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My husband and I moved to San
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
from North
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
in August 2013. I had done my research on property managers before our move and went out of my way to avoid renting a home from D'
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
due to the terrible reviews they had received. We initially signed a lease with Housing 1 Source and I was relieved that we avoided
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. Two weeks after we signed the lease, we got a letter in the mail from
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
, letting us know that they were taking over our lease. I was definitely not thrilled with the situation and, as it turned out, they really did live up to the bad reviews.
A couple of weeks after they took over,
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
emailed us a tenant handbook that was very insultingly written, as if all renters are deadbeats or renting for the first time. There were very condescending passages about how we'd want to preserve our rental history and credit ratings, which seemed to presuppose that we were low class scumbags who were going to ruin the property.
For some reason, the property managers sent me cutesy emails regarding rent and maintenance, even though we had requested that they send the information to my husband, whose military housing allowance was covering the rent. This wouldn't be a big deal, except that I had to ask them more than once to stop sending me emails, which, incidentally, were always addressed to my husband's and my given first names. Neither my husband nor I go by our legal first names; and if they knew us well enough to be calling us by our first names, they would have known that. But they apparently assumed that it's appropriate for people in a business relationship to automatically be on a first name basis. If they'd asked me, I would have told them to call me by my nickname. It's not that I want to be called "Mrs."; it's just that in a business relationship, it's proper to use titles unless invited to do otherwise. And it's yet another example of how presumptuous and unprofessional these property managers are. They treat renters like peons who should be grateful to be giving them money every month instead of the people who have given them work. If it weren't for renters hiring landlords, there would be no need for property managers.
Work orders were not always promptly addressed and
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
looks for any reason to charge you. We had a problem with the faucet in the kitchen. It took over five minutes to get hot water. We asked for a plumber and they sent one, who thought the faucet needed to be replaced. He was in the middle of a speech about the faucet being cheap and needing a new cartridge when the hot water finally came and it barely met the legal Texas standards for temperature. Since we eventually got the hot water after letting the faucet run for several minutes (in drought conditions, no less), the faucet wasn't fixed. We were charged $85 for an unnecessary service call and the bill came with a very nasty and insulting letter reminding us that it was "our responsibility to check" before asking for a repair. Uh, exactly how long should I be expected to let the water run before I come to the conclusion that there's no hot water? Five minutes seems excessive, especially in drought situations.
It took me yelling at them over the phone to get them to fix the broken garage door, which the original property managers had promised us would be fixed. That issue was finally addressed over a month after we moved in. Months later, a pipe on the pool filter broke and it took several weeks before it got fixed, again during drought conditions. The pump was spewing water all over the backyard and we had to manually shut it off every day to avoid wasting water. A week after that, the smoke alarms started going off in the middle of the night. That issue, at least, was fixed quickly.
The house was in poor condition when we moved in because the people who lived there before us were evicted and had trashed the place. We diligently notated all the problems in the house and took photos, which included filthy air conditioning filters, burned out lightbulbs, trash all over the backyard, a broken window, filthy carpets, dirty walls, Christmas lights on the back deck, toilet seats that were about to fall off and holes in the wall caused by a towel rack that was moved. There was a property inspection about three months before our lease ended. Our landlord invited us to stay another year, provided we sign a new lease locking us in for another year instead of going month to month as we had originally agreed. If we went month to month, the rent would be raised $100. The house was overpriced as it was and we were ready to move into a hotel before signing another year long lease. Fortunately, my husband was hired for a job abroad and we were able to move.
Moving was probably the worst part of our renting experience with
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. In order to comply with the ridiculous list of demands required by this company, we had to spend about $500. We had to get the old and filthy carpets professionally cleaned-- several well known carpet cleaning companies were specifically outlawed. That cost about $250. We had to spend another $250 to have the home and yard sprayed for fleas that didn't exist. And, for the last month of our lease, we had to endure constant showings to prospective tenants.
My father happened to die one day when we had a showing scheduled. My husband called to cancel the showing because it was scheduled for two hours after I got the news.
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
threatened to charge us $50, because we had also asked them not to send people on a day my mother-in-law was staying with our dogs while we were making a hasty last visit to my dad while he was on his death bed. They did finally back off when my husband explained, once again, why we were requesting no showings on those days. And they weren't too happy when we asked them not to send people on the afternoon we were having the house sprayed for fleas (that didn't exist), even though we weren't allowed to be in the house, either, immediately after the treatment we were having done to comply with their instructions.
Be prepared to give up your privacy for the last month of your lease. They will send people over even when you have movers there trying to pack your stuff, and even if the place is a mess because the packers are there. They prefer it if you're not home during the showings and, in fact, we were originally under the impression that we needed to vacate the house during showings and take our dogs with us. For over half of our last month in that house, we put up with this and went to a local dog park in
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
heat. Finally, when my husband complained, they told us we didn't have to vacate for the showings. But on a day when we had movers there,
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
sent three different real estate agents with tenants, one of which seemed to think our home was her office. She had a little pow wow with the prospective tenants in our foyer as we were finishing up for the day. Another agent showed up two minutes before the end of the block he'd reserved, just as we were about to bolt the front door and go to a hotel for the night.
Over a month after we moved out, we finally got our deposit back from
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. They had deducted $400-- $350 for the broken window that was there when we moved in, and $25 each for the Christmas lights and the holes from the moved towel rack, both of which were there when we moved in. Since our security deposit was actually $50 less than the rent, we didn't make a big stink about the $50 for the lights or the holes. And to
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
's credit, they did agree to send us the $350 when we pressed them about it.. and they went to Housing 1 Source, which confirmed that the window was broken before we moved in. That's the only reason I'm not giving them an F.
I was very worried that we would have to litigate in order to get our security deposit back. I went as far as joining the Texas Tenant's Union to find out what our rights were under Texas law because I was so sure they were going to screw us, which made it hard to relax and enjoy the property.
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
's bad reputation is fairly earned. They are very strict about money matters, yet they aren't very professional or prompt when it comes to working with tenants. There are a few folks in the rental office who seem to care more than others do, but overall, it was a terrible experience renting a home through them. If we ever do move back to San
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
, we will not be doing business with them, either to buy or rent a home. My husband and I have dealt with all kinds of people over the years, thanks to being military and having to move and rent so often. I can say without hesitation that aside from one especially poorly run apartment complex in Virginia, D'
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
realtors in San
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
are the worst property managers/landlords we have ever had the displeasure of knowing. I do not recommend them.

- Jenny C.

Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
have been great to work with! They met with us on several occasions to discuss the details of renting out our property, have always been punctual and very responsive to emails. They also contracted some updates to our home and always considered our bottom line. Well worth the cost so far, and highly recommended!
- Aaron S.

I cannot recommend
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
(RPM) for the management of property. They were happy to take our money but non-responsive or slow to respond to our concerns. At times they were even deceptive and aggressive when we expressed our concerns. We live out of the area and needed a property management company that would “take care” of our residential rental property. When we signed with RPM to manage our property, they suggested we use their lawn care contractor so that they could be assured that the lawn would be taken care of. Even though we were very happy with our lawn care contractor, we agreed to go with their company since we were assured that their company would make sure that it remained in good shape. After 6 months of rental, we requested that they inspect the property to assure us that the renters were not damaging the home and requested pictures of both the inside of the home, outside of the home, and lawn. It took about 2 months to get a minimal response and they did not want to take pictures. After much prompting, they finally took some pictures, but left off pictures of the lawn. RPM also contacted us around the same time to request an additional quarterly lawn care fee for weed control. The renters moved after one year and again we requested pictures before the new renters moved in. This time we received pictures of the lawn and we were astounded how badly the lawn had deteriorated. When questioned about the state of the lawn, they took NO responsibility, offering numerous excuses (i.e. tenant didn’t water; a lot of rain; cinch bugs; etc). When we asked why the lawn care contractor didn’t notify them, and why they didn’t note the condition of the lawn in the previous inspection, they didn’t have any response other than “it’s not our fault”. Also the maintenance work requests we received were questionable and the cost estimates very high (Contract states: “Repairs are usually performed by internal maintenance people or preferred vendors that provide rebates/commissions/etc to management company.”). This most certainly has something to do with the high cost of the maintenance requests. After much stress and many arguments with RPM and their lack of concern for our interests, we terminated our contract after 14 months. They offered to mutually agree to terminate the agreement (not charge us a 3 month fee) if we would sign an agreement to not complain about their service and company. We would not agree to those terms and therefore it cost us an additional 3 months fee to terminate their services. Even though RPM was able to lease our property quickly (it is a very nice home in a very good neighborhood), I would not recommend them to any property owner. They simply do not look after the interests of the property owner.

- Keith N.

Fast and easy. Drove down to my previous property manager and picked up everything....easy easy east

Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
works for Renter Warehouse. He was outstanding. I am from California and I own a home in Apple Valley, Minnesota. I had a very small window to get my home prepared/repaired to be leased to another tenant. The house was in very bad shape and needed a lot of work. Before going to Apple Valley,
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
explained the process in great detail. He was very supportive and offered his assistance numerous times during my short stay. In five days, I was able to get the property in great shape.
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is so good that he had interest in the property before it was fixed up! While I was in Apple Valley, he identified a potential tenant and found the perfect tenants right after I left. Ultimately, he leased the property within three weeks.
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is caring, helpful and calming. He knew that I was stressed and somewhat difficult to work with. It didn't rattle him at all. I would refer him to anyone because he will come through and get the job done.
- Laurie H.

DO NOT USE! Bottom line up front:
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is not proactive nor forward leaning on the properties they manage. They are terrible at communication, are lazy at collecting rents and do not earn the money they are paid. I used
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
for 3 years to rent my property. in the beginning they were very helpful and I was happy with the service. About 12 months ago we began having problems with them. They put tenants in our house that were late on rent/didn't pay rent for multiple months in a row. They also were very slow to return calls/e-mails and very, very difficult to get a hold of. One tenant that they placed in my property ended up having to get evicted and while the clean up process was handled professionally by the owner, it never should have gotten to that level. I am convinced that when they are under pressure to rent a property they will turn to local friends and place them, instead of going through a solid back ground check of tenants. The straw that broke the camels back was when I received an e-mail from a property location website letting me know that my property was again up for rent, instead of receiving a phone call from the actual property management company! I was informed that my current tenant turned in the keys and broke the lease early and just moved out. As far as I know, nothing was ever put on the tenants record about this, nor was any collection notice put out nor were any funds recovered from the broken contract except for the security deposit. When I informed this company that I would no longer be using them they simply said, "Ok!". No attempt to rectify the problem and no desire to keep me on. To echo what a previous reviewer said, there is no 24 hour support. many times my rental agent was "gone for the day" or "in a meeting". They give one agent a phone after hours and the only assistance said agent can give is "It's past closing hours and nobody is available". The people that work there are nice. Unfortunately, you cannot be nice when it comes to renting properties. You have to do the hard work of screening tenants and ensuring that rents are paid, that properties are protected that communication is accomplished.
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
does none of those things effectively and I would highly recommend finding a different company to manage your property. This company simply doesn't care enough about property management to earn the money they charge.
- Woodrow B.

Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is an indication of how
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. will treat you and your property, I advise to steer clear. To begin, over a month went by and we could count on one hand the number of times she ever tried to contact us to let us know how things were going with the renting of the house, despite our numerous calls to her. ...More /> We had multiple parties interested in the property before we moved out of state, it really should have been a done deal, and yet
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
couldn't be bothered to show our property or even call one of the party's realtors back to initiate the renting process. The entire time she was working for us we felt like a second thought to her, as if we were bothering her by trying to get the house rented. Or to at least be 'in the loop' as far as what was happening with it.
There was never a sign put out front of the house, during our last call I asked why there wasn't and she simply said, "Because we didn't have any and it wouldn't get the house rented anyway, if you think it would that's just your opinion." Truly unprofessional.
While she was working for us we have no idea if she ever showed the house to anyone, or got into contact with anyone interested because she never called to let us know. The only two things I know she did for sure were to put an ad in a newspaper and an ad on Craigslist one time each (which we looked up and saw that there were no pictures and the square footage was entirely wrong). For someone who touts so many years as a realtor, she seemed like a complete novice. Without a doubt in my mind, I would have placed better ads myself had I been in the area while this was occurring.
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
was of no help at all. In fact, my own mother did more work for us than
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
did. Not to mention, of much better quality.
After over a month of stressing about whether the house would be rented or not, I finally gave
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
a call to tell her that I was extremely displeased with her "work" for us, and tried in the most professional, but firm, way that I could to let her know that we would be looking elsewhere for help with it. She responded by talking over me argumentatively and telling me that I had no idea what I was talking about and that she was dropping us instead. I said that that was completely fine with us and ended the "conversation" by saying "Ok, have a good day."
She then called us up after the phone conversation to leave a message saying that she was disgusted by us and that someone in CT could pick up the keys for the house from the office. I was happy with the prospect of starting with someone new and had my mother pick up the keys and we began looking for a new realtor.
Come Monday- after no contact from us- we get a second argumentative call and message from
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
, borderline harassing us, saying how "disappointed" she is in us for moving forward with our renting without her and how much progress she has made since our last call, but that it's too bad for us that we, basically, won't be reaping those rewards.
Which- good news for us- is fine. Because over that same weekend we found a nice couple to rent our house after we posted a truly accidental ad about the property over Facebook (of all things) and then my mother showed the new prospective renters around the house. We have never, ever had any experience renting a house out, and yet we were able to find someone to rent it at least 17x faster than this "professional"
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
All in all, I believe it goes without saying that I will never suggest working with this company and I regret ever having done so.
- Brenda H.

All good,
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
are very responsive and professional. They found tenants in an incredibly short time and help thorough the process.
- Santiago V.

One thing
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
did do. Find a good tenant. However, every other aspect of their service was incredibly inadequate.
1) If your tenant has pets they want 50% of the NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. In other words they get paid 1/2 the money that is to go towards repairing pet damage.
2) Our first year with them, we asked for a
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
statement to outline credits and debits (rent and services rendered) for tax purposes. They said they didn't usually do that but they could accommodate the request.??? ITS REQUIRED FOR TAXES.... but it gets worse...
after they were weeks late on getting it to us, I called to explain that my tax appt was nigh and I really needed those documents... her response? "Well, I have time to either collect rent or send out your docs, which do you want??"... Really?
3) I almost never got a call back and their response was always "We're experiencing some changes in staff and stuff gets missed."
4) When I let them know we would finally be canceling services since their service was not really cutting, they told our tenant "We were not on good terms with them" Upon talking to our tenant she told me that
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
told her things circumstances were uncertain for continuation of their rental agreement. Thus, our tenants we're scrambling to look for another place since they didn't understand that we were canceling our property management agreement and not our lease agreement. I would never recommend them.
5) And finally, what exactly that $140 a month was paying for I may never know.
I am however relieved to see that others have been happy with their service and that my experience was evidently not the norm.
Also, as of 2013 it is now their standard procedure to send out statements every January for tax purposes.

- Joshua M.

Started out with impression that he was honest, would be thorough and did quality work. He had done other projects in our neighborhood but I had not contracted with him before. Part way through project, he asked if I would have my electrician pull outlets. This was within original scope of work but yet he tried to get me to handle it through my contacts. My electrician was not available at the time and informed him that he would have to arrange pulling of the outlets through his electrician. Uncertain if he did that or pulled the outlets himself. The vast majority of the work needed was completed by a sub-contractor (Brick Mason company) through
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. The original bid was for masonry and siding work. The sub-contractor was doing the masonry work and
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
was to do the siding portion which included possibility of replacing any soffit damaged during the demolition part of project. Seeing the progression of work, we decided to do additional area in masonry instead of siding. We contacted
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
with our request and received a revised portion to our bid reflecting the additional masonry work in the amount of $4,672.00.
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
also informed us the area would be approximately 550 square feet. Overal summary is that when invoiced,
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
billed us for the full amount of the original bid including the additional masonry amount of $4,672 and did not deduct anything from the original siding portion in the amount of $4018.00. I sent
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
an email requesting explanation as to why there were no adjustments to reflect the 550 square feet less in siding that had been done in masonry. Also pointed out that none of the soffit area had to be replaced so felt that he should reduce invoice to reflect that as well. He refused to answer my questions other than to state that his deducts were in there. Other details were that our exterior lighting was not put back on the house and that our down spouts were routed incorrectly so that water would run down the outside of them instead of draining the water through the inside of them as is normal. Another incomplete portion of the job was to seal around the drainage tile where they cut through our sidewalk. After numerous failed attempts to obtain a reasonable explanation to the invoice and what I felt were excessive charges, we paid the invoice with very minor deductions to cover part of our expenses to complete the work that
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
should have done. We were receiving harassing emails and text messages almost daily from
Santa Barbara Property Managers Provider Name Locked
asking if we had mailed payment yet even though he refused to answer our questions concerning the invoice.
- Teresa H.
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7127 Geyser Ave
Reseda, CA

Pride Public Adjusters, Inc.

23332 Hawthorne Blvd.
Torrance, CA


23875 Ventura Blvd Ste 202A
Calabasas, CA

Progressive Property Management

1251 E. Yorba Linda Blvd.
Placentia, CA

Project Management Services

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Project Planning Software and Templates

1840 W. Whittier Blvd #1596
La Habra, CA


2371 Silver Oak Cir
Corona, CA

property one management

3324 state street
Santa Barbara, CA

468 N Camden Dr
Beverly Hills, CA

Prudential Ca Realty

14014 Bear Valley Rd.
Victorville, CA

Prudential Malibu Realty

23405 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA


North Hollywood, CA

Racevrook Offices

23120 subida circle
Camarillo, CA

Rans Group

16654 Soledad Canyon Rd
Canyon Country, CA


Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Real Property Management West San Fernando Valley

21000 Devonshire St Suite 200
Chatsworth, CA

ReGuard Lock & Safe Locksmith Services

535 e santa anita ave
Burbank, CA


Von Karman Ave, CA

Renew Carpet Cleaning

2358 Karen Ann Circle
Laguna Niguel, CA


PO BOX 2391
Downey, CA

Roberts Diversified Properties

7898 Mission Grove Parkway
Riverside, CA

RS Vacations

Mail: PO Box 6814 508 Main St.
Big Bear Lake, CA

Safe & Simple

1007 N Rose Ave
Pasadena, CA

sandblaster, sandblasting, paint and stuco

17400 S Normandie
Gardena, CA

Santa Barbara Property Estate Manager

909 Fellowship Rd
Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara, CA


La Puente, CA

Slauterbeck Electric

PO Box 90313
Santa Barbara, CA

Sofi Construction

25399 The Old Rd
Stevenson Ranch, CA

Southern California Concierge

1464 Madera Rd. #N171
Simi Valley, CA

Southland Patrol

Costa Mesa, CA

Supreme Real Estate & Property Management

355 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Supreme Real Estate Sales & Property Management

355 S. Grand Ave, Suite 2450
Los Angeles, CA

T-rex Construction

4135 Blanchard St.
Los Angeles, CA

Team Construction

355 N Lantana St, #455
Camarillo, CA

The Giving Tree Realty

17730 Chatsworth Street B
Granada Hills, CA

The Gooden Group

6100 Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA

The Madison Real Estate Group

14852 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA


Temecula, CA

The Sapha Group Inc.

2500 Broadway, Ste F125
Santa Monica, CA

Three Keys Property Management

PO Box 1451
Issaquah, WA

Tony Esteban, Inc

Glendale, Ca

Troop Real Estate

137 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd
Thousand Oaks, CA

Under Construction

9374 Stockton Rd.
Moorpark, CA


San Diego, CA

United Acquisitions Group

6444 Spring St.
Long Beach, C

Universal Builders

P.O.Box 8715, 4774 Park Granada
Calabasas, CA

US Fire Protection

945 Samar Crt.
Corona, CA

Viper Eviction and Legal

250 S. Lyon Ave. #312
Hemet, CA

Virginia M. Greene, Regional Sales Dir.Ameriplan

West Pomona Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA

Virtuous Property Managment

6840 Indiana Ave Suite 140
Riverside, CA

Wall Street Realty - Property Management

1225 N. Pacific Ave. Suite C
Glendale, CA

We Buy Ugly Houses - Expert House House

15233 Ventura blvd, Suite 705
Sherman Oaks, CA

West Coast Commercial Construction

13710 Bora Drive
Santa Fe Springs, CA

Whitetail Properties

3435 Ocean Park Blvd #107
Santa Monica, CA

Winner Estate Solutions

222 Via Malaga
San Clemente, Ca

WKS Restaurant

2735 Carson Street Suite 200
Lakewood, CA

11500 215th St
Lakewood, CA

You Move Me

5320 Derry Ave
Agoura Hills, CA
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