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K S.
"This medical practice should not be listed under "doulas" - there are none here, & they are strictly a medical care provider. Doulas are non-medical specially trained" support caregivers for women who are pregnant, giving birth, & postpartum. My MD is Dr.
, but I've only seen her once. Every other time I've been shunted to one of the other doctors in this clinic. It's a huge clinic, impersonal. The front desk people are the most rude; clinical care staff are much more personable, friendly, polite, caring. I'm not happy that I can never see my doctor. The purpose of having one MD as a PCP is to have continuity of care. Instead, this clinic only has continuity in the form of my chart (which can be read by whoever they assign me the next time I'm there). And apparently there's a big problem with identity theft among their patients (maybe people trying to use the insurance card of a friend because they don't have access to medical care?) - they insist on seeing the insurance card AND a photo ID at every visit! I offered them a copy of my info, so it would be in my records (I don't usually carry that with me, so it can't be stolen) & they refused. Another problem is that they don't take walk-ins, & it's nearly impossible to get a same-day appointment if there's a sudden problem. After being sent home from class (in late OCT 2011) because I'd fainted, I went to try and see my doctor. They said I could see another doctor a couple hours later, so I waited. When I went back to the check-in desk at the time I'd been given, they said my appointment was cancelled & they'd tried to call me. (My cell phone was on, in my pocket, & showed no missed calls.) They hadn't even paged the waiting area. They wanted me to wait another 3 hours, which I couldn't do, so the problem went untreated. It probably was the first manifestation of the dizziness which is still causing problems (JUL 2012).
Rated by
Sophia R.
"When I started having regular contractions I called them to let them know. I asked them not to come yet, because my contractions were not difficult. We maintained contact over the next" couple hours, and when I was ready (middle of the night, of course) I asked them to come. They arrived promptly and seamlessly took their places. They suggested different labor positions, used a variety of techniques to minimize pain, and even helped with little things like changing the bedsheets, filling up our birth pool, and bringing my husband anything he (or I) needed so he wouldn't have to leave me. They helped me feel at ease laboring in the way that was most comfortable for me, without being self-conscious--this alone helped tremendously. Their gentle reminders to relax helped me to not fight the contractions. They really were there to serve us, and did whatever was needed. I'm not sure what we would have done without
. I recommend their services to anyone in the area who is having a baby (regardless of whether they are in a home, birth center, or hospital) , and I already know one friend who has booked them for her second baby! They are wonderful!
Rated by
Brenna L.
"I visited Good
a few times during my pregnancy. The ultrasound technician was fantastic each time we saw him. Our labor and delivery staff were compassionate" and helpful through my entire stay. I received prompt, correct care and am happy with my experience!

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Women often need a variety of medical professionals who can help take care of their own health concerns, help with family planning and provide service during pregnancy. A variety of women's health specialists can offer the right care for your needs.


A doula is a trained professional who provides emotional and physical support to women in labor, childbirth education to families before birth and after birth and assistance to an obstetrician or midwife.

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Women's Services - Doulas

Doulas can serve an important role before, during and after birth for both the mother, partner and baby. Learn more about the benefits of hiring a doula.

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Women's Services - Doulas

Should you hire a doula? A doula is a coach who assists a woman during her pregnancy and also during labor. However, a doula is not a medical professional.

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Chest/Thoracic Surgery, Health Education/Workshops, Lab Services - Drug & Alcohol Testing, Otolaryngology, Primary Care - Osteopathic Medicine, Skin & Body Care - Vein Treatment, Therapy/Respite Camps, Women's Services - Doulas, Women's services - Midwives, Women's Services - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Many people are unfamiliar with what modern midwives do. A New York City midwife tells of a late-night delivery.

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Hello - I hope my answer will help point you in the right direction.


The reason you're having a hard time getting clear information is because there are hundreds of companies saying their window is the best. There are probably millions of different features you can choose to have for your windows and in price ranges from $169-$1200 (per double-hung window).


I've been in the business for 15 years and have seen many different window products from many different dealers and manufacturers. This all comes down to: "what's important for you and your home?" If you want a strong warranty from a company who has a full-time service department to give you piece of mind and service your windows should needs be, or are you looking at only those companies who offer true wood interior windows that you can paint or stain to match the home decor? Whatever is your hot-button, then that's where you want to start.


I would recommend you first choose how you want your new windows to look. Wood-interior with vinyl clad is only offered by certain companies, while there is a vinyl woodgrain finish to give you similar results without the maintenance. If you're only looking for a white interior and don't want the maintenance, a fiberglass or vinyl window would be the best choice from what is offered in the market today (vinyl will be less expensive - not necessarily cheaper quality). If you are going to change out a window to a french door and a door to a window, then you WILL NEED to find a contractor with some carpentry experience. Some companies will tell you upfront that they do not handle those sorts of remodeling projects due to the complexity and time it would take to get it complete.


Unfortunately, we won't be able to personally help you with your project as we work in the New England Area. However, if you wish to talk further, please feel free to email me at: and I'll be happy to let you know our prices for what we offer so you can compare and hopefully find a similar company to do the work for you near the Austin area.




Get your roofer back out there.  Course of shingles above the window need to be pulled, self sealing flashing, drip caps, and counter and step flashing are going to be required here. 


This is a flashing issue as the window connects to the mansard roof surface. 


Condensation and a leak are two different and very noticeably different (i.e. volume) things.


Flashing and roofing on Mansards can be tricky but is sounds very much like a roofing issue. 




Much easier to scratch and typically not as good a finished quality as compared to glass.


Benefits are the resistance to breakage as mentioned by LCD.  Any glazing shop should be able to re-create that panel. 


For a broken window (or leaking seal in multi-pane unit), for a standard roughly 2x3 foot window, can run from low of about $75-125 for single pane to more like $200-300 range for triple pane, depending on construction and any special ultraviolet or heat reflective coatings. If a removeable window unit, of course cheaper to remove it and take to replacement glass place then have them come out, measure glass size, order glass unit, then come back to install.


If taking in yourself, commonly they can do single-pane in an hour or two, but count on a week or so typically for sealed double or triple pane unit to come in, so you will have to seal the opening in the interim. That is an advantage of having them come out - they measure and determine type of unit on first visit and can seal with tape and plastic sheeting (if you have not already done that), then come back with new unit and install a week or two down the road - but you are not stuck with an opening in the wall for a long time.


Thermal numbers look okay when looking at the NFRC.


Do you have any other data on them?  Air infiltration, Design Pressure, Visible Transmittance, and Condensation Resistance are all good evaluators.


Air infiltration rate is way high at 0.21.


It may look nice in person but the performance numbers are below average. 

If you are being sued and/or counter suing, then you should hire a lawyer.  While you can do small claims court and sue without a lawyer, the Contractor's insurance will provide him a lawyer to defeat you.  Plus, odds are good the Contractor has more court experience than the average Home Owner, especially if this is his standard opperating procedure.  If you go against a lawyer, you will lose, even if you are right (Saying the right thing at the wrong time is very bad in court rooms.  Get a lawyer who knows the processes).

Once you decide you are suing, there should be no further contact or access to the property with the contractor.  If you have already been told you are suing, you should stop all access to your property (you are allowing them to gather evidence AGAINST you.  Your lawyer may be able to reach an agreement outside of court to allow the contractor to fix the work within a specific time period, but even then make sure you are not in contact with the contractor.  Anything you say, will be turned against you ("The Home Owner said it was okay.")

A building official has no legal obligation in court; his job is safety and minimum construction requirements as allowed per Code.  He has no say over materials and methods, and cannot assess damage. (IRC doesn't have a requirement that the door you mention exceed 35", so he won't care it isn't 36" as an example).  What he CAN do is state if the work is unsafe or causing other conditions which are unsafe.  Let your lawyer decide; but it is not in your best interest to have the Building Offical inspect with the contractor.

To sue you need to show damages.  Get another contractor (get some references or hire an architect to help ensure you get what you need) to inspect the work and give an estimate to repair.  The amount the contractor(s) estimates becomes what you seek in court (plus court fees) from the contractor.  If his work caused problems, you should be suing, not sued.

Also, be aware that no door manufacturer makes an actual 36" door (as an example).  They each have their own frame sizes, so a "36 door" in reality will be 35 7/8" to 35 3/8".  Each door maker has slightly different sizes (go online, you can see Pella, Anderson, Kolbe-Kolbe, etc. have their actual sizes available for PDF downloads).  If you replace a Pella 36" with an Anderson's 36" they won't fit perfectly.  In fact, the different styles within the same manufacturer are sometimes even different.  The purpose of trim is to hide the gap between the wall and door frame, so your door may be perfectly fine in size and method of installation. 

When you have this work corrected (and for any future work) utilize the services of a lisenced Architect.  They will oversee the work, review requests for payments and document existing conditions and conditions found during construction to prevent the situation you are now in.  They will also ensure the proper permits are filed and the inspections called for.  Because they are a third party to the agreement, they can be the 'bad guy' and make the contractor perform, where you just have to pay the invoices they approve.  The contractor deals with the Architect (and vice versa) and you get the project you wanted. The cost of the architect would have been around $3,200 and is minimal compared to what you are dealing with now, the peace of mind is worth it and architects often find cost savings that go directly back to the Home Owner.  When you account for time alone, you will have spent more than this on just preparing and attending the court case.

Because this is headed to court, stop all communication with the contractor and get yourself counsel.  Good luck.

Doula Birthing Support reviews in Santa Monica


We were referred to
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
and The Post-Partum Place in
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
, NJ, twice separately from my OBGYN as well as our daughter’s Pediatricians for a lactation consultation.
She was born by Cesarean almost two weeks after her due date and had lost more than the customary 10% of her birth weight by our discharge from the hospital.
This is our first child and we were fish out of water.
I had a breast reduction at the age of 15 and was told for more than 18 years that I would more than likely be unable to breastfeed, so I never considered it a possibility. Shortly after our daughter’s birth, I was able to latch her and she seemed to be getting at least some milk from my breasts to our surprise! I could sense however that she may need some supplement from a bottle and formula.
After a few days and her first appointment with the Pediatrician and continued weight-loss, we could sense that she was having difficulty with both the bottle and the breast.
We made an appointment with
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
after our third day home after an emotional phone call.
We were immediately put at ease by her comforting manner and obvious knowledge and experience. Just minutes into the consultation, she had our daughter latched onto my breast with ease and in a more comfortable and efficient position.
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
introduced us to various tools, supplements and support, to help us with achieving the best results and comfort as well as educated us to the science and nature of breastfeeding. Most importantly, she discovered that our baby had a 60% posterior
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
-tie that prohibited her
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
from touching the roof of her mouth and sucking!
No doctor in the delivery room, hospital or our Pediatrician’s office had diagnosed this problem. We were referred to a wonderful oral surgeon who treated the
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
-tie in a
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
in-office procedure.
Along with our consultation and mentoring, she provides a 24hr hotline for questions and concerns and has always answered the phone when we’ve called. We have access to free weigh-ins, breastfeeding and
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
care equipment for purchase, and a diaper-changing station when we’re in the area.
The Post-Partum Place is also the home to a couple of parent support groups. The Mother’s Club for new moms with infants from 0-6 months has been an invaluable resource to me!
Our daughter is now almost 4 months old and thanks to
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
’s support and guidance, I am a new mom with an 18 year total breast reduction who is breastfeeding exclusively! Our baby is almost 15lbs and we no longer weigh her everyday – we know that she’s getting the nutrition that she needs and is absolutely flourishing thanks to the Booby Goddess:
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
- Dorana H.

She's a good doctor but has too many patients. So it takes too long to be able to see her. But I've been seeing her for many years and don't want to change. I rarely get to see her and mostly see her PAs otherwise it can take up to 2 weeks to be able to see her. When I do see her, she is great. She takes her time with you and talks to you about anything you need to talk about.
- Hope R.

Reaching out to
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
and Beyond,
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
and subsequently enrolling in her Prenatal
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
class as well as her HypnoBirthing class was the single best decision I have made during my pregnancy!
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
’s gentle education and support has proven invaluable to me, what an asset! I can’t thank her enough for guiding me on all aspects of my journey from finding an awesome practitioner who best aligned with my goals and birthing desires to hosting a weekly Prenatal
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
class that I found such a welcoming break. Her weekly prenatal
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
classes allowed me dedicated time each week to (1) connect with other moms (2) focus quiet attention on bonding with my baby (3) focus energy on my positive birthing intentions (4) practice my relaxation techniques and (5) most of all it provided valuable education! The coaching
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
provided each week was well received, and it definitely improved my ability to relax, and relax more quickly. I will definitely take more of
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
's classes in the future (ex: she also has a mom and baby
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
class), and I highly recommend her to all mothers!
- Sarah M.

Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
has been my doula with the birth of my first child in 2008 and my second child in 2010. The first time around we were the new and nervous expecting parents.
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
not only helped us prepare for the birth and the postpartum but also helped us identify and address our concerns (its not as
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
"10 finger and 10 toes and we are good"). She called me through out my pregnancy and after to check up on me and talk about anything that an expecting mom is dealing with but is outside of what my OBGYN would talk about, meaning more then stages of labor and medical concerns. I had a 25 hour back labor which started at 2 in the morning.
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
was there from the time we called her to come at 4 am till a few hours after our baby was born, plus the postpartum visits. It was a relief to have her update our family in the waiting room in a calm and reassuring voice of what was happening through out the labor.
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
took turns with my husband to breathe with me through the 17 hours of contractions, was a huge source of support when I faced my fear of the big, scary epidural needle, and held my hand when the damned thing was being inserted, and reinserted (but I won't go into that, it was great having her there though). During the rest of the labor, once the drugs kicked in, she remained with me, helped me push for 3 hours and helped my husband and I mentally prepare for the C Section.
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
was our patient and calm support person. Our whole family in the waiting room appreciated her help during my labor. We could not imagine doing this without her and knew then that we were going to hire her again. During my second, much harder labor,
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
was again our doula for the whole time as well as the pre and the postpartum visits. As soon as we knew that we were expecting again we called her up so that we could reserve her in advance, way in advance. I highly recommend
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
due to her knowledge, calmness, non judgmental approach and understanding what a woman goes through during labor. I am so glad that we found her, and I highly recommend her.
- Marzena S.

Office was easy to schedule with. Staff was friendly until we met with the "doctor." Billing ... they billed us about $45 MORE than quoted amount for the exact visit requested. Nothing was done except a look over for the
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
: no labs, shots, or anything else. We were cash customers, so this really irritated us, especially since we had to redo the appointment with another provider, which was $70 less for the same exact appointment.
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
... HORRIBLE BEDSIDE MANNER AND SELF-SUPERIOR ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!! Absolutely NOT the practice you want to use if you want to use a non-traditional (prolonged, delayed, or skipped) immunization regardless of your reasons why. They will NOT see a child that is not up-to-date on CDC-recommended immunizations. If you're a person who will want the doctor to do all the thinking when it comes to your child's health, then this might be the perfect place for you. It's "pleasant" in plastic sort of way ... until you aren't an ideal patient/parent. CARE of patients and communication about concern ... NON-EXISTENT in
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
. Other doctors in the practice might be better, but I'd always be leery of her presence. She called Child Protective Services on us 13 days after our visit because we hadn't scheduled a follow-up appointment with her. She never once called to ask why. (We really hated her, and had already scheduled another 2-month check up with another pediatrician.) The full details are in another review of her specifically.
- Debi D.

I thought my water broke at 10:30 on the 26th. I called
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
on my way to the hospital and she met me there shortly after I checked in. She brought a bag full of helpful stuff (aromatherapy oils, a homeopathy kit, different flavors of Emergen-C...) and a whole lot of knowledge. She called on the way to see if we needed her to pick up anything before she arrived. She was there at the hospital all night with me.

The next morning my contractions were still pretty far apart so we were talking about ways to move things along (walking, etc) when the doctor came in to check me. Turns out my water hadn't broken completely but was just leaking. He broke my water the rest of the way and things started to progress quickly. That was at 8:30 a.m. and my daughter was born at 5:47 p.m. I never had ANY medication whatsoever during my entire stay in the hospital, which was my goal.
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
was a big part of helping me achieve that goal. I had a great "birth team" - my mom, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, best friend and husband as well as
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
. The doctor and nurses only monitored until her head was born, when the doctor helped deliver her the rest of the way and deliver the placenta. I could have had an easy home birth with my wonderful team.

Everyone loved
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
- my family and the nurses and doctors. She helped keep everyone calm and made sure they were eating and drinking and taking breaks. When my doctor couldn't be there and another doctor had to deliver me, she was right there with a copy of my birth plan. She offered suggestions the entire time - when I was tensing up she reminded me to relax, when I might have laid down (slowing things down) she suggested I walk and stretch (and did it with me). She suggested things for each stage of labor - positions, things to make me more comfortable.
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
was strong support and reassurance for everyone. She let my family be involved, encouraged my husband, was my advocate while letting the hospital staff do their jobs and helped me bring my daughter into the world without having to worry about everyone and everything else.

I would recommend a
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
to any woman preparing for childbirth -and in my opinion,
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
is the best!
- Laura C.

The visits prior to the birth were fine, she provided some good information and assisted with forming a birth plan. However, once my wife went into labor she called
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
who stated that she was sick. My wife states that
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
was non-committal and not very interested in assisting her at this point. My wife ended up talking to her three times on the phone while we were still at home without
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
offering to come over or have her back-up doula come over. My wife was in pain, nervous, and looking for guidance. The wishy-washy attitude of
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
at this point was too much to deal with so we ended up just going to the hospital and handling it without the services of the Doula. While the contingency plan was to have the back-up doula provide services should
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
get sick, after three phone calls and no movement towards either coming over or sending someone over we got tired of dealing with it. The last thing we needed at that point was more phone calls to make between calling the midwife, calling family to arrange for dog care, and dealing with the pain of contractions. We were first time parents, we needed guidance. We needed someone to provide firm guidance as to what we should be doing to meet the goals of our birth plan. We thought that the Doula would be this person, however that is not what we got from
Santa Monica Doulas Provider Name Locked
. We had signed a contract with her and do not expect a refund, which makes this entire experience an $800.00 waste of money. I would not recommend her services as a Doula to anyone.

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