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Broken window and the fix was prompt as expected.
Dripping ceiling hole from the rain was not fixed from rains Sunday night.
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
insist that unless the other property mgt company fixes the roof they can not fix the whole. I rent from
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
says they contacted the other Mgt company 5 days ago 9/8/2014 and gave them my information. No call for roofing services, I contacted
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
rep and
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
has not followed up with the Mgt company.
Flooded Living Room. Subcontractor was there promptly to dry carpets and remove padding. Subcontractor confirms water game from foundation not the wall, window, or door.
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
has not responded to my request as to where they stand on this repair. I rent from
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. Since it's foundation, the next time it rains it will flood. Since it's an older building I tend to think this has to have happened to prior residence in the same townhome. Currently, unable to stay in townhome due to chemicals used for killing of mold and bacteria.

If I could leave a 0 rating I would but that's not an option here so I begrudgingly must leave a 1 star. I've had the misfortunate to have to deal with
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Real Estate of Ojai and
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Valley CA when I moved to Ojai. Their Ojai property manager
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is nothing but rude, dishonest, disrespectful and a flat out liar. When she spoke to me on the phone in a manner of disrespect, condescending and rude nature I asked her not to speak to me that way or I will hang up, her reply was "I can speak to you anyway I want to"! Seriously? A professional realtor/property manager? When you tell her you have photo's that prove all her
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
she then backs off and totally ignores you as a tenant. When you ask her to put in writing what comes out her mouth she ignores your requests because she can't stand behind her words.
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Real Estate had totally ignored issues for a property I rented where
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
was the property manager. I had RATS (yes rats), and mice all of which they have ignored my requests (for weeks now) to send an exterminator. The tenants on the same property next door, which
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
was also hired as the property manger for, constantly let their 2 large dogs wonder on my property and when I complained to
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
she literally took that portion of my property away. She allowed the new tenants to store their belongings co-mingling with mine in the garage and they went into my closed boxes and used my personal belongings. When I complained about this
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
made arrangement to have a lock
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
install new locks on the garage doors until we came to a mutual agreement for the owners to pay for my storage off site. During this time the neighbors removed the locks and went back into the garage. I called
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
immediately and explained how the door was ajar and the recently installed lock was removed. She complained about my calling her while she was on vacation and eventually brought the locksmith back to re-install. When I confronted her about the locks being removed she lied and said they we're never removed. She had no idea I had taken photos of the removed locks that night. When I let her in on that fact she then backed off and refused to manager the property any longer. That was more than fine with me.
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Real Estate will do nothing but cause you a lot of stress and frustration. If your time is valuable to you I don't recommend wasting it with them. A horrible company to deal with. Read all their negative reviews on the web and on Yelp (which is currently
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
under thier not recommend list). I wonder how they got Yelp to hide all those bad reviews? Since my experience with
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Real Estate,
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
and their employees I've met numerous people throughout the area who all have similar stories.
- Denise A.

Swift rented my property to marijuana growers two times in the last two years. They did not check my rental. The first time, in the spring of 2013, when neighbors complained, Swift drove out and said they could not tell what type of plants were growing in the back yard. They pointed out the tenants had a year lease and it was too difficult to evict tenants for growing marijuana. They said the county was not responsive. My irrigation system for my fruit trees had been destroyed by these tenants and the house had cockroaches. The pump for my beautiful koi pond had been turned off November - April and Swift never checked my property. Neighbors told me after the fact.
The second time, in the spring of 2014, Swift rented my property out "sight unseen", meaning someone rented it remotely. They did not disclose that fact to me. I only figured it out because someone who answered the phone said my file had SUS written on it. Neighbors began to complain immediately. When the neighbors complained, I alerted Swift immediately with my neighbor's photos of a black fence going up and huge trucks on my property delivering soil behind the black fence. I notified Swift that I had not authorized the fence or the trucks and wanted the tenant evicted. I sent the photos to Swift. They failed to act, saying the fence and trucks on my property were not illegal. When my neighbors threatened to take me and Swift to court, I alerted Swift. Still they would not act, because the neighbors did not contact them directly.
Swift rents properties and they have a great website. However, once that is done, they collect rent checks before the 5th of the month and they sit on the rental money until the end of the month, The owners are paid very late. Swift does not keep track of their rentals unless a tenant calls in with a complaint. Even then, Swift is very slow to respond. My last good tenants in 2012 complained that Swift was not fixing things.
- Dawn M.

We utilized
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
to find a renter and manage our property in south Minneapolis from December 2011 through June 2014. The initial
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
and background checks went fine. We were charged one month's rent as a finder's fee and $100 per month for the property management fee. Tax documentation was provided in a timely fashion, and we were generally happy with the responsiveness of their handyman,
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
coordinated several repairs for us at the house and dealt with the majority of any tenant requests. While these periodic repair requests were addressed in a timely fashion, the overall management of the property, tenant rent/utility payments, and most importantly the security deposit escrow account was simply unacceptable. Some major examples and points of concern: 1.) During the term of the lease agreement, the initial tenants decided to move out and requested permission to sublease. We agreed to grant permission to a sublease provided
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
collected a second month's rent from the tenants as an additional security deposit. We subsequently received written confirmation that this was agreed and that
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
would collect the additional deposit. The new tenants moved in, and we would later find out that
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
never actually collected this additional security deposit. 2.) Yard and snow maintenance was a tenant responsibility in accordance with the lease agreement. Approx. 1 month prior to the tenant's vacating the property, my wife proactively drove by the property to discover the yard in complete disrepair. Weed trees as tall as a grown man were present, the grass/weeds were 12+ inches tall in large swaths, and completely dead and
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
in others. Deep holes had been dug by the tenants pets, and sporting clays and other debris were strewn about the yard. It was obvious from the condition of the property that minimal to no yard upkeep had been performed on the property, and that
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
was either oblivious or indifferent to the condition of the property. Ultimately, nearly $1,300 was required at the end of the lease term to bring the yard back to it's original condition. None of this cost was for add'l landscaping, just simply to bring the yard back to a reasonable condition. 3.) Approximately 3-4 months prior to the end of the lease, the property suffered a ceiling collapse in an unoccupied bedroom due to water build-up caused by an ice-dam. No prior notice of leakage or presence of water was provided by the tenants or
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
until the ceiling ultimately collapsed from the weight of the water infiltration. Upon notification, we immediately filed an insurance claim and engaged a service company and the handyman
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
to provide rehab and repair services. 4.) In the last month of the lease, the monthly rent was not deposited into our account on the 5th of the month as per the lease management agreement. We did not receive notice of any issue. Instead, we had to reach out to
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
to inquire on status. We were told that that tenants were late in payment, but there was nothing to worry about. After another week of no payments and no follow-up from
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
, we again reached out to inquire on status. At that point we were told that the tenants did not intend to pay their final month's rent due to the ice-dam issue noted above. Through several rounds of additional correspondence, all of which had to be initiated by us, not
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
, we reached an agreement on a partial rent payment for the last month's rent. 5.) Also during the final month of the lease agreement, we began to inquire with
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
on the status of the security deposit escrow account to cover potential non-payments and damages to the property. From these inquiries, we came to find out that not only had
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
not collected and retained the second month's rent as an add'l security deposit, but they had been using funds from the initial security deposit to cover shortages in the tenant's rent payments for the last several months, all unbeknownst to us. In the end, of the $3,300 that should have been in the security deposit escrow account (2 months rent at $1,550 + $200 non-refundable pet deposit) there was $1,000. This failed to cover the cost of the yard repairs, the required professional carpet cleaning, and several other non-routine wear & tear repair items at the property. Further, the tenants failed to pay the final $200 in water and garbage bills, leaving a
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
on the house that we had to clear with our own funds. Despite all this mishandling, we received no help or further follow-up from
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. In summary, if you are looking for someone to
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
your property and find a renter,
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
will surely do a fine job. As for all other aspects of the property management business, our strong advice is to find someone else to handle your property, your money, and your investment. We were left extremely disappointed in our experience and would not recommend
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
in the future. All of the negative experiences above (and others not mentioned here) can be supported with written correspondence as necessary.
- Alan E.

I currently use
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Property Management for my rental. I understand they are broken up by teams and I am served by Team 11. I have used them for almost two years and like the fact that you are not charged for them to find a tenant. Some of the
other Property Management Companies I look at charge a lower fee, but when you add up all the charges not included it cost more to use them. I get a monthly statement outlining my charges and income. Also, when something that needs to be repaired I get a call from the team asking for permission to proceed with the work.
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
has their own contractors, but you are able to use you own. I stayed with my own Gardner, but they handled the payment. I have found their contractors are less costly than the ones I would use, but do a quality job. I use to manage this myself, but have found having
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Property Management managing my property has left me more free time.
- Doug S.

Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is far from professional. They treat their tenants as the next payday. They've tried charging illegal fees, enter homes without proper notice, and even tried charging for someones Service Dog. They don't show up when they say they need to. When asking for assistance or when you need something fixed they say that they will take care of things but never do. The lights have been out for 6 months across the property. When we call and actually get a hold of a person, they lie and say that they've emailed the information or left a voicemail.
I wouldn't allow them to charge me illegal fees or charge me for my service dog, so they retaliated against me with a 60 Day "No Cause" termination. I had found a house, but it wouldn't be available until 2 weeks after the termination date and they refused to grant an extension without all of the private information of my new landlord.
I am soooo glad that I am not with TMG anymore. BEWARE!!! All of my old neighbors have had similar issues.
- Lucas S.

Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is probably the best rent management we've ever rented from. They were flexible when we moved in, allowing us to waive the carpet cleaning requirement and keep some of the previous renter's property that he needed to leave behind.
Their rates were far better than the surrounding neighborhood and only raised by $25 when our contract renewed (despite a significant increase in the average rent cost in
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
The place itself was in great condition but during our stay we lost a refrigerator, a washing machine, and the handle on our dish washer stopped opening. IPM fixed the dish washer and replaced the refrigerator and washing machine very swiftly, using reputable appliance repair agencies. No complaints at all.
There were little issues too, like sticky windows and damaged blinds. We notified IPM mostly just to make them aware of the issues, not that they inconvenienced us, and IPM did get these fixed also, just not right away. Personally, I see this is a good thing as it shows that your rental company (with probably 1000+ renters to take care of) is prioritizing the urgent repairs and not just taking care of the easy ones to make it seem like they're doing something.
We always paid our rent on time, +/- a couple days, and eventually ended our contract, did our part cleaning the apartment for move-out, and received a full refund on our deposit with zero issues.
We would rent from IPM again and always prioritize their listings when shopping for rentals.

- Gaurakisora T.

The new tenant was scheduled to walk through the property, but the Renter's Warehouse representative failed to show up, so the walk-through had to be arranged by us. It seemed that, once they got their money, their customer service stopped.
- Dick G.

Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is a true professional. His company is great at what they do and their technology is excellent. Quality service, responsive, and very efficient. I’m happy to pay for all the added value (personal service, reporting, tax docs, etc). I am thoroughly impressed with this company's performance. This is an extremely reliable and professional company and I would definitely recommend WNCPM for property management.
- Isaak T.

I arranged several weeks in advance for
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
to come to my home for an assessment. The night before she was to arrive her assistant called and said she had an emergency and had to reschedule. She never showed up for the rescheduled time. I called her office and cell phone several times with no response. Hours later, I received an email from her saying she had come to my house and
Middletown Property Managers Provider Name Locked
the doorbell but I hadn't responded. I was home in my kitchen at the time of the appointment waiting for her next to my front door. She never even attempted to call my cell phone or return my calls. She then suggested in her email that her clients are generally higher end rentals and that I contact someone else. Very unprofessional and insulting.
- Nicole K.
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2101 N 63RD ST
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