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Brian W.
did a great job,
was very friendly and ready for the job. He was neat and careful of the surrounding area, performed a very nice job" on the fix (hard to get to areas).
explained as he went and did not do more than what was required. Upon completion,
completely cleaned the area and told me how to care for the area until it was dry. We will use
Rated by
Robert M.
was punctual, courteous, friendly, and professional. He was very skilled in filling cracks in our plaster ceiling, and he did an outstanding job." We would recommend him to others, and we were extremely pleased with his work!
Rated by
Jenifer H.
"In a word, it went fantastic. We first contacted DS
in June for an estimate on the work. This was to be one step in a large project of having the texture removed" and having recessed lights installed in our basement, much of which still looked like the 70s it was built in.
came out on Saturday June 28 (which was great, so my wife and I wouldn't have to take time off work like other estimates we received) to look at the spaces and provide an estimate. We were happy to hire him for the work, even though his estimate wasn't the cheapest - It was quickly apparent that he took a lot of pride in his work and was a true professional, having completed an actual apprenticeship. One important note (and one reason we loved him) is that he doesn't paint, he only does the drywall/plaster work - with the explanation that since he can't do it as well as other professionals, he won't try and I have an unbelievable amount of respect for that stance. (On the topic of painters, if he recommends
don't hesitate to follow that recommendation.
did a quick, fantastic job priming and painting after
finished with the scrape.) Coordinating with
and our electrician, we had the lights installed in August and that resulted in some unpatched holes where electrical wires had to be run. We did have to remove furniture and other items from the rooms, which was a painful process - but it was better than having everything covered in nasty ceiling dust and plaster. Due to various scheduling conflicts (he was busy, we were busy, we were on vacation, etc), the work didn't get completed until the week of September 22 and fell over into his '
' day of the 29th as well. The process was a little slow going due in large part to rain and humidity we had that week, causing his patches to dry slowly. He took extreme care of our property in this time, covering the walls, floors and the rest of our property with thick tarps and plastic sheeting - by the time he was done there was no evidence on the floor of what had occurred. But boy, did the ceiling look absolutely fantastic. We are truly ecstatic with the spaces now. Where before we hated to spend time in them due to the dim light and dirty ugly ceiling that felt a foot lower than it actually was, the work done by
has made us love the space (and yes, down the road the potential resale value). I highly, highly recommend contacting DS
for all of your potential drywall and plaster work. Again, he may not be the cheapest - but I'll bet you he does the best job with the most care and consideration,.

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drywall installation and repair

Drywall and plaster

Knowing how your interior walls are constructed and what they are made of can help you take better care of your home, as well as provide effective maintenance. You can make small repairs yourself, but the more extensive the job the more likely you'll need a drywall repair contractor to make the wall smooth again.

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My sister-in-law uses brite white toothpaste and rubs it into those small holes. No prep, no sanding.

I've used wall liner (it applies like wallpaper only thicker) to cover a multitude of "wall sins" over the years. In my opinion it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. It doesn't look cheap or tacky, it's inexpensive, non-labor intensive and not messy to install.

I used it for the first time about 15 years ago to cover a faux brick tile on my lower kitchen walls that couldn't be removed. It was either tear the wall down or take a chance on $40 worth of wall liner. It did the job beautifully and lasted. Since then I've used it to cover paneling, a badly gouged wall after a kitchen remodel and a wall that looked like a pegboard after floor to ceiling shelving was removed.

Friends and family (and realtors!) have been amazed by the transformation after applying this simple inexpensive product. 


Plastering reviews in Altamonte Springs


Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew installed a support beam into our wall for a new x-
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
machine at the dental office I work at. They had to remove dry wall, install support beam, replace drywall and paint. You can not tell that they were ever here. Now that is a true
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
of great craftsmanship. I hope to be using his services for my own personal use soon.
- jenni M.

I purchased an historic
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
home several years back, and wanted to give it a new paint color. After selecting the colors, I chose several painters listed on Angie's List for quotes. The prices were fairly close for all three of them, but I felt that
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
(which was a much smaller company than the other two) would give my home the individual attention that it needed. Since my older home required more detailed painting techniques that the typical paint job, I just didn't want a large painting company to come in and efficiently throw paint on it as fast as they could. I wanted someone who would take their time and do the job right.
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
also gave me good suggestions that the two larger painting firms did not.
The paint job and plaster repair went well. They did a beautiful job and several neighbors told me how great it looked. And just as I thought
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
did give me the individual attention that I was hoping for. When I called her after hours one day with a concern that I had about the job, she immediately came over that evening and helped resolve the situation. I doubt that the two larger firms would have given me that kind of service after hours.
I highly recommend this company.
- Walter G.

Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
was excellent.
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
is a great communicator and more professional than most contractors. He and his crew demonstrated incredible flexibility in scope and schedule. They have a wide range of trades in house. Their crew worked weekends and evenings. I enjoyed having them around and would hire absolutely them again (and likely will).

First thing I want to say is HIRE
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
. I would have give him an A++ if I could. Having had bad luck with a contractor we were very leery about hiring anyone. I received the usual guys coming out giving estimates nothing special, then
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
came into my life. From the first moment you meet him you want him to stay for supper. He is the nicest man, patient, very funny and kind. I had Tex-coating on the house and hated it because the Texture was so thick plus it was cracking and peeling. Others told me it would need special sandblasting and I knew it would be very messy.
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
told me all he had to do was apply special bonding coat over the Tex-Coat then apply the new Stucco, he has been doing this type of work for 30 years. He left me with charts of the Stucco colors available, answered a million ? that I had with a smile on his face and told me when I was ready give him a call, no pushy sales talk. He said to me "All I want to do is make you happy and we will do it together". I was sold. First I put blown in insulation in the house from the exterior which I had to do first before the stucco. When that work was done, I called
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
, he came out again and said he would have to put mesh covering on the areas where the insulation was blown in because the new stucco might crack, but he did not charge me anything additional for it. Now I have to say
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
is very busy and I now know why. I had to wait 3 weeks before he could start but that was fine with us. He showed up right on time with his son
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
(also fabulous) and 2 other workers. First they mast everything and laid tarps over all my cement walkways and pavers in the front, two sides yards and back yard. The first day was prepping, repairing all the damaged areas on the house and garage. The second day was adding the Bonding plus
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
put samples of the stucco color I wanted. Now what you have to understand about Stucco is that it goes on very dark but lightens up about 70% and at first that concerned me because as the sample was drying it got very light. I called
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
immediately, He came back and we discussed my options because I liked the color I picked which was LaHabra Saddleback but thought it dried lighter than I thought it would be. What we ended up doing is double the color pigmentation in the stucco which gave it a
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
look but it still dries light and again he did not charge anything additional. The third day
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
came with his son
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
and 5 other men, all very professional. They all seem to enjoy their work, they sing, laugh, whistle all the while working non-stop until the job was done. The Stucco went on very dark almost like Chocolate but as the day went on it was getting lighter and lighter. The texture they did was a fine sand all hand troweled. It looks beautiful. I am so happy. Also
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
would show me when they finished an area and wanted me to look at it to see if I was happy or had any concerns. It will take about a week to dry and
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
said about a full month to settle into its permanent color. I have minor plaster work that needs to be done in the interior and when I am ready to do that there is only one person I will call and that is
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Terese W.

We used
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
to remodel our basement and kitchen in February 2014 when we first moved into our home, and had such a great experience that when it came time for a bunch of smaller jobs we needed done, we called them first!
Just like the last time,
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
came to see the work we needed done, and gave us a very reasonable quote that included materials - even the attic ladder and ceiling fan we wanted. His crew arrived promptly the day we had agreed on, and put down canvas all over the place to protect our floors, which we appreciated. The work took two days, and they cleaned up meticulously before leaving each day.
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
once again was the crew leader, and we knew from experience that he would make sure all the work was done properly, carefully, and to our satisfaction!
We just can't say enough about the quality of their work and their professionalism - and very reasonable prices. We are struggling financially so price is definitely a factor - but you'd never know it from the level of detail in their work. They always go above and beyond our expectations, and we always feel that we get much more than we paid for.
We have used other companies for siding and roof work - because we didn't know
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
could do siding and roof work -and although not a disaster, they didn't come close to the level of workmanship and customer service that
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
offers. The lesson we have learned is to CALL
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
FIRST! Because we know in the end the work will be beyond our expectations, without breaking the bank. Thank you
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
!!! When we're ready to do our bathroom remodel - you will be our first call for sure!!!!
- Jackie F.

The entire job was completed within 10-12 days. The demolition was done in one day. When I returned to the house other than the sigh for advertisement you would not have known anyone was there. The crew was very polite and if I needed to leave the house they cleared a path so that I didn't have to step over materials.
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
said he would be at the house at 7 AM he was there. The same was with the crew, when they said they would be there by a certain time they were.
The time
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
took to make sure that I understood each step was wonderful. I was always aware of what of the next step would be and how long it would take. In evaluating the house he suggested that I put lights on the outside as there were none and he felt it would be a good safety factor. As a single woman that was very important to me. The electrician he suggested was also of the highest quality , professional, reasonable, and prompt.
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
also brought to my attention that the lighting in the garage was not adequate when I would have to go into it at night. He suggested that I install brighter lights and was willing to assist with the installation. WOW what a difference that made.
When it came time to choose the color for the stucco I was having difficulty making a decision.
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
brought me several samples and made several suggestions. He was even willing to ride around the neighborhood with me to see how the color would look on my houses. When the color was chosen he painted a board so I could see it in a larger size than the sample. For someone who is visual and not extremely creative that was a great help,
When I was getting estimates I was very pleased that
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
looked at details the others didn't. He was also willing to install insulation in the house when it was tore down. I felt very comfortable with him from the beginning. I found he was very responsive to questions and prompt with a response if I needed to contact him.
- Sondra G.

We are extremely impressed with the quality of the work and
Altamonte Springs Plastering Contractors Provider Name Locked
's punctuality and timely completion of the job. We will definitely have him back in the Spring to replace the plaster in our living room as well. I would not consider calling anyone else. We highly recommend him.
- Lisa U.

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