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It took about 4 hours for the two techs to arrive. When they got there, I was surprised by two things:
1) The lack of urgency around getting the water up. The main tech wanted to talk about overall estimates, billing, and insurance. I was happy to have those conversations AFTER the water was removed. But I really wanted the problem addressed ASAP.
2) All the numbers that were thrown around. The tech quoted various numbers for the total cost while they worked. I felt like he was gauging my reaction to see what he could bill. I don't know if that is true, but that is what it felt like.
In the end, the bill was clear and seemed to reflect a fair price for the services rendered. As far as emergency response techs go, these guys seemed pretty good, and were moderately flexible with me when the job was complete.
Good, not great.
- Carey A.

The project was to start 6/2/2014 but started 6/9/2014. We were told it would only take 1 week when we initially went over all of the details; the project started 6/9/2014 and completed on 7/11/2014 with 1 1/2 weeks of no activity. There was a week of tile work alone. The first week went well, but not as fast as I had hoped. They did run into a little snag with plumbing issues that were not anticipated, which added an additional 1 1/2 days. Progress was moving forward for 1 person working on a 2 person job. The next week continued still with 1 person who knew how to do all phases(plumbing, tile work, carpentry, cabinetmaking). As the third week ended the work was still not complete, but they did get tub and shower tile finished so we could take a shower: this is our only shower. The vanity and sink and toilet were installed and functioning. The worker went on vacation 6/30-7/4, and I was told someone would be here to finish some trim work, grout work, backsplash around vanity and seal floor grout. This didn't happen. On 7/9 I contacted the supervisor I was working with to see when they would be over. I was told after 9. He didn't show, I contacted again and was notified after 12 that no one would be there because the worker was sick. Tuesday he was out sick also. Finally Wednesday he came out and was able to finish up all jobs. There was major frustration on many levels of this job, not only myself but also with everyone involved. I don't know what happened as the reviews were good, that is why we hired them.
- Denise C.

Santa Clara Water Damage Restoration Articles

Water Damage Restoration reviews in Santa Clara


They were on time, corresponded their work with plumbers, and offered to file the insurance claim for me. the technician who did the job, called me to tell me exactly what he did. Although insurance company dragged their feet for over three weeks to pay their portion, and i was totally stressed out,
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
never hassled me about sending my portion of the bill.
- Cynthia G.

Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
team was punctual, professional, courteous, and worked with minimal intrusion when removing the mold in the upstairs Third Bedroom Closet. Everything was explained to me in
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
's terms and all conversations very professional with the utmost decorum. The bid given was in the range of the additional bids that I requested. I chose
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
based on the reviews documented on Angie's list. Even though there was a small (contained) amount of mold, the fact that the mold was buttressed against the A/C handler made it a drawn out process. First, the mold remediation process takes place. The blowers had to be continually run for 24 hours. The independent mold testing has to be done. The results have to come back with "mold free" before they can proceed. The A/C handler had to be removed in order to put in my dry wall (NO AIR CONDITIONING). The drywall has to put back. The drywall has to dry first before having "texture" put on it before being painted. The carpet that was removed has to be put back. Anyone reading this should be cognizant that mold removal is not a
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
nor "speedy" process. One should go in knowing that it will take more than "two" days ! The
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
team was professional and would use them again.

Working with this company was a very difficult and dissatisfying experience, and has unfavorably affected the value of my
home. The quality of their work at my home is very poor, and I’ve listed a few examples from my experience below. Overall, the project mgr for the repair phase,
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
, was argumentative whenever I pointed out something that I felt was a flaw, and usually insisted the work was acceptable, regardless of my opinion. In my experience, it’s usually best to satisfy the customer (who is paying for the work being performed), and not argue that they’re wrong.
The kitchen subfloor was quite tacky after the vinyl tile was removed, and now my refrigerator is very difficult to move. The project mgr, insisted that it was impossible that the tackiness of the floor could affect the refrigerator’s wheels. It was easy to move prior to being rolled across the tacky subfloor. I also have a
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
in the side of the refrigerator that wasn’t there before. No consideration was given for either of these issues.
I asked the painters if they were going to patch holes and clean the walls prior to painting, and they responded they would. They patched a few holes, but painted over the majority of them, and did nothing to clean the walls. I would have done it myself had I known this would happen. The paint now has an uneven finish from being applied over the drywall dust created by sanding areas
where drywall was replaced. Not to mention any existing dust and dirt.
The painters rinsed their brushes and drywall tools in my kitchen sink, without asking permission (which I would not have given). When I realized what had happened I informed the project mgr and asked that it not happen again. When it did, I told the painter to stop it immediately. Paint was splashed around the sink and countertops on both occasions, which they did not offer to clean.
The paint/drywall subcontractors backed a large trailer down my street, and broke a few pickets on a neighbor’s fence. The project mgr insisted they didn’t do it, and implied the neighbors lied about what happened. The project mgr later had these pickets
replaced, but never told me it was being done.
There are several areas where the vinyl plank flooring wasn’t installed properly and has separated creating gaps. The project mgr insisted it was acceptable for this to happen, but the installation instructions for this product clearly states that there is no tolerance for gaps due to the locking feature of the planks, and if any gap exists the flooring was improperly installed and should be corrected.
A small freezer full of meat was left unplugged after it was moved to install flooring. I noticed the cord dangling nine hours afterwards. The project mgr insisted they had replaced it.
The flooring installers applied a leveling compound to the concrete floor in one room, and sanded it without applying any plastic to the openings of the room (one doorway and two pass-thru windows) to prevent the dust from entering the rest of the house.
The air was full of dust from the leveling compound while I was sitting three feet from the entrance, working from home on my pc. I was unable to move farther away due to the location of the internet connection. The project mgr told me I should have asked them to put plastic on the openings, which I felt should have been done as part of their preparation. Two women were later brought to the house to clean up the mess that was left behind. That didn’t do anything to help my lungs or the pc.
The project mgr didn’t want to remove the existing baseboards so the flooring could be installed at the proper 1/8” spacing from
the wall specified in the instructions for the vinyl plank flooring. As a result, there is a gap of over 1/2” in some areas, which is difficult to cover even with 3/4” quarter round.
For some reason the baseboard was removed from one side of the stairs to the 2nd floor when the carpeting was removed during
the demo phase. Also the carpet tack strips and staples were left in place for the majority of time the repairs were being completed, which was over two months. This was definitely a safety issue. The baseboard was not specified to be removed in the estimate, and I asked for it to be replaced. The baseboard was haphazardly replaced with no regard for matching the mitered
corners or evenly spacing it above the stairs.
Worst of all, the baseboard in my kitchen, entry, and bathroom has been effectively shortened by not being removed and reinstalled. These rooms previously had vinyl tile with 3” pine baseboard installed above the flooring, with shoe moulding for trim. After a new
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
of subfloor and the thick vinyl plank flooring was installed, a 3/4” quarter round trim was added to cover
the large gaps between the flooring and the wall. The shortened baseboard with the large quarter round looks ridiculous. After I
complained at length, the project mgr agreed to remove the quarter round and replace it with shoe moulding similar to the original (which would do nothing to compensate for the shortened baseboard), and replace the flooring where necessary. At this point I had no faith in their workmanship and was afraid it would further degrade the appearance of the flooring. Also, I paid for the
flooring separately and would have needed to purchase more for the re-work. Every time I walk into those rooms I’m
displeased with the results.
There were other disturbing events that occurred, but these are the major ones.

- Jane J.

This was by far one of the worst experiences I have ever gone through. My fire was last Labor Day weekend and I still have unresolved issues. The team comes and acts very knowledgeable and caring. But things very quickly fell apart when I involved family members to help me out with their ideas and expertise. I had other damage in my house that wasn't going to be handled through my insurance company. I also sought this time to make some cosmetic improvements on my own. My sister-in-law who is a professional decorator hired a handyman to work in my house to complete projects I wanted done.
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
was very rude and annoyed at him and the fact that I did this. There was little compassion for my situation, etc. I think they were annoyed I didn't have them do the work but I couldn't afford their prices. It took them forever to get started painting my house and then they kept complaining my handyman was in the way and they had a schedule to follow. My house sat empty for weeks after I picked out paint. There was always an excuse for something. Two big issues of which one is still unresolved was my pack out and pack in and the carpet. I picked out carpet with my sister in law and they agreed to use her discount and I would receive the cash back from the allowance the insurance company gave me in carpet allowance. The difference was 5100. I am still waiting for that money. I have many emails stating we agreed to this and a verbal agreement with my attorney present. I am tired of them of avoiding this issue. It's not their money. The moving in and out of my furniture was a joke. They charged my insurance company over 20000 to perform this service. I was expecting professional results. Things were just thrown into boxes. I have scratches all over my wooden furniture. I had items damaged or broken. I had items missing. I was told a crew would come and would not walk with their dirty shoes all over my new flooring. There would be an inside and outside team. That was a complete lie. The team was his veterans he hires and other people I heard were convicted felons. They came on a Friday night at 7 and they acted very aggravated. Again I was expecting professional movers that would put my bed together for example. They left my very expense massage chair in the garage. I guess I was suppose to move that myself. That just covers the surface of that night. After they left I just stood in my house sobbing at the disorder and unprofessionalism. I have scheduled at least 3 appointments for them to take care of unresolved issues. There was excuses for a couple of them and then a no show. Now we can't get any email responses. Time to get more formal. All the people I originally worked with are no longer with the company. They quit or got fired. I just don't know. A house fire is such a stressful situation to begin with and then to add all these problems, it isn't worth it. I would never recommend this company.
- Beth K.

Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
came over punctually & inspected the house dry wall & ceiling. Tested humidity levels in the house. He had all the necessary tools & meters but most important had the professional expertise to make remediation suggestion. Since the issue was not so big, he was very honest to tell me that any big remediation work is not necessary & instead suggested me long term solutions to keep moisture away from the house. I am very impressed with their honesty, integrity & professionalism. Mammoth are certified & licensed professional & in fact after their work is complete they have a independent party test their remediation. They totally gained my trust & I would suggest anyone not to call any unlicensed, non-certified mold cleaners who would ask you to do unnecessary work at cheap costs & ultimately not solve your moisture issues. I did not get any work done, but that itself says a lot about their honesty.
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
even offered me to call him if I had any question - they did gain me as a customer for any future work for sure.
- Sandeep M.

Called first thing in morning after major rain fall with leak in my roof. They were in my house by that afternoon. I expected them to only dry out the water damage in my hallway where water had come through the ceiling and down the wall. I had several calls into roofers for the roof leak. The guys inspected the damage and as we were talking, they offered to check out the roof leak. After seeing the leak was around the major vent, offered to fix. One hour later the roof was fixed and that worry was over. They didn't just caulk, they laid a fiberglass filament down and covered with roofing tar. Never to leak again. Then they set up the drying equipment and gave me estimates on the total job. Their prices were more than fair.
They dried the walls and used a chemical to prevent mold. Now they are in the process of rebuilding the wall and painting. Restoring to the original.
Not only do they do great work at a reasonable price, they are pleasant and clean. I cannot recommend this company enough.
- Diane D.

They were supposed to come, clean out debris from crwl, do mold remediation and install vapor
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
. They dod not show up and did not call the first time they were supposed to shw up. They postponed or did not show up several other times. They were late when they did show up. They did the work contracted for, however their timelyness and professionalism was poor to non existant. Only when prssed did they offer explanations of what other contractors working n crawl told me.
- Ray R.

This was the second time that we had PDES of Poway out to our home and we were very happy with their service.
They were prompt and professional in the work they did. We worked directly with the business owner,
Santa Clara Water And Smoke Damage Specialists Provider Name Locked
, and he was clean and courteous in our home. He tried his best to accommodate us with all our request and for that we thank him.
If we had the need for this service again, we would not hesitate to use their company.
- Juliet E.
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