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Unbelievable customer service, never pushy and better pricing then I found at some box store companies in
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. The quality and workmanship is fantastic and my wife loves the work. All the doors are soft close, we have our
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
wood mixer magically appears from under the countertop for easy storage and pops up ready to go and plugged in under our island, we have a bakers draw with
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
and flour ready to be scooped up, customs cupboards and the pantry and even a slides our draw for the dogs food. We could not be happier. All the bathrooms look great too
- Christopher J.

We saw a couch we liked, and the salesman told us that particular model and color were in stock, and always in stock. It was a larger couch that we had thought about purchasing, so we went home to check if it would fit. Two days later when we returned, we were told by another salesperson that the couch was not in stock and there would be a 4 month wait. We were ready to just leave, but the salesperson checked and found the couch in a warehouse in Missouri, which would only be about. 6 week wait. After discussion between ourselves, we decided to buy the couch--and also a chair (which we understood would take longer to arrive). Well, the sofa did not arrive when we expected it, but eventually it showed up with the chair. We went to the warehouse to inspect the furniture before delivery (this company hires another company for the delivery), and we were not satisfied with the appearance of the chair. It did not look like the either the one on the sales floor that we had selected, or like similar chairs that were in the warehouse for another customer. Our salesperson insisted that the chair was "fine," and when we persisted in pointing out its flaws, she just walked away from us. A guy in the warehouse said he thought he could fix the problem. We said we were willing for him to try. He said he would phone us when it was ready for us to inspect. No one called. After two days, we called them, and the chair had been ready for us for two days. It's appearance was improved, and we accepted both the sofa and the chair. These pieces are attractive and functional and fit our budget. The store has many nice pieces as well as many interesting accessories. But we not happy with the way we were treated, by the confusion surrounding our order, and even the time it took to get something from Missouri to Indiana. We will not use them again.

Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
helped us pick an appropriate fabric for the sectional, and was great at answering all of our related questions. There was not much in the way of status updates while we waited for the furniture to arrive. The crew who delivered it and set it up were great. Overall, we were pleased with the company, the service, and the product.

Back in
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
my husband and I purchased a dining set from
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. At first I went to the store on Main Street looking for a specific set, and when they didn't have it they called up to the store on
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Road to see if they did. They told me that the
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Road store did have it and to ask for
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. I got to the
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Road store and told them I was advised to ask for
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
, the salesman, told me that
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
had been fired two months prior. I told him the set I was looking for and he informed me that they did not have it but that I was free to look at other sets, so I did. He showed me one with a table, six chairs, and a bench. I told him I was not interested in any set with a bench. He then tried to convince me that I did in fact want the bench. When I told him I really didn't and that the only way I would purchase that set was if there were two chairs in place of the bench (totaling 8 chairs), he said he would go talk to the manager to see if he could do that for me. The list price was $998. He came back 2-3 minutes later and said it would be no problem. I put it on layaway so my husband could come look at it. He did, and we decided to purchase it. A couple days later we paid it off ($1073 all together). We went to go pick it up Wednesday, August 13th. My husband rented a U-Haul truck to get it since we only have two small sedans. Wednesday night we assembled the chairs without a problem, and then we opened up the box with the table to find that none of the hardware, the instructions, and a large storage piece under the table were included. The next day at exactly noon (opening time) I called
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
said he would look into it. Over an hour later I called back because I had not heard from anybody.
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
, the manager, told me that
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
had set the box with the missing pieces up front for me to come pick up. No one called to tell me this. I informed her that I could not come to pick it up since I could not fit the box in my car with the car seats I needed in there for my young children, who were home napping. I then told her I did not feel it was appropriate to ask the customer to correct a mistake that they had made. They failed to give us all the pieces when my husband picked it up, so they should bring the missing pieces to us, not force us to come get them.
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
told me that "usually in these cases the customers come to pick the items up." I guess
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
finds themselves in this situation often. I informed her I needed those pieces so I could set up my table as I was having a big family gathering that night. I didn't hear from anyone. I called back and spoke to
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
again who told me I could have the pieces delivered, but only if I paid the delivery fee. I informed him that was unacceptable as I should not have to pay to fix their mistake. He said he would call me back and never did. So I called again and he told me that the delivery personnel would be out "sometime after 4:00" to deliver the pieces. I was out of my house from 4-6 and told him I needed to know when. He could not specify. The gentlemen called me around 6:00 and told me they were there to deliver, and I convinced them to leave the box behind the fence in our backyard. When we got home and tried to put it together, the screws were too short and did not fit, and the caps to cover the large pilot holes did not fit. I now had to cancel my event as I had no dining table at which to feed my guests.
I called corporate the next day and left a voicemail for a woman named
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
(I believe) to call me back as soon as possible. I made it clear I was very upset. She called back and asked me what was wrong with the table. I began to tell her the entire story and she constantly interrupted me, telling me she needed to know what was wrong with the table. I told her exactly what was wrong with it, but that I also wanted to tell her about my terrible customer service experience. She proceeded to yell at me and tell me that I had received a $300 discount, so I got fine customer service, and that the personnel at the store told her I was aggressive and nasty. I told her I did not care about the discount since I never asked for it, and that shouldn't mean that I don't get the same quality of product or service as everyone else. She then told me that they did not forget to give us the other pieces since they delivered them to us. Yes, they did, only because they FORGOT them to begin with, and they made me BEG to have them delivered without a charge. She then told me it was my husband's fault because he should have opened up every single box (there were 5 large boxes) and gone through all of them to make sure every little piece was present before leaving the store. She was SCREAMING at me at this point, telling me she would not be disrespected. I hung up and called back, telling the receptionist I wanted to speak to someone else besides
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. She sent me back to
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. I told
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
I wanted to talk to someone else. "NO. YOU WILL TALK TO ME AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME," she screamed. She promised me that the pieces would be delivered (meaning the screws and caps). I asked when. "YOU WILL GET THEM WHEN YOU GET THEM," she screamed.
I wrote a review on the BBB page and someone (I can only presume
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
) wrote this:
"This customer complains of poor customer service when she received a
$300 dollars discount on her merchandise. Any missing pieces they
believe were not in the box have been delivered, although all was intact
when our warehouse crew pulled out this table nonetheless the screws
and pieces bag will be delivered again, today 8/15/14. This customer
was extremely verbally abusive and so foul! This customer began to
bully people demanding service immediately. This customer disrespect
was freightening! We will not do business with customers of this
nature. The screws and piece bags will be delivered today and all
business will be done with this customer!"
So now the story has changed. Now apparently they are saying all the pieces were present when we picked up the boxes and we "believed" they weren't there. I never verbally abused anyone. I was assertive in expressing that I was extremely disappointed with the service and that I had paid a lot of money for something defunct to be sitting in the middle of my home for two days. I never bullied anyone, never demanded anything, and if anyone was treating anyone with disrespect, it was the employees to the customer. It should be noted that nothing was ever delivered to my home on August 15th or 16th. I will NEVER do business with
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
again and I would strongly caution anyone who is thinking of doing so.
- Allison S.

I just didn't appreciate the manner in which the salesperson spoke to me and dealt with my concerns.The delivery men were very good and very professional. They attached the headboard and took away the old mattress and frame.The person who sold me the set was very enthusiastic about it before I bought it but when I later called with a question about the warranty card, he really downgraded my purchase and more or less told me that I had bought a pretty inferior product.,
- Carol M.

Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
(FFO) is a licensed agent for a variety of large furniture companies. I ordered a dining room set made by
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Furniture from FFO on 6/26/14. They advised me delivery would be made in mid
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
except for the dining room server, which would not be available till late
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
due to 0 inventory. Set was delivered when promised however one of the chairs was damaged. FFO arranged to have chair replaced. The dining room server was delivered on 8/4/14 and the new chair a week later. FFO did keep me updated throughout the purchase process.
- Michael P.

Worst customer service and experience I have ever been through. We ordered furniture back in June and was told they would hold it for us until we were ready for it. We called
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
15th, when we were ready, and they said they either sold it or sent it back to the warehouse. We had to order new furniture and it would take 2-4 weeks to come in. We moved into our new house with no furniture and were there for 3 weeks before we got anything. We were told we could have the furniture as long as we put money down and then charge our
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
's credit card as soon as we closed on the new house (them knowing we needed the furniture before we could charge the card). Came time for them to FINALLY deliver. The morning they were suppose to deliver I got a call saying they did not order the mattress correctly. We needed two bases and only ordered one. She told me that was my problem and I need to call our sales rep in Amarillo (which no longer works there). I told her to go ahead and deliver everything they had. She called back a couple hours later and said due to us not being able to charge the credit card yet they could not deliver (like they promised they could). I tried to talk to GM here and he simply wanted nothing to do with it and said I needed to call the corporate office in
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. He promised me the president of the company was going to call me the same day. I waited several hours before I got her name and number from him and made many calls, left several messages, and emailed twice for help. Did not get one response from her. I finally talked to the assistant president of the company (so I am told) and he was the rudest human being I have ever met. He said the only thing he could do for us was add the missing base to our tab and give us half off of it. I told him there was no need I did not want their furniture anymore. All I wanted was either my $3000.00 worth of furniture I had already paid for or my money back. He laughed and said there was nothing he could do. We finally got $1500.00 of furniture delivered. They said they were going to take the other $1500.00 and put it toward the rest of the furniture. After this experience we decided we did not want any more furniture from them. When I called and asked what we could do about the $1500.00 they said they would keep it for a restocking fee. I have to pay them $1500.00 to restock furniture I never recieved. Not one time did we talk to someone that was apologetic about the mess they had put us through or even anyone that was concerned with how we were treated. NO ONE wanted to help us in anyway from either location here or the corporate office in
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone!!!!
- kayla M.

Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Good's experience and knowledge of the suppliers was a tremendous help. He worked closely with us through all aspects of the project and stood behind us on warranty and shipping errors. We were extremely pleased working with
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
- Sam S.

On couch & chairs - we requested earliest possible delivery. They had the couch but didn't tell us. They were going to make us wait for the couch until the chairs arrived (6 wks) was a
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
that we found out about it and had it delivered. Chairs came as planned within 8 weeks.
The pillows (same fabric as the couch) - were promised in 6-8 weeks. After 10 weeks, they still had not arrived. I called the store and asked why they were taking so long and was told, "I don't have a clue.".... that is absolutely true! I called customer service who "explained" to me that the 6-8 weeks was an estimate. That is NOT what we were told on purchase. 10 years is an estimate too....but if that had been the case I wouldn't have made the purchase, but that is clearly why they operate this way. If there had been a delay in fabric, why were the chairs on time? Even if there was a delay, they should have contacted me. STILL don't HAVE THE PILLOWS!
I called customer service and requested monetary compensation for such an inconvenience and aggravation. She said she would call the store and call me back. She never called me back. I am now told that the new date is even later and they would call me at that time to schedule a time for me to pick them up. REALLY!?!
I will NEVER do business with
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked

- Eileen S.

Awful. Representative
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
arrived in a car without any cleaning equipment and I could tell from minute one he was going to be an issue. Before I removed all the covering on my couch which needed to be cleaned he was coming up with reasons why he cant clean it.
You can tell this guy was just looking for an excuse to not do his job and leave. He called the home office on my phone and started to walk out. I told him to please stay as he is waiting by the door. Once I realized that he didn't have any cleaning equipment with him, I told him to leave. Called
Darien Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
three times and have yet to hear back from a supervisor although they assured me they are looking into it.
STAY AWAY from this company!!! Lazy workers=terrible service. I wasted two hours this morning waiting for them to do their job and they didn't. don't waste your time too!
- Danny T.
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Dba cpm group. owner operated. may contact via website form.


Darien, CT

Boise's Business Interiors

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Cafe Nunez

240 west 35th
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1040 Mamaroneck Ave
Mamaroneck, NY
Beautiful spaces and personal expression inspire us. our mission is to help our customers find...


752 Morris Turnpike
Short Hills, NJ
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Casa Tile and Design

1 King St
Chappaqua, NY

Certified Court Reporting,Inc.

1600 Calebs Path ext
Hauppauge, ny
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Freehold, NJ
We assist customers with finding the best furniture to fill their needs and at the best price....


74 Green Meadow Blvd
Middletown, NJ
che bella is a father son owned and operated business servicing the tristate area for over...


Darien, CT

Commack, NY
We are a national, full service, custom closet company. we will design, fabricate, deliver...

CLS Custom Upholsterers & Design Center

150 Keyland Ct
Bohemia, NY
Additional dba - c l s custom upholsterers inc.

Coast to Coast Audio and Video by eav llc.

19 Albe drive
Newark, DE
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Coco Curtain Studio

247 E Ridgewood Ave
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Coco curtain studio

Coleman Furniture

333 Washington Ave
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Coleman furniture offers name brand furniture for the entire home and office at discount...


20 Bridewell Pl
Clifton, NJ
Additional phone numbers: (973) 779-4303, (973) 779-8715, (973) 779-1327 & (973) 779-0189....


Bayport, NY
One of a kind furniture,, antique, primitives,depression glass,linens, , new holidays gifts...

Craft-Art Direct LLC

7939 Lulu Glen Dr
Los Angeles, CA
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Creative Interiors By Joann and Liz

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New City, NY
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Mamaroneck, NY
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Mineola, NY
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Decorative Arts & Design

21 No Hemlock Dr
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Design Expectations

132 Forest St
Staten Island, NY
One day makeover, space planning and designing, paint consultations, home...

Design For The Times LLC

8 Timbers Court
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Design for the Times, LLC

Branchburg, NJ
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Design Spree

29 W. Essex St.
Maywood, NJ
We make furniture shopping fun! exceptional styles, the most unique furnishings in the world...

1815 broadhollow rd
Farmingdale, ny
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DirectBuy of Indianapolis

8450 Westfield Blvd
Indianapolis, IN
Directbuy of indianapolis is a great connection for those who prefer mid to high quality...


Mamaroneck, NY
14 employees. uses subs for electrical & plumbing. cost determined by the job. no travel...

Dufine Furniture

546 E 170 Street
Bronx, NY
Dufine furniture is a family owned and operated furniture making, furniture refinishing and...

E Kenoz

182-21 150th Avenue
Springfield Gardens, NY
E kenoz is dedicated to offering their customers moroccan style furniture, home decor,...


9308 95TH AVE
Ozone Park, NY
Fabrication of custom cabinets

Eastern Outdoor Furnishings

11 Vreeland Avenue
Totowa, NJ
We carry a complete line of cast aluminum outdoor furniture. our products are designed for...


Newton, NJ
Estate liquidation business. purchase service,cleanout service, bonded precious metals dealer


New York, NY
Smart professional with eco conscious ethic. reasonable rates, low cost, high efficiency.

Elite Restaurant Equipment

153 21st St
Brooklyn, NY
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Ella's Design Studio, LLC

490 Mamaroneck Ave
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Essentia - Natural Memory Foam Mattresses

36 W 34th St
New York, NY
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Darien, CT

Everafter Furniture Inc.

12 Edgeboro Rd
East Brunswick, NJ
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Exquisite Designs

47332 Sterdley Falls
Sterling, VA
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Fabulous Flooring & Kitchens

2052A State Route 27
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575 Hawthorne Avenue
Newark, NJ
This is an online website of catalog sales. various items are available for ordering such as...


9 Haven St Ste 2
Elmsford, NY
Fireplace sales and service,gas fireplace sales and service bbq sales and service


830 E Elizabeth Ave
Linden, NJ


United Kingdom
New York, NY
Mobile commerce, we are the first in the field using this unique technology, combining mobile...


727 Highland Ave
Paramus, NJ
When it comes to upholstery, everything we do is customizable and made-to-order to the needs...


727 Highland Ave
Paramus, NJ
When it comes to upholstery, everything we do is customizable and made-to-order to the needs...


295 State Route 10 E
Succasunna, NJ
Family-owned wicker, rattan, teakwood, cast aluminum sales for over 50 years. our cushions...

Freight Liquidators

2093 E Main St
Cortlandt Manor, NY
15 employees. charges determined by the job. uses subcontractors that work specifically for...


1107 AVE U
Brooklyn, NY
Owner-operated. uses subs for repair. charegs a flat rate. travel charges may apply. service...

Furniture Expo Furniture Expo Furniture Store

9 Troast Ct
Clifton, NJ
Expo furniture furniture expo furniture store clifton, nj 07011 is a family-owned discount...

Furniture Rental Associates

149 Madison Avenue Suite 303
New York, NY
In 1941 furniture rental associates started as a small shop selling furniture. one day a...


308 E STATE RT 4
Paramus, NJ
Full line of furniture

Futonland — Functional Furniture and Mattresses

730 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY
We are the biggest futon retailer in new york with largest selection of futon frames, futon...

Gail Green Interior Design

1009 Park Ave
New York, NY
Gail green interior design provides creative decorative and architectural solutions to suit...


1815 Broadhollow Rd Ste 2
Farmingdale, NY
We sell dinette,bar stool ,formica table,formica nook,glass dinette,wood dinette


5801 Sunrise Hwy
Holbrook, NY
Giftnfurniture is in business for over a decade now. we offer easy financing plans, layaway...


400 Summit Street
Bridgeport, CT
Unique gifts & accessories elegant home decor interior design installations


Westwood, NJ
Interior design services. we provide the products and deliveries/installations. you enjoy the...

Gladstone Country House

230 Main St
Gladstone, NJ
We're proud to feature only american made furniture. all of our wood furniture is made from...


Staten Island, NY
Golden key interiors provides a full spectrum, one stop customized design service, including...

Gregghouse Antiques

259 Route 46
Great Meadows, NJ
Gregg house antiques specializes in early 20th century fine quarter sawn oak furniture and...

GSM Furniture. LLC

Beachwood, NJ
Furniture and accessories distributed nationwide to the hospitality industry including hotels,...

Half Price Sinks and Faucets

5711 NE 14th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Half price sinks and faucets was founded on the belief that our customers deserve to have all...

Handpainted Furniture

99 Grand St #24
Moonachie, NJ
We specialize in hand painted vintage and antique furniture. one of a kind pieces that stand...


2604 ROUTE 22
Patterson, NY
Custom built furniture made out of century old barnwood, wormy maple, cherry, oak ,pine,...


Yonkers, NY
Voted best of westchester by westchester magazine for several years running, hi-light is based...


West Creek, NJ
Hoarder hut llc is an antique and collectable retail store located in west creek, nj. feel...

Home Depot

930 Springfield Rd S
Union, NJ
We're here to help you do more. provide the know-how you need. give you the resources to get...


Bridgewater, NJ


99 STATE RT 17 N
Lodi, NJ


4461 ROUTE 9 N
Howell, NJ
Opened in 2006, home living furniture in howell nj offers a large 40,000 sq ft showroom filled...

Homeclick LLC

777 New Durham Rd
Edison, NJ
Additional contact names - chuck gartenhaus, rich davis, john swatek.

Homemade Design

41 Monument Ave
Boston, MA
Homemade design (hmd) is america's leading online interior design service providing a...

25 W 38th St
New York, NY
The perfect place to outfit your home! save big on faucets, fixtures & accents from kohler,...

House Systems

375 Greenwich St Lbby A
New York, NY
Manhattan-based residential or commercial audio/video cedia-certified installer and service...

I and I Designs LLC

4 Country Club Lane
Marlboro, NJ
All service interior design company


New Haven, CT
Restaurant hours: mon-thu 9:30 am-7:30 pm; fri & sat 9:30 am-8:30 pm; sun 10:30 am-6:30 pm.

IKEA Pick up - Delivery - Assembly

161 Varick st
New York, NY
We also provide same day ikea delivery & assembly service. save your time and money with our...

INGRAINED Handcrafted Cabinetry & Furniture

Freehold, NJ
Ingrained is a full-service, custom cabinetry and furniture shop, located in monmouth county,...

Interior Move Consultants

5 West 19th Street
New York, NY
Interior move consultants, inc. (imc) was founded in 1988 as a corporate relocation consulting...

IRP Design for Kitchens & Baths

520 North Main Street
Port Chester, NY
Founded by an international team, we have over fifteen years experience working closely with...

Istikbal Furniture Store

1378 Main Ave
Clifton, NJ
Istikbal furniture offers a great selection of furniture for shoppers in the clifton new...


Danbury, CT

Jennifer Sarantakis, Inc

214 Clinton St, Unit 2B
Brooklyn, NY
Residential, commercial, medical and hospitality interiors. this includes design,...

Jonathan Alexander & Sons Moving

94 Franklin Street
Stamford, CT
Alexander & son's moving has over 30 years of experience in the moving industry. we are a...

Joseph Stabilito Interior Design Inc.

10 Bleeker St.
New York, NY
We are a full service interior design firm, offering everything from consultations, to...

Julie Ferber Interior Design

Nyack, NY
I design with one fundamental intention - that any home i design be the perfect expression of...

kat interiors group

200 water st
New York, NY
We charge a hourly rate plus a fee or percentage on all purchases.


New City, NY


366 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Our specialty is custom made-to-order wedding gowns and dresses for special occasions. we...


Dunellen, NJ
Accepting all major credit cards, financing available.


Toms River, NJ
Kitchen cabinets and countertops

Kitchens by Design

88 Mill Plain Road
Danbury, CT
Kitchen cabinet showroom. cabinetry displays. custom cabinetry. authorized dynasty/omega...


190 Morningstar Rd
Staten Island, NY
Since 1950 kleban furniture has become a icon know for high quality name brand furniture, full...

Konnections World Inc.

970 Belmont Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Konnections world inc. utilizes a vast work force. currently we have five full time employees...

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

1220 Brant St Unit 4
Roselle, NJ
Everything you want to know about la-z-boy furniture galleries stores of greater toronto area,...

Lacka Safe Corporation

400 Meadow Lane
Carlstadt, NJ
Lacka safe corp. is a full service safe & vault company that specializes in everything to do...

Laurel Bern Interiors, Inc.

31 Pondfield Rd W Apt 36
Bronxville, NY
Laurel bern interiors, inc. is a westchester, ny-based interior design firm specializing in...


Saddle Brook, NJ
Retail high end home furniture ashley stanley aicco american drew coaster american eagle...


203 Irving place
We are an estate sale company ,tag sale company.we sell the total contents of your home so you...

Level Line Construction

22-55 31st street
Astoria, ny
Level line construction is a new york based company that has completed projects throughout the...

London Joiners

23 Westchester Ave
Pound Ridge, NY
Antique restoration. additional email address:


118 STATE RTE 35
Eatontown, NJ


920 35th Ave Apt 3O
Astoria, NY
With 5000 italian craftsmen behind our design showroom in manhattan we can handle single units...

Madison Delivery Service

66 Gould Street
Clifton, NJ
Madison delivery service has been owned and operated by robert noto for 30 years. we take...

Maggie Cohen, ASID, NCIDQ

40 E 88th Street
New York, NY
Additional dba - room service designs inc.

Maken Group LLC

Brooklyn, NY
Providing general home improvement and finishing services, including sub-contracting where...


PO Box 569
Lindenhurst, NY
200+ employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no service fees. travel charges may...

Metamorphosis Interior Design, Inc.

845 Huron Road
Franklin Lakes, NJ
We are a full service interior design firm. we specialize in new construction, renovation,...

Michael Mariotti Interior Design

Haworth, NJ
Attention to detail, sophisticated color palettes, and elegant styling are hallmarks of...


Brick, NJ
"it's got be michael's"--quality home furnishings and assesories for less

Midtown Studios Interior Design

412 8th Ave
New York, NY
Midtown studios offers a variety of interior design services. our goal is to create life long...

MNM Design Studio, Inc.

1201 Hylan Blvd., 2nd Floor
Staten Island, NY
Mnm design studio provides interior design, remodeling, and home staging services for...


PO Box 341068
Brooklyn, NY
Custom screen printing and embroidery. t-shirts-hats-sweats-hoodies-polos-bags sweet...

Murphy Bed Company

42 Central Ave
Farmingdale, NY
Standard size murphy beds and mattresses are generally stocked and ready to ship with little...

Nassau Furniture and Mattress

105 fulton ave.
Hempstead, NY
When it comes to furniture stores in long island, nassau furniture is the place to shop. we...

National Business Furniture

735 N Water St
Milwaukee, WI
National business furniture is america's leading provider of office furniture to large and...

718 EAST 180 TH ST
Bronx, NY
We sell custom made and ready to assemble furniture. fast delivery and outstanding customer...

Nationwide Estate Sales Inc

Jamaica Blvd
Carle Place, NY
Do you need to liquidate a loved one’s estate? are you downsizing and need help selling your...

NDC Furniture Store

37 Broadway
Newark, NJ
Furniture store

Nevell Furniture

PO Box 669
Manorville, NY
We offer most brands of furniture, carpeting,bedding & window treatments,stone/tile/&...


Darien, CT


Massapequa, NY
Nysavesmoney is a networking and barter company helping to promote the growth of new york...

Olivos Property Perfection, Inc.

260 Audubon ave
New York, NY
A new york professional construction company that is fully licensed an insured since 1989....

Online USA shop HomeyStore

New York, NY
Shop for bedding sets, furniture, outdoor furniture, storage benches, suncast products and...

OT Construction

8520 Elmhurst Ave
Elmhurst, NY

Pakrite Express

155-06 South Conduit Avenue 1st Floor Warehouse
Jamaica, NY
30 years of experience, business, and residential clients expert packaging, crating, and...


Englewood, NJ
Family owned & operated for over 90 years. over 15,000 sq ft showroom . rowe, stanley,...


Darien, CT

Paramus Ashley Furniture HomeStore

545 Route 17 S
Paramus, NJ
Financing available. additional email -

Paul's Appliances & Electronics

121 New York Avenue
Newark, NJ


87 West Main St.
Somerville, NJ
Platinum designs, llc, a new jersey based company specializing in custom cabinetry design and...

Queen Furniture

5205 Flushing Avenue Suite 209
Queens, NY
Unsure if buying furniture online is the best option for you? afraid to trust an online...

Raymour & Flanigan

1 Maple Ave
White Plains, NY
Providing knowledge and expertise in design and construction of furniture and mattresses,...

Relocation Management Solutions, Inc.

2 Foxcroft Road
Albertson, NY
Relocation management solutions is a facility planning, construction and move...

Relocator Service Inc

233 Robbins Ln
Syosset, NY
Relocators service inc. is a family owned & operated business. along side of our literal...


Staten Island, NY
Richmond consignments is an importer and retailer of quality home furnishings and decorative...


304 Stagg Street Brooklyn, NY 11206
Brooklyn, NY
Room dividers ny is one of the leading companies in the industry that provide temporary wall...


Westport, CT
Construction design and custom cabinetry

Royal Treasures Warehouse LLC

152 SE Prima Vista Blvd
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Royal treasures warehouse. a great world of items for sale, we simply sell beautiful furniture...

Rugs As Art, Inc.

6650S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL
Rugs as art, inc. is widely known as one of the nation's most prestigious and award winning...


40 Universal Place
Carlstadt, NJ
S & h rugs, inc. is one of the major sources of high quality hand knotted/hand woven rugs at...

S & S Exquisite Dzynes

11718 125th St
South Ozone Park, NY
At s & s exquisite dzynes we take your dream about interior design and turn it into a...

Sam's Club

333 Saw Mill River Rd
Elmsford, NY
Facebook: see website for more products

Sandra John Interiors, Inc.

374 North Maple Ave
Basking Ridge, NJ
Celebrating 15 years of providing interior design services, sandra john interiors offers...


Darien, CT

Seats4Cars.Com LLC

115 Franklin Tpke
Mahwah, NJ


Brooklyn, NY
Hello everyone just opened a new online store please stop at your...

Simon Cohen Interiors

923 Saw Mill River Road
Ardsley, NY
I install anything that the homeowner supplies and can not install themselves. from mirrors to...

Simplicity Sofas

1745 Broadway
New York, NY
At simplicity sofas, we guarantee that our furniture will fit anywhere! are you moving but are...

Simply Decorate, LLC

300 East 57th Street
New York, NY
Our savvy design site uses clever questions to learn your tastes and habits. this means that...

Sleep Island

533 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ
We sell mattresses, beds, bedroom furniture and futons.

Sleepworks Mattresses & Furniture

5068 Sunrise Hwy
Massapequa Park, NY
Hello, and welcome. my name is anthony page and i have been involved in the mattress,...


Corona, CA
Customer service- (800)248-8888. additional email-

Sofa Paradise Furniture

2029 76th Street
Brooklyn, NY
Welcome to sofa paradise, your online furniture retailer store that specializes in high...


275 US HWY 46
Fairfield, NJ


346 ROUTE 202
Somers, NY
Furniture store

Sophisticated Spaces llc

Brooklyn, ny
Sophisticated spaces charges an initial consultation fee of $300 that would be applied to the...


101 Varet St., 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY
Souda is a design and manufacturing company located in new york city. with a focus on...


Fair Lawn, NJ
Spivak lighting is a family owned business that has been providing quality lighting services...

Stockbridge and Berry

166 main street
Monroe, ct
Fine home furnishings, decorative accessories, window treatments, and interior design...

Studio D Interiors

3333 Henry Hudson Parkway
Bronx, NY
We are a full service interior design studio working on home and apartment renovations,...

Susan Barbieri Interior Design LLC

Hawthorne, NJ
Professional residential and commercial interior design services: susan barbieri, asid,cid of...

Sweet Lullaby

300 Franklin Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ
Baby and children's boutique. carrying everything you need for baby and children from layette...


Hoboken, NJ
Swift-morris interiors design integrates your lifestyle with an assured aesthetic sensibility...


Brooklyn, NY
Add a classic car mak

The Home Depot

7509 Woodhaven Blvd
Ridgewood, NY
We're here to help you do more. provide the know-how you need. give you the resources to get...

The Moroccan Room

45-20 40th Street
Sunnyside, NY
The moroccan room provides decor, furniture rental, catering, consultation and entertainment...

The Move In Store LLC

535 Bedell Terrace
West Hempstead, NY
Additional phone number -(347)421-3366, (347) 421-3366. additional working hours - mon-fri...

The Penny Pincher

184 ROUTE 117 By Pass Rd.
Bedford Hills, NY
Penny pincher, the largest, most elegant consignment shop in westchester, ny. in business for...

The Red Chair

7802 Long Beach Blvd
Beach Haven, NJ
Furniture, blinds and accessories for your coastal home.


New Canaan, CT
Additional email:

The Woodpecker Shop

1010 Hope St.
Stamford, CT
Master visa discover and amex accepted.

then and now consignment

610 lafayette avenue
Hawthorne, nj
Newer to antique, practical to unusual, then & now consignment shop has an ever changing...


York, PA
Our services personal property appraisal auction experience absentee bidding mailing list...

Total Relocation Systems Inc.

819 Yonkers Avenue
Yonkers, NY
Trs has management based labor for every service that will compliment a commercial relocation...

Tri-State Auction Gallery

181 Bergen Blvd
Fairview, NJ
10 employees

Turner Transformation Design

970 kelly st
Bronx, NY
Your home is a valuable asset and a major investment. smart sellers understand the important...


Centereach, NY
We have been in business since 1990. we specialize in custom made tables and chairs. some of...


Stamford, CT
The most eclectic selection of indoor and outdoor decor in the tri-state area. family owned...


140B 58th Street, Unit 8F
Brooklyn, NY
Urbangreen is a new eco-friendly, sustainable design furniture company that manufactures wood...

Us Furniture

Astoria, NY


P.O BOX 3217
Wayne, NJ
Vanities to go is a new local bathroom supply wholesaler and retail . we are located in ceder...

Vintage Hip Decor

89 Hampton House Rd.
Hampton, NJ
We renew vintage furniture with specialty paint and creative painting techniques. here you can...

Wallauer Decorating Stores

1948 E Main St
Mohegan Lake, NY

We Haul Moving

1866 Auburn St
Bethlehem, PA
We-haul moving offers competitive rates for quality moving experiences. no 3rd party...

Westchester House and Home

65 S Moger ave
Mount Kisco, NY
Design center including, carpeting ,hardwoods, area rugs, vinyl, laminate, cork, commercial...

Westchester Upholstery

181 WestChester Ave 102A
Port Chester, NY

Wicker Paradise

New Rochelle, NY
Over 30 years of expertise in the wicker furniture industry. wicker paradise specializes in...

William J Jenack Auctioneers

62 Kings Hwy Byp
Chester, NY
William j. jenack auctioneers is one of the fastest growing auction galleries outside of new...

Window Stuff

42 Barker Avenue
White Plains, NY
Secound generation decorator & consultant, 28 years of experience in the decorating,...


Yonkers, NY
We are in business for 9 years in the same location. we sell kitchen cabinets and countertops...
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