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Company was professional and quick to reply to my initial inquiry regarding the basement clean up. The tearing up of carpet and baseboards along with disinfecting was done in a quick and timely manner. Because of this, I decided to hire them for the remodel of the basement as well. It has been 4.5 weeks and the remodel still hasn't happened. They often don't return my calls and when I do get a hold of them they tell me they have been busy and haven't had a
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to talk to the insurance company (to figure out reimbursement). I realize it is a busy season with all of the rain we've had, but I don't feel like I am being prioritized and believe I will go ahead with a different company for the remodel. I'm not sure why it's taken 4.5 weeks. The company keeps apologizing, but mean while, my tenants are living with a torn up basement. It is not right and I don't feel I am being respected.
- Kirsten P.

The experience was a disaster from start to finish. The reason we hired them was because our insurance company listed them as a provider that could do the repairs.
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
was very quick about coming out to our home to assess the damage. However, every step after this required multiple phone calls to
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
. It took three days to get a quote (this was a problem because we were trying to coordinate with our insurance company) and once we had the quote and had coordinated with insurance it took over a week and probably half a dozen phone calls to get them to schedule actually performing the work. The contract we signed covered four rooms and was for the expense of $4,700, most of which was not covered by our insurance because our policy didn't cover mold. Two weeks after the initial assessment they finally showed up to begin work. They brought several industrial sized machines, sealed off our rooms, and told us they would return the next day to complete the job. Also, on this day, we were told that instead of four rooms, we would only need to remove the ceiling in two. We were thrilled at the prospect of potentially not having to pay so much money. The next day (a Thursday), no one arrived to complete the job. On Friday, after three phone calls, we were assured that although they "might" not be able to make it that day, they would come on Saturday to complete the job. Obviously, no one arrived on Saturday. On Sunday we were told that they would be arriving at 9am on Monday. At 11am on Monday (again, several phone calls later) we were told they would come that afternoon. They did arrive and complete the job. After talking to the "manager" about the work that had not been performed, he said he would come back the following day to pick up the last of their equipment and bring a new invoice. When the "manager" arrived the next day, he informed me that although they had only had to perform work on half the rooms, they had to charge us more than contracted for the work that was completed, so the total was still the same. We were charged $700 for them to vacuum our hallway. As far as we can tell, the work was of adequate quality. Every interaction with this company was horrible and we feel as though they extorted money from us. Beware.
- Matthew R.

Overall the whole process was terrible.
They came in and pumped the water out with their generators cause we didn't have electricity that is why we flooded. They used our sump pump to help remove the water faster. Then they put fans down to dry it out. Two days later when I had a plumber come and install a battery backup on our sump pump he couldn't do it do to the sump pump wasn't working. I was baffled because it worked when they used it to pump out the water. We realized they didn't plug it back into the wall correctly.
To explain this there is a plug that plugs into another plug.... it is called a switch but it is just a three prong plug that triggers the pump to turn off and on when the float valve gets high enough that the sump pump needs to turn on.
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
when they were using it to pump my basement out plugged plugged it back into the outlet and not into the plug or switch. If you plug it into the main outlet to will run continuously and no stop. Hence why they call it a switch.
So I called
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
and they told me they would cut me a check and to not worry about it. I called back after the weekend and the owner (guy) told me he knew nothing about this. I said his manager told me they would cut me a check for the cost of the sump pump. He said he would have to talk to him first and get back to me. I told him he could also call the Plumber and get the price of the sump pump he installed if he needed to. He called me back and said he would no pay until the insurance paid him and that the plumber suggested I was fiddling with the sump pump and was leary of who broke it. My plumber said nothing of the sorts. He was very very rude and wouldn't pay. I told my insurance company. Finally a month later he calls and tells me he hasn't been paid yet and I asked about my check. He finally paid me and the insurance paid him.
Regardless of anything this guy should of apologized and wrote me a check for the sump pump PERIOD! My entire basement just flooded and he is arguing with me over 225.00. He was rude and accused me of tampering with the sump pump. My sump pump worked when the electricity was out.... it worked when the electricity came on and it worked when HIS guys were using it. Then it was burned out and plugged in wrong. I didn't notice because the fans were running and I didn't hear it and thus it burned out probably in a day. I would not recommend this particular company to anyone ever. He is not professional and definitely not customer service friendly. I have two 7 month old twins and my house smelled like mold and they are sick preemie babies I didn't need to deal with his s***. I hope
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
comes back and curses this guy for the next 10 years with bad luck for the anxiety and stress of this whole process.
- Jolene B.

We contacted them and they contacted us the next day. We were told we were on the waiting list and there were 200 in line ahead of us. This was when we had heavy rain here in Detroit. We called back a week later and set up an appointment because they never called us back to make an appointment. We set up the appointment and no one showed up. We never got a call back from them to reschedule or let us know they couldn't do the estimate at the appointment time.
- William C.

Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
came over right away and assessed the cabinets and the walls around my bay window. He told me that the cabinets had to be removed ). He contacted another contractor who came out the SAME day to remove the cabinets.
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
came back with fans and sprayed the area to make sure there was no mold (or future mold).
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
left the fans for 3 days; came back on a Sunday to check again and decided the area was still too wet. He left the fans for another two days (free of charge) and came back again on Tuesday to check the area and take the fans back.
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
was extremely professional and HELPFUL!! I would never have been able to take care of this as quickly as we did without
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
's help. He is very knowledge and has many contacts through Homecare Professional Contractors group where he is a member. I already have a cabinet maker coming this week to help me rebuild the cabinets.
You can't go wrong by calling
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
! I highly recommend him!
- Joyce D.

This was a difficult review to write, because finding water damage and mold in your home is an awful thing to go through. I knew what I was in for when I called
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
because I've had to do it before. I knew that he was going to have to tear all the drywall out, scrub the 2 x 4's, wall off parts of my home in plastic zipper rooms, and leave loud dryers and dehumidifiers to run 24 hours a day. Plus, we were supposed to go away that weekend for a labor day camping trip. All plans were suddenly off. I DID NOT want to do this! But, if you want to maintain the value of a home you love, you have to bite the bullet.
Once we decided to move forward with the remediation,
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
brought his team in that very night. They worked until about 1 AM. When they were done, plastic walls from ceiling to floor sealed off the area. Inside the plastic rooms, machines blew hot air and hoses from de-humidifiers drained into my sink. Throughout the weekend,
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
came by to take readings and keep track of the drying out process. Once he determined that the area was completely dry, he had an outside laboratory come and test the air to be sure all the mold was gone. Thankfully, the air was clear and we were ready to start rebuilding.
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
is one of the hardest working people I've met, and probably a bit of a perfectionist as well. He is an expert in his field and I trust him to do a job and give it his absolute best. He kept me informed every step of the way and showed me the work as he went. By the time he was done, the area was scrubbed absolutely clean. His expertise is obvious.
The demolition that he did on my water damaged walls was extreme, though I've been through worse, and family members have told me that it isn't necessary and that these companies use scare tactics. Everyone has to decide for himself what to do. We chose to get rid of the mold and have it done right to preserve the value of our home.
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
did an excellent job.
One other thing I liked about
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
is that
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
uses unmarked vans. Nothing worse than having plumbing trucks and water restoration vans parked in front of your house for days.
I did not use
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
for the rebuild because I have another company I had worked with before that I trusted.
I hope that I never have to do this again, but if I do, I'll call
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
. A couple of things that I would do different next time: There were a few pieces of cabinet molding and shelves that I think could have been preserved and would have helped in the rebuild. Maybe not, but I wish I had involved myself in the decision and looked at what he removed. Also, I wouldn't call on a Friday night when I have weekend plans and the water leak is already stopped. We changed our plans to stay home and keep an eye on the equipment because I was afraid a breaker might blow out and time wasted if the machines weren't running. Next time, I'm calling on Monday.
It was difficult to give
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
an A on pricing because this kind of work is just plain expensive and I have no way of knowing if I'm getting good value. We were paying out of pocket rather than using our homeowners insurance and
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
did what he could to keep costs down. Knowing that insurance companies add to costs by requiring extra phone calls and paperwork and also delay payment, a discount for private cash paying customers would have been appreciated.
Overall, the experience with
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
was positive. It's kind of like surgery. You don't want to do it, but if you have to, you want to know you are in good hands and you want the best.
Thank you,
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
, for all your hard work! Now go home and spend some time with your wife!
- Sandra D.

A drunk driver crashed into our house in the middle of the night. JBenson arrived within 2 hours of having called them for emergency board up service the next day. They sent a crew of 4 (plus an electrician that arrived later). After reviewing the damage, they said they could just board it up or fix the structure. They removed all broken pieces to the structure, reframed the corner, placed sheeting and tyvek and cleaned up the glass around the site. Their electrician (a sub) ran a dummy line through the broken outlet so that we could turn the electricity back on to that part of the house.
The cost listed above is an estimate based on the 5 hours of work. I have not yet seen the claim so I did not rate on cost.
All of the team was very professional and courteous. We are waiting for a final bid to see if they come back to finalize the work.

.We were expecting to walk into a disaster zone when we go home two days later.Other then the fans and humidifiers they had left
running you could hardly tell anything had happened there.They had vacuumed out the water ,removed all the wet padding from underneath the carpeting and put drying pads on the hardwood. We were sure that the hardwood would have to be replaced since we have been through this before and we knew how badly that amount of water would damage the wood. Pleased to say that it was not the case this time ! Other than the padding everything else in the home was salveged. They had put all of our furniture on pads and lifted them off of the wet carpet and moved all other items off of the wet carpet and moved all other items from the affected areas into other rooms
The team members we dealt with were incredibly responsive and made sure we knew exactly what was going on in our home the entire time we were away and when we got back. After about a week our home was completely dried out and life was back to normal .
We are very thankful to our neighbor who found
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
for us.
- Taraneh S.

Even before my insurance agent recommended
Stovers, I had them in my home through an internet
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
. Of the three
groups I had come through, they seemed the most reasonable.
The problem was that I had a toilet keep running at the same time a guest clogged the toilet with fecal matter. My wife and I heard water running in the bathroom and thought a guest was showering. What we were hearing was water running into the ventilation system in the floor. Some 20-40 minutes later we realized no one was showering and the hallway carpeting was soaked. The water went through the ventilation and dripped into one of the downstairs bedrooms. (Only water came out - no fecal matter -- that was stuck deep in the ubend of the toilet.
At first I used towels and blankets to dry everything I could. With children, you learn to live with spills of ALL sorts. It was only a few days later when my wife and I noticed a really bad musty smell in the downstairs area that we began worrying about mold and decided we should contact a professional.
The first group that came to do an estimate said that because it was an overflow from a feces clogged toilet it was category three water and anything it touched would have to be ripped out and replaced. That meant walls, flooring, ceilings, etc... and could easily go beyond insurance limits. Stovers actually came at the end of the time the other company was there and heard this evaluation. Once the other company left, the Stovers representative told me that the regulations were complex and explained why this was only going to be category two water and that explained that the repairs would be much less extensive. (The insurance agent agreed when I spoke with her later.)
They went around the home measuring moisture in flooring, ceilings (for the downstairs area), walls, and even affected cabinets. They helped me understand that the humidity was what made a couple of downstairs doors not close properly. (This saved me from doing anything drastic with them.) Once I contracted Stovers, they removed affected carpet padding and vinyl flooring. They then provided about seven fans and two large dehumidifiers to heat up and dry everything out. They checked water levels once every two to three days and removed equipment as they could until everything read as dry. (My doors closed again too.) Finally, they sprayed a natural based anti-microbial agent to make sure that there would be no mold growth.
They were at all times courteous, professional, and thorough.
The ventilation system also had to be cleaned but I contracted with another company (a man who does the work on the side at greatly discounted rates) to do that part of the work.
Another piece I forgot to mention is that they worked well with and were well known by my insurance agent. In fact, my agent said that Stovers was her "go to" restoration group for water damage and one of three she would highly recommend in the state of
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
- Mark G.

The sent in 2 young men who as soon as their boss left they went to the truck until 10 am. They pretended to clean until 11:30 and then went to lunch for almost 2 hours. They left at 3pm and the house was actually dirtier than when they came. They did not wash anything at all. I even took pics of the drink cans they left on top of our furniture....More /> They were suppose to be using a special cleaning product to wash all the walls, cabinets, windows, blinds, furniture and so on. They used fabulouso, murphys oil soap, swiffers and never even made a bucket with fresh water to add the cleaner to the bucket and wash with their rags. Nope they did none of that at all, nothing. They brought in those machine only 3 of them and they were in the house less than 24 hours which did absolutely no good b/c they need to be in the home much longer.
Best advice do not ever hire this company. We ended up having to pay out of our pockets for all the cleaning and that cost us $2,500. They did everything that you were suppose to do.
- Deana B.
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San Leandro, CA

Mr. Drain Plumbing of San Lorenzo

15934 Hesperian Blvd
San Lorenzo, CA

Mr. Drain Plumbing of San Ramon

21001 San Ramon Valley Blvd
San Ramon, CA

Mr. Drain Plumbing of Santa Clara

1556 Halford Ave
Santa Clara, CA

Mr. Drain Plumbing of Santa Cruz

849 Almar Ave
Santa Cruz, CA

Mr. Drain Plumbing of Saratoga

14510 Big Basin Way
Saratoga, CA

Mr. Drain Plumbing of South San Francisco

101 Hickey Blvd
South San Francisco, CA

Mr. Drain Plumbing of Sunnyvale

370 Altair Way
Sunnyvale, CA

Mr. Drain Plumbing of Union City

4400 Horner St
Union City, CA

Mr. Drain Plumbing of Watsonville

1961 Main St
Watsonville, CA

Mr. Fix-It Company

3024 Clayton Rd
Concord, CA

Nation Wide Painting And Water Proofing Co.

P. O. Box 574
South San Francisco, CA

Nationwide Secure inc.

3215 Calhoun Ct
Antioch, CA

New-Pipe Plumbing & Rooter

10723 Sherman Way
Sun Valley, CA

NorCal Construction & Development Inc

4181 First St
Livermore, CA

nugent constructors inc

721 Old Creek Road
Danville, CA

Oakland Fresh Carpet Care

9234 Walnut Street
Oakland, CA

OMAC Restoration Services, Inc

1000 Detroit Ave
Concord, CA

OMAC Services Co

1000 Detroit Ave
Concord, CA

One Call Services

3880 Decoto Road,
Fremont, CA


8 Casey Rd
Mc Donald, PA


1013 Syracuse Cir
Vacaville, CA

Pacific Drywall & Painting Inc

499 Salmar Ave
Campbell, CA


PO BOX 64323
Sunnyvale, CA

Painting Etcetera

2076 Ticonderoga Dr
San Mateo, CA

Paramount Maintenance Inc.

660 Coleman Ave.
San Jose, CA

Paul Walters Builders Inc

100 Cristich Ln
Campbell, CA


180 South Blvd
San Mateo, CA


San Jose, CA

Penny pinching construction &remodeling

1525 Atlas Peak Rd
Napa, CA

Premium Restoration Co.

688 Hampton Rd
Hayward, ca

Prestige Builders

1145 2nd St
Brentwood, CA

Pro Care Systems

15133 San Pablo Ave
San Jose, CA

Pro Clean Care, Floors & Carpet Services

PO Box 333
Redwood City, CA

Pro Design Construction Inc

1708 Camino Verde
Walnut Creek, CA

ProClaim Public Insurance Adjusters

4651 Roswell Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA

Pros Plumbing & Rooter

16550 Railroad Ave
Morgan Hill, CA

PuroClean Restoration Services

44862 Osgood Road
Fremont, CA

Quality Remodeling and Design

159 Donegal Way
Martinez, CA

R & R Floor Covering

4995 Redwood Retreat Road
Gilroy, CA

Rameses Construction

San Francisco, ca


851 BURLWAY RD, # 800
Burlingame, CA

Repipe 1

19326 Ventura Blvd Suite 201
Tarzana, CA


Daly City, CA


Livermore, CA

RGL Construction

341 Florence St
Sunnyvale, CA


San Jose, CA

Rodney Loredo Plumbing

97 Shereen Place
Campbell, Ca

Rush Plumbing & Rooter/Rush Contractors & Eng.

offices in Anaheim, Menifee, San Jose, San Diego
Anaheim, CA

Ryan Peacock Inc.

1061 Richard Ave
Santa Clara, CA


Hollister, CA


520 Coralwood rd
Modesto, CA

San Jose Floor Coverings

1632 Carmel Dr
San Jose, CA

Santa Clara Flood Damage

3333 Bowers Avenue
Santa Clara, CA

Scooter's Carpet Cleaning

1302 Weathersfield Way
San Jose, CA

Scoppettone Building

314 Moore St.
Santa Cruz, CA

Sean's Custom Painting

12277 S Saratoga Sunnyvale Rd
Saratoga, CA

Secure Property Inspections

548 Crawford Dr
Sunnyvale, CA

ServiceMaster All Care Restoration

782 Auzerais Ave.
San Jose, CA

ServiceMaster Clean

782 Auzerais Ave
San Jose, CA

Servpro of NE San Jose

2530 Berryessa Rd #219
San Jose, CA

Servpro of Walnut Creek/Clayton

2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd #446
Walnut Creek, CA

SG Electric

Pleasant Hill, CA

Simple Environmental

16138 Via Owen
San Lorenzo, CA

SOD Builders, Inc

800 West El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA

SOS Carpet Cleaning

926 E 3rd St
Benicia, CA

South Bay Painting

25149 Radonich Rd
Los Gatos, CA

Spacious Living Construction

3098 Winkle Ave
Santa Cruz, CA

Stanley Steemer

3005A Spring St
Redwood City, CA

Stanley Steemer

255 E Brokaw Rd # 10
San Jose, CA

Stanley Steemer

3041 Teagarden St
San Leandro, CA

Stanley Steemer

150 Mason Cir
Concord, CA

Stanley Steemer

11420 G Commercial Pkwy
Castroville, CA

Stanley Steemer

625 Martin Ave
Rohnert Park, CA

Stanley Steemer

3600 Standish Ave Ste A
Santa Rosa, CA

Stergion Construction

2345 Spring Street
Redwood City, CA

Sterling General Construction Inc

1506 Dell Ave.
Campbell, CA

Summit Deck Doctor

12833B Skyline Blvd
Los Gatos, CA


4866 East 2nd Street
Benicia, CA

Superior Pressure Washing

758 Vly Way
Santa Clara, CA

Supraclean Water Damage Specialists

1341 Coniston Ct.
San Jose, CA

sweet construction

1129 palm ave
Redwood City, CA

Swift Restoration Inc.

1207 Bush St
San Francisco, CA

Tapia Construction & Restoration

330 Lang Road
Burlingame, CA

TerraVenti Construction Inc.

468 N Camden Dr
Beverly Hills, CA

The Painted Finish

2974 Terra Verde Lane
Oakley, CA


Mountain View, CA

The Tool Guys

542 Lanfair Circle
San Jose, Ca

The Water Damage Experts Incorporated

9909 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Chatsworth, CA

The Water Damage Experts, Incorporated

5669 Snell Ave
San Jose, CA

Tim Lawlor Construction

1234 Temple Dr
Martinez, Ca


Los Gatos, CA

Treeium Eco Home Remodeling

5352 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Valley Village, CA

Trekson Inc.

Pleasanton, CA

Tri-County Carpet Care

PO Box 1953
Danville, CA


3785 Thousand Oaks Dr
San Jose, CA

Unlimited Carpet Care

918 Alvarado st
Redlands, CA

Up-Right Handyman & Construction

815 creek dr
San Jose, CA

Vasona Construction

4120 Business Center Dr
Fremont, CA


P.O. BOX 142
Saratoga, CA

Vital Restoration

6 South Linden Ave. Unit #9
South San Francisco, CA

Von Almen Construction

1901 Tunitas Crk Rd
Half Moon Bay, CA

Water Damage Recovery Inc.

8100 Capwell Dr
Oakland, CA


Concord, CA

Wilkinson Design & Construction Inc.

46 Greenfield Dr
San Anselmo, CA

Wilkinson Design+Construction Inc.

72 Clayton Street
San Rafael, CA

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