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i called and left
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
a message to please call me for a quote on my floors. it took him a couple of days to get back to me as he was on
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
. we set a day for him to come. which he did. i gave him the go ahead. he did an awesome job on the tile work and the hardwood floors. they came out beautiful. and he's a very nice man. the only thing i would change about the whole thing is if he would have started earlier in the morning. he didnt get to my house till between 9:30 and 10:00 most days. other than that it was great working with
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
- jeffrey M.

They were such nice people. So friendly and caring about what my husband and I wanted in our house. They made it seamless up to our carpeted stairs and for the stair railings that go to our basement levels. We also have a step down from the kitchen into the upper living room that we had floored and they made the
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
of the step look so nicely finished. We cannot be any more pleased with how our floor looks still. It looks like they just did it yesterday and it has been a year.

- Whitney J.

From the owner on down to the crew the work was down professionally and on time. The only blip that arose through a miscommunication on our part was handled gracefully and with full consideration. We love the new look of our old floors.
- blake A.

The whole process started with a friendly conversation about what we needed, and what our budget could get us. It finished with a gorgeous floor for our Living room and Dining room.
Everything went very smoothly from start to finish, and the finish product is a thing of beauty. Bekar and his team are a very detailed oriented crew, with their minds on their craftsmanship instead of concerning themselves with the clock.
We would definitely recommend them and have to everyone who has seen the floor since it was done.
- Eric S.

The bidding process was timely and professional. I received 5 bids. Elegant Floors was in the middle of the pack. However, I did gravitate to them for 2 reasons: #1 They advertised themselves as being an Angie's List Super Service Award
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
for many recent years and #2 I had a specific timeframe I needed the floors done during and they were able to accommodate that time frame.
The job was to start on a Monday and be completed on a Friday so that it would be done by the time my kids returned from camp and just prior to my departure for a lengthy vacation. I had received my estimate in May and contacted Elegant Floors in
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
to see if they could accommodate my timeframe before deciding to proceed. I knew it would be a challenging week with the house all pulled apart, dust everywhere, workman coming and going and my needing to remove all items from any furniture in the home and then replace them and it took me a long time to decide to proceed. However, the thing that nudged me forward was the appeal of getting it done when my kids were away. My contact
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
was very confident about the timing and said he would be able to send 2 crews to complete the job that week, so I signed the contract and agreed to proceed.
Having not heard anything from Elegant Floors and expecting them that Monday, I called them the prior Friday to re-confim they were coming, when and what I needed to do. They said they would arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 on Monday and I needed to move all surface items before then. I awoke early to make sure everything was done on time. When they hadn't arrived by 9:45 I called to make sure there wasn't a mix up. The office didn't know where they were. After hearing back, I learned the crew was stuck in traffic and would arrive in 20 minutes. At 10:45 after another hour, I called again. Again, after hearing back, I leaned the crew would be here momentarily. They eventually showed up another 45 minutes later around 11:30 and were able to get started by noon. In the meantime, I became concerned that losing half a day would impact the completion of my job so before they got started, so I contacted
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
who was confident that the job was "over scheduled" with 2 crews and it would be fine.
My crew chief
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
was diligent, hard working and careful and respectful of my home and belongings.
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
described the plan for the week and that the remainder of the week he would have 2 crews and what they would be able to accomplish when. I did learn from him at that time that they would not be able to put down any of my area carpets for 2 weeks following they completion of the job. This was a surprise and disappointment. I had asked
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
during the estimate when the furniture could be put back and the answer was "within hours." It was never shared that the carpets were a different story, and I never thought to ask specifically about them. I called
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
regarding this and he shared that indeed that was the case and I should have read the FAQs he sent me with the estimate. I had numerous other questions and was consistently referred to the FAQs which were at that point inaccessible to me because my study and computer were disassembled to accommodate the job.
I did begin to have anxiety with the communication and accountability of the office at this point. I felt that there really was no outreach prior to the job, no outreach to keep me informed of the status of the crew when they failed to show up and it seemed I was bothering them with my questions and it was pretty clear that they would prefer me to read the FAQs than to bother them. The following day, two crews showed up promptly and great progress was made and I began to feel things were on a better track. The third day, however, the second crew that my crew chief was expecting did not return. He and the one other guy with him made some progress, but it was clearly not what they expected to accomplish and far less than the prior day when they had 4 men. The fourth day, 4 men showed up and again good progress was made, but at this point
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
mentioned that he was thinking he would have to come back Saturday morning to finish. My kids were due to come home Saturday afternoon so while not ideal, I thought it was still ok. However, the next day I learned from
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
that they would only be able to finish the floors on Saturday, they would have to come back Monday to put all the furniture back, and by the way, they wouldn't be able to come back until around 3:00 Monday. At this point, half my house was empty of furniture and the other half was unusable because all the furniture from the first half was piled into the remaining half and my kids were coming home in a few hours and I was leaving for vacation in a few days with everything a wreck. Throughout this I NEVER ONCE HEARD FROM MY CONTACT
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
. He never called to share what had happened, keep me apprised of what was going on, what the new plan was, or to acknowledge or apologize for the delay...NOTHING. It was pretty clear at this point they had just told me what I wanted to hear regarding the timeline for the job and took it for granted that I would just have to deal with it. They did not make adjustments for losing a half day and clearly the schedulers sent the second crew somewhere else on Day 2. The job would have been done on time otherwise.
As I mentioned, I chose Elegant Floors because of their superior Angie's List designation and because they were able to accommodate my timeline. I was willing to pay a bit more than the other guys. Sadly, the service was below my expectations and the timing they agreed to at the time of the contract that was clearly so important to me, was not a priority for them after I signed up.
When I shared my disappointment with
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
via email regarding the timing of the completion, his reply was condescending. He offered no sincere apology, but chastised me that "most customers" understand that things go wrong. My view is that "most companies" who care about customer service would contact their customer if things were going wrong, talk to them about what they are trying to do about it proactively, demonstrate some form of best effort, and at a minimum offer sincere apologies when the delay occurs. None of that happened.
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
never called me nor did anyone else from the company regarding my concerns. That is the reason for the C rating. I had a large, expensive job. There are many homes in my neighborhood the same age as my home with lots of wear on their floors. I have neighbors who ask me, how did you like your flooring company? I could not in good conscience recommend Elegant Floors to my neighbors. Yes, they did a good job on the floors....they really did. I have no complaints about the quality of their work. However, the level of accountability, communication, courtesy and customer service is significantly below what I have experienced from other vendors I have used. Because of the attitude of disrespect that I experienced, I cannot give them anything more than a C grade. I do want to reiterate that this is directed at the office not at the workers.
On an unrelated note to their service, when I was directed to the FAQs that I hadn't seen previously, I did go to their website from my iPad and found they had a special offer, and I quote: "10% off our Regular Prices on all Hardwood Floor Refinishing jobs over 500 sq ft with the mention of this exclusive web offer!"
When I mentioned the ad and the discount prior to the completion of my job and wanting it to apply to my job, I was told by
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
that doing so would cut into the profit margin of the workers and that I can't have the offer at this point in the process because it wasn't fair to renegotiate (despite the fact the offer does not specify when the web offer needs to be mentioned). I found
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
's point on the fairness of "re-negotiating" especially ironic considering I had originally put best-price considerations aside when choosing Elegant Floors because they agreed to meet my timeline! Ironically, however, they showed no concern about defacto altering the agreed timeline without so much as the courtesy of a call and apology.
While refusing to honor the web offer,
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
did grudgingly offer me a "competitive discount" of 5% off.

- Karen P.

They installed a great hardwood floor!
It looks just beautiful -- we could not be happier. The crew was highly competant and experienced. They carefully answered all of our questions about the installation process both before and during the work. The kitchen floor was installed in one day, and they finished the sidedoor entrance the following morning. We purchased our own hardwood flooring to help save money -- Chaz measured it up and explained how much we would need.
- John H.

I got an estimate hoping that their "Big Deal" (coupon on Angie's List) was legitimate. The coupon said $399 a $650 value to resand 200 sq ft. Mathematically on his final quote this didn't make sense at all. His quote w/o any extras on 286 sq ft was $855. This is a far cry from $399 for 200 sq ft. He said you pay the $399 and it would save me $199. The quote ended up by 1,140 w shoe molding. When I asked him where is the $399 deal for the 200 sq ft he just said "I told you what the deal was" I felt like his coupon wasn't representing his price at all. Myself and my husband tried to make sense of his coupon and the quote w/o success. I am still looking for someone to sand my hardwood floors. That broke trust.
- Ernest W.

He was supposed to come to my house over the weekend to give me a price on refinishing my floors. He said it would be Saturday or Sunday and he would give me a call about an hour ahead before he came out. Well it is now the following Saturday and I have still not received a call. No call no show is not cool. At least call if your not going to make it out.
- John K.

Responded to our request for a quote. During the visit he answered all our questions, and was very thorough in his measurements (unlike some of the others who didn't bother doing a careful job). The quote was professionally and carefully done, and sent back to us with a clear breakup of time and materials, which we liked. After mentioning to him that he was more expensive than some of the other quotes we had gotten back he was willing to be reasonably flexible on price. While We ultimately ended up choosing someone else (primarily because of price),
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
left a great impression on us, and we may end up using him at some point in the future.
- Mihir M.

First they were scheduled for a 3 day job. I was told there was a problem with scheduling and that my entire kitchen remodel would be delayed a week. The project estimate was then decreased from 3 days to 2. Interesting that with a delay suddenly the schedule decreased. They showed up and immediately gave my daughter who was choosing the floor color some attitude. She was upset to the point that I had to call the general contractor who had
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
come intervene. They complained to my daughter about removing a temporary railing that had been put up by the general contractor and said it was not in their contract. They also bellyached about molding and insinuated that was not in their contract. My daughter said she would remove the railing. They finally did remove it. They were here from about 7:30 am until after 7:30 pm. The staining and first poly coat seemed to be rushed into the end of the day. They allowed a day of drying and returned on the following day to do the final coat. The smell was horrendous and I slept outside on the porch for 4 days. Once I was able to go inside and view the floor, I was at first pleased and then appalled. There were stain
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
where their rag seemed to stop along a horizontal line in several prominent places on the floor. I sent pictures to several people to make sure that I was not just "seeing" things. Additionally the sawdust was everywhere. The new cabinets are full of it and the fireplace, tv and hearth were not covered sufficiently to control the massive amounts of debris. They used what looked to be a leaf blower to blow dust everywhere. This is on the second floor and I noticed today my front door is covered in dust. They dripped stain down the staircase which will require repainting. They put molding around the hearth where there had been no molding before but left molding out of areas that may have needed it. I am so disappointed by the professionalism and quality that I am reluctant to have the floors redone.
Key Largo Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
and the general contractor came back to look at the finished product and did not see anything wrong. I regret that I will have to either endure this process over again or forever look at the floors and be unhappy. The areas that are bad are not even in a place that I can put a rug over it.
- Joan J.
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