces are ordered out, which all the companies do. It really is not noticeable unless you look closely - not sure all the colors will have that slight bit of a mismatch or just the beige ones that I had ordered. Also, had I to do it over again, I think I would not go with any manual roll
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
as they are harder to deal with than the accordion shutters and more expensive. The electric ones are nice though (of course they can be done manually if there is no electrical service). I've heard so many negative things about shutter companies and there are so many to choose from. This is a good, honest company and I would recommend them.
- karen P.

We signed contract (October 2013) and was promised installation by salesperson to be done in 3 - 4 weeks. Finally we received a call that our windows would be installed on
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
. 21st. We called them to see what time they would arrive and found out they were not coming until the next week (
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
. 28th). The installation took 2 days which was OK with us. Two of our windows were not as we ordered. To be fair
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
did order the correct windows. PGT came and replaced the windows that were incorrect. Once that was fixed
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
called Sarasota County to inspect the windows. They were inspected on March 12, 2014. The inspection failed because we did not have tempered glass in one window.
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
had to replace the window pane and then have it re-inspected. The window panes were replaced May 6th. To be fair we were gone for 2 weeks during that period. The re-inspection passed. Now we had to have the screw holes capped. The screw holes were left uncapped so the inspector could be sure the windows were installed correctly. One screen also had to be fixed. The job was finally finished except for the screen on
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
24th after many calls to have it done. The screen was finally delivered to us on
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
30th. We were gone for 6 weeks in May & June. Our frustration with
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
is that the completion of the job took so many telephone calls and promises of fixing the problems. They would promise someone would be here and no one would show up. The product was not at fault it was the telephone calls and the time it took to complete the installation to satisfaction.
- Carolyn K.

Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
was my primary contact and project manager for
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
and we was a valuable asset from the beginning. I initially invited him to quote only on the power operated roll-up storm doors that needed to be replaced on our 16 year old home. Of the four contractors I contacted he was the most qualified, trustworthy and competitive and he was awarded the contract. This is his company's true strength and they did a fantastic job.
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
was his installation leader and he was probably the finest contractor representative that we encountered on the entire remodeling project. I can't say enough about his work ethic and caring attitude. He also did a great job on the storm panels mounted on a few windows and doors that were not replaced. Once the storm door decision was made I began shopping around for a window contractor. I met 3 other contractors and got some very scary (exhorbitantly high) pricing while still not being satisfied with the products offered or the installation itself. Fortunately,
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
told me that he offered the impact windows we were seeking. Once I got his pricing and learned about the installation process involved I felt confident that
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
was our best alternative. It turned out that there were some significant issues (exterior stucco, irregular window measurements, etc.) that had to be tackled to get our windows installed. Some went in without much of a fight but several were very tricky. During the installation
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
learned that his primary window installation leader was making some mistakes and the installation was slow and arduous. (I found out later this guy left the company.) After all was said and done we are happy with the window work they did although there were a couple issues that became apparent. One had to do with the stucco repairs that had to be made after they ripped out the old windows and installed the new. That was an expense that was not part of our budget and we had to find a different contractor to do that work. (
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
put me in touch the one that did the work.) The other concern was that there are some exposed mounting screws on the inside of the windows that we had no idea would be part of the final installation. Otherwise, we are delighted and we'd use them again. The exterior doors were also a challenge for
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
. We're not as happy about this portion of the project as with the others. I also got the impression they weren't happy either. It was a real fight to install a few doors and the frustration was very obvious from them. There was one door in the back of our garage that was especially difficult. We aren't happy with the way it is not flush with the exterior wall. They worked long and h****** that door and they convinced me that it was the best they could do. The stucco repairs have been made and we certainly don't want to undo what's been done. There were installation struggles on nearly all of the doors they did. I have to presume that this was not their expertise and could not recommend them for exterior door work for others until they get someone on board that has the experience and skills necessary. If it weren't for the frustration on the exterior doors
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
should get a "contractor of the year" award. Those doors caused quite a bit of stress for
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
and he wasn't himself after that happened. (It should also be noted that he was beginning to get lots of other new business at the time and he had to be focused on that.) But for the most part they did a great job. I expressed concern over some clean up issues and they immediately improved for the duration of the project. I especially enjoyed and appreciated most of the workers on our job.
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
were the two standouts.
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
is a great guy and he is certainly someone that you can trust. I only wish that he had already worked through his personnel issues beforehand and had managed the stress a bit better at the tail end of our project.
- Rob P.

Initial contact was through email. Received prompt response on the next business day. Rep was able to email me several option to replace the front doors of my home. Settled on Aluminum impact doors. Got a couple of competing quotes and decided to go with D&D. Paid the deposit, had the doorway measured, and was told when the doors were ready I would be contact for an install. Within two weeks, they were ready to install the next Monday. Install went smoothly but I did have some minor issues I wanted corrected. D&D worked with me on each item and only when I was satisfied was I asked for final payment. I know I will be updrading windows and other doors in the future and will be sure to use D&D.
- Robert S.

Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
, and electrician arrived at scheduled time. Problem with jammed shutter (wasp nest) was immediately cleared. While serviceman clear jammed shutter, electrician installed necessary electrical wiring for new electric motor. Afterwards motor was installed and tested.
All work was quickly completed in a professional manner. Doesn't get any better than this. Would not hesitate to use
Largo Storm Shutter Installers Provider Name Locked
in the future.
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