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I found out when I tried to get them to fix their massive mistakes that one was an electrician and the other a cabinet maker.
I originally hired them to completely finish my basement that was water damaged from a broken water line. They said they could only work on weekends (no problem for me), they also said the work on million dollar houses.
A few days before they came they called and said they needed a cashiers check because they needed the money immediately (that should have been my first clue) I did not have the money in a local account and told them it would be the next Wednesday before I could get the money into my local account for a cashiers check, I had the money in my regular checking account in another state and could write a personal check to them, but they insisted on a cashiers check so I had to borrow money from my mother to get the check. They also said they needed half the so just divide the quote in half. I told them the quote included the material and I was too provide the material so how much did they allow for material, so that I could subtract material out and he did not know so he just came up with a number out of his head and told me to get the check for $6,843. this was all before they even came to my house. I told them I wanted a contract before they started but when they showed up they left the contract in the car and would get it for me latter (this should have been my second clue). Half way thru the day they brought in the contract the was for $13,000 (less than he told me) and I only needed to pay him $6,500 but the check was already made out for $343 more and in his name and could not be changed (of course he took it and said they would subtract the overage from the remaining balance. He then told me they needed the check before they finished on Saturday not Sunday after they finished the first half. They went out for lunch and tried to cash the check but all the banks were closed so they had to wait till Monday anyway.
They finished the framing on Sunday morning. When I got home from church later that day and went downstairs there was several things wrong. The bedroom doors were the wrong width (trailer size) and no support over the doors. The 2x4's touched the cinder block wall in several places, a big no no. They put the framing around the heat air ducts in as if they were building a tank. The framing around the 2 support post was only attached on top and when I leaned against them they moved (they first wanted to remove the post completely but I informed them they supported the whole upstairs) They did not put support for the upper kitchen cabinets. They framed over a window as if I was not going to use the window (in a basement with limited outside light). They did not support over the doors for the closets which I told them I was going to use hanging fan fold doors on which weigh is quite a bit more than normal closet doors. They didn't even frame out one of the closets. I told them to just normal frame under my stairs for drywall, and the cabinet maker took several hours making it ready for the shelves and drawers I told them I was going to do myself latter, when I'm ready to do my work I'll have to rip his all out. We had to redo the doors and the duct work framing, redo the window and upper kitchen cabinet braces. redo the water pipe box, redo the post covers.
Wow so much more they did wrong. It would take a book to tell you everything. AGAIN don't HIRE THESE GUYS.

- Marilyn G.

We had used
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
for several smaller jobs over the past few years (replacing a section of hardwood flooring, installing crown molding) and had always been pleased with the quality of his work, so when we decided to replace the kitchen cabinets and make a few other changes in the kitchen we didn’t think twice about using
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
gave us a fair price that included bringing in an electrician to do some lighting work, and indicated the job should take 5 days. Unfortunately the project did not go as smoothly as our past interactions with
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
. First, the job took much longer than estimated, mainly because
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
was never worked a full day, usually 3-4 hours at a time. Three weeks after starting, he still was not done! Along the way the template for the new countertop had to be re-scheduled due to
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
not having the cabinets ready, and then re-done since he forgot to install a spacer between two of the cabinets. On top of this,
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
installed two of the upper cabinets in the wrong spot and had to order an extra panel to make things look right, but never installed the panel.
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
uninstalled the dishwasher during the job, and after putting it back in place it wouldn’t run (no power). After coming back and checking the machine,
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
basically shrugged his shoulders and said I should check the owner’s manual. We finally scheduled a service call with an appliance center and was told
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
missed a step putting the machine back, but that was probably a good thing.
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
didn’t hook up the hoses properly, and the technician indicated the machine would have drained onto the hardwood floor under the new cabinets if it had been run.
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
promised he’d put back the original sink and countertop until the new countertop was installed, but he never got around to this.
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
also connected the new sink after the countertops were installed, but that leaks too.
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
was also supposed to haul the old cabinets and countertops away, but they’re still sitting on the driveway. The day after
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
installed the new
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
, had to call him early morning since we had no hot water. Seems
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
had turned the gas off to install the new
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
, but forgot to re-light the pilot on the hot water heater. I asked
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
to have the electrician install small recessed lights for highlighting in the ceiling, but instead he installed 6 inch lights, so with the trim the lights are 8 inches in diameter.
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
promised to change them out for smaller lights, but never did. After 3 weeks into a job
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
quoted as 5 days
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
simply stopped returning my calls, emails and texts (we’ve been trying to reach him for 3 weeks now). At that point he left us with a list of tasks he had contracted to do but I guess he decided he had done enough work for us (and yes – we did pay him in good faith). In addition to a list of unfinished items including missing handles, trim, cabinet doors not hung, etc. that
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
didn’t complete – he also never installed the new hood over the
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
. In the end, we were shocked and amazed at
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
’s lack of professionalism, work habits, and complete absence of common courtesy and maturity in just stopping all communications.
- Richard M.

Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
does excellent work and is a pleasure to deal with. Worked around minor issues with ease. Very hard-working. Couldn't be happier with the finished product. I highly recommend him for any decking project.
- David S.

It was a little slow getting started and we did have many delays. Some on my part and not a fault of
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
's. He is very detailed. Pros are that he does a VERY good job. Cons is that he is very busy and is sometimes delayed. I would use him again as long as I didn't have to have it done right now.
- Michelle S.

Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
came out and took a look at what it was we needed for a suspended ceiling in our basement and then submitted his quote. We went out of town for a month, but
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
still kept in contact with us saying he was willing to take on the project. When we returned from vacation, we called
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
, he came over and we signed the contract and he started our project in less then a week. Nick, his worker came in on Saturday at 7:00 am and worked until almost 6:00 pm. He got the framework up on the first day and installed the ceiling tiles on Sunday. He worked tirelessly and the way he finished out the glass block windows and the ducting in the basement looks amazing. The project was completed in two days. The basement looks wonderful!. I told
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
that we would be remodeling our kitchen in about six months and I will definitely call on him again. Very reasonably priced, punctual and extremely hardworking and did a great job of cleaning up afterwards!
- Nancy S.

We are very pleased with the workmanship, the guys who did the work,
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
the contractor we worked with was excellent. the wife loved the bathrooms.
During the summer everyone wants work done to their house, He was able to work us
into his schedule. He took time to explain the work, showed us houses that he had built,
gave us ideas on where to save money, what would look
best where. The other 3 other contractors gave us the feeling that the work wasn't work the time.
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
worked around our schedules, and we were able let him and his workers in the house
to do their work. Change requests were easy, and didn't extend the overall by a significant
length of time. Yes, we highly recommend
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked

- Randy W.

The team has always exceeded my expectations and completed work on time and within budget. Everyone I have interacted with is friendly and really knows what they are doing. In my experience there is no job too big or small and no project that they cannot tackle.
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
has always provided me with quick response time, high quality work, and reasonable pricing. I look forward to working with them on future renovations to my new home. It’s a great feeling to have a contractor I know I can depend on for any job.
- Chris P.

I knew nothing about getting a roof system. Well after meeting with several roofing companies, I meet
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
. I intailly got his proposal and it was a little higher then the other companies that bid it out. When i confronted him with the differences,
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
asked me to return to the other contractors and ask a few
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
question. i e: are gutters included, what kind of response time in case of emergency and a few other key questions. Needless to say I called
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
Back we signed the contract. scheduled the start date. One week later they arrived at my house as promised. They give a new Meaning to
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
. My prior roof system was taken off new roof system put on. The team of employees that were there was like a fine tuned instrument of art. It was so well organized I was so amazed at the speed and accuracy of workmanship. They were done by the end of the day, following day the gutters where installed. I now have a roof that doesn't leak on me when I'm cooking in the kitchen on raining days
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
THANK YOU for everything.

We had a great experience with
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
in building a bedroom, closet, 1/2 bath and storage room in basement. We had a very specific timeline to work with, and
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
bent over backwards to accommodate these deadlines. The bathroom took creativity to work around the various pipes and
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
, etc. but
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
took it all in stride. He was easy going and easy to work with. As one friend observed, "It's too good of a tape job; I can't find any studs".
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
is willing to take on both small and large jobs. Recommended.
- Kathleen R.

My story is a story of the utmost regard for the contractor and friend I came in contact with in 2011. BeIow is my story....

I grew up every summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day at our family cabin on Pequaywan Lake. The cabin was an incredible place for me and my family. It was where I learned to: swim, ride a bike, water-ski, and where my friends and me could just be a kids. My dad was a construction worker who was always doing a project at the cabin every summer, and took great pride in the work he did.

In 2011, due to some health issues, my dad gave me the cabin that our family loves so much. When I received the property, it was in complete disrepair: downed power-lines, broken windows, leaking roof, and a number of other issues with the property. As I was asking around the area for someone that I could trust our family property with, there was a resounding answer:
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked

It was the summer of 2011 that I first met
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
. I spoke with him over the phone about the work that needed to be done and arranged a time to meet. We met on a Saturday as I had to come up from the Twin Cities (180 miles away). I was thrilled with his flexibility in meeting me on a weekend.
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
came out to the cabin and spent about two hours listening to me and the vision I had for the property.

The first order of concern was a downed power line and ripped off fascia. I had originally talked about just fixing the fascia and re-hanging the power line.
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
listened to me and gave me an alternative option of burying the line so I would never have to worry about a tree falling and the power-line ripping off the cabin again. He bid out both options and we ultimately decided on burying the line. I appreciated that
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
gave me alternative options for the work that I hadn’t thought of; this is a theme that has carried on through all of the work I have asked him to do. The line work was done on-time and was done in such a way that was meticulous and careful. I was impressed with his work. So impressed that I asked him to help me with some of the other ideas I had for the cabin.

I have spent the last three summers working with
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
. Many hours I have been spent with him and his “iPad” (a yellow legal pad of every note we discuss) to make sure the bids are reflective of the vision I have and the work that
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
needs to do to bring that vision to life. To date, I have had
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
: re-wire the entire cabin; insulate the attic; install
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
and groove wall board; new ceilings; windows; stone veneer on the foundation; and
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
and groove ceilings in our guest cabin. He is currently working on siding and new flooring in the cabin, which is anticipated to be done the first week in
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
. I couldn’t be more thrilled with his work.

Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
is a craftsman. He has impeccable attention to detail and really takes pride in making sure the finished product is perfect. I am a very detailed person and can be a really tough customer.
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
and I have checked in all along the way on each project he has done. He asks multiple questions so we are absolutely on the same page so any things that might come up are quickly rectified. This is really nice since I live 3 hours away from the lake and always feel like he and I are on the same page. I am typically impressed above my own expectations on how something turns out. I have a lot of trust in
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked

I mentioned my dad and my family early on in this letter. Dad is now healthier. I have wanted to create a space where he and mom can come, relax, and be with the family that they are so proud of. My mom, dad and the rest of the family have been up many times since
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
has started working with us, and, each time, the entire family is incredibly complementary of the work he has done. My dad, who is the ultimate critic, is very impressed with everything that
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
has done. He often looks at the new
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
and groove wallboard and admires the cuts and the framing of the windows in each room. This “inspection” goes on each time he is at the lake and each time he tells me and mom how all of our dreams of what the cabin would look like have come true. He is right. . . and I thank
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
for this.

Please consider this a strong vote of my utmost confidence in the work
Soquel Custom Frames Provider Name Locked
has done. I am happy to talk to anyone about his work and the time we have had over the last three years creating memories for my family and me.

- Mark M.
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PO Box 320155
Los Gatos, CA


P.O.Box 953
Fremont, CA

VMG Builders Inc

607 Canjoaquin Drive
Vallejo, CA

Walker Homes

PO Box 248
Mountain View, CA

Webbe Jones Joinery

PO Box 460009
San Francisco, CA

Wilfredo Duenas Repair Services

931 Capp St
San Francisco, CA

Wilkinson Design & Construction Inc.

46 Greenfield Dr
San Anselmo, CA

Wilkinson Design+Construction Inc.

72 Clayton Street
San Rafael, CA

Woodcliff Builders

6573 gardenoak ct.
San Jose, ca
Soquel Zip Codes

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