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Judy Y.
"This provider was excellent from scheduling to the services they performed.
the technician was professional and efficient. Highly recommend. Thank you
" for a job well done.
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Heather T.
"Performed a water test and provided our family with a great system at a great price. From the sales representative to our installation, we experienced punctual, friendly service. I" would recommend their services in the future.
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"Extremely impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of the service tech. We actually had the wrong faucet system for our kitchen plumbing so tech needed to come back again" a week later after we had the correct faucet setup. Would definitely use again.

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Angie's Answers


I actually just replaced my Pelican Natursoft "water softener" with an more-traditional ion exchange model.  I used the natursoft for a little over 4 years, and I can say it worked as advertised.  When remodeling a while back we decided to get a tankless water heater.  All the documentation indicated that hard water with the tankless heater is a no go.  We had to do somehting, but since I'm lazy (didn't want to deal with the salt or plumbing in a drain) and my wife didn't like soft water, the salt-free model looked attractive.  I too was somewhat skeptical, but the reviews I found looked good, and I know enough about the science of nucleation (I was a material science major in college) to know that what they said made sense, so I bought one.


One thing needs to be made clear - the natursoft system is NOT a water softener!  It contains a media which nucleates some disolved metalic salts out of solution.  These crystals, once formed, remain in the water, and still react with oils, detergents, etc. in the same manner as the disolved salts.  They also continue to form scale wherever water is allowed to evaporate, such as faucet nozels and shower heads. In fact, it's possible that evaporative scaling was even worse than before we installed the system.


Importantly, however, once in crystaline form, these salts do not stick to pipes, or in my case, heat-exchangers.  My tankless heater has a sensor to indicate when it needs to be descaled, and the manual indicates that for my water hardness and hot water use I should have had to descale approximately every 6 months.  In four years with the natursoft the descaleing indicator has never gone off.  For further evidence, when I installed my new softener a few weeks ago, I had to cut sections from the copper pipe on both the inlet and outlet side of the natursoft.  Both sections of pipe were installed at the same time as the natursoft, but while the pipe on the inlet side was green and rough on the inside, the outlet pipe looked and felt like new.


As such, if you want or need a salt-free system for some reason (low-sodium diet for blood pressure, don't like the feel of soft water, can't easily plumb a drain into the softener location, or can't carry heavy bags of salt to the softener), then I can unequivocably recommend the natursoft.  If, like my wife and I today, you want soft water, that feels soft on your skin, creates less soap scum, rinses cleaner in the dishwasher, etc., then the natursoft probably isn't for you.


Water Softener Installation And Repair reviews in Inverness


Had an issue with the operator of the CWT location. They improperly installed their filters in front of our whole house sediment filter. Causing many service calls over clogging of the filter head. I asked them to repair the mistake after about 9 service calls for the same issue. The owner even said that I was right but he told me I had to pay in order to get it fixed. This issue was addressed at the time of install but I was told it would be fine. The corporate customer service was nonexistent. Never got a call back on the issues I needed addressed. In conclusion the corporate location has no control over the other location. You cant switch locations to a different
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
office. You are stuck with the operator in your area. Choose wisely. I was a customer for 3 years paying $85 per month and can't get them to fix a $100 mistake? This was more about the customer service but they lost a paying customer over penny's?
- Robert B.

We had the system installed in late 2011 and it was installed *before my whole house sediment filter* I asked the installer why that was done that way and he had a
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
look on his face. The answer I got back after a long awkward pause was that it didn't matter and that this Sulfur Clear filter was going to work just fine. I expressed my concern about the sediment filter not being the first thing the water hit out of the well. He told me that if I have any issues that they would come out and service the system for free since I was renting the system. He left quickly after our conversation.
Over the next 1 1/2 years I had 9 service calls because the Sulfur Clear filter head kept getting clogged with debris from the well. Debris that would have been caught by the sediment filter that I had expressed concern about at the time it was installed. That's 9 days of waiting for the service guy and having to deal with getting the time set aside to be here! I knew my service guy on a first name basis! During each service call I brought up the fact about the sediment filter and he admitted that maybe it should have been installed first like I had asked. He then took pictures of the how the system was installed and then told me that
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
Panzeca the owner would get back to me. (Oh the bypass was turned off by the previous tech 2 months earlier so I had no filter for 2 months and I was credited $130 for the screw up)
I received a call from
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
the owner and he wanted to come out and see the configuration of the system. I told him to talk to his service tech and he blurted our that he didn't need to.(so he never saw the pictures)
The following is what got my goat.
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
tells me to pay my bill for $150 ($130 credit still owed to us) and then I would have to pay for the parts and he will take care of the labor.???? I said
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
how about I pay you $20 and you use that $130 credit? He said no. You cant have it both ways like I was trying to rip him off. Basically he wanted me to pay him to re install the system that they installed incorrectly.Then he admitted that my sediment issue could be fixed by re installing my sediment filter to the front of the line! :o<
After about 2 week of trying to understand this mans logic and confusing conversations I was told by
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
that there was really no set way to install the filter and that they were confused as to what type of filter I had in the housing of my sediment filter. I told him all they had to do was ask! The more we talked the more confusing
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
became. All the time saying that his company did nothing wrong. I called the corporate office and they were in agreement but said would not get involved and that they will call
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
. (nothing) So I started to do my homework turns out 2 plumbing companies (that were here for separate issues) and 2
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
installers from other locations that I talked to ALL said if the sediment filter is on the system when they install any type of water treatment system its the first in line out of the well. Period. It's there for a reason and will protect all the equipment. Otherwise there's a
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
you are gong to have service calls left & right! They would err on the side of caution to protect the equipment. When I confronted him about the information I had learned he became irate and started making comments that all the people I talked to were wrong (2 of them
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
installers from other areas) and started to comment that I had the wrong water softener in my house and that was proof that I didn't know what I was saying. Again another confusing
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
My softener was not the issue but he has to rant at me about it as if I was an idiot. He them growled that if I needed 25 service calls a month it would be no charge! I don't have the time for one! I replied. don't you understand that? After that I gave up on trying to talk to this man about correctly installing the system and started to look for a different company. I found Johnsons in Villa Park for much cheaper monthly rate for the same system with an R/O filter Installed (after the sediment filter) and was not surprised to find that on their reviews there were many former CWT
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
customers that switched. Close to 3 years and I have paid them monthly sometimes I would pay 2/3 months in advance. Its not about the money its about service and common sense not to loose a paying client over pennies. If it was just fixed I would still be a client. I will be calling them to pick up there filters this week. Not in the mood for service call #10.
- Robert B.

They were prompt and professional and completed the work in a professional manner. I originally purchased a special from Angie's List Big Deal, and then later signed up for their annual service contract.
- John H.

I was extremely pleased with the equipment and pricing. What was important to me was no pressure during sales presentation compared to other companies. when I needed a filter change, they went out of their way to schedule the service at the most convenient time for me. I'm still very impressed with the company and equipment in my home.
- connie H.

This started out great. The plumbers and techs really made the project a success, the sales staff however nearly blew it. After the they installed the system, the company realized they had failed to connect ALL the cold water in the house. They new they had to fix it and they did, but the sales guy acted like a cry-baby. I suppose the cost of sending a plumber back to make the correct came out of his commission. Plus, after I signed all the paperwork I've not heard from them again...just as I predicted. Gone like smoke in the wind. This is why I rated them a "C" overall, the attitude displayed by the sales staff was off-putting and made them seem sleazy. However the system seems to be functioning properly. I plan to get my own test kit since the company has blown all their credibility, but the water quality seems much improved. The only drawback is the
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
unit is so pumped with air when you turn it on the water "explodes" out. I called in and talked to tech and I also told the sales person...they did...nothing. It's been 2 weeks now and it's still happening. On the positive side, the plumber were very friendly, punctual and knowledgeable.
I think they are probably "ok", but it wasn't the best customer service experience I've ever had. We'll see how the service staff does. Be sure to do your homework.
- Jeffrey M.

Very friendly and knowledgeable.
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
came out the same day and showed us how our softener works. He told us it was in great shape and didn't try to sell us on anything we didn't need. Would definitely recommend this company.
- Scott V.

Went very well,
Inverness Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
checked with me to ensure it was going in the proper location, explained the steps he was going to take, ensured my hard water outside faucet remained outside of the system and explained how it worked after the install was done. He showed up on time and the cost of the job met his estimate. I've had it for a few weeks now, everything is working smoothly, thanks!
- Anthony O.

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