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Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very responsive from the beginning. He returned my calls, came out to bid right away and got the bid to me as promised. He was willing to work with me to adjust the scope a little to lower the price. He held firm and refused modifications that he thought would end up causing the job to not be done well in order to protect the quality. He estimated how long before they could start. Then he called me and they were able to start a couple of days sooner. The crew did a nice job. The deck looks great and seems like it will hold up well. The crew had a little attitude of 'I have to do this or I will get in trouble', but I didn't mind it because it meant they did a really good job.
- Jennifer L.

Went well.
The process began on June 10 and was completed on August 9. Most of the time span was due to weathering of the new wood.
Crews arrived on time and performed their jobs well.
Some work had to be delayed by me and
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
accomodated without question.
- Robert Z.

We are very pleased with the services that
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
provided for us. Our exterior decking, out-building and arbor structure presented a number of challenges including relatively old wood, a variety of ages of the wood structures…. and a very large area to be cleaned and treated. Net, the job was a huge undertaking. With that as a backdrop, the team did a great job cleaning and staining/restoring our house and wood structure. They were timely and professional, with attention to detail and good care of areas adjacent to the work areas. The crew worked through weather challenges, and the office kept in continual contact with us regarding progress and expected work dates/times. We highly recommend
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
for exterior cleaning and deck treatment projects.
- James D.

It took a week and a half of rain delays and storm damage, not to mention a change of color of the stain, but the deck is finally done! The final color is just right. Other than nature's roadblocks the project went well.
I have one piece of advice: the colors on most brochures are not reflective of the actual finished product. Ask your deck guys where they get their stain, go to the store and look at larger (and more accurate) samples. This was very helpful.

Refinished the deck. Professional and took care of not to overspray. Every aspect went as they described and on time. Technician was very thorough and paid attention to details. After the job was done, there was some discoloration. We notified
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
-Wood, and the issue was resolved to our complete satisfaction. They stand behind their service and product. We will definitely use them again in the future.
- Renee G.

They did a great job!. It took a while to get them scheduled but that was because they were busy and all the rain we had this summer put them behind but once they were able to schedule me they were very prompt. They were very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I was very pleased and would definitely recommend them.
- Karen H.

Bill did a superb job! He took great care in his work and the results were beautiful. We enjoyed having Bill work on our deck and fence from the start to finish of the project.
I obtained about 5 different estimates and Bill's was very competitive. I appreciated that he came to my house for the estimate rather than a "guess" estimate that other companies try to pull off. Before he even came out he patiently described the different types of staining options with the ability to choose whichever brand I preferred. In fact, Bill met me at the local home improvement store to help pick out my stain. He is very knowledgeable and I appreciated his help in picking out the color and best quality stain. He did a great job estimating how much stain was needed.
He came out the day after I called for an estimate, and began work 2-3 days after. The job was completed in about a week which included a weather delay. There was no rush for me and I preferred that he take his time. He's also quick to respond to calls and did a good job communicating his work schedule to me.
Quality of Job:
I really feel like Bill goes above and beyond to get the job done well. This is unique and appreciated when it come to contractor work these days. I think my deck and fence look great-- a beautiful even coat. He protected my house with a plastic covering and pulled away mulch from my fence to get to lower parts of the fence. He even came out on his own after a rainy day to check on the stain application.
- Jennifer H.

Deck had several layers of stain and has aged over the last ~15+ years. More than one company declined the work when I described it over the phone. Mr.
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
offered to pressure wash and test a stain before proceeding but also suggested an alternative. He explained that an elastomeric would fill in the cracked wood and present a uniform appearance. He returned to try both the sealer and the elastomeric so we could see the difference before making a decision.
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
spent thoroughly cleaned the deck over two days. After waiting several days for the wood to dry he returned and put in a full 12 hour day applying 5 gallons of elastomeric.
- Richard P.

The estimate was detailed enough that I knew exactly what I was paying for. The job was scheduled and completed with only a few rain delays. The customer service and communications was informative and very courteous. The work crew was professional and worked non stop to get the job done. They explained everything they were doing and were very detail oriented. A couple of nice guys too. The deck was in pretty bad shape from years of staining and re-staining with both water based and oil based stain. It looked terrible. Now it looks like the day we had it custom built. We’re very satisfied – thank you
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
. I would highly recommend them.

- Frank M.

I found this company on Angie's List. I contracted in October 2013 after an on-site sales meeting. The salesman and supervisor (now gone)
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
, said the roof was not bad, but was large in area and would cost more because we did not want debris dumped in the decorative rocks surrounding the home (really? wouldn't most people expect that?). I mentioned the high price to vice-president
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
Lefevbre, who also attended the meeting, but he said there were no discounts (and I was even providing the shingles!). The crew started in mid-May, finishing within approximately two weeks. From the first morning, I could tell that the men preferred no homeowner involvement; my efforts at being friendly were rebuffed, including my showing them where the bathroom and water cooler were. The new replacement roof supervisor,
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
, walked around telling them how and where to protect the rocks, hang plastic sheeting at the porch, and cover exterior doors to the decks (my request). By early afternoon, there were huge problems with controlling the mass of filthy liquid and semi-liquid debris, which was escaping the plastic at every turn. I panicked, and asked them to better monitor the plastic sheeting, as part of the dirty water was threatening to leach into a koi pond in back.
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
returned from another job, and seemed unsure of what to do, so I suggested pumping, and lent him a submersible pump. which helped divert the water, but he said it was not powerful enough. I wondered silently why a homeowner had to figure out a solution for what must be a pretty routine problem, and then have to provide the tool as well. On the second day, they brought a larger pump, and that controlled the water fine until the afternoon when they moved to the front/side of the home. I was in town, when I got a concerned call from my adult daughter saying the force of the water off the roof had broken a cage that we had protecting two large shrubs by the front door, and filthy water was cascading into the decorative rocks and
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
onto the porch wood and swing (which will cost us to re-stain). I rushed back and found the crew packing up for the day. They wanted to power wash the patio and nearby rocks to get rid of the huge mess, but I pointed out this was contraindicated with our type of pavers, so they used hoses which just redistributed the mud, and they got mud all over my coiled garden hose, which
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
had promised would not be used by them since I had provided plenty of other, stronger hoses. During the "restoration" phase, the
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
attitudes persisted; when I asked if they were going to hose down an area outside the garage that was dirty; the response from foreman
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
was (after the first person I asked motioned that he didn't speak English????), how do we know this wasn't just nature caused it? And when I asked about plastic on the porch,
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
said it was not necessary, but in the end
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
had him do it, after I complained. We later discovered that incorrect angle spraying by the several roof skylights had let water into the interior cavity of one of them leading to our sons' bathroom, and that had to be patched and repainted by our painter. Although the experience was less than the smooth execution
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
us to expect, still all of this we could have overlooked, and even written a decent review. However, after returning from an emergency visit to our critically ill son, who had been transferred to
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
Clinic, we were shocked and dismayed to discover that our roof, although certainly clean in most parts, looked as if it had been used as a playground for animals - pockmarks, scratches, peeling parts, gouges and the like, a ghastly sight, and something we have never seen before on any roof. I was shaking in disbelief, and immediately e-mailed
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
, who made an appointment to come out later that next week. When he arrived, he smiled and handed me two items: the proof of insurance that homeowners are entitled to, if they ask; and a poorly copied handout describing a product called "Korkers," that he said the guys were wearing on their feet, and which had caused the damage to our shingles. I stated categorically that this had never been disclosed (which he admitted), and that since this was a material part of any contract, should absolutely have been discussed before contract signing (I would not have proceeded).
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
explained in a soothing manner that all of
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
's roof jobs involve Korkers, and that they were recognized in the industry as providing worker safety (however,
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau says they definitely do NOT endorse their use on cedar roofs, and many roofers and restorers I have so far called have said the same).
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
noted that all the roofs
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
restores display this kind of damage, but that most roofs are high up and most homeowners do not scale the roof to see; he said that, because of our "unique" roof situation, they would consider replacing some of the worse shingles on the three areas that swooped down to the ground, and also attend to some animal-damaged shingles they had failed to replace as the contract called for, but that the number to be replaced would be
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
at their discretion and simply done "as a favor" to us. During these somewhat cordial (although angst-ridden for us) discussions, we were stunned to receive a certified letter from owner
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
Cross threatening to file a
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
on our home within 30 days if we did not pay the balance immediately! His accompanying and self-serving letter detailed the limited repairs they would agree to make to the roof and minor clean up to dirty rocks per
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
, but also stated that I had better have check or charge card in hand when they arrived, or they would walk right back out!! My husband did not want to take the bait, but I was terrified of our credit being sullied if a resolution could not be achieved by the time the 30-day period was up. We were both emotionally distraught because of our son's health condition, and we did not know where to turn, so we did what they asked and paid up, hoping they would address all of the issues as agreed. Two guys spent a portion of one day replacing shingles and making the "discretionary" repairs, and
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
had assured me I would be "thrilled" with the result. When I e-mailed him that the replacement shingles were hopelessly inadequate in number, and that hundreds of shingles remained looking extremely noticeable, I was re-directed to
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
Cross, who sent me a
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
e-mail. I responded that I had given him every opportunity to "cure" the problems, he had all of our money, and that if he did not make this right, I would have no choice but to go to Angie's List and other authorities for help, whereupon he accused me of slander and threatened me, again in writing! The
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
of his communication with me has been at all times sneering, rude and harassing. I have been involved with contractors in various homes across two states for the past 40 years, and I have NEVER encountered such an arrogant and domineering person! He acts as if we are all lucky to have him in our lives. On the contrary, this is one of the worse experiences of mine! Finally, he asked me how many more shingles we wanted replaced, which I consider an unfair
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
to put on the homeowner who has been wronged through no fault of her own. So at that point, rather than pull a number from the air and have him hold me to it, I decided I should research further whether perhaps I was being unreasonable, and I sent him an e-mail to that effect, along with photos my other son had taken while on the roof. This went unanswered by him. Over the next several weeks, I had visits from a local roofer/restorer, who said the roof was definitely trashed aesthetically, if not otherwise; he also pointed out some substandard application of shingles, and noted the ridge was in bad shape, as well as assorted debris left on the roof, zinc strips flapping in the wind rather than being re-affixed as provided for in my contract, and discoloration of copper flashings on account of the restoration material having run off in the rain. A NARI-recommended home inspector told me that the roof would now surely fail any routine inspection by a prospective purchaser, because even if the damage was only aesthetic, it was damage nonetheless. When I called around to the associations that
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
advertises its affiliation (to see if they could help me resolve the outstanding issues amicably) - NARI, American Home Remodelers Association, and the National Power Washers Association, all three reported THEY ARE NOT MEMBERS!! THIS IS FRAUDULENT ADVERTISING, and all three said they were sending "cease and desist" letters to Cross. However, as of August 27, 2014, these fraudulent affiliations remain on
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
's website (and are on all their marketing materials, brochures, postcards, flyers). The only organization they do belong to is the BBB. In addition, their materials state their techs are certified by the Cedar Shake Bureau - nothing could be further from the truth, according to
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
Looking back, I should have written this report sooner; even if I can get no satisfaction for our situation, I feel I owe a responsibility to other Angie's List members to warn them to stay away from this company and the shenanigans of its owner. the officer manager is not much better - she increased our balance and overcharged us, taking care of the error only after I complained. At this point, we are at an impasse, the season is progressing and our roof remains in sad shape. I met with
Fountain Porch Cleaning Contractors Provider Name Locked
Cross today, and during the 25 minutes he was here, he verbally intimidated me, jeered at me, and again requested a shingle replacement "number." When I told him he should have disclosed the whole Korker issue in advance, he said a diligent homeowner would have researched that! Talk about blaming the victim!
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