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I have had some credit issues in the past whic caused me to be turned down by other mortgage lenders. I contacted
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
after reading some reviews on angie's list just to see if there was any thing that he might be able to do that was better than the typical lenders. He was very positive from the beginning, but also very realistic and upfront. He was able to get me a good rate, much better than i was expecting with good closing costs and through FHA. There were difficulties along the way with the FHA and my insurance company wich made for some bumps in the road. But
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
were right there and worked through it making adjustments as necessary and keeping me up to date on the process. I would recommend them to others anytime. It took a while to get to closing, but we got there and with a good rate and a relatively smooth process. Many thanks to
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
, not every broker would put this much time into a relatively small mortgage.
- Michael C.

The 2nd installment of my property taxes were not paid out of our escrow account from
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
Servicing. We call them to inquire about the payment. Customer service says its the tax department and tax department blames customer service. 2 hours later I was told they will look into the situation. A few days go by with no call back. We call to find out what has been done. We are told in order to have them pay our property taxes out of our escrow account we needed to send them the tax bill and they would send out the payment. That was over a month ago. We received a letter in the mail today telling us that a tax
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
has been placed on my house due to unpaid property taxes. We call up
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
servicing and they tell us the "check is in the mail". The next kicker is that they say our escrow account will be charged the penalties and our escrow payment will be adjusted to make up for the additional costs. I can dispute this but only in writing and they will get back to me. I asked for a supervisor and the lady tells us "he is only going to tell you the same thing". We then say "well get me his supervisor". She says, "He will just hand the phone to one of us to say the same thing" WHAT A JOKE THIS COMPANY IS!
- Richard Y.

"The initial pre-approval process started with my parents and they didn't qualify due to the deductions my father had in his self-employed business.
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
suggested including me in the loan since we live in the same house and I have a full time Job. There were some other complications as well so
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
submitted our loan to two different lenders, one followed the
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
guidelines and the other
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
. This meant double the amount of work for
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and he didn't mind. Instead, he worked with two lenders simultaneously until we determined which option would be best for our situation. In this home mortgage environment, it's nice to have a knowledgeable mortgage expert on your side who can get things done smoothly and is available for you"
- Andres G.

If you go with
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
, I hope you have a great attorney on your side like I did. I chose them because they are a local company, seemed responsive and matched the best rate I found. However, they were unhelpful, incompetent and useless. I understand that mortgage regulations have tightened up since the bubble burst so I was expecting a thorough examination of my finances. I carefully put together a large package of the documentation they requested and returned it to them well before their deadline. In a pattern that Commonwealth repeated numerous times, they took a while to get back to me, then asked me for more supporting information. Their requests were very unclear though. For instance, "Provide proof of source of income in Such&Such account". There was never any clear guidance on HOW to prove their requests, even when I asked direct questions about what they needed. In one case, I had to ask the same question three times before it was even addressed.
Over the next 6 weeks before my closing, I quickly responded with all the documentation they requested but they kept asking for more. In the week before my closing, we still didn't have a guarantee of funds and continued to get requests for new documentation. We were supposed to close on Monday in the middle of the month (a slow time for mortgage companies). We were still receiving requests from Commonwealth for documentation at 2pm that Friday afternoon forcing me to leave work to go to a local bank branch to get a statement printed. It ended up not meeting their undefined standards so I printed off the online version even though they'd previously said that was unacceptable. This time it was OK for some reason. Around 3pm, we finally got the news that we were approved but my attorney didn't receive the binder required to create the HUD-1 statement until after the close of business. We were forced to delay the time of the closing until the last possible time on Monday that we could file the
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
On the day of closing, we met the attorneys at the Registry of
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
to sign the papers. My attorney was told on the way to the Registry that the funds would be in her escrow account by the time we were done signing the papers. Her assistant checked in with
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
repeatedly over the next hour but the funds never arrived! Thank Goodness I didn't use their in-house attorney for the closing! My attorney called them several more times that day and the next morning since they were in breach of contract. Finally, around 11am the day AFTER our closing, the funds arrived. Luckily, our seller did not need the money immediately for another closing but had they not been so flexible, I would have lost my 20% deposit and the option to buy our new home! Commonwealth took NO responsibility for the issue and seemed unconcerned about the problem, blaming it on a miscommunication. My attorney may be referring them to the Attorney General for this breach of contract.
Unfortunately, the pain didn't end there. A few weeks later, I got another request from Commonwealth for additional information so they could sell my mortgage. They essentially wanted me to sign a document saying that I had the authority to use a business account for personal purposes since some of my deposit had gone through the account. Aside from being a lie, I had no interest in further assisting them and declined to provide it. When they finally sold the loan, they sent a form letter to notify me of the sale. It was confusing and had incorrect data on it indicating that I did not have to make my 2nd payment. When they didn't receive that payment, they started emailing and calling me to resolve it. Luckily, I had ignored their letter and sent the payment to the new servicer. However, I had to provide Commonwealth with additional information to prove this so they could collect it.
Throughout the entire process, the only way Commonwealth exceeded my expectations was in the amount of pain that can be inflicted while applying for a mortgage.
- Jesse M.

It was a tough move for our family but
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
went above and beyond in providing support and information. We highly recommend
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and his group at Mortgage Masters!
- Tricia M.

I have obtained several home loans in the past, and the experience of getting this loan was definitely the most efficient and pleasant experiences. I was apprehensive about applying for a mortgage online and not using my personal bank, but I did a
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
on Angie's List and found
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
's name and read the reviews. I decided to try this route, and I could not have been more pleased. I was kept informed of each step the entire process. They are well organized and everything was transparent. It was extremely easy to communicate with his entire team, and they were all very prompt in returning e-mails or phone calls. His entire team was so efficient! It was a very short process, too. I got a pre-approval letter and closed on the home in less than 2 months!
I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and family...and would definitely use them again in the future.
- Tina M.

We shopped around for a mortgage for a condo. We used Prime as one of three mortgage companies we got quotes from, but initially decided on another bank, although Prime was always responsive and helpful. The bank we chose at the last moment decided they wouldn't fund us because of an issue with the
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
's budget. So, I went back to Prime. They were happy to have our business and didn't seem to feel snubbed that they were our second choice. They worked with me to get the information they needed and always had excellent communication with both me and other entities that were necessary in the process. They showed up to the closing on time and released the funds in a timely manner.
I wouldn't hesitate to use Prime again. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Prime to anyone, but especially if knew somebody was buying a condo as condo's can be trickier to finance than houses.
- Kevin D.

I worked with
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and had a good experience with my refinance. Refinancing is always full of questions and he patiently answered all of them for me and helped me make the right decisions for our mortgage moving forward. We were able to refinance out of our FHA into a conventional loan, which, along with a drop in our initial rate, is saving us approximately $400 / month now.
Our timeline slipped a few times and I had to
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
a few times for updates after immediately providing any materials asked for, but I was never placed on "terminal hold" or told I would be contacted and I wasn't. If I asked a question I pretty quickly got a direct response and I was never misinformed or lied to. I would gladly do business with these folks again!
- Deric H.

Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
was an absolute pleasure to work with all throughout the home buying / financing process - a clear professional, he was on the ball every step of the way.
I cannot say enough about his responsiveness either. We were buying the home while still living in a different state (with a three hour time difference), and I could always count on hearing back on my emails in a timely manner, which was not only reassuring but also necessary to avoid delays in the whole process. Getting physical documents back and forth could have been painful, but
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
took care of it all (even setting up an appointment with a mobile notary to come to our home for signing).
I had a lot of questions as a first-time-buyer and I felt that he went out of his way to explain the process and answer my questions, all while never making me feel dumb.
Buying the home was stressful enough, so it was great that I never felt that I had to worry about the mortgage broker / financing end of things. I always felt that
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
was as concerned about making sure that everything was proceeding smoothly as we were. We closed on time and I know for sure that
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
hustled to make sure that happened.
If we ever buy another home here, I will certainly be calling
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked

- Cynthia H.

We applied for a mortgage with
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
online. We chose them because we thought that working online would be easier than traveling to a bank and the rates were lower by 0.25%. We worked with a loan officer by phone and email. The process went smoothly at first, then we started to be contacted by a loan processor as well as the loan officer. They did not seem to be communicating with each other because they were each asking us for documents that we had sent the other (mostly tax return information). After we submitted and signed all of the standard documents, the underwriters started asking us for items that we found very strange or that were difficult to obtain. My husband owns a safety consulting company with two other people. He travels around 3 states and works from home.
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
required a letter from him explaining how he could work in our hometown yet own a company with an address in a city 3 hours from us. Then, days later, they asked for a letter from his CPA stating that the company was "in good standing." This is not within the purview of a CPA and is a vague description. My husband was in dispute with a collections agency over a $250 utility bill and it was reflected on his credit report.
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
required him to call the credit bureau and remove the dispute. I had been previously married and the mortgage with my ex-husband was still on my credit report. It had never been late.
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
required a copy of the property settlement I made with my ex-husband, which I found very invasive, since our state does not require that we file such a document with the court. All I had was an email that he sent me listing our assets and who would get them and
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
wanted that email. During this time, the loan officer was repeatedly asking for our 2011 tax returns, which we had sent him...twice. We finally figured out from the loan processor that he meant the tax return transcript--a completely different document that must be obtained directly from the IRS. After the home inspection, we agreed with the seller to accept $5000 at closing in
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
of repairs to the windows and tile floor in the bathroom. We sent a pdf of the Response to Inspection document to the closing attorney and the loan officer, since the Response to Inspection is a legal addendum to the Purchase Agreement. We asked the loan officer if it was going to be a problem because the closing attorney warned us that mortgage companies don't like the word "repair" appearing on any legal documents. The loan officer said he didn't need that document, since the home inspection is just for our use. However, when the day of closing came, and the $5000 repair credit appeared on the HUD-1 from the attorney, the loan processor refused to fund the loan. The loan officer stated in an email that he knew nothing about this repair. Obviously, he never opened the Response to Home Inspection that we sent, even when we questioned him about it. This lack of attention to detail and constant requests by the underwriters for documents that were difficult to obtain resulted in us delaying our closing by two weeks. We almost lost the house because the sellers, who were using FSBO, were moving out of state and were ready to turn everything over to an agent and start over if necessary. Even after complying with all of
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
's requests, we still didn't have a firm closing date on the attorney's schedule. We ended up threatening to drop the whole thing in favor of paying for the house out of our savings. That finally got a response from
Sutter Creek Mortgage Brokers Provider Name Locked
and we were able to close the day before the seller moved. The mortgage process is stressful. However, my husband and I have good credit scores, total debt under $10,000, considerable savings, and combined earnings over $150,000 annually. We were buying a house appraised near $400,000. We expected the mortgage process to be straightforward at least. But, we felt like we were being treated with suspicion instead of like customers. I used to be in the real estate business, and have closed a dozen purchases, at a time when my assets and credit were not as good as they are now. This was the most difficult process of them all.

- Christine R.
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