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Elisa R.
"I was going to my gym at work for a few months trying to
some inches before my wedding in October. No luck. A friend of mine recommended Zeke's gym in Bedminster." It was a little far for me since i live in South Orange but I decided to go any way since I had read reviews and he was highly rated. I started attending his boot camp three times a week and even tried out the booty
class. Totally worth it! It was tough at first since the workouts are intense but let me tell you after two weeks I lost several inches off my waist and thighs. Zeke is super approachable and gives you a complete body analysis. Not only does he recommend exercises but also suggests products and foods you should buy to maximize your results. His classes fill up but he's always going around making sure everyone is catching up. Best gym around. He works with your hours too and very affordable.
Rated by
Ana S.
"Great facility but very expensive considering family fitness gym down the street also offers childcare and is one-third the price. Also, inconsistency in badging. Sometimes front desks" ask for kids id, sometimes they don't which can add time before moving to childcare and having to show ids again. But playgroung is good, i just wish it was cheaper
Rated by
Jessica E.
"My son attended
Academy summer camp this last summer from 6/2014 thru 8/2014, as he has done for the past two summers. As always, there is a weekly charge for" the basic camp plus additional charges for early (before camp) child care. After hearing nothing but good things about
, during the last two weeks, the
changed dramatically. We were told
had used foul language (w/ two other boys). The 2nd & 3rd times he was suspended for a day, however, we were never reimbursed for the day he missed. We were also overcharged the entire summer for an extra 1/2 hour a day for the before camp care. Regardless, because we were otherwise happy w/ the service, we did not ask for a refund. The last week of camp, the owner,
, ran up to me and said she "had something to tell me that I didn't want to hear". She was holding a square object and said, "you wouldn't believe how much it costs to repair this" and went on to explain that the item was a balance beam end cap that
had damaged, and asked for $450, which she assured me was how much it would cost to fix. I was dumfounded, but trusted
, and wrote her a check, however, as the day went on, I began to have doubts, and researched balance beam end cap costs and found them to range from approx. $60-$70. After speaking w/ my husband, who agreed that $450 for something that costs $70 at the most was outrageous, especially since LEGA was already being paid to supervise our son to begin with. I stopped payment on the check and my husband emailed LEGA, nicely explaining that he would be glad to purchase and repair the end cap (he is quite handy and had also done his research on balance beam repair). This all took place late August/early September. Months went by and we heard nothing until early October, when we received an email from
who I assume is the office manager informing us that they had already had the beam repaired, and that we owed them $200, and might owe them $600 if the repair "did not hold". I replied to
letting her know that we would only pay for the end cap and that, in fairness, that the cost should be divided between the 3 boys' families to be fair, and even that was more than fair since LEGA was already being paid to supervise the children to begin with. She responded; indicating that only our son had damaged the end cap and again demanded reimbursement; this time siting that there was some sort of legal requirement that someone has to be certified to install the end cap. I responded requesting an itemized invoice or receipt for the repair, and also the specific regulation that requires someone to be certified to repair the beam. I did not receive a response until today; Oct. 22, in which
sent a very vague and nondescript estimate and invoice from
(NOT a copy from the “certified” contractor she alleges to have performed the repair and charged them $200), nor did she include a copy of the regulation. At this point, I am giving up as I am quite sure this is an attempt to scam money. I did some research on the Better Business Bureau website and would encourage anyone reading this review to do the same as there are multiple complaints there too, and also Yelp.

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Fitness And Health reviews in Bridgeport


Worst experience ever! They lied to us about the terms of our membership. The salesperson told us we would not be charged if we cancelled in the first six months and showed us the notes he had written on our account. When we questioned that it differed from the contract he told us the manager would override the contract if the notes were in our account. We believed him, never thought a company would be so desperate that it would need to resort to this kind of sales. As a grown adult it is disgraceful that the young sales people are taught to lie to people.
They have a complete scam going on to make it impossible to process a cancelation that involves sending an email which is replied to with a message your membership cancelation request is being processed but does not contain the a confirmation number. When you call the 800 number, and if you can get through, it took us 16 tries, they tell you they can not provide a confirmation over the phone you have to email back to them and request the confirmation number …. which never comes.
When we spoke to the manager at the
Bridgeport Fitness Centers Provider Name Locked
she was the rudest person I've ever encountered. All she did was yell the same answer back at us, "You signed a contract. That's what you did." I think she was drunk as she was slurring her words. She refused to tell us the name of either the owner or her supervisor. She actually told us to google it if we wanted to know. It wasn't easy to locate, I finally found it on the Better Business Bureau site where I found dozens of complaints about this
Bridgeport Fitness Centers Provider Name Locked
. The owners name is
Bridgeport Fitness Centers Provider Name Locked
Neste and the VP of Operations is
Bridgeport Fitness Centers Provider Name Locked
. Never trust a company that has a policy of not disclosing those in charge.
Why did we decide to cancel? The facility itself is dirty and mismanaged. The equipment is often broken. The workout areas are overcrowd most of the time. No one, including the so called personal trainers, wipes down the equipment. The mats, fitness balls and other individual items are filthy. It all looks very shiny at first glance but when you are actually there working out you see how gross it is. The free orientation is nothing more than a sales pitch. You are not taught how to use any of the equipment. If you want that you have to pay for a personal trainer.
They have it all figured out about how to misrepresent what they are selling you and make it nearly impossible to cancel if you choice to. It's shameful that they have a business model set up to charge people who are not receiving anything for their money.
- Timothy C.

You sign up and they give you a magnetic card. The facility is available 24/7 and you card yourself in and stay for as long as you want. They have got a fairly good range of equipment. However, sometimes when you go in, there isn’t anybody there that’s actually their employee; just the members are there, so you
Bridgeport Fitness Centers Provider Name Locked
’t have that much contact with them on a personal basis, it’s just the sign you up and that and then give you the card that’s the end of it. Otherwise, they are easy to deal with, they are clean, and they keep everything in a really good shape.
- Charles S.

I joined Gold's
Bridgeport Fitness Centers Provider Name Locked
0n 8/21/14 and paid for $478.00 up front for personal training. They were a week late getting me scheduled and then the trainer I got told me it was her last day, so I would be contacted by another trainer and would have to start over with them. No one called. I talked with two managers and several staff members. At least 6 personal visits to discuss and numerous calls. After 5 weeks they were still unable to fulfill their end of the contract and get me a trainer. They apologized and asked for another
Bridgeport Fitness Centers Provider Name Locked
which I agreed to. Again they were unable to fulfill their end of the agreement. I then asked for a refund. They told me they did not do refunds. I also called the corporate office and they were not helpful either. They offered to give me two months free, 2 $60.00 value to make up for the $478.00 they took for a service they never provided.
I am a very dissatisfied customer of
Bridgeport Fitness Centers Provider Name Locked
and am very unhappy with their corporate office as well.
- Christina D.

I had been looking for a
Bridgeport Fitness Centers Provider Name Locked
gym that was affordable and a place that I could call home. This is both of those.
Bridgeport Fitness Centers Provider Name Locked
the owner really cares about everyone in his gym and works to make us all better. Everyone in this"box" is very friendly and has become like family over a short period of time.
- Jon R.

They have been around for a long time and they are very good. They are very impressive. They offer a full service athletic, health and wellness club. It has sports equipment, two swimming pools and one is Olympic size pool, a total remodelled facility with almost all brand new machines. It also has exercise classes for the young and old. It’s a full service with a well established club.

They have very impressive price. They are not expensive for what they offer. However there are a few things in the club that they can improve like bigger towels. They send you newsletter, give you updates and give you printed letters. They always
Bridgeport Fitness Centers Provider Name Locked
me when I go there.
- Susan K.

We love everything and they have the best childcare of all the gyms in the area. They have very friendly staff. The childcare is top notch. They actually care about the children. They take care of the children and they play with the children. They don't just sit the kids there and put somebody in the way to watch them. All the staff knows the kiddos by name and they know the parents. It's a very family friendly environment.
- Ashley B.

It's not excellent but it's good. The facility is a little bit older. We had a lot of problems in the summer because we had no air conditioning, but they had resolved that issue. It is kind of hard to get things done out there like things that really need to be done to keep the facility in good condition. However, we have a person who leads our exercise who is very good. We do group exercises, Silver Sneakers type which are designed for seniors, and our person is quite good. My health insurance pays for it so obviously it's good. They are not really inexpensive but they are pretty decent value. They communicate very often by email so we know when the class is canceled because of weather or something like that.
- Marilyn R.

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