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He did a marvelous job. He was very professional and all of his work was top quality. We were so pleased with the results that we immediately hired him to remodel our guest bathroom. He has completed that task with top-notch professionalism, and we are very happy with the results. We highly recommend him and will hire him again for any future remodeling we plan to do.
- Diane E.

It was terrific as it always is with
. Prior to starting the job, he came up to the house several times to discuss options, cost and design. Then he brought up materials for us to choose from. Once the first stage materials were decided, he set up a plastic
to tent the entire fireplace area. This protected the rest of the house from construction dust. While we were on vacation he got 85% of it done. We came back and the house was clean and the fireplace already looked beautiful!. He helped us work out the finishing details and then he did everything as we asked and as he always has, went above and beyond making it look just they way we wanted. It is the centerpiece of the room! This is the fourth time we have used
for work in our home, and we wouldn't use anyone else. We found him 5 years ago through an ad in the local paper. He built us an office in our new home. Next he remodeled our kitchen from a galley kitchen to a wonderful open concept kitchen with a stone island with a glass raised bar area and many other wonderful features. Then he helped put a new door in where there was no door. And finally this fireplace. (oh, and he also painted our entire main floor with it's odd
and high ceilings!)
is a perfectionist and takes his work very seriously. He knows his craft and does a great job at it. He is extremely helpful in understanding design and functionality to help you make the best decisions. For example his understanding of the functioning of a kitchen and how you want your appliances and cabinets to work efficiently to save you time in your daily life. He thinks of things you wouldn't think of. Such as a small door that we thought would never have a need, but he said that we might want to make that door a little larger than average in case we couldn't get something up our stairs. If the door was big enough we could bring large items over our deck and through that door. Well sure enough before the kitchen was done, we had to bring a large item through that door! His design talent is an extra bonus! He has a great eye for design and is a great help when making tough design choices. He keeps things clean while working and finishes every project by cleaning up any mess the project has made. We have never found a service provider that we are as satisfied with as we are with
. And finally,
is just a friendly, honest, nice person that you can feel comfortable working with.
- Robin S.

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Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very easy to work with. He is very knowledgeable and his project manager is very good. When the project was completed he made the painters come back to redo some minor things which I probably could have lived with: his standards were higher than mine. He is a little expensive compared to some other contractors, but they required NO babysitting and got the job done close to the time frame promised, we had to wait on a tile order for a couple of days. Another thing that impressed me was that he was prompt every time I met with him.
- Erica S.

Estimate was pretty close to final cost. Most of the work was done in a timely and professional manner. This was some extensive remodeling and required a few subcontractors. Most of the subs showed up when they said and did very good work. There were a couple of minor glitches with scheduling, but not a real big inconvenience. They even went out of their way to help with the installation of ceiling fans which wasn't in the contract. The foreman for the job installed the fans himself. Overall I am very satisfied with the finished project and would hire
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Dev. again.
- Kenneth C.

In and out in 15 minutes they were! Gentleman asked me a few questions about what i wanted, explained what he was doing and told me how to use the new product. Now- my lights are motion sensitive in the laundry room where we won't have to fiddle looking for the switch in the night.
- Berna G.

The entire job was finished a day ahead of schedule (two weeks). They beat commercial estimates by average of four thousand dollars and did a professional job. Only issue was a misunderstanding with ceiling color and they corrected immediately at no extra charge. Everything cleaned up but some minor debris left in tub - easily taken care of. We put together a solid contract outlining everything we asked for, and allowance limits on new items. Contractor followed the contract perfectly and saw to it that our toilets were top of the line within the price limits asked for. Drywall work was perfect as was the painting. No ancillary damage to anything.
- Kerry T.

We met with several contractors before deciding to go with Orhan and
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
. Right off the bat we were at ease with Orhan and
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
- they have experience working on homes like ours and had many great suggestions about the work we could do. They were genuine and warm in nature. This was extremely important to us since we would effectively be turning over our home to them for several weeks.
Our home is a
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
, also known as the poor man's
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
, so there were several updates we wanted to do to make it feel more modern:
Install overhead lighting
Install exhaust fans in the baths
Run heat to all the rooms (we only had heat in the kitchen, living room and hallway) and install a new high-efficiency furnace
Install insulation on roof, and a new foam roof
Upgrade the electrical panel to 200 amps
Remodel our kitchen to maximize the available space and upgrade the look
It took longer than originally quoted to do the work, but we expected that since you really never know what you're dealing with until you open up walls. The end result was well worth the wait and now we have a comfortable home year-round, and a beautiful kitchen. In fact, we were so pleased with the work
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
did we havejust hired them to remodel our baths!
- Amber F.

Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
did a great job removing old wood porch railings and columns and replacing them with PVC and composite materials. He meticulously cut and fitted expensive materials which I priced locally. Great work with the electric miter saw! The project really added
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
appeal to my home.
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
is courteous, prompt, and completed the job as scheduled, leaving the work area very clean. Excellent communication and paperwork. I would definitely hire him again and recommend him to neighbors and friends.
- Gabrielle H.

This review has been particularly difficult to write. I’ve agonized over how to convey my disappointment without being too h******
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
. While
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
) does very nice work, his professionalism is sorely lacking. I’ve had dozens of contractors do work at my home in the last 27 years and with only two exceptions have had great luck with good, honest professionals.
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
is one of those exceptions.
I first hired
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
to do some work in my kitchen which included cutting a hole for a new dishwasher and installing shelving in my kitchen closet to serve as a pantry. His estimate was a bit on the high side I thought, but he’d been recommended by my
plumber, and on meeting
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
, he seemed like a very personable young man, so I went with it.
The first indication of less than stellar business practices occurred with that job. I was coordinating with a plumber and electrician involved in the dishwasher install as well, so it was important that he be there when he said he would. On more than one occasion, he didn’t come when he indicated he would, but he also didn’t call to say he would be late. I realize that this line of work can be unpredictable, but I think a call to the waiting customer is a required courtesy when you’re going to be later than even an hour. In one instance, after waiting 2.5 hours, after contacting him, he attempted to cancel because he “was too far away”, but I reminded him that the plumber was scheduled to be there so I thought it was imperative that he be there. In the long run, everything worked out ok and the workmanship was good, so I hired him, with some reservation, to tear down
an existing fence and install and stain a new cedar fence in my back yard.
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
again did not show up when he said he would and didn’t call either to say he’d be late or to explain why he’d been late. Communication is not his strong suit. When we discussed replacing the fence in the back yard, I said I wanted a fence like the one I had. He saw the old fence, so it should have been clear what I wanted. It was about 4 feet high, with four inch rounded
slats spaced ½-3/4 inch apart. I used the term
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
fence because that what I’d always called it. When he showed up at my house, he unloaded several pre-built sections that he had bought at Home Depot. They were stacked and I didn’t look at them
closely to see how closely the slats were spaced. They had a nice look to them so I said ok (I realize that this is almost entirely my fault for not pulling one out to look at more closely). He made the comment that “we” saved some money and time by
buying pre-builts. I spent that evening and the next morning looking at the portion of the fence he’d installed and concluded that there was no way I could live with it because it had 3.5 inch slats with 4 inch spacing between. It looked more like a
railing than a fence and I could see into my neighbor’s yard like it was part of my yard. My neighbor also stated she was surprised they’d call that a fence. When he arrived the next morning I stated that I had a few things that I wanted to
discuss with him about the fence, the spacing being chief among them. He recommended putting 2.5 inch slats in the
spacings and I agreed to that. The additional charges came to $357. I agreed to that only because I felt I was in large part responsible for the miscommunication even though what he had installed in no way resembled the original fence and he admitted that he had gone with the pre-builts to save money so it was not his original design plan. A mistake on my part to not confirm what the fence would look like before the project began and I had ok’d the original estimate. So, work began a few days later to finish up the install with the added slats, albeit much later in the day than originally scheduled.
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s assistant) arrived on Friday to stain. When he was finished staining, he asked if I could pay the balance of
the bill. It should be noted that
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
asks for half payment before the work even begins which I’ve been advised to
never do and to avoid contractors who use this practice. I told
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
initially that I would write a check, but after thinking about it for a while, decided that the best course of action would be to wait until after cleanup which he was not able to do that
Further frustrations with his practices:
1. Didn’t cleanup all the wood debris—there were several small pieces of wood that appeared to have been deliberately thrown behind my cedar tree. I say this because there was a chalk line that had been left back there after the work was
completed and they’d managed to find that and pick it up, so they had to have seen the debris at that time.
2. Overheard
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
maligning me to one of his workers when he thought I was out of earshot. Basically, I gather from his
sing-song imitation of me in one of our conversations that he thought I was being demanding in asking for the added slats. When I confronted him about it, he denied it, making the issue even worse because he’s either not willing to man up to
anything or sees his actions as justified.
3. My water hose and spray attachment were used in the mixing of concrete but not properly cleaned, so the spray attachment is clogged for most functions and permanently cemented to the hose, making it virtually useless for any other purpose than jet spraying.
4. While cleaning up around the fence a few days after completion, I found a large wet spot on the ground underneath a huge fern plant behind the tool shed in my yard. On closer inspection, it appears to be a spot used to dispose of paint thinner
and/or stain. I sent an e-mail to
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
to ask if that’s what had been done and he emailed back that
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
“accidentally” spilled a
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
of stain and wondered if there was still stain that needed to be cleaned up. This just
doesn’t make sense. Why would anyone in their right mind, balance a stain
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
on a large fern plant? And there was no attempt to clean it up because the plastic downspout under the fern plant was covered in stain, and none of the earth appeared to have been disturbed as you’d expect to see if there were any digging. I dug down about 8 inches until I hit concrete and removed what soil I could that appeared to have been contaminated.
There’s so much more to the job than putting out a nice product, which he does. Too bad he hasn’t learned all the good practices that go with it.

- Susan G.

Comments: Zandy ,
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
, is a great person to work with. He is aware of what is happening and what needs to be done. He kept me informed of where we were with the project. If a problem arose he would let me know and what his solution was. If I had an idea he would listen. If I had a question he would give me an answer that was understandable. When I had changes or additions to the remodel he would go over the additional cost and time. He would then let me decide if it was worth it to me to have it done. This is the third job I have hired Zandy: remove two fireplaces, remodel one bathroom and create a new bathroom. and the remodel of the upstairs of my home. By what I have had him do show that think a great deal as to professionalism and integrity.

My Thanks,

Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked

The remodel of my split entry home included: Design of the remodel. Reroof the house adding roofing to cover the
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
room and Master bedroom extensions. Plus and roof extension to cover the BBQ area. install new siding, replacing 6 windows and 2 sliding glass doors. removing walls between the kitchen, Living room and
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
room. extending the
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
room by 3 feet. This entailed moving the 2nd floor outside wall, Adding support structure below. Complete remodel of the kitchen; custom made cabinetry with granite tops, under cabinet variable Installed lighting, added a hood vent microwave and new appliances plus a garbage disposal. Enlarged the master bed room 10 feet (130 sqft). creating a10 X 13 room below it. Installed wood flooring in the hall way, kitchen,
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
, living room and stairs. There was a problem matching the color of the stairs with the rest of the flooring. Zandy hired another company that was able to resolve the issue. The floor was not level and to level it a new beam needed to replace the old one that was warped. They were able to
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
up the sag in the garage to straighten it. Installed carpeting in 3 bed rooms. With all the extending of rooms and tearing out walls the electrical wiring, pugs and switches had to be replaced. The front and back door along with 6 interior doors All the new floor molding was installed and picture frame molding was put around all windows Installed new porch railing by front door

Built a new 30' X 10' deck
Divide Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
upper level with stairs to back yard. A rain guard was installed so that the ground level under the deck could be used.

- Ronald J.
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Monument, CO

Robert Scott General Contractors, Inc.

2760 Brogans Bluff Dr
Colorado Springs, CO

Robles Remodel & Roofing

90 Greenhorn Dr
Pueblo, CO

Rock'n Cruz

Colorado Springs, CO

Rocky Mountain Windowcovering Services

1311 Burnham St
Colorado Springs, CO

Rota Construction Services

8585 Black Forest Road
Colorado Springs, CO

S.A.F.e Construction

Colorado Springs, CO

Sanders Construction

6950 Big Timber Dr
Colorado Springs, CO

Schauland Finish Carpentry

Colorado Springs, CO

Scottish Home Improvements

14251 E Fremont Ave Unit E
Englewood, CO

See It N 3D Design & Technical Illustrations

500 Los Faroles , Carr 861
Miami, FL

Services by Martin & Sons

3010 N Hancock Ave
Colorado Springs, CO


Florence, CO

Siding Pro, LLC

6050 Stetson Hills Blvd., Suite 222
Colorado Springs, CO

Simpson Solutions

P.O. Box 814
Woodland Park, CO

SMART Home Repair

Pueblo, Co

Smith Group, LLC

P.O. Box 302
Peyton, CO

Smith Group, LLC

Peyton, CO


6250 Corporate Drive
Colorado Springs, CO

Spectrum Interiors LLC

PO Box 1604
Gypsum, CO

Springs Home Improvement Co

5906 Instone Cir
Colorado Springs, CO

Springs Property Care

4323 Pioneer Creek Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO

Square Deal Construction

Colorado Springs, CO

Statewide Roofing Consultants, Inc

5961 S. Middlefield Rd.
Littleton, CO

Steven's Construction & Repair, LLC

P.O. Box 25101
Colorado Springs, Co

Stilettos Custom Closets & More LLC

17950 Cumbres Rd
Peyton, CO

Stone Ridge Construction

P.O. Box 64254
Colorado Springs, CO

Summit Investment Partners LLC

11470 Salem Ct
Peyton, CO

SuperCharged Electric Inc

6936 Fountain Ridge Cir
Fountain, CO

T Rex Roofing & Construction LLC

674 S Joaquin Dr
Pueblo, CO

T&K Services

Colorado Springs, CO


Colorado Springs, CO

That Painter Guy

5422 Wagon Master Dr
Colorado Springs, CO

The Fix it Guys

PO Box 1488
Palmer Lake, CO

The Insulation Guys

291 S. Pearl St. #2
Denver, CO

The WireNut

6395 E Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO

Thin Air Home Repair & Remodeling

779 Log Haven Dr
Woodland Park, CO

Thru His Hands

7413 Colonial Drive
Fountain, CO

Tile Dimensions

12229 Voyager Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO

Tim's Handyman services

12201 Lomas Blvd. NE.
Albuquerque, NM

Tip Top Restoration and Construction

1316 Valley St
Colorado Springs, CO

TL Construction

3618 E. Bijou St.
Colorado Springs, CO

Tola Custom Homes

175 Talamine Ct.
Colorado Springs, CO

Total Roofing

6125 Stadia Ct
Colorado Springs, CO

True North Construction

Colorado Springs, CO

Turnkey Roofing

626 N Main St
Noble, OK

U S Painting & Remodeling LLC

2539 Garden Way
Colorado Springs, CO

U S Painting & Remodeling

2539 Garden Way
Colorado Springs, CO

U.S Painting LLC

4602 La Cresta Dr
Colorado Springs, CO

Walden Maintenance, Remodeling & Landscaping.

8129 Horizon Dr.
Colorado Springs, Co


12637 S 265 W Suite 100
Draper, UT

WefixItUSA of Colorado / ThePolak

P.O. Box 25423
Colorado Springs, CO

Whispering Pines Construction

3939 Azalea St
Colorado Springs, CO

White Owl Construction

PO Box 805
Whitewright, TX

White Rhino Electric

15705 Alta Plaza Cir
Peyton, CO

Wilcox Construction

Colorado Springs, CO

Wilson Electric

1031 E Boulder Street
Colorado Springs, CO

Windsor Log Home Restorations

PO Box 1963
Ellijay, GA

Wire Works Company Incorporated

9340 Canyon Dr.
Woodland Park, CO

X-BOC Custom Coatings

7544 Antelope Meadows Cir
Peyton, CO

Z and Z Tile

6115 Poncha Ct
Colorado Springs, CO

Zook Contracting Inc.

2855 Mt Herman Rd
Monument, CO

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