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Great! Very easy to work with- punctual, efficient, and good quality of final work.
- Carlton K.

The work that normally takes 2 days, they try to finish the same day. They had drying issue but still they decided to keep going so the whole work was bad. They had to return 2 time to try to fix it but they made it worst. The contractor that hire them. Alron Constructions hired a different person to fix it.
- Beatriz T.

Popcorn Removal Company has our complete seal of approval with three AAAplus! The Company and especially the men who did the job did a fantastic job! Getting the job done and more importantly getting it done right! Popcorn Removable has a high level of putting the consumers first. Professional, detailed, calls retuned promptly and job completed on time. The men were very careful, and respectable of my home. The workers all cleaned up after job was complete as if they were never there. I would say don't hesitate call today! I waited too long. Now, I smile when I look up. Thanks
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
, and entire crew.
- Deanna D.

Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
came highly recommended from a very highly renowned Angie's List handyman (CSC). I had originally wanted CSC to do our work simply because of his amazing ratings in every category as well as the flattering & descriptive details about his work. Anyways, when CSC had stated that he was unavailable for my job he referred me over to
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
. I was excited when I found someone to do everything mentioned above in the "what did the provider do?" section for the price my wife & I had budgeted for this portion of our renovation (not to exceed $3000). At our initial meeting on August 30 a bid of $2500, but absolutely not to exceed $3000 in a worst case scenario for labor only was given. He mentioned that he would do everything he could to give us breaks & cut corners where he could to meet our budget which was much appreciated & lent further credibility to his recommendation. Full disclosure was given that the drywall to be hung was of the 5/8 variety. I was also given the estimate of 100 sheets to be hung. Our home was down to bare studs at the time so there was nothing
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
. Given that I was told that
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
had over 25 years experience hanging drywall among other handyman services & many references to back up the quality of his work I took him at his word while at the same time refusing to take him up on the offer to view referrals from previously satisfied customers (my own fault). I was also told that if we chose to use his services that he would be staying at a hotel locally in town (didn't happen) so as to complete the job sooner. I was initially given a 1.5 week time table to hang, finish, texture, & prime/paint. I was all in at this point since all but one other bid I received was much higher (most between 5-10k). Furthermore, I explained that I would be available 2-3 days each week as needed to help with any work that would make the job go by quicker &/or make my final bill less expensive.

The good...They began work on September 3. At the early stages of work,
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
recommended bullnose corner bead instead of regular 90 degree angle corner bead as a finish to the drywall. He explained that he would not charge any extra for this at the time & that was much appreciated b/c it does lend a nicer, more updated appearance to our home. Also, there were several occasions where I had questions about something and he would answer them to put my mind at ease. This was much needed & appreciated again b/c we had been previously burned by another drywall handyman with shady craftsmanship.

The bad...I received phone calls on several occasions citing reasons (broken down truck (twice), finishing another job (twice)) why they wouldn't be working on a certain day which only delayed things further. I will say that I did appreciate the phone calls as a mere courtesy as opposed to just leaving me to wonder. When they did show up to work they typically came on time (that is another good thing that belongs in the above paragraph). Since I was given what I thought at the time to be a fair price & time frame of completion I was trying to be as flexible as possible with
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
. Even though our home was in stages of remodel I was constantly cleaning up pieces of broken up drywall, screws, sweeping, etc. to keep them from doing it so they could work faster, safer, & more efficient. At the time upon which most, if not all, the drywall was hung & finished a note was left for me describing how many man hours
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
had into our job & that he could no longer continue finishing out the remainder of the job (prime/paint & texture) unless more money was given. I spoke with him about this in detail & explained why I did not feel comfortable doing this seeing as how he was the seasoned professional who gave the estimate & had full disclosure of the materials involved. I was given the reason of "I didn't know until I started doing the work that there was going to be this many boards...that it was going to take as long..." He offered to walk away, no hard feelings, & be done. But since I knew that I was in a tight spot still needing the work to be completed by someone
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
& I agreed to split the difference (my own fault) of what he was asking which was around $650 in addition to the $3000 that had already been given. So my bill was now at $3650. Thankfully, payment for the job was never given in a lump sum.
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
would work a little then ask for partial payment here & there. Payment was always on time & the exact amount requested. At times there were breaches of professional etiquette where things would turn slightly heated &/or argumentative. Soon after
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
would apologize & carry on with his work. I chalked this up to sour
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
over an inaccurate bid on what turned out to be a difficult job that was taking longer than he wanted &/or anticipated. Once the job was labeled "complete"
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
mentioned that he would return to finish up a few things. It was at this point that he requested $1110 of the final $1310 he was owed for the job. Our bill increased further when he had to go back & drywall certain areas in our hallway around some pocket doors where he anticipated moulding trim would go. Again, I expressed hesitance in giving the $1110 as there were some issues I had with some of the work that was left done/undone. We shook hands, I paid him the $1110 (my own fault) & I took
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
at his word that he would return to complete the job. As minor collateral he left some of his tools at my residence which he promptly took back with him when he came back on a day soon thereafter. I was working the day he came & therefore unable to see what he had come back to do & ultimately leave "unfinished" in my opinion. When I called him to return to finish the "touch up" work he explained that he waited two weeks for me to call him & that he was now somewhere for 3 more weeks doing a job & that he would call me when he came back in late November. I did not want to get into what I was displeased with over the phone for fear that he would not return for the remaining $200 I owed him for "touch up" work that was much more than just that in my opinion. For example, when painting & texturing, 3/4 of my outlets & none of my windows (including the white vinyl around the glass) were taped. I'm still tediously trimming paint off my window frames. When cutting out holes in the drywall for my outlets, the outside border of the electrical box was cut as opposed to the inside leaving too large of a hole for most of my outlet covers to hide. He fixed some of them after the fact. Because of this most of the outlets protrude awkwardly & uneven past the outlet plate. Some of the outlet plates are not flush with the wall & you see a noticeable gap between the wall and the plate itself. All of the outlets in my kitchen got zipped/scratched/knicked up with their Rotozip tool & now those have to be replaced. When taping/mudding drywall screws/holes he only did the ones he deemed necessary where he thought there wouldn't be casing, trim, or baseboards. He basically made our decision for us because at that point we had to put trim to cover what he chose not to do initially.

Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
kept his word & touched base with me in late November upon his return to town. We squared up a time to meet. When he arrived I shared my concerns with him over all of the issues alluded to above. They were met with senseless excuses & unprofessionalism to say the least. He threatened to walk out before apologizing for reacting the way he did & offered to fix his mistakes without charging me the final $200.
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
stayed for 4 hours like he promised & essentially made his original mistakes (the ones explained in detail above) look only slightly less obvious & shoddy. Nothing changes the fact that just a little extra time & effort to do a good job to prevent senseless errors from happening would go a long way. I understand that people make mistakes & noone is perfect but what I cannot accept is laziness over preventing a costly error from happening when it had an easy fix to begin with. When a job is done someone has to live there and look at the finished work for however long they live there. I expect the house to be treated as though the worker is the one that is going to live in it.

What was supposed to be a $3000, 1.5 week job turned into $4100 & nearly 11 weeks as work commenced on November 24. To be fair, Nov 24 could have happened 3 weeks earlier so you could say 8 weeks. In summary,
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
gave a great price at time of estimate that turned into a price I could have had from the beginning with another company & perhaps without the headaches that ensued. A mediocre product was delivered at best as we had to fix most of the errors after the fact. Errors that will cost us more money in the long run. In spite of their attempts to right the wrongs & the "little extras" we were given, there is no way I can recommend
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
as the extra money & more importantly, time, we had to spend repairing what was needed only added to the $1100 over-our-budget price tag.

I realize this "how'd it go?" section was quite lengthy and hardly anyone will likely read this. I did my best to be as fair & truthful as possible. It is not my intention to damage anyone's reputation. Only to assist in preventing the same thing from happening to someone else.

- brandon L.

Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his helper
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
arrived on time and worked all day completing the plaster work and allowed it to dry over night. They returned on time the next day and completed painting the entire 2 ceilings. The match was very good to the original knockdown. The cleaned the work areas and replaced the furniture. We they left the ceilings looked like new. Great and speedy work!

- James R.

He showed up when he said he would and did more quality work faster than I thought was possible and all at a reasonable price! He professionaly prepped the area he performed the repairs on by completely tenting the area (like he said he would) and did an excellent job of cleaning up and hauling off old debris when the job was completed. Definately not this mans first rodeo. I would highly recommend The
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .
- Jeff C.

At first I was impressed until I did a little research and found that they weren't upfront in the application process with the painting. I actually found out through my daughter who works with paints. I even went out and purchased the the type of exterior paint. If you are going to spray paint someones home then let them know it up front. I thought this was going to rolled on, not thinned out and then what is called backed rolled. Found that out on You Tube. I won't be recommending this company to anyone. Then they raised the price a great deal. Consider it a lesson learn for a first time home owner. One that will not be forgotten anytime soon.
- David L.

When I opened the shutters on my front window, I saw water damage to the drywall on both sides of the window. I knew that I needed to immediately call a certified Mold inspection and remediation contractor so the area could be tested, sanitized and repaired. I chose
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
because they were insured, bonded and certified as mold removal specialists.
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
promptly returned my call and scheduled an appointment for 8am the next morning.
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was punctual, professional and courteous. He performed a complete inspection of the damaged area and later that same day, I received a thorough and honest estimate of the work that needed to be done. I scheduled the job for the following Monday. The day of the job,
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
and another gentleman arrived on schedule and immediately set up a full containment area around the window before they initiated any work. The damaged drywall was removed and a concentrated mold inhibitor was applied to the area.
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
advised me that the mold inhibitor needed to dry overnight and they would return the next day to install new drywall and complete the job. They also located the cause of the water leak around the outside of the window and corrected it.
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
also put a sealant around the outside of another window for me at no charge. The next morning, they returned promptly to finish the job by installing and painting the new drywall. I was impressed at the quality of work performed by the gentleman who removed and installed the new drywall (I'm sorry I don't remember his name). He was focused and very efficient! When the job was completed, the area was cleaned so well that you could not even tell that any work had been done in that area at all! The level of professionalism, responsiveness, quality and cleanliness demonstrated by this company was outstanding! I will give the highest recommendation to anyone considering
Apopka Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
Mold Removal, Inc.
- Colleen H.

The job was challenging as it involved walls along a staircase. Also, the ceilings in the two rooms he painted are 20 feet high. He was very pleasant and professional and the room looks great. We would definitely use him again in the future.
- Janice W.

I could not have asked for a better job. Even though the weather worked against him (first freeze in five years) he completed the work in the exact time-frame he had estimated. Based on their excellent work I have already asked them to return to do interior work in my kitchen and two bath rooms.
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