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This is a review for my Mother-in-law's home; we live in an entirely different state, so the entire process was handled via email and phone. I sent 3 emails based on Angie's list ratings, and Cliff with AE was the first to respond. He called me and set up a time to visit the house, stopped by, provided a bid, and followed up several times to see where we were in the process. Once we were ready for the work, he coordinated the date for the work, material delivery on Thursday, work on Friday.
When they did the actual roofing work, they covered all the bushes, picked up the debris, and spent some extra time working on a portion of the roof that had leaked in the past. My Mother-in-law had nothing but high praise for Cliff and the team at AE.
overall, very easy process, good communications, and they followed through very well on the job.
- Lauren W.

I'm not too sure how this company has gotten such great reviews and ratings. The ratings on this website did not at all reflect the experience I had. When I called to set up a time and date to do an estimate on a rental property in
I spoke with a man named
whom chatted my ear off for a good 40 minutes about roofing repairs/replacements, insurance claims vs. paying out of pocket etc. This was fine with me at first because I appreciate getting all the information I can for projects such as this. I was told by
that he would make it out to the property on Wednesday, 22-January-2014 and that I could anticipate receiving the estimate documentation in my email that evening. That day came and went and I heard nothing from him. I tried calling back on Thursday and was told that he made it out there and that I would receive the email that day between 2 and 4pm. Again, that time window passed and I never received an email from
. I then got a text from my tenant on Friday, 24-January-2014 telling me that he had just then been to the house to look at the roof.
then contacted me on Saturday, 25-January-2014 looking for my email address which I had already given him. I responded to his text with my email address once again, and....I STILL NEVER RECEIVED THE ESTIMATE DOCUMENTATION.
Needless to say,
Roofing will not be getting the job or working on any future roofing projects that I encounter. It is not very encouraging to the customer when we can't even get through the bid process without being lied to multiple times.
- Diane N.

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Roofing reviews in Littleton


I was very disappointed when the roof failed the 1st inspection. I was also disappointed with how long it took to complete the additional items on the contract. Finally, I was disappointed with the amount of communication.
- Kristen H.

They came out, gave me a good bid (nearly $2,000 less than two other bids from A rated angies listers). It was the week before Christmas and they were able to start right away.
The crew did the work quickly,
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very responsive and helpful. It took a couple of days because the inspectors were slow, but the roof is done and they did a great job.
The roofing crew could have used a few more tarps to make clean up a bit more efficient, but they cleaned things up well and I'm satisfied with the project.
- Mark E.

Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
(President and CEO) is the face of
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
. He was intimately involved at every stage. His responsiveness, concern, integrity, and professionalism differentiated him from all other Improvement companies. Additionally, his team shared his invaluable qualities and attitude. Bottom Line, we received and great product at a great price,....and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
- Stephen H.

We developed a new leak in our roof as well as having an existing leak above our garage during the September flooding. I called on 9/12 and asked for a call back. Due to the amount of work most everyone had to have done on their roofs I figured that it could be a while before someone came out to review what needed to be done. It did take a while and the work was completed but what I was most upset about is the complete lack of follow up by the company. Even if you are busy it only takes a few minutes to contact people to let them know generally when you can get back to them. After repeated calls I finally did get a call back at the beginning of October. Once
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
came out things were awesome. He was very knowledgeable and stayed until he and the other technician determined the exact cause of the leak. They couldn't complete the work at that time but since he did not need to get back into the house he was able to do the work when I was not there and I was sent a bill which was extremely convenient. I would definitely use
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Pamela W.

No work was completed as I was very disappointed in the lack of responsiveness by the PM. I called the day that the big rains started in September and was very surprised to receive a call back promptly and then had the PM show up at the house the next day. He stated that he was new and needed to have a technician review the work that was needed but didn't think that it would be extensive/expensive. Weeks went by where I called and left messages and did not receive a response back. I finally got the PM back on the phone about a month later and was told that he had not had the time to get together with a technician to come out. I acknowledged that the rain and flooding was a priority for everyone but that it was poor service to not respond to calls. He indicated that he was working on calls that he could deal with himself but that my roof required a tech. Then he stated that he had found out that the service call with the tech would cost $179. I was stunned that the call would cost so much and asked if the cost would be credited to any work that we had done. He said that he did not think so. Really?! I wait for a month to get a call back then told that their standard service call fee is far higher than any other contractor that I've ever worked with. Wow! I told him to not bother because by that point another service that I had been playing phone tag with finally called me back. They did the work for under $250 and there was no service call fee.
- Pamela W.

The company representative was here to review the damage and came when the insurance adjuster was here to go over the damage with him. His painter Kiki is extremely conscientious and thorough and does a terrific job!
The roofers were not their main crew, but did a good job. When removing old roofing 2 window screens were damaged and
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
company replaced them for me. The company representative came to do clean up of the yard following the roofing project and then had the painter come back to touch up any areas that needed it after the roofers left.
- Mary D.

First & Foremost - regardless of thorough discussions you may have, NEVER sign a letter of intent with a door-door contractor. I know better, yet I still got pulled in by
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's perception of honesty & competence.- admittedly, my error.
The document I signed committed to using
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
for a new roof, contingent upon Insurance agreeing to pay for an entire roof replacement. Prior to signing, I conveyed that I wanted a number of upgrades, and I expected a detailed itemized quote - fully expecting it may be above and beyond what Insurance may pay.
While awaiting the Insurance claims process, I contacted an alternative
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Platinum Partner roofing contractor (equivalent to
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
), and obtained a very thorough itemized & professional quote; offering many other services of interest, which I could combine into one complete job. The alternate contractor was aware of the same criteria as the
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
reps, and he was extremely cooperative with all my requests & questions.
Once the insurance claim assessment was complete, I contacted
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
indicating insurance was going to pay for a full replacement, and that I wanted to discuss the finalize the details of the job and get the itemized quote; they promptly showed up at my door to discuss. The
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
acct mgr. indicated he needed to see my insurance loss estimate; I indicated that insurance was sending it to me via US mail, and I would provide it, AFTER they fulfill my request for the itemized quote.
The next day, to my complete surprise, I received a call from the
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
acct mgr. indicating that he had called my insurance company and they had emailed him my loss estimate; would I like a copy? I was intrigued at this prospect, and he emailed it to me, confirming that he had in-fact obtained an electronic copy of my loss-statement WITHOUT MY CONSENT.
I promptly contacted both
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
management & my Insurance company to convey my complete dissatisfaction that such event could & did occur. Further, I very clearly conveyed my thoughts about my tolerance for such business tactics to my
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
acct. mgr.. At this juncture, I was prepared to immediately drop
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and proceed with the alternate contractor. Unfortunately, I found that the document I had signed had committed me to using
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, IF my Insurance authorized the full roof replacement.
I reluctantly proceeded with
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, though I never once again interacted with my
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
account manager again, though he had been my only
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
contact to this point. Instead,
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
elected to send a 'liaison' to work with me on the acct. mgr's behalf - I found that quite cowardly.
The liaison and I had a detailed discussion about my experience to that point, and my expectations going forward. We discussed the upgrades I was looking to have completed, and due to my experience, he indicated he would do all the work for only what my insurance was going to pay. Yet, he couldn't fulfill my request for an itemized quote; he simply wanted to sign a hard copy of my insurance loss statement saying he would do it for the statement amount. I reluctantly agreed, with the agreement that we would do the job the following Monday and I would get a copy of the work-order detailing the work and job materials.
As expected, I never received a copy of the work-order and the crew & materials showed up Monday morning, without the Liaison. I inspected all the material that arrived, and found everything to be correct, except the underlayment. I was having a 30yr roof installed, and expected the underlayment to have the same 30yr warranty - as a Platinum Preferred Contractor, I expected
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
to know and adhere to the guidelines. Yet, they sent standard 15 year felt to the site, and were preparing to install it. I stopped them, and they resolved it - sending the synthetic underlayment out on a separate truck. Most homeowners would not be there, have the knowledge, or take the time to review the job materials that were requested. I view
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's attempt to install the job with materials that did not meet what I had specified and they verbally agreed to, as dishonest & shady.
During completion of the job, they did an adequate job of placing tarp around the entire perimeter of the house for debris. During the debris removal, a large part of a bush was broken off. Further, the following day I picked up over 2 dozen nails from the yard and driveway - the drive being the main concern, for obvious reasons.
The workmanship of the job was 90% average, but as the day went on, the sunset and the temps dropped, the workmanship became shoddy - rather than scheduling to return and complete the job. It failed the first
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
county inspection. Some of the 'bird block' flashing and ridge cap was not adequately fastened.
Upon completion, the one issue that remained for my approval was the rubber boots around the 3 safety anchors that were in my roof. I asked what they intended to do with the 20 year old rubber boots, prior to the start of the job. They were a concern for me, because the are a roof penetration, and I could see in the attic that they had been leaking. The acct. mgr's liaison indicated to me that he would investigate what they could do, and get back to me. When the job was in progress, I inquired about the same thing with the job lead - he indicated that they would take care of them. I left it at that.
A couple days after the job was completed, I inspected the roof, particularly the safety anchors and rubber boots; thinking they would have replaced them. No - the simply left them as-is, and gooped on a bunch of roofing sealant. I went into my attic, and found that I could see daylight around the safety anchor roof penetrations. I then took my garden hose and sprayed all 3 of the anchors, confirming that water was in fact still leaking around the anchors. Clearly unacceptable.
When the
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
job lead came back to find out the results of the final county inspection, I addressed the rubber boots with him again. He indicated he would investigate what further could be done, and get back to me.
Two weeks later, I get a call from the kind ladies in the
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
front office. Did they call to inquire how the job went? If we were satisfied? If our remaining issues had been resolved?
- No
They called to inform me that they had once again taken it upon themselves to call my insurance company, and found out for me that my final insurance payment had been sent to me in the mail. I informed her that I had already received and cashed the check. She then inquired how I would be making my final payment. I informed her that final payment wasn't my concern - job completion and satisfaction was my concern. We had a lengthy and detailed discussion.
A couple days later I received a call from
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
corporate offices, inquiring about the details of why I was withholding final payment - again, focused on the money - not on my satisfaction. I had the same discussion with the corporate representative, who indicated she would have my issues addressed.
At that point, I had zero confidence in
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's ability to resolve the issues. I did my own investigation, and obtained the solution to the problem; which I would have them install.
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
job lead did finally return with a crew. His intention was not to replace the leaking rubber boots/safety anchors, but to use flashing, shingles and more roof sealant to build up around the anchors and try to prevent the leaking.
I told him no, he would be removing the existing anchors and boots and replacing them with the RIDG-2 anchor system that I procured myself. Less than 30 minutes later, they had completed the job - but even that they didn't complete well. One of the new anchors was installed off-center about 3 inches... but I'm utterly exhausted of dealing with their mediocrity.


The representative came directly out. He was very courteous and professional. He,
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, was honest and informed us ours did not need replaced because of hail damage. Because every home on our street was being replaced by a company that was not so reputable, we called a better rated company. When we need any type of repairs we will call
Littleton Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
- AlanBrenda N.
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