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I was in the process of buying a house, and the inspector had noticed mold in the attic that he recommended we get checked out. The buyer agreed to do so, and hired these guys (which is why I don't know the price he charged). I spoke with the guy who inspected the house, and was struck by his knowledge and professionalism. He also did not do remediation, which he claims (and I agree) means that he can be more neutral, and not try to sell you on unnecessary steps.
- Mary M.

Guy and his team did a terrific job, and I would highly recommend them. Guy and the team were easy to work with and super responsive, diagnosed the issues well, and explained the issues clearly to me. His crew did an outstanding job as they were prompt, courteous and thorough. The crew also cleaned up well and protected the living space very well as they knew this was important to us. All of the work was well done and performed at a reasonable cost. Guy also advised against doing some work that would have made him money but been unnecessary; I felt like I could truly trust Guy. Guy and the crew also did a few various related small tasks for me at very little or no additional cost.

I had a mold problem in the North side of my attic ( which is living space) that was caused by the second floor's bathroom vents being vented into the attic and condensation being created. The improperly vented attic bathroom fan was creating mold in another portion of the attic. I had various other contactors not recognize the root causes of the problems and/or suggest treating my entire attic for mold and reinsulating it with foam. This would have been an involved and very costly project. Guy instead suggested two more minimalist approaches, starting with the cheapest, most minimalist and then potentially expanding based on where the mold was found after peeling back the insulation. We started by simply reventing the attic fans out of the house, treating the visible mold and taking down only a small portion of the ceiling to address the known issue (they repaired the ceiling well). It turned out that this was all that was needed, as the mold issue was not as bad as feared and we were thus able to go with the most minimalist approach and avoid taking down much more of the ceiling.

This team deserves an A+.
- Mark W.

Overall I was dissatisfied with the manner in which this business advertises and conducts services. I had to contact
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
after more than a week to schedule my service. They never called on their own. The $99 deal I paid for was for insulation and audit. The catch was the two services were performed on separate days. Obviously, this company hoped to sell more services during the audit to install at the second appointment. I thought they were not forthcoming about how they operate. I took a day off work to have the insulation blown in and it never happened because I sent the "audit" crew away. The following Saturday the insulation was blown in. The $99 dollar deal turned out to be worthless as my time costs more. I burned up a vacation day and a Saturday morning fooling around with this company.
- Todd S.

The phone receptionist was very accommodating. We called Friday evening before closing (5 PM) asking if they had any appointments the following day, and
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
was able to fit us in.
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
was our inspector and arrived early to the appointment. He answered our questions, gave us some advice, and took only 30 minutes to perform the inspection (duct work and popcorn ceiling).
The inspection was a little pricey and you have to pay for the samples to be tested. They say the turnaround for the inspection report is 24 hours. Since it was a Saturday, we understood that we probably wouldn't receive it until Mon or Tuesday morning at the latest (as was stated by the operator and
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
). Monday evening we receive a receipt for the job done and a "rough draft" of the inspection, but we needed the final report (for contingencies). Tuesday morning rolls around and I still don't have an email report. I called the company asking for a status update and the operator says that they are actually typing it up and I should receive it shortly. By 4 PM, I am getting nervous because I know they close at 5 and I still don't have a report. I hate to be a nag, but it was imperative that I have that report in hand for the contingency deadline (Wed). I called and ask again for the report. Turns out the report was finished, but had to be signed off. She said she would hand it over to be signed immediately and email it right away to me. I finally got the report about 15 minutes later. Just FYI that you may have to be proactive and ensure that you get your report on time, especially if you have deadlines like we did.
Besides the report snag, I was happy with the services performed. The report helped us to convince the seller to lower the purchase price on the home.

- jose M.

I had an unfortunate mold remediation experience (911 Restoration), and perhaps the only way I managed as well as I did throughout the process is because of the advice and sharing of experiences from
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
. They were both pivotal in informing me of what the mold remediation company was doing right AND wrong. For that I am truly thankful.
My only grievance is that it the air testing results took much longer than promised to get. Two of the tests took >4 days to get back, and even longer to receive the final clearance report + certificate. I think they are excellent at what they do, and many other people know it, which causes their work load and schedules to get out of hand.
- Benjamin C.

Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
was very fast at scheduling a visit for a cost estimate, then the actual job. His employees were friendly and considerate (team
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
, although two other teams also had to visit in order to finish the job in the end).
The job was going so well ... until the air tests after the mold remediation job failed. That's when I realized all the problems. Apparently there is an official mold remediation licensing specific to
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
, requiring very specific steps and procedures to follow. I learned that 2 ft around any visible mold must be either removed or sanded + anti-mold treated. There was apparently areas missed the first visit, requiring a second drywall removal visit. They are supposed to set-up a contamination area + decontamination entry chamber, NOT walk around my house wearing the suits they were just scrubbing mold. I don't believe that breaking the baseboards under your feet, causing a snapping motion which will disturb the mold on the boards (airborne?), is following the code book either.
After the first air test failed (2 of 3 areas), they returned to remove more drywall, plus also disconnect plumbing and remove a sink in the bathroom, which they did w/ care. So w/ larger holes in my ceiling + walls, a second attempt at hand cleaning + running air scrubbers for several days, they left and the air was retested ... and found that the closet again failed ... AND I had the areas immediately adjacent to the work areas additionally tested and found that the guest bedroom air quality now failed. At this point nerves were getting rattled from the extended amount of time, effort, and inconvenience being experienced by both sides. I suspected contamination from the suits while doing the job, they suspected mold contamination to the wood flooring. After agreeing to remove several floorboards (problems encountered, but I did agree to their removal), I asked to evaluate the situation and our options. At this point the realization occurred to me (before them) that the simplest explanation is the most likely, and that the tape sealing around the plastic was leaking, allowing air flow from the attic where the original mold began growing (leak from A/C drain not being properly designed and glued ... also meaning no flooring needed to be sawed + removed). After hesitation to remove visible mold from the attic (excuse was that 90% of all
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
attics have mold??), they removed the plywood in the attic still saturated w/ water (directly over hole in closet), all areas were again hand cleaned, sealed up, had air scrubbers running, had all areas adjacent to and where they were walking w/ mold suits hand cleaned (hallway, stairs, house entry), and re-tested. Finally, after 5½ weeks, 8 visits, and 3 air quality tests, the remediation job passed.
In summary, the
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
mold remediation code was not followed, so no grade above an F can be assessed. Perhaps most jobs don't need such thorough regulations, but mine did. The job did grow in size, to which
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
did not change my price quote (70% up front, and I didn't pay the remaining 30% due to paying for re-testing the air quality), and apparently once a mold remediation company signs a contract with you they can't leave until the job is done or you release them of liability (as
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
tried to trick me into saying several times). The remediation company should require that you test the air quality prior to them starting the job (which didn't happen), although they cannot suggest to you an air testing company. I believe that
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
can do great work, but violating the
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
mold regulations significantly impacted everyone involved.
- Benjamin C.

Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
was a pleasure to work with and I'd feel confident recommending him. The job was for basement mold remediation related to a home sale. All of our questions and concerns were addressed throughout the process. There were some challenges along the way with post-remediation testing and
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
and his crew addressed them with professionalism and level-headedness throughout. They were diligent and completed the job so that we were able to complete the sale of our house and satisfy the needs of the buyers. Again,
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
was great to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to contact him again if the need arises.
- Michael D.

The gentlemen that explained the test results and the cost to have the remediation performed was very professional, however, I did feel the cost for the remediation services were extremely high.
- Steven B.

Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
put my house in better than original shape. Their expertise was unmatched for fire and smoke damaged. The level of knowledge and certifications pertaining to fire and smoke damage was the best that I've seen. The crews that
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
uses were of the highest caliber, exhibiting excellent and conscience work with consistency.
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
had extensive experience dealing with insurance companies which helped my situation tremendously.
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
had the wherewithall to handle everything dealing with construction from start to finish allowing me to spend my time elsewhere and not have to worry about several different contractors. I would highly recommend this organization to anyone in need of home restoration. Finally as their name suggests 'my home is
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
- David W.

Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
did literally SAVE MY LIFE!!! While performing a mold inspection and the testing service I'd requested on my tiny budget, he discovered that the true cause of the “sick building syndrome” in my apartment causing my hospitalization and failing health was not mold!!! It was caused by a construction flaw inside the Heating/Cooling HVAC system that was contaminating my apartment air with drywall particulate dust that can be a very serious health hazard. This greatly helped me to recover my health with my doctor’s knowing what the cause was and how to treat these symptoms after the contamination was stopped!
NO OTHER INSPECTOR HAD LOOKED FOR NOR FOUND THIS TRAGIC FLAW!!!! The apartment management had been using their, ”no toxic mold found,” reports to protect themselves, and would never have admitted to there being a problem if
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
had not volunteered his time to make an extra trip to explain this health hazard to the manager. He also made a second extra trip to explain this to the city building inspectors. His efforts forced the management to repair the HVAC toxic problem and stop the potentially deadly dust from continuing to polute my apartment and my respiratory system.
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
is one of the most selfless, “heroic” people I’ve ever met! He has spent countless hours on the phone counseling me on how to deal with the landlord’s duplicity and coverup and how to find a reputable rendition company who would do a great cleanup job at a most reasonable price.
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
does not do the remediation himself. He does the pre testing to determine what needs to be done and the post clearance testing as a third party. It is unethical for the remediation company to test it’s own work…
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
will stand up for his sick clients and make sure their health hazards are cleaned up!!!!
Anyone who questions the prices for “just taking a few samples,” needs to read a mold lab report to realize that those prices include the very expensive outside laboratory testing of those samples. I’ve compared the prices or other companies and the lab reports. I’ve discovered that the really inexpensive testing companies are the ones that are hired by the landlords who want nothing to be found! They want only very little, very careless testing done and few samples tested because the landlords or property seller DOES NOT WANT TO FIND ANY PROBLEMS!!!!
For my situation
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
did just enough testing to be sure there was not also a toxic mold problem as well as the drywall construction flaw contamination causing my life threatening asthma attacks and other
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
truly did save my life. My worsening respiratory problems could very easily have been fatal if he had not taken the extra time and caring concern to
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
until he found the cause of my
Tulare Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
- Eve C.
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