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We did not get to meet
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
as there was an illness in our family. Our realtor was able to meet him at the home so the inspection could take place as planned. The results of the inspection were delivered in the time frame promised and were very thorough. We would definitely use this company again.

- Marilou C.

I recently joined Angie's list so this review is from last year. I had Bill inspect my new home after I had numerous issues after move in (the builder reimbursed me for the cost of the inspection). I recently paid for a 1 year inspection before the home warranty runs out. I decided to use another inspector to get another set of eyes on the property. I now have a greater appreciated for the quality of Bill's inspection!
Bill inspected my 2 story roof - no questions asked. Very few other inspectors that I reached out to recently to inspect at the 1 year
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
used greater than a 17 foot ladder (which would not reach my roof). Luckily he did because he found an issue up there! He used a thermal gun/camera to check the installation and the efficiency of the A/C/heating units. He took tons of pictures - not just of problem areas, but of the other areas, like the attic and the roof. It's great to have these for reference.
Upon completion, he discussed every item with me and showed me pictures to match.
I highly recommend Bill for your inspection. I would definitely use him to inspect another home in the future.

I reached out to the 5 or 6 highest rated inspectors in the area. I have a 2 story home and wanted to make sure the inspector would get on the roof. Of the inspectors that responded in a timely manner,
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
was the only one who would get up on the roof. The others only used a 17 foot ladder and/or said they would visually inspect the roof with binoculars, which would not have worked based on the
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
of my roof.
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
showed up on time and had an easy booking process through his website. He inspected the roof, sprinklers, electrical, A/C, etc. He even called me from the roof to have me turn on the laundry vent. He was here a few hours and then we discussed the items he found (nothing major luckily!).
Overall I was very happy with the process, but noted two items. He didn't discuss all the items with me in person so when I got the report there were 3 items that I wasn't expecting. There were very few pictures in the report - and no pictures of my actual house for these 3 items (for one of the items, a sample picture was used - which I couldn't follow how it related to my house). I had to email
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
to ask about 1 of the items since I didn't understand what it was. He responded quickly, but I would have preferred he show me in person.
My 2nd issue - about a month after my inspection I got a call from ADT security and they mentioned
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
had given them my name. I didn't like that--especially since I already have a sign out front showing that I use another security company.
Overall, I gave him an A because the quality of the inspection was the most important aspect for me and the fact that he was the only one who would get up on the roof.

Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
was available on very short notice and performed a thorough inspection. Also, before the report was ready, he was able to discuss with me the major issues so that I was able to better negotiate before the contingency period was over. Offered a lot of good advice.
- Tara L.

Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
has been extremely thorough and he spent over 4 hours to inspect my house. He took time to explain how the house works and possible maintenance and improvements. He even went a lot of extra miles in testing the appliance, which is out of the scope of home inspection. His report was so timely, professional and easy to read. After that, he was extremely responsive and helpful to advising the basement leak he found. He has been a great advisor. I am so glad I hired him for my home inspection! I would highly recommend him regardless you are experienced or inexperienced home buyer like myself.
- Dachuan Y.

When I arrived,
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
was already there and in the process of the exterior of the home inspection. He stopped and introduced himself, offered me refreshments, the use of his wi-fi iPad and a chair (which was great as the property was vacant and there was no furnishings.)
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
continued his inspection which took much longer than I was expecting but was very happy that it was so extensive. Once he was finished, he spent a long time explaining everything that he saw, good and bad. Unfortunately for me, there was more bad than good but I would not have known all of the bad items as they were not apparent to the naked eye.
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
had knowledge of the many things that I would not have known. In the end, even though that property looked decent to me, he found too many problems that would have cost too much to fix. The cost of the inspection was a small price versus what I would have had to pay to fix these problems. I will continue looking for other properties and use
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
Inspection in the future.
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
was very professional and experienced.
- Travis F.

We were very happy with
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
's service. I called him on a Saturday morning and he answered--even though on a visit--to let me know that he was busy but would call me back ASAP. He made it clear throughout our interactions that a prompt response is very important to him and he will do everything he can get back in touch with a client just as soon as possible (call, e-mail, text). We really appreciated that effort. When
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
did call back, he was very good about getting necessary details. He offered to schedule an inspection within four days, but was happy to oblige when we asked for a specific day later in the week.
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
performed our radon test and went to the house a few days beforehand to set up his equipment. We had a slight miscommunication about who would contact whom about how he should get into the house, but this was quickly taken care of and everything was smooth from there on out. We were able to see the radon testing equipment and get a preliminary reading on the day of our inspection, with a thorough report sent later.
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
arrived at the house about half an hour prior to our scheduled start time and had already begun preliminary examination of the home exterior when we arrived. He greeted us with some background information on home inspection service in the area and quickly set us at ease with his sense of humor and honesty. As we went through the house,
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
was very good about pointing out little things and offering his knowledge and expertise on best fixes. He did not find many major issues but did a happy dance when he finally found something wrong--which was a good indication to us that he was definitely trying to ferret out any serious issues the house might have. While
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
offered a couple contacts for specific services, he did not seem to push them or try to sell anyone on us--it seemed that he was honestly just letting us know who was available and could be trusted to do good work.
We also arranged our termite and sewer inspections through
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
. He did a great job of coordinating these other inspections so that both inspectors were in and out during the time of the home inspection and we had our results by the time we left the home.
At the end of the inspection,
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
summarized all of his findings for us and our buyer's agent. We then received our full report--with photos of problem areas and all the details we had discussed during the inspection--before 6:00pm that day. We were very happy with both the turn-around time and thoroughness of the the report. We would definitely use
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
's services again felt that he was well worth the money paid ($400 for the inspection, $135 for the radon test).
- Renee R.

I joined Angies's List when we moved to Florida in
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
so we would have some way of finding competent plumbers, car mechanics etc. in an area that was new to us. I reviewed several home inspection companies on Angie's List and chose
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
because of its high rating and wonderful reviews and because it's a family owned company. I think that family owned companies are doubly invested in doing a good job not only because they want/need to earn a living but because the family is the business.
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
consists of
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
, his wife
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
and his son
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
, and they do a terrific job! I wish I could give them a rating higher than A. We hired
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
to inspect the first house we had under contract and were very happy with his work. Unfortunately, that deal fell through (nothing to do with the inspection results). We found another house and hired
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
again to do the inspection, and he did find several issues requiring repair. We are now about two weeks away from closing, and the seller is making the required repairs. We hired
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
a third time to do a re-inspection ($150) to make sure the repairs were being done correctly. He did find some issues with the repair work that was being done on the property and pointed this out to my husband and to the seller's agent.
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
will be making another visit to the house before closing to look at the rest of the repair work.
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
's reports were detailed and delivered in a timely manner. He and his wife
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
are very available and responsive by phone and email. He was always willing to answer extra questions. When we made appointments with them,
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
did the work of coordinating times with the real estate agents. Here's what I say about the
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
Family and
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
: Available, Honest, Prompt, Professional, Competent, Thorough, Detail Oriented, Polite, No Nonsense, Responsive and Trustworthy. I wish that every person/company I hired had the same degree of integrity as
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
- Suzanne F.

After closing, I discovered that my rear deck had an overhang that was in
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
of collapse due to rotted wood. The inspector did not mention this during inspection. There were also several boards that needed immediate repair. He specifically called attention to the stairs that extend from the deck to the back yard. He did not mention the rotted boards on inspection day or that the seller needed to address the overhang. He rated the deck poor but could have mentioned the rotted boards to the seller and/or the overhang issue. They would have most assuredly fixed the issues at their expense.
He did not mention anything about the HVAC mechanics. He mentioned in his report, that it needed to be cleaned and serviced so I did not believe from his comments that it was a matter of immediate concern. He talked about the venting ducts in great detail but this being an older home, I accepted the duct work issue. In actuality, I had to replace the entire HVAC system and get much needed insulation. At no time did the inspector tell either me, or the seller that the furnace , the air conditioner or the water heater were in need of immediate replacement,. They were attached to a circuit breaker incorrectly, which is also did not mention. As a result of not communicating his concerns and limiting his concerns to the duct work, I did not address this specifically with the seller and as a result, I incurred a cost of $17,000 to replace both the furnace, the air conditioner and the water heater. I received three estimate for the replacement of the system and each company asked me whether or not I had a home inspection. If he would have removed the cover, he would have noticed a poor dead animal caught inside.
When I communicated this to
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
, they would not take my call. They had a re-inspection which was a mere formality; taking no responsibility for the lack of communicating these issues as an immediate concern. Instead he rated the HVAC unit as "fair" on their report which was basically a CYA; a means of taking no responsibility for my loss or offering no real position.
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
would not take my calls and instead kept referring to their report which again, was a CYA device to place the onus on their customer. The owner of this company checked me out on LinkedIn. She quoted material from my professional website to use against me. She would not even call to apologize for the miscommunication. She had time to check me out on the Internet but refused to contact me directly. When one hires a home inspector and relies on their professional opinions, one can rely on this service to their detriment. I didn't expect them to pay for my new HVAC system but to be treated so poorly and rely on their waivers and disclaimers was a basic, "screw you". They offered nothing. To this day, they will not take my calls. Instead they have a woman who answers their phone and tells you everything must be in writing.
I therefore would not recommend this company to anyone needing a home inspector. Their failure to call me, to apologize for any miscommunication, to intrude into my professional website and do to so in a blatant, arrogant and disrespectful way is not a company you want in your home or to provide professional you with advice while in the process of making the biggest purchase in your lifetime. I would strongly recommend that you find someone who at least has the decency to call you if there is a problem. Their reliance on on boilerplate nonsense provides no advantage to their customer in the short window they have to address issues with the seller. A home inspector should be able to notice an issue with an HVAC system instead of rating it "fair" and using the rating as basically a shrug of the shoulders. I would have most definitely expected him to raise the issue with the sellers, my agent and myself, so we could have leveraged a difference in the price of the home. We only have 3 days to get out of the contract for major repair issues. I had no idea that the HVAC system had to be replaced or the eave on my deck was in
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
of collapse.
Please think twice about using this company for your home inspection needs. You don't want someone who lacks the experience to notice a major mechanical issue and a structural issue and doesn't have the decency to make note of it with the seller at home inspection. The final nail in the coffin was the owner's refusal to make things right and pick up the phone and discuss the issue with their customer. BUYER BEWARE!!!
I am sure their response will focus on the report itself but will not emphasize the inspector's failure to communicate these concerns immediately. Every thing the inspector noted to the seller was addressed by the seller. The issues above were not.
- Jeff E.

I was in escrow for a house when it came time to do the inspection. Although my real estate agent was pushing for one of the inspectors on his list, I had used
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
before and was really impressed by his thoroughness, completeness and professionalism. My real estate agent wasn't particularly excited about an inspector he wasn't familiar with, but I wanted an independent, unbiased opinion and I knew
Lake Alfred Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
would fit the bill. I was not disappointed. He took the time necessary to poke into every aspect of the house that he calls out in his inspection contract. He produced a report complete with pictures and detailed explanation on the spot. We sat down with my agent, the sellers and seller's agent and he went through each of his findings (with multiple iPads to display the pictures he took). His professionalism is outstanding. He was completely unbiased, presented his findings with evidence and avoided raising any emotional reactions.
Highly recommended.
- joe B.
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Clearwater, FL

Aguila Electrical Services Inc

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Tampa, FL


7700 Congress Ave
Boca Raton, FL

AKO Framing & Construction, Inc

468 Waterfall Dr
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All About Home Inspections LLC

2919 34th Ave N
Saint Petersburg, FL

All Bay Inspection

602 S Albany Ave
Tampa, FL

All Out Dryer Vent Services

34320 Chancey Road
Wesley Chapel, FL

All PRO Home Inspection Services, Inc.

Raysbrook Drive
Riverview, FL

All Seasons

13900 County Rd 455
Clermont, FL

All Star Partners Inc

11860 Branch Mooring Dr
Tampa, FL

ALL-State Real Estate Investments, LLC

21013 Tangor Rd
Land O Lakes, FL

AllPro Home Inspections LLC

1715 Sandalwood Circle SW
Winter Haven, FL

Allstar Electrical Experts Inc

101 American Center Pl
Tampa, FL

Alpha Environmental Diagnostics

3959 Van Dyke Rd.
Lutz, FL

Ambassador Home Inspections, LLC

8501 Philatelic Dr. # 7047
Spring Hill, FL


250 26TH ST N
Saint Petersburg, FL


5482 104th Way N
Seminole, FL

American Leak Detection

PO Box 144
Port Richey, FL

Amerispec Home Inspection Service

250 26th St N
Saint Petersburg, FL


Bradenton, FL

Anderson Home Inspection Service LLC

22832 Robins Nest Ct
Land O Lakes, FL

Angel's Custom Builders

2165 Lagoon Dr
Dunedin, FL

Anthony Brothers Quality Home Inspections

1118 Cardova Lane
Clearwater, Fl

Aristotle Energy Solutions LLC

447 Third Ave N
Saint Petersburg, FL

Ataraxis Inspections, LLC

1661 46th avenue north
St. Petersburg, FL


1211 6TH ST SW
Winter Haven, FL

Bob & Jerry's Roofing

219 Orange Street
Auburndale, FL

Brandon Electric Inc

PO Box 358
Dover, FL

Bruce Ensor Structural Engineer

500 N Front St
Lemoyne, PA

Bug Off Pest Management Inc

3848 Drayton Way
Palm Harbor, FL

Building Consultants of Central Florida LLC

4192 Baywater Place
Lakeland, FL

Buyers Protection Group (BPG)

4300 Alexander Dr
Alpharetta, GA


PO Box 12468
Brooksville, FL

Cahaba Scapes

2130 11th avenue north
Birmingham, AL

Carin Constantine, Esq

8042 Old County Road 54 Suite 7
New Port Richey, FL

Carson Pest Control

2141 Main St Ste R
Dunedin, FL


Maitland, FL

Certified Mold Assessments, Inc.

3959 Van Dyke Rd
Lutz, FL

Certified movers

14206 Grubbs lane
Riverview, FL

Chief Home Inspections

804 Sutton Ave
Brandon, FL

Citrus Pest Management Inc

406 NE 1st St
Crystal River, FL

City Locksmith Tampa

2002 5th Ave #106
Tampa, FL

Class Act Inspections

19239 N.Dale Mabry Hwy
Lutz, FL


1755 Olive Street
Lakeland, FL


19209 Cortez Blvd
Brooksville, FL

Crosstown Engineering

7035 Trysail Circle
Tampa, FL

Crown Roofing LLC

8724 Spruce Hills Court
Lakewood Ranch, FL

Custom Frame & Trim, Inc

3610 Oak Bark Lane
Brandon, FL

Custom Inspections

5470 E Busch Blvd
Tampa, FL

Del's Electrical Service Inc

PO Box 864
Lutz, FL

Diamond Building Inspections

3113 State Road 580
Safety Harbor, FL

Divinity Inspection Service, LLC

1505 W River Shore Way
Tampa, FL

DnK Home Inspections

2451 McMullen Booth Rd.
Palm Harbor, FL

Dunedin Restoration Service Inc

1271 San Christopher Drive
Dunedin, FL


Riverview, FL


Bradenton, FL

EdO Builder LLC

11105 windpoint dr
Tampa, FL

Environmental Solutions IAQ, LLC

3075 E Dorchester Dr
Palm Harbor, FL

Fackler Home Inspection

P.O BOX 1981
Riverview, FL

Fair N Square Home Repair

600 Lake Martha Dr NE
Winter Haven, FL

Faraday Energy LLC

412 Danube Ave
Tampa, FL

Florida Central Home Inspections

8011 St. James Way
Mount Dora, FL

Florida Restoration of Tampa Bay LLC

7163 123rd Circle
Largo, FL

Florida Retrofits Inc.

2840 Kirby Circle
Palm Bay, FL

Fogging Solutions LLC.

Pinellas Bayway S.
Saint Petersburg, FL


5620 Us Highway 98 N
Lakeland, FL

Gold Standard Home Inspection Services

382 Ventura Drive
Oldsmar, FL

Graham Home Inspections Orlando LLC

2157 Fairmont Cir
Orlando, FL

Green Tech Pest Control

1395 Belcher Rd
Palm Harbor, FL

Greenovative Homes

3306 Waterfield Rd.
Lakeland, FL

Gregory Organization

PO Box 4236
Plant City, FL

Grumpy Old Guy Construction Company LLC

Po Box 5513
Brooksville, FL

HE Feldman & Son

PO Box 1157
Saint Petersburg, FL

High Tech Home Warranties

PO Box 24881
Raleigh, NC

Hoffmann Construction & Roofing

PO Box 10406
Brooksville, FL

Home Sweet Home Inspection Services, LLC

60 Lake Daisy Blvd
Winter Haven, FL

HomeSpec Certified Inspections, Inc.

1179 Talbot St.
Port Charlotte, FL

House Doctor handyman Service

8705 n oulevard
Tampa, fl


2702 Clubhouse Dr
Plant City, FL

Hughes Exterminators

5325 Kelly Rd
Tampa, FL

I-Spy Home Inspection Services

2213 Spyglass Hill Circle
Valrico, FL

In Phaze Electric

1422 Oakley St
Orlando, FL

Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS, Microshield

1170 Tree Swallow Dr
Winter Springs, FL

Indoor Environmental Technologies, Inc

1384 Pierce St
Clearwater, FL

innovative roofing solutions

306 villanova rd
Venice, fl

Inspect Florida LLC.

467 20th Ave
Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Inspection Connection, Inc.

10811 N. 62nd Street
Tampa, FL

Insurance and Construction Services Inc.

10311 Woodberry Rd. Suite 103
Tampa, FL

iSpects, LLC

20301 Black Tree Lane
Estero, FL


509 Lakeview Rd
Clearwater, FL

J Osman Homebuilders & Commercial Construction

Tampa, FL

J&D Builders of Central Florida, Inc.

PO Box 1306
Windermere, FL

J&S Home Inspection Service LLC

4327 Bayridge Ct
Spring Hill, FL


Sarasota, FL

JBC Builders & Electric

5001 N. Nebraska Ave.
Tampa, FL

JoNu Inc

Tampa, FL

Keith Kinard Construction and Roofing

14301 Sweat Loop Rd
Wimauma, FL

Keystone Capital Construction Inc

7782 Eaton Court N
Saint Petersburg, FL

KW Morrow & Sons Electric, Inc.

P.O. Box 2973
Land O Lakes, FL

L & R Services

280 Willow Oak Rd
Mulberry, FL

Lead Paint Consulting

225 Herons Run Dr Ste# 618
Sarasota, FL

Lord General Contractors Corporation

Post Office Box 99
Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Madden Insurance Restoration, Inc.

P.O. Box 255
Lithia, FL

Max Home Inspections

2734 Summitview Drive
Lakeland, FL

Mayfield Construction, Inc.

6433 Calusa Dr
Lakeland, FL

Mazzara Construction

P.O. Box 9
Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Mister Sparky

400 Douglas Ave
Dunedin, FL

Mold Inspection & Testing Tampa FL

424 Crosswinds Dr.
Palm Harbor, FL

Mr-Craftsman LLC

3196 Quantum Lakes Dr
Boynton Beach, FL

National Property Inspections

PO Box 902075
Sandy, UT

North Pole A/C & Heating Services, Inc.

8028 Sun Vista Wy
Orlando, FL

orwin restoration and constructio inc

6351 tulip dr
Wesley Chapel, Fl


8 Casey Rd
Mc Donald, PA

PADCO Home Inspections, Inc

PO Box 5650
Sun City Center, FL

Pelletier's Home Inspection

19 N Pleasant St # A
West Warwick, RI

Pest Detector Inc

3990 Liberty Hill Dr
Clermont, FL


Tampa, FL

Pete Cullari Home Inspection Service

12013 Altoona Ave
Hudson, FL

Phoenix Rising Remodeling

237 Regent St
Bushkill, PA

Precision Home Inspections Bradenton

2911 47th Ave West
Bradenton, FL

Premier Certified Inspections

6857 16th Way S.
St. Petersburg, FL

Pro-Elite Home Inspections

224 Dove Trail
Bradenton, FL

Pro-Tech Plumbing LLC

801 Burns Ln
Winter Haven, FL

Professional Window Installation Inc and Doors

6630 Osteen Rd
New Port Richey, FL

Protective Coatings of Lake County, Inc

2307 E County Road 44
Eustis, FL

PROTURN Property Solutions

634 Blue Taverna Ln
Clearwater, FL

Quality Management Concepts

7512 Trovita Road
Land O Lakes, FL

R's Electric LLC

5122 Kensington High St
Naples, FL


16646 Scheer Blvd
Hudson, FL


9532 Lake Chase Island Way
Tampa, FL

RCT Disaster Recovery LLC

4907 N Florida Ave
Tampa, FL


PO BOX 802
Oldsmar, FL

RELIANCE Inspections Inc

36181 E Lake Rd
Palm Harbor, FL

Residential Inspection Consultants

PO Box 93048
Lakeland, FL

Rhino General Contracting Inc

2601 Bruton Rd
Plant City, FL

RJ Sadler Construction Inc

4720 Pleasant Ave
Palm Harbor, FL

Rob's Repair Service

1010 Sunshine Drive E
Lakeland, FL

Schultz Builders, Inc. and Schultz Pools, Inc.

1950 Central Ave
Saint Petersburg, FL

SEC Home Inspection

301 W Platt St
Tampa, FL

SEC Inspection Services

301 W Platt St
Tampa, FL

SEC Inspection Services

301 W Platt St
Tampa, FL

Sherlock Home Inspections

(239) 292-0756 / (863) 658-0159 /
(Main Office) Cape Coral, FL

Shingle Masters Roofing & Construction Services

2502 Culbreath Cove Ct
Valrico, FL

SimpliSafe Home Security

1035 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA

Simplistic Property Solutions

558 Roser Park Drive
St.Petersburg, FL

Stargardt & Associates, LLC

4224 Spring Way Cir
Valrico, FL

Statewide Inspections

PO Box 786
Pinellas Park, FL

Steve's Inspection Services

PO Box 627
Tarpon Springs, FL

Suncoast Inc

505 Scotland St
Dunedin, FL

Suncoast Pest Control

6515 1st Ave S
St. Petersburg, FL

Tempco Pest Control Inc

4735 Palm Beach Blvd
Fort Myers, FL

The Avanti Group, Inc

1095 E. Brandon Blvd.
Brandon, FL

The Cruikshank Group

20628 Wild Plum Ct
Land O Lakes, FL

The Haas Group LLC

2215 Plank Road
Fredericksburg, VA

The HomeTeam Inspection Service

720 E. Fletcher Ave #105
Tampa, FL

The Savvy Inspector

929 Cove Road, Suite A
Jasper, GA

TL Hill Construction

2261 Sarasota Center Blvd
Sarasota, FL


Tampa, FL


2840 46th Avenue North
Saint Petersburg, FL

Triumph Consulting Corp

2005 W Cypress Creek Rd
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Truly Nolen Pest And Termite Control

4842 N Florida Ave
Tampa, FL

Tyler Yeager Electric, Inc.

PO box 3304
Apollo Beach, FL

us design and construction

25218 Bunting Cir
Land O'lakes, FL

USA Home Inspections

802 #3 SW 20th Street
Ocala, FL

ValuePro Remodeling and Maintenance LLC

P.O. Box 5186
Lakeland, FL

VIP Construction Services. LLC

317 Whitaker Rd
Lutz, FL

W & W Roofing Inc.

1265 Sand Lake Circle
Tampa, FL

Watre Fire and Mold Help

16008 Northlake Village D
Odessa, FL

Weather Chek Electric, Inc.

P.O. Box 2
Tarpon Springs, FL

William Key, Inc

PO Box 43
Highland City, FL

Wozniak Builders Inc

P O Box 326
Dade City, FL

YD West Coast Home. INC

2505 W Douglas St
Tampa, FL

Zeal Development LLC

Clearwater, FL
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