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First of all the quality was excellent. I was concerned with how much of a mess would come with a paint job but I was happy to see that they cleaned up very well. The exterior paint job only took a week to complete. When the job was finished
and I did a walk through to make sure that I was happy with how everything turned out and I was. I have even received complements on how great my home looks now!
- Felicia M.

Work was completed with excellent craftsmanship. Crew kept me informed during progress; trim detail was very good, including some mortar touchup that was 'above and beyond.' Work included some stucco repair, and that was done very well, too.
completely cleaned up worksite after job was complete and hauled away old slider. They prevented dust from entering into the house. One item concerning installation was that the final position of the sliding door was slightly different from my original request, but the final position turned out to be better than what I had requested. In my experience,
was a very pleasant and professional group to work with.
- Anthony M.

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Deck Building reviews in Stonington


I entertained the idea of building my own deck and I'm really glad that we didn't. Mahlon and his family team did such an amazing job that we would absolutely do it again if we had to. During the whole process of figuring out our deck design Mahlon came in with example decks to look at and also encouraged us to contribute our thoughts and ideas, which his team then incorporated into a full 3d model of the deck so that we could see what it would look like on our house, which really helped a lot with colors and features. We had to go through several iterations on the design and he was patient and prompt, getting back to us exactly when he said he would, which was usually the next day. The whole deck went up in about 3 days, with one half day later on to finish installing a privacy fence. The miter cuts are perfect everywhere, the screws are in perfectly straight lines (where needed, there are very few exposed) and the deck is extremely sturdy. During the whole installation the NY Keystone Decks team was extremely professional (they work hard!) and we felt very comfortable with them around family. They left the work site meticulous at the end of each day. After the work was completed they made sure things went fine with inspection and the whole deck is guaranteed for life - that is how much confidence they place in their work. We love the deck and everyone who sees the deck is impressed. I could go on and on - sometimes hiring work out is a nerve racking experience because you don't know what you're going to get. With this team it seems you get the best quality and service every time (our neighbors also used them and their experience is identical)!
- Matthew S.

My experience was similar to the customer who posted a review on April 22, 2014.
I also felt it was the worst contractor experience I have ever had. Mr.
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
at first was very polite and willing to please but then towards the middle of the job he started to become more exacerbated w/me whenever I would express my concerns of shoddy work.
It started out w/the railing on the deck. I noticed that the railing was loose. I brought that to Andersons attention SEVERAL times. Each time he said it would be taken care of and each time it was the same.
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and the foreman kept trying to convince me that all decks railing wiggle a little. Each time I would tell them that I was not going to pay $22,000.00 for a deck that has a loose railing. Finally I had to tell them exactly how I wanted them to fix it so it wouldn't be loose. They were attempting to fix it the shoddy way. After they fixed it the way I wanted them to fix , it was no longer loose.
That was not the only problem. Towards the end of their job I went under the deck to take a closer look and I was very disappointed again to find that the brackets they used had only one nail holding ea.
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
. Then I discovered that the posts holding the deck roof that they built were not even supported under the deck that stands about 7ft from the ground. The posts were just placed directly on top of the floor boards. So I told them that I wanted posts directly below the posts holding the roof, so they slid posts directly below the posts without any kind of brackets and once again I had to bring that to their attention.
A year has gone by and the panels used on the ceiling of the roof have been popping out. Each time I look at them I'm reminded of their shoddy work. Each time I look at the loose hanging gate that they never fixed I'm reminded again. Every time I look at the planter boxes that have never been strong enough to hold plants and are starting to pop out, I think of their shoddy work.
I notice on a review that someone said that they cleaned their mess, well it must have been a different crew that worked on my deck. I was also under the impression that
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
had experience in building decks and that he would be a good supervisor. Well I learned that his experience severely lacked attention to detail, because he didn't even noticed or he didn't want to mention the clearly evident structural problems w/the deck roof.
So now just like the unsatisfied customer that wrote the June 9, 2014 review, I also have to hire a contractor to fix their sloppy work. I thought about calling them to come and fix the problems but honestly I don't even want to deal w/them again. It was not just the workers that failed it was the owners
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
. If they're not experienced enough or care enough to take pride in the work that is done for their customers , I certainly wouldn't expect any different.
I couldn't help but to notice that the completion date of the April 22, 2014 review was April 15, 2013.
Timeless Sunset started building my deck around April 28, 2013 and completed it in about 2 wks. I probably got the same workers. I'm disappointed that Timeless Sunset continued to use the workers even after knowing their poor quality of work. They tried to convince me at the beginning that these workers were one of the best.
I learned just because they cost less or because you don't have to pay anything until completion doesn't mean that they do good work.
- Debbie S.

I didn't purchase a deal on Angies list but found them through advertisement. The gentleman who bid the job was very nice and explained exactly what the job entailed. I received the bid per email, as I requested, sent in my deposit and was eager to have the job done. I understand they are very busy and since I am retired I patiently waited my turn! Was it ever worth the wait!!
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and some young men came and did the complete job in a long hard days work. They were professional and very polite, taking care to clean up after the job. The resulting deck cover is amazing. I opted for the
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
lights and fan installation as well.
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and his crew did the light install and wired for the fan. I am really pleased with the result and would certainly call them again and recommend them to anyone contemplating a similar project.
The electrician arrived the very next day to wire the fan, and when he left, I realized that I would need to turn on the porch light to use the fan. I called
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and before you could turn around, the electrician was back and fixed the hookup. Now I don't have to use the light when I need the fan on. I am completely satisfied and happy. Thank you
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and the whole crew.
- Carol A S.

We are very pleased with
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and Deck.
From the beginning they were most professional and provided estimate that was more detailed than other companies we requested estimates from, and also arrived faster. In addition,
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, the owner, agreed to provide solution to the landscaping problem that caused the part of the old fence to fall, and had to be fixed before the fence could be put in. The landscaping problem had potential of developing into very serious problem and was time sensitive. In addition there was a problem of the ground level difference between our yard and the neighbor's.
We did not want to hire separate companies to deal with landscaping and fence, so that not to divide the responsibility, and planned on hiring landscaping company to deal with both projects. However, because of the time of the year landscapers had long waiting times, and wee did not want to wait for the potential disaster to happen,
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
's willingness and ability to provide the solutions for our problems was very fortunate for us. As a result we had opportunity to experience
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
's professionalism and integrity. While rectifying the landscape problem works were charged on labor and materials basis, the final price was very close to the initial estimate
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
The new fence looks beautiful and feels very sound.
Thank you again,
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
- Nora R.

Exceeded all my expectations!! I had my new lower deck planned out but chose a deck specialist to ensure that I used someone who could envision my dream.
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
listened to what I wanted and the final deck design he came up with was beyond anything I had imagined. All along the way, if there was more than one way to do things,
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
consulted with me to get my opinion. However, if I was not sure or could not really decide, I deferred to
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and the decisions he made were spot on!
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and all of his workers were polite, considerate of my property, and very conscientious in all of the work performed. My site was cleaned up on Friday even though they were going to come back the next week to finish up several things. Once the final work was done, all of the scrap wood, etc. was cleaned up before they left.
The estimate provided was in the middle of several estimates that I had obtained but I was impressed with
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
's experience and expertise illustrated when he met me to do the estimate and in looking at his portfolio. I was thrilled with the end result and feel that I got my money's worth for all of the work that was done.
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
for a wonderful DECK experience!! We will enjoy the new decks for many years to come!
- Cynthia B.

I first learned of
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
thru a neighbor who had a poorly constructed deck fixed by him. I starting collecting bids (no less than 10) on a rather large project about two years ago and his was the best price by a considerable amount. After a while I would tell a prospective company what the best quote was and no one even bothered writing one. I contacted
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, he updated the drawings and we set a date. The demo of the existing deck went on time and as planned. The crew he initially sent started the framing for the new deck and began the process of decking the upper level. After a about week or so I contacted
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
to come look at some concerns I was having. The Forman was out more than he was here for legitimate reasons (injury and sickness), never-the-less he was absent.
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
came and we reviewed the progress. He immediately removed the crew and assigned a new one. The second crew basically started over, replacing much of the finish work and the stairs. The new crew worked weekends and stayed late. To accommodate for the delay in completion he 'compensated" with additional decking under the stairs to use for storage. We had the final walk thru today and picked up on a few areas that seemed irregular. He had that wood immediately replaced to my satisfaction.
There is an old saying a good carpenter know how to hide their mistakes. This was not the case here. Mistakes were taken down and completely replaced. The amount of lumber that had to be removed was considerable and at no time did he ask for a cost increase. He was responsive to my requests and made sure the deck was completed to my satisfaction. He personally completed much of the finish work to ensure there were no further problems or delays. There were a few days over the 5 weeks of work when no one came. I did have to contact him to find out that it was pending County inspection. Otherwise, communication was adequate and significantly better once he had to switch crews.
The project did go three weeks over the estimate but much had to do with the complete replacement of much of the initial work. Although a little frustrating he did not compromise quality for speed. There was also a brief delay in amending the permit secondary to a change in requirements and replacement of some rotten wood which I had him also repair. He is a bit difficult to get a hold of if you just try to call. I found texting gets a rather quick response. I am sure that someone who tried to call him recently would have gone to voice mail as he was working on my deck to get it right... email was the best way to deal with the initial plans and contract.
All in all, I am pleased with the finished project. It is unfortunate that we had to deal with the problems associated with the first Foreman not being able to be on-site. It appeared that he was not forthcoming with
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
about his presence. Once discovered he took corrective action. I have another project planned in the future and would certainly use
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
- Michael L.

The sales associate came out right away. He was excellent, accomodating. Explained about the size and materials and gave me options so I could fit this into my budget. He really sold me and I thought that the process would begin quite quickly after my
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
approved. He came out May 8th and the next day I with the help of the contact he provided all the paperwork was sent and processed to my
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
. My
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
provide approval June 4th. I was very excited and sent confirmation to
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and expected to hear back from
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
to see when work would beging, since it would only take 2 days. I did not hear back and sent an em on June 11th to
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and called
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
as well, who said he would pass the message to
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
to call me back.
It took until
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
22nd for them to come to my house. I would not be upset if someone had just responded and told me "hey the material has been ordered, we have 10 decks infront of yours...etc.". I was upset because I did not hear back after emailing and calling. I got a call back from
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
after I spoke to
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and explained my frustration in the lack of communication to her.
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was responsive and told me the things I needed to hear...the material has been ordered, they had experience rain delays and it would be a week, then 2 weeks later I was on the calendar.
I understand that there are weather delays in this type of work, I totally understand. The people that came to build the deck were great. The actual finish product is beautiful.
Stonington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
did apologize for the delay and was very nice. The deck was a bit bigger and there was no charge. The reason why I am writting all of this, is because I think that if the company got better organized and had one person in charge of the scheduling and custumer service it would be really really good. Also need somone to explain to the customer things like the trash will be removed x day, the temporary support beams x day, or we need to leave the paper work up until the deck is inspected. All of these customer service things would really really improve the overall operation in my humble opinion.
Again I love the finished product. Tx u.

- Jeannette R.

Nice deck - large and clean. Workers were polite. Pat was easy to work with and very pleasant. Didn't cost shop due to recommendations of others and rapport with Pat.
- Hollie M.
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