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All reception problems and computer internet were corrected/improved and service much improved over all.
Both techs were very knowledgeable and professional in dealing with me and the problems.
- Ann Marie G.

Based on my experience, this organization is completely incompetant. Complained of intermittent service outages, the sent a tech who replaced the modem. Still had problem so they sent another tech who replaced the modem again. Still not working. Sent a 3rd tech, apparently this one was an actual
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
tech (not a subcontractor) who said the two previous modems were not the right model. Mind you, this is 3 times now that we had to fight our way through the
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
voice menu system to get a person on the line – each call taking between ½ to one hour. So finally the service is working and out of the blue, I get a cable tv box delivered to my house (we only subscribe to internet service). Call in again to find out why and turns out someone from
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
just signed us up for cable tv service without our permission (isn’t that illegal?). So they say they are sending me a return box and it never comes, and so then I’m paying for cable service I
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
’t want and I cant return the box because they wont send a tech or a return box. Finally I got that cleared up and, as a reward for my pain and suffering, they offer me free "blast" high speed service for 3 months. I ask what happens after 3 months and was told it will drop off automatically. 3 months later and guess what - I am now paying for blast which I did not ask for. Couple months later and the modem is now out again and we are in week two of trying to get a tech out here and they keep missing appointments and never reschedule or call back. I contacted the MN Attorney General’s office and they said I should contact my legislator. I really want good inernet service but am out of options. A monopoly shouldn't be allowed to operate like this.
- Clifford F.

These guys are THE BEST! They were here when they said that they would be here, our receiver was up and running in no time at all, our internet is WAY FASTER than our previous service provider,
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
Service is owned locally and not by a service located in Ephrata,
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
Service billing is easy, PLUS some lucky customers get a bonus through a drawing each month. When we did experience disruption due to an electrical storm,
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
Service was here rapidly to make sure that we re-connected effortlessly and flawlessly.
We would use
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
Service even if it was twice what we pay now!
- Marshall T.

It went very well. The only criticism that I have about the whole experience is that the air cards had to stop working before we were told they were not the correct ones. When they changed over it would have been nice if they had proactively contacted the people who had air cards that hooked up to DVR and let them know they would need replacing. Since this had to be done by a technician we could have scheduled an appointment to get it done. Since I am sure they have information on who is renting what, it seems like it would be easy enough to look up all the air card users and give them a call. No sorry or credit was offered either
- Carol V.

I had been with
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
for 8 years. The last few months, the service has been intermittent. When I call, they blame my computer but my work computer has the same problem. Then the service would re-establish on both computers at the same time....tells me it's their problem. So, I decided to upgrade to fioptics. have a letter that service would start at 9-4-2014 after 8 pm. Called @ 8:30 pm - no service - they said wait - called back later - they said not activated - wait. Called twice on Friday - no help - i'd get these off shore people that you couldn't understand. Finally on Sat, called and asked for a supervisor. Woman who helped me said they had never contacted dispatch to start service. Said I'd have service on Monday (9-8-14). Monday afternoon - no service - called @ 6:30 - same drill - wait till 8 pm. After 8PM - it could be anytime tonight...just wait. Finally around 10 pm, I called and the bozo on the phone said - well you may have a faulty modem. You'll need to take it to a
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
store....Yea right...
Anyway, I visited Verizon this morning. Within 10 minutes, they had this mobile modem set up for me. Guess what - 1/2 THE PRICE OF THE
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
Anyway, I came home; set it up on both my work and home computers and it was off and running within 30 minutes.
No phone calls - no off shore accents with please repeat over and over....
- Rhonda S.

I was finally given correct information to receive sound but it isn't permanent. At least 60% of the time I have to go through hoops to fix the problem. I have not moved or changed any wiring between the cable connection or between my TV and peripherals. It's very annoying and I am very seriously considering cutting the cord with them.
- Donna K.

Ok, I like that they actually, especially recently, started to paying more attention to keeping their customers happy(er). I received a courtesy call to review my service and ended up switching to a better and cheaper service, I've been using old package and had no idea that its OLD and I can get better for less. Sounds too good to be true, well it kinda of is too good.
The switch wasn't smooth at all. I like
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
, been their customer for many years, I like how they have improved and their Internet Speed in our area is still the best. But their customer support and service "road" wasn't always so "nice and paved". Their customer support unfortunately still desires to be better even though service itself much improved that's why i am still sticking to them.
The below is my 'story':
One bright and shiny day few months ago I received email from
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
that made me happy. They were increasing my Internet Speed free of charge to up to 100MB down from 30 which was 3 times jump, or so called "Performance Internet" package. I was HAPPY! Thank you,
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
! I wish I knew what would happen soon after. It was during the time when Game of Thrones season was still on and my wife and I were enjoying watching the show for free. Then one night it just suddenly stopped being free. I went to the internet that same night and tried to verify if I can access it online. Website told me that I need a subscription, I said OK, and then it said - everything appears to be in order. Hey fun! We were able to watch GoT eposiode that night for free again on TV. No call was made to
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
that night.
Then next time episode aired we couldn't watch it again, said subscription is required. Ok I finally decided to call
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
. Long story short they've added 10$ promotion to account and said that we could use this for a year. FUN! Game of Thrones and actually the whole HBO on Demand was free now.
Then shortly after a few days or so, my Internet speed drops back to 30Mb/sec. What? Must be mistake... Let me call
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
. This is when the roller coaster begun. Let me tell you, when
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
gets something right and straight its golden, it works for years. But to get it solid and straight you may need to get through the h*** of fiery lakes and smoldering pipes of customer support MULTIPLE times!
So soon after Internet Speed drop
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
calls me with a courtesy call to review my account since "I've been such a loyal customer for many years (ComcastTM)". Long story short I find out that I was never supposed to have such good Internet Service, it must have been a mistake... "or was it?" that's why account was reverted back to basic package most likely. First we
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
on Demand (must have been a trial that we had no idea it is a trial? then we get email for internet speed increase, then it drops and
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
calls few days after? That's too many coincidences.
So I talked with the lady for a while and she actually explained that I am using old package which is more expensive so she can switch us to triple play. Well great, I can disconnect from Vounage (they were great!) save some money on overall bill from
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
and then lady assured us that our Internet will be performance package and all will be golden... Right... After the switch speed fell back to a regular up to 30 down again and I've had to call multiple times back until they finally managed to transfer my phone number from Vonage. When I called back angry last time it ended up that phone number transfer was not registered correctly etc etc etc. I could probably write a book about
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
But they are not the only company. As more layers you have in a lettuce of your customer support as more internal miscommunication and dumbcrackery company will have. Its same with Microsoft and any other company that outsources their customer support personnel across the
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
. So yeah. I love
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
for a good improved service but I also hate them for messed up customer service. And its just sounds stupid when these guys and
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
that talk with you every single one of them assure you that everything will be resolved during the call and you will be the most happy customer. The butt kissing is simply ridiculous. One thing politeness and professionalism and another putting way too much butter on your bread to the point where it starts to melt and drip over so to speak.
As many times I've had to do some major change to my service it was ALWAYS some kind of a problem and if I wasn't persistent enough it would just keep hanging and nobody would ever fix it for me. I've always had to call back multiple times until I hammered that nail into the ground and things were DONE.
So, hope you enjoyed my story.
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
has great Internet Service and Cable quality is great too especially HD channels. But customer support layered lettuce mess if just a nightmare to get through and unless you are persistent and keep calling and annoying them you'll sit and wonder "What the heck is going on"...
Best wishes,
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
- Andrejs S.

I needed to cancel my TV service and keep my Internet service. The sales
Spring Valley Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
helped me promptly and took care of my request. He did not attempt to sell me anything or persuade me to keep the TV service. Other than the cost of the services, as I have no other options at my current location, I am pleased with the products.
- Edward T.

I talked online to contact us , it went very well No one could confirm what my bill would be since it doesn't go out till the 13th, but I could figure out the credit to my current bill would only be $9.00
- Linda W.

The technician, after trying several scenarios to get the move to play, told us that he was not able to do so at that particular time, however, he said he was pretty sure that the head office could fix the issue on Monday. We did try to play the movie on Monday evening (it worked!!!) and shortly after we finished watching the movie, the tech called to inform us that the problem had been resolved. I thanked him for his follow up of the situation and his return call and informed him that we found out that the problem had been fixed since we had just watched the movie that we had been trying to see.
- Mary D.
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Columbus, OH


San Diego, CA

AAA Computer Design Inc

240 Croton Ave
Lantana, FL

Accelerate Marketing Inc

330 A St #12
San Diego, CA

Ace SEO Consulting

San Diego, CA


San Diego, CA

Advance Designs

3234 Via Alicante
La Jolla, CA


2534 State Street #462
San Diego, CA

AGeek2Go, LLC

8070 La Jolla Shores Drive
La Jolla, CA


8963 Complex Drive Suite D
San Diego, CA

Alexander Technical Resources

1263 Glenwood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA


861 6th Avenue, Ste 712
San Diego, Ca

Amazon Business Services

41325 clear water way
Austin, TX

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400-448 W Grand Ave
Escondido, CA

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3460 Marron Rd. Ste. 103-221
Oceanside, CA

Atlas Local

1155 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA

Audax, Inc.

1340 Specialty Dr
Vista, CA

Audio Mated Video

8942 Spectrum Center Blvd
San Diego, CA

Best Practice Institute

PO Box 31267
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Bethetek Computer Store and Web Design

3679 31st Street
San Diego, CA

Brand Image Media

4609 Lotus st.
San Diego, CA

Cable TV Chula Vista

Chulavista, Ca

Calamaio Design

4874 Fir St
San Diego, CA

California Web Options

3335 Avocado Vista Lane
Fallbrook, Ca

Chicago B2B Services

Hanover Park, IL

Chula Vista Marketing

819 Anchorage Place
Chula Vista, CA

Clean Works Electric

527 E 5th Ave
Escondido, CA

CMB Network Support

9139 Boulevard 26
North Richland Hills, TX

Commerce International Services

1803 Ithaca Dr.
Vista, CA


1625 Lakes Pkwy.
Lawrenceville, GA


2251 Crestline Dr
Oceanside, CA

Cox Escondido

1264 Auto Park Way
Escondido, CA

Cox Escondido

400-448 W Grand Ave
Escondido, CA

Cox Oceanside

508 Mission Ave
Oceanside, CA

Cox San Diego

750 B Street
San Diego, CA

Cox San Diego

1014 Broadway
San Diego, CA

Cox San Diego

5159 Federal Boulevard
San Diego, CA

Cox San Diego

San Diego, CA

Cox Vista

27-35 Main St
Vista, CA

Creep Squash

7925 Silverton Avenue
San Diego, CA

Custom Web and Graphics

970 W. Valley Pkwy #420
Escondido, CA

DELUXE TOWING (619) 316-2771

13465 CAMINO CANADA #106-444
El Cajon, CA

Digital Direct

40485 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd
Murrieta, CA

Directv Escondido

522 W 2nd Ave
Escondido, CA

Directv San Diego

820 E St
San Diego, Ca


Escondido, CA

Dish Network Authorized Retailer

1710 Fortview Rd
Austin, TX

Dish Network Chula Vista

276 4th Ave
Chula Vista, CA

Dish Network Encinitas

200 West D Street
Encinitas, CA

Dish Network Oceanside

206 N Coast Hwy
Oceanside, CA

Dish Network San Diego

8312 Miramar Mall
San Diego, CA

DJ Computer World

National City, CA

DotCom San Diego

201 E. Grand Ave
Escondido, CA

Dr.Pheelgood TZ ltd.

PO BOX 9491
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

DSL San Diego

San Diego, CA


518 Hemphill Dr
San Marcos, CA


6188 Valerian Vista Place
San Diego, CA

Einstein Medical

6675 Mesa Ridge Rd Ste 101
San Diego, CA

Elevate Inc.

180 Avenida La Pata
San Clemente, CA

Endless Technology Solutions

3790 Riviera Drive
San Diego, CA

eSearch Marketing

4025 Camino del Rio South, Suite 300
San Diego, CA

Evad Design

180 Cherry Ave
Carlsbad, CA


7401 Summerhill Road
Boston, GA

future-ink Web Design & Development

2716 Fith Ave.
San Diego, CA

GB Electric

3350 rancho miguel rd
Jamul, ca


1588 S Mission Ave
Fallbrook, CA

Green Marketing Specialists, LLC

1927 Florida Ct
San Diego, CA

Greencastle Web Design

676 Shannon Drive N
Greencastle, PA

Homemade Design

41 Monument Ave
Boston, MA


Carlsbad, CA


2931 E 19th St
Chula Vista, CA

Increase Your Profits

3611 Mt Acomita Ave
San Diego, CA

Infatex - Internet Marketing Company

8889 Caminito Plaza Centro
San Diego, CA

Integrity Web Services

6062 Corte del Cedro
Carlsbad, CA


2275 River Run Drive #7103
San Diego, CA

JT Website Design, Inc.

25422 Trabuco Rd
Lake Forest, CA

Justice and Associates LLC

6655 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV

kRemtronicz - Web + Graphics + SEO

PO Box 262
Cardiff By The Sea, CA

Lead Discovery

14 Business Park Dr
Vista, CA


2251 San Diego Ave.
San Diego, CA

Local Marketing Suite

5858 Mt. Alifan Dr., 210
San Diego, CA

Miller Telcom Services

330 elm st
Ramona, CA

Mission Media

3521 Florida St
San Diego, CA

Mobile Rik @ San Diego 123 Mobile Marketing

8677 Villa La Jolla Drive #1127
La Jolla, CA

Modern Theorie Graphic Design

4143 Stettler Way
San Diego, CA

Mophilly Technology Inc.

3843 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA

My Mobile Computing Services

2907 Havasupai Ave
San Diego, CA

Network Resources, Inc.

6153 Fairmount Ave.
San Diego, CA

Optimize Worldwide

1700 Market St
Redding, CA

Organik SEO

444 South Cedros Ave
Solana Beach, CA

Performance Media Placement

23172 Plaza Pointe
Laguna Hills, CA

Phone Service San Diego

929 6th Ave
San Diego, Ca

Picnic Website Code Tutorials

20578 Fortuna Del Sur
Escondido, CA


330 A Street
San Diego, CA

PME Audio Video

2003 El Camino Real
Oceanside, CA

Quantum Dish Installations

6901 Alvarado Rd
San Diego, CA

R&B Marketing Masters

1042B N. El Camino Real, Ste 425
Encinitas, CA

Raza Tech San Diego IT Consultants

11103 Morning Creek Dr S
San Diego, CA


PO Box 130129
Carlsbad, CA


501 W Broadway
San Diego, CA

Rhino Force LLC

3990 Old Town Ave, Suite A 115
San Diego, CA

San Diego Tech

804 Lochwood Pl
Escondido, CA


Encinitas, CA

Showing Suite

4204 Jutland Dr Ste A2
San Diego, CA

Skybox Creative Web Design - San Diego

2878 Camino Del Rio S., Ste 101
San Diego, CA


PO BOX 910486
San Diego, CA

South Bay PC Services

Chula Vista, CA

South Coast Computers

301 N Rampart St
Orange, CA

Spencer Haley

La Mesa, CA

Stark Logic

701 Seagaze Dr
Oceanside, CA

Steelsmith Group

330 A St #45
San Diego, CA


12920 SE 38th St
Bellevue, WA

T. Brooks Web Design, LLC

3111 Rt. 38 Ste 11
Mt. Laurel, NJ


1101 highland ave
National City, CA

The AFRN Group

9590 Chestnut Street
Spring Valley, CA

The PDM Group LLC

4727 East Bell Road
Phoenix, AZ

The Right Way to Write

30 East Georgia Street
Indianapolis, IN

Time Warner Cable Alpine

2055 Arnold Way
Alpine, CA

Time Warner Cable Carlsbad

2900-2998 County Highway S21
Carlsbad, CA

Time Warner Cable Coronado

976 Orange Ave
Coronado, CA

Time Warner Cable Encinitas

1108 S Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA

Time Warner Cable Fallbrook

631 S Main Ave
Fallbrook, CA

Time Warner Cable San Diego

920-998 E St
San Diego, CA

Time Warner Cable San Diego

3051 Clairemont Drive
Coronado, CA

Time Warner Cable San Diego

828-846 Broadway
San Diego, CA

Time Warner Chula Vista

230 3rd Ave
Chula Vista, cA

Time Warner Oceanside

508 Mission Ave
Oceanside, CA

Time Warner San Diego

950 5th Ave
San Diego, CA


10531 4S Commons Drive
San Diego, CA

Verizon Fios San Diego

5887 Copley Drive
San Diego, CA

Verizon Fios Warner Springs

32380-32396 Cam San Ignacio
Warner Springs, CA

VistaTech, LLC

16776 Bernardo Center Dr Ste 203
San Diego, CA

VNet Professionals Inc.

3525 Del Mar Heights Road, Suite 910
San Diego, CA

Volt Mobile and Tech

4508 cass st
San Diego, CA

Web Reputation Builders

3170 4th Ave, Second Floor
San Diego, CA

Webb Design

PO Box 690661
Tulsa, OK


181 Rea Ave Suite G
El Cajon, CA

World Of Connections

970 W. Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA


11810 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD

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