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Rated by
Joanne K.
"My family and I recently adopted an American Bulldog (
) from the Palm Beach County Animal Shelter. For the first few months, he got along with our Rottweiler," but soon they began to get into fights based on certain triggers - like the doorbell ringing, barking, etc. We had looked on Angie’s list and called out another trainer (who was rated all A’s), who upon coming on site witnessed an altercation between the two and just STOOD by and watched. He then could only tell us that we should give our
back to the animal shelter, as there was nothing that could be done for this 6-month old American Bulldog. We just loved our dog, and could not come to terms that he was a lost cause. That is when we found K-9
. From the first moment, we called K-9
they were distressed to hear that another trainer would tell us to give up our pet. Until they were able to send out a trainer for our initial meeting, K-9
spent countless hours on the phone advising how to coop with the situation. From the first meeting with our trainer,
, we could not have been more thrilled. He took the time to listen and assess the entire situation, often times he would spend beyond the allotted session to ensure we were comfortable with homework we were given.
was great about asking our comfortability on obedience methods as well as providing resources and tools for training the dogs as well as ourselves.
never rushed the process, allowing us to speak around our concerns and progress each week. Mr.
was always on time, professional, courteous, and respectful. He was so amazing that my daughters hired him for an additional full set of training sessions to correct their Boxer and Labrador’s behavior towards other dogs. In learning more about
, not only is he the WORLD’S BEST TRAINER, but he is an American Hero that served in Iraq training several dogs to go on tours to save our husbands, wives, sons, and daughters. I often asked if I could adopt him as my son – as he is our family’s HERO! I am happy to report that we are able to have not only
and our Rottweiler together, but also even my daughters’ boxer and labrador together all in one room playing. This is a result from the amazing instruction from K-9
, but mostly from
. Even though our sessions are over,
is always happy to receive a text or call if we still need additional help once in a blue moon. You could not ask for any better training service. You won’t be sorry asking for
and using K-9
!! -The Kutney Family
Rated by
Paula W.
"Taz first meet and
was stressful for Taz. He's approximately 4 years old and came to us as a rescue so we had no background" on him.
was very gentle with him and worked to make him comfortable around her. Good ol Taz was very helpful the first meeting by jumping right in and showing
what we were talking about. He snapped, growled and was basically a very bad boy.
explained Taz behavior to us, told what to do and not do. Each week she gave us "homework" and worked with us to be sure we knew how to do the exercises correctly. The following week she would run thru the exercises again to be sure we were still doing them correctly and ask if we had any questions, concerns. By the time the classes were ending Taz would be waiting for
to arrive and was thrilled to see her. Taz really enjoyed the training after he learned to relax and understood what was going on. Seriously, he started having fun and acted like it was play time.
taught us how to work with Taz and his problems.
explained that Taz anger issues are an going problem and we will need to continue to work with him but even after this short time he's a better adapted dog and family member. His groomer was thrilled and couldn't believe the difference in Taz. She said he was so much easier to handle now. Several of our friends that see Taz on the weekends have commented on the difference in him. He's calmer and actually responds to commands.
made training fun and as stress free as possible. She was kind and gentle with Taz and helped him relax and learn.
Rated by
Georgiana L.
"My remarks are regarding the owner,
, specifically. He was supposedly 'training" a dog at the nearby dog park and attempted to approach my 100 lb Rottweiler" with his leash aggressive dog. His dog started to approach mine in an aggressive manner, an my dog responded. I was caught off balance and rather then fall on my face I dropped the leash knowing that once she approached the strange dog, she would be fine. This man proceeded to grab his dog up in his arms, which is not an approved move as it relegates the animal to the status of "
" and proceeded to kick mine in the ribs several times. I retrieved the leash and released my dog into the park at which time she became totally passive and lost all interest. He looked confused and said "That's it?" My response was that yes, she is not aggressive. He then identified him as a trainer and attempted to solicit my business. In case he didn't notice, kicking an aggressive Rottweiler will not stop the attack, it would only cost the kicker his leg.

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Upland, CA

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Dog Training reviews in Upland


This was a terrible business interaction! Right off the bat,
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
began to reinforce what a "bad fit" the dog and I were, and planting seeds that I would fail and that the dog would "need to be rehomed." This did nothing for my confidence, and I wish she could have spend half as much energy encouraging me instead of discouraging me and tearing down my self confidence.
At the same time that she reiterated how much I would fail this dog,
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
would collect money for the session and book the next one. In hindsight, if she thought I/we were so hopeless, why did she keep collecting money and booking the next sessions? To me, that seems just a little bit unethical: "You are really hopeless. That'll be $75. See you next Tuesday? Thanks!"
At the end of our final working session together,
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
advised me that
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
would have to be "boarded and trained" at their facility, but that as soon as she got out, I would fail her, so that after I got her trained with them, she would have to be rehomed, a conversation that took place while she collected more money from me.
To say I was disappointed with the experience is an understatement.
I still have
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
and we are doing fantastic, almost none of that progress due to what I was able to gain from training with Paramount. This endeavor was not money well-spent.
It seems
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
, the trainer, and I were a very bad fit, and not me and the dog, after all!
- Miriam T.

She gave me advice on how to work with the puppy in a kind and non-threatening manner. She is kind and patient and very informative about issues with dogs. You can always email her with questions or concerns.
- Allen M.

Robina is very calm, very professional, very fun to work with, and really knows "dogs". When our older golden decided she would not let my husband and I both leave the house together by jumping up on us, very energetically, over and over (we are in our 70's, so this could have been a real problem for us), Robina came to our home for a 90 minute private meeting. She not only assisted us with how to stop that unwanted behavior, but provided us with a number of practical training tools to use with both of our dogs. we've also had a problem with that dog pulling constantly during walks. Robina's nature walks provided us with excellent practice and tips that really work. She takes extra time to work with each dog until the owner grasps an effective way to handle any issue. Now that we have a new puppy, we knew we wanted to get him under Robina's tutelage as soon as possible. She never makes an owner feel inept (even though we frequently feel that way ourselves!) and she never talks over our heads. She is patient to a fault and tries different tactics until the dog and owner are comfortable they "get it". She has also taken phone calls and emails from me when I needed extra help. Our dogs have always responded positively to her methods and we plan to use her many times over.
- William H.

Everything went as they explained it would. The training takes time and commitment for real results. It's amazing how much these beautiful creatures want to please, and the consistency in training that we have learned has taught us how to have that consistency.
- ROB M.

We are extremely happy with the results. Ziva is almost the perfect dog even though she is only 18 months old. She's great with other dogs and with kids. She is not totally trained off leash yet, but that has more to do with dogs in the neighborhood running loose. I don't want her chasing them and
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
into traffic. We can take her hiking through the woods and let the leash drag behind her and she stays right with us and doesn't attempt to run off even if she sees a deer.
I would recommend
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
K-9 Dog Training to everyone no matter what age your dog is or what the issue is.
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
can help make your dog a near perfect family member. He uses positive reinforcement techniques which builds the dog's self confidence and makes them eager to learn.
- Beverly B.

Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
was very, very helpful. I have an 85lb extremely "reactive" goldendoodle named Buster. I was afraid to take him on walks because he would get overly excited whenever he saw another dog ... I could not control him or his excitement on leash. I knew he would not hurt another dog, but my neighbors were afraid my dog would attack their dog. Whenever Buster saw another dog, he would
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
, bark incessantly, jump up & twirl in the air and somehow position himself to land between my feet so I would
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
my balance ... He caused me to fall a few times. One time he lunged so hard I fell and hit the back of my head on the asphalt and had to get several staples. We tried choke collars and electric collars. I wasn't sure my 6 year old goldendoodle was trainable. I was pretty desperate for help. Thank goodness I found
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
. We had several private lessons --- she would bring her dogs and her husband to some of our lessons .... taught me a lot about what to do and how to handle Buster in all kinds of situations.
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
was calm with Buster and patient with me. After a few private lessons, I signed Buster up for the group class at Profeed in Vienna.
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
was the trainer, and he is a brilliant trainer. He KNOWS dogs and could sense whenever I needed additional coaching on how to handle Buster in a group setting ... he reinforced everything
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
taught me during our private lessons. I learned a lot from
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
.... honestly the two of them have made a huge difference. I would like to mention, before I called
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
, I called another highly rated dog trainer on Angie's List ... he had a lot of positive reviews. His strategy is to train you and your dog in a single visit (one lesson - very expensive - that includes a special collar that is used for show dogs). I think he sensed my fear, desperation and disbelief that we could resolve the problem in a single visit. This seemed to upset him, and he dismissed me entirely. He told me he didn't think he could help me & Buster .... it was a huge let down. But in the end everything worked out very well. I highly recommend
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
. I don't think I could have found better trainers.


Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
was wonderful with
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
. I had just adopted my dog about a month prior to hiring
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
, and he was definitely more nervous around men than women, however, he took to
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
right away.
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
took his time explaining why
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
was acting the way he was, and showed us very easy ways to control his behavior. He was on time and extremely courteous and friendly. He spoke to myself, my daughter, and my mom each and showed all of us individually how to use the proper collar and leash to control
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
for when we take him for walks.
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
is a much more behaved puppy than previous to
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
's session. I would recommend
Upland Pet Sitters Provider Name Locked
to all my friends who need assistance in training their pets.
- Audrey Z.
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