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I cannot recommend
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
(RPM) for the management of property. They were happy to take our money but non-responsive or slow to respond to our concerns. At times they were even deceptive and aggressive when we expressed our concerns. We live out of the area and needed a property management company that would “take care” of our residential rental property. When we signed with RPM to manage our property, they suggested we use their lawn care contractor so that they could be assured that the lawn would be taken care of. Even though we were very happy with our lawn care contractor, we agreed to go with their company since we were assured that their company would make sure that it remained in good shape. After 6 months of rental, we requested that they inspect the property to assure us that the renters were not damaging the home and requested pictures of both the inside of the home, outside of the home, and lawn. It took about 2 months to get a minimal response and they did not want to take pictures. After much prompting, they finally took some pictures, but left off pictures of the lawn. RPM also contacted us around the same time to request an additional quarterly lawn care fee for weed control. The renters moved after one year and again we requested pictures before the new renters moved in. This time we received pictures of the lawn and we were astounded how badly the lawn had deteriorated. When questioned about the state of the lawn, they took NO responsibility, offering numerous excuses (i.e. tenant didn’t water; a lot of rain; cinch bugs; etc). When we asked why the lawn care contractor didn’t notify them, and why they didn’t note the condition of the lawn in the previous inspection, they didn’t have any response other than “it’s not our fault”. Also the maintenance work requests we received were questionable and the cost estimates very high (Contract states: “Repairs are usually performed by internal maintenance people or preferred vendors that provide rebates/commissions/etc to management company.”). This most certainly has something to do with the high cost of the maintenance requests. After much stress and many arguments with RPM and their lack of concern for our interests, we terminated our contract after 14 months. They offered to mutually agree to terminate the agreement (not charge us a 3 month fee) if we would sign an agreement to not complain about their service and company. We would not agree to those terms and therefore it cost us an additional 3 months fee to terminate their services. Even though RPM was able to lease our property quickly (it is a very nice home in a very good neighborhood), I would not recommend them to any property owner. They simply do not look after the interests of the property owner.

- Keith N.

Fast and easy. Drove down to my previous property manager and picked up everything....easy easy east

Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
works for Renter Warehouse. He was outstanding. I am from California and I own a home in Apple Valley, Minnesota. I had a very small window to get my home prepared/repaired to be leased to another tenant. The house was in very bad shape and needed a lot of work. Before going to Apple Valley,
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
explained the process in great detail. He was very supportive and offered his assistance numerous times during my short stay. In five days, I was able to get the property in great shape.
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is so good that he had interest in the property before it was fixed up! While I was in Apple Valley, he identified a potential tenant and found the perfect tenants right after I left. Ultimately, he leased the property within three weeks.
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is caring, helpful and calming. He knew that I was stressed and somewhat difficult to work with. It didn't rattle him at all. I would refer him to anyone because he will come through and get the job done.
- Laurie H.

DO NOT USE! Bottom line up front:
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is not proactive nor forward leaning on the properties they manage. They are terrible at communication, are lazy at collecting rents and do not earn the money they are paid. I used
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
for 3 years to rent my property. in the beginning they were very helpful and I was happy with the service. About 12 months ago we began having problems with them. They put tenants in our house that were late on rent/didn't pay rent for multiple months in a row. They also were very slow to return calls/e-mails and very, very difficult to get a hold of. One tenant that they placed in my property ended up having to get evicted and while the clean up process was handled professionally by the owner, it never should have gotten to that level. I am convinced that when they are under pressure to rent a property they will turn to local friends and place them, instead of going through a solid back ground check of tenants. The straw that broke the camels back was when I received an e-mail from a property location website letting me know that my property was again up for rent, instead of receiving a phone call from the actual property management company! I was informed that my current tenant turned in the keys and broke the lease early and just moved out. As far as I know, nothing was ever put on the tenants record about this, nor was any collection notice put out nor were any funds recovered from the broken contract except for the security deposit. When I informed this company that I would no longer be using them they simply said, "Ok!". No attempt to rectify the problem and no desire to keep me on. To echo what a previous reviewer said, there is no 24 hour support. many times my rental agent was "gone for the day" or "in a meeting". They give one agent a phone after hours and the only assistance said agent can give is "It's past closing hours and nobody is available". The people that work there are nice. Unfortunately, you cannot be nice when it comes to renting properties. You have to do the hard work of screening tenants and ensuring that rents are paid, that properties are protected that communication is accomplished.
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
does none of those things effectively and I would highly recommend finding a different company to manage your property. This company simply doesn't care enough about property management to earn the money they charge.
- Woodrow B.

Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is an indication of how
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. will treat you and your property, I advise to steer clear. To begin, over a month went by and we could count on one hand the number of times she ever tried to contact us to let us know how things were going with the renting of the house, despite our numerous calls to her. ...More /> We had multiple parties interested in the property before we moved out of state, it really should have been a done deal, and yet
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
couldn't be bothered to show our property or even call one of the party's realtors back to initiate the renting process. The entire time she was working for us we felt like a second thought to her, as if we were bothering her by trying to get the house rented. Or to at least be 'in the loop' as far as what was happening with it.
There was never a sign put out front of the house, during our last call I asked why there wasn't and she simply said, "Because we didn't have any and it wouldn't get the house rented anyway, if you think it would that's just your opinion." Truly unprofessional.
While she was working for us we have no idea if she ever showed the house to anyone, or got into contact with anyone interested because she never called to let us know. The only two things I know she did for sure were to put an ad in a newspaper and an ad on Craigslist one time each (which we looked up and saw that there were no pictures and the square footage was entirely wrong). For someone who touts so many years as a realtor, she seemed like a complete novice. Without a doubt in my mind, I would have placed better ads myself had I been in the area while this was occurring.
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
was of no help at all. In fact, my own mother did more work for us than
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
did. Not to mention, of much better quality.
After over a month of stressing about whether the house would be rented or not, I finally gave
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
a call to tell her that I was extremely displeased with her "work" for us, and tried in the most professional, but firm, way that I could to let her know that we would be looking elsewhere for help with it. She responded by talking over me argumentatively and telling me that I had no idea what I was talking about and that she was dropping us instead. I said that that was completely fine with us and ended the "conversation" by saying "Ok, have a good day."
She then called us up after the phone conversation to leave a message saying that she was disgusted by us and that someone in CT could pick up the keys for the house from the office. I was happy with the prospect of starting with someone new and had my mother pick up the keys and we began looking for a new realtor.
Come Monday- after no contact from us- we get a second argumentative call and message from
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
, borderline harassing us, saying how "disappointed" she is in us for moving forward with our renting without her and how much progress she has made since our last call, but that it's too bad for us that we, basically, won't be reaping those rewards.
Which- good news for us- is fine. Because over that same weekend we found a nice couple to rent our house after we posted a truly accidental ad about the property over Facebook (of all things) and then my mother showed the new prospective renters around the house. We have never, ever had any experience renting a house out, and yet we were able to find someone to rent it at least 17x faster than this "professional"
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
All in all, I believe it goes without saying that I will never suggest working with this company and I regret ever having done so.
- Brenda H.

All good,
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
are very responsive and professional. They found tenants in an incredibly short time and help thorough the process.
- Santiago V.

One thing
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
did do. Find a good tenant. However, every other aspect of their service was incredibly inadequate.
1) If your tenant has pets they want 50% of the NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. In other words they get paid 1/2 the money that is to go towards repairing pet damage.
2) Our first year with them, we asked for a
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
statement to outline credits and debits (rent and services rendered) for tax purposes. They said they didn't usually do that but they could accommodate the request.??? ITS REQUIRED FOR TAXES.... but it gets worse...
after they were weeks late on getting it to us, I called to explain that my tax appt was nigh and I really needed those documents... her response? "Well, I have time to either collect rent or send out your docs, which do you want??"... Really?
3) I almost never got a call back and their response was always "We're experiencing some changes in staff and stuff gets missed."
4) When I let them know we would finally be canceling services since their service was not really cutting, they told our tenant "We were not on good terms with them" Upon talking to our tenant she told me that
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
told her things circumstances were uncertain for continuation of their rental agreement. Thus, our tenants we're scrambling to look for another place since they didn't understand that we were canceling our property management agreement and not our lease agreement. I would never recommend them.
5) And finally, what exactly that $140 a month was paying for I may never know.
I am however relieved to see that others have been happy with their service and that my experience was evidently not the norm.
Also, as of 2013 it is now their standard procedure to send out statements every January for tax purposes.

- Joshua M.

Started out with impression that he was honest, would be thorough and did quality work. He had done other projects in our neighborhood but I had not contracted with him before. Part way through project, he asked if I would have my electrician pull outlets. This was within original scope of work but yet he tried to get me to handle it through my contacts. My electrician was not available at the time and informed him that he would have to arrange pulling of the outlets through his electrician. Uncertain if he did that or pulled the outlets himself. The vast majority of the work needed was completed by a sub-contractor (Brick Mason company) through
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. The original bid was for masonry and siding work. The sub-contractor was doing the masonry work and
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
was to do the siding portion which included possibility of replacing any soffit damaged during the demolition part of project. Seeing the progression of work, we decided to do additional area in masonry instead of siding. We contacted
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
with our request and received a revised portion to our bid reflecting the additional masonry work in the amount of $4,672.00.
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
also informed us the area would be approximately 550 square feet. Overal summary is that when invoiced,
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
billed us for the full amount of the original bid including the additional masonry amount of $4,672 and did not deduct anything from the original siding portion in the amount of $4018.00. I sent
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
an email requesting explanation as to why there were no adjustments to reflect the 550 square feet less in siding that had been done in masonry. Also pointed out that none of the soffit area had to be replaced so felt that he should reduce invoice to reflect that as well. He refused to answer my questions other than to state that his deducts were in there. Other details were that our exterior lighting was not put back on the house and that our down spouts were routed incorrectly so that water would run down the outside of them instead of draining the water through the inside of them as is normal. Another incomplete portion of the job was to seal around the drainage tile where they cut through our sidewalk. After numerous failed attempts to obtain a reasonable explanation to the invoice and what I felt were excessive charges, we paid the invoice with very minor deductions to cover part of our expenses to complete the work that
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
should have done. We were receiving harassing emails and text messages almost daily from
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
asking if we had mailed payment yet even though he refused to answer our questions concerning the invoice.
- Teresa H.

Pat was OUTSTANDING! We have sold homes in the past and she was by far the best realtor we ever had represent us. When I say going out of her way for her customers, she really goes way out of her way to accomplish the mission of getting your home sold.
If you want your home sold and someone who really cares and not just out there to make a buck, she'll make the buck and you will not feel as though you got robbed by the system of not going FSOB.
Thank you so much, Pat!
- Joseph C.

Broken window and the fix was prompt as expected.
Dripping ceiling hole from the rain was not fixed from rains Sunday night.
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
insist that unless the other property mgt company fixes the roof they can not fix the whole. I rent from
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
says they contacted the other Mgt company 5 days ago 9/8/2014 and gave them my information. No call for roofing services, I contacted
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
rep and
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
has not followed up with the Mgt company.
Flooded Living Room. Subcontractor was there promptly to dry carpets and remove padding. Subcontractor confirms water game from foundation not the wall, window, or door.
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
has not responded to my request as to where they stand on this repair. I rent from
Hialeah Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. Since it's foundation, the next time it rains it will flood. Since it's an older building I tend to think this has to have happened to prior residence in the same townhome. Currently, unable to stay in townhome due to chemicals used for killing of mold and bacteria.
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Miami, FL

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Miramar, FL

Miami Mobile Notary Public Services Inc.

2637 E. Atlantic Blvd. #18913
Pompano Beach, FL

Miami Pool Experts Inc.

6790 SW 24 Street
Miami, FL

Mobile Mike Media Group

Dania Beach, FL


9607 Custer Rd ste 718
Plano, TX

Mr. Tool Inc.

20017 NW 85th Ave
Hialeah, FL

MTR Property Management, Inc.

PO Box 370628
Miami, FL

National Alert Security and Protection Services

800 NW 57th PL
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16275 SW 88 Street
Miami, FL

Offshore Marine

Boynton Beach, FL


1125 NE 125TH ST
North Miami, FL

On Point Property Management

9050 Pines Blvd #345
Pembroke Pines, FL


2809 NW 63RD TER
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Pilar Cleaning, Inc.

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Plus One Services, Inc.

1930 Harrison St
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PoolGuard of Southeast Florida

Albatross Dr, FL


14349 S W 103RD ST
Miami, FL

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1680 Michigan Ave Suite 700
Miami Beach, FL

Prime Janitorial Services, Inc

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Prime Realty Inc

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11767 S Dixie Highway #108
Pinecrest, FL


217 NE 2ND ST
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Realty Zone Management

401 E. Los Olas Blvd.
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ReBalance Management Group, LLC

1912 Monroe Street
Hollywood, FL

Reef Home Care

P.O.B. 570848
Miami, FL

Regions Security Services, Inc.

7925 NW 12th St
Miami, FL

ReInvent Buildings, LLC.

1314 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Rema Lee Professional Realty Group, LLC

7721 Belmonte Blvd
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Renaissance Property Managers, Inc.

324 S. University Drive
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Repairs Plus

757 SE 17th Street #701
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Restoration By Cornerstone

5849 W. Flagler
Miami, FL

Ringuette Remodeling

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Rita Regev Realty - Optimar International Realty

18246 Collins Ave
Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Roofing Experts of South Florida, Inc.

175 N. Cleary Road
West Palm Beach, FL


6988 Indian Creek Dr
Miami Beach, FL

Sharpe Properties

1060 East 33rd Street
Hialeah, FL

Soderland Management and Repair Services

633 Siesta Key Circle, Ste 3302
Deerfield Beach, FL

solid state construction and maintenance

1929 cleveland st
Hollywood, FL

South Florida Gutters Depot

1007 NW 31st Ave
Pompano Beach, FL

Southeast Regional Realty

1000 5th St
Miami Beach, FL

Southpoint Consulting, LLC

6000 SW 18th Street
Plantation, FL

sterling realty & management llc

2435 N Dixie Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Stucco by Marko LLC

Serving Within 100 Miles of
Panama City Beach, FL


Miami, FL


12490 NE 7th Ave
Miami, FL

SunTech Builders

1310 sw 82 ave
Pompano Beach, Fl

Superb Professional Cleaning, Inc

8020 SW 158 Ave
Miami, FL


PO box 541237
Greenacres, FL

Swiss Property Management

5201 Blue Lagoon Dr Ste 900
Miami, FL

The Andre Shambley Group

9458 Harding Ave
Miami Beach, FL


2360 W 76TH ST
Hialeah, FL

The City Wide Group

2303 W McNab Road,
Pompano Beach, FL

The Combined Group

7344 SW 48 ST
Miami, FL

The Cream Group

7301 NW 4th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Green Cleaning Team

309 23rd St
Miami Beach, FL

The Grove Handyman

3075 McDonald Street
Coconut Grove, FL

The Islandoor Company LLC

951 NW 9th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Junktique Collector Inc HateJunk.com

7580 N.W. 5 Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Pence Company

9407 Northwest 80th Place
Tamarac, FL

Time Matters Concierge

3313 Merrick Lane
Pompano Beach, FL

Tobin Properties Real Estate Services

1101 Ben Tobin Drive
Hollywood, FL

Top Notch Property Management

930 N 74th way
Hollywood, FL

Total American Maintenance

2940 W.Flagler St.
Miami, FL

Total Senior Services of Ft. Lauderdale

4581 Weston Rd.
Weston, FL

TPM Trust Property Mananger

122 via milna ter
Davie, FL

United Hospitality Specialist LLC

3751 Environ Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Universal Accounting & Financial Services Inc.

2787 E Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Unlimited Home Watch Services

975 9th Avenue South
Naples, FL

US Surfaces

6200 Shirley St Ste 205
Naples, FL

Vasile Elevator

2120 Fletcher Street, Suite 2
Hollywood, FL

Verotex Construction Inc

6895 SW 18 Street
Miami, FL

Walts collected plants

29510 SW 180th Ave
Homestead, FL

Winston Ricketts & Associates Inc.

2541 Aragon, Unit 106
Sunrise, FL

Wright Scapes, Inc.

4839 SW 148 Avenue
Southwest Ranches, FL

Yapi Group

8306 Mills Dr.
Miami, FL

Zen Property Management

PO BOX 348129
Miami, FL

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