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"Son purchased 3 Speed Boost packages from website believing they were free, but did not download them. Turns out they were not free at all. Company has a Live Chat service, but no" customer support phone number. Online representatives keep advising to contact them again but they can't refund today, maybe in 24 to 48 hours.
Rated by
Joann E.
"and The original date we took the motorhome to the RV repair shop was in May, 2014. They checked to see if they could see what the problem was that our odometer and speedometer were" not working. They told us that it would have to be done by an electronic repair shop they used in North
, which was
. We got the cluster back and it did not work. They called and called several times and ended up being told to send it back again, which the repair shop did. When it came back, it still did not work. Again, calls and no responses, finally got the service repair section to return the calls to the repair shop here. Again, we were told to send it back. Well, we just to it back, for the third time, again, it does not work. They did not respond to numerous phone calls from our local RV repair shop and they told them it would be shipped out by a certain date...which it was not....again, This has been going on since May, the entire summer we could not use our motor home because it was still waiting for the part. I would say that this company has a very poor PR rating, a service rating that should read close to zero and as far as keeping the customer informed, the local shop had to do all the calling to check on the progress. They did not return calls or emails. Overall, a very bad experience with this company and we definitely would not recommend it to anyone in the future. They do not seem to appreciate customers. We kept calling H & H, our local repair service to check to see if they had gotten any word on our repairs every week. They tried, unsuccessfully, to contact
and were as frustrated as we were for not getting the part fixed and sent back and were also disappointed each time it did not work. At this point, we were told we would probably get a refund for the repair but we'll have to wait and see on that one. Hopefully, if we're lucky, it won't take another 5 months to get a refund.
Rated by
Marjie S.
"Out of the blue, my HD TV wouldn't turn on. I googled remedies and tried quite a few...unplugging everything, waiting for a certain time, pluggng back in, etc., etc. Nothing happened." The TV wouldn't turn on with either of my remotes or the manual switch on the side of the TV. I checked reviews on Angie's List; called
the next day, and they were at my place in a little over an hour. Of course, the repairman looked at things, flicked the manual switch, and the TV came on!! He said he had seen this happen before and that it might happen in another couple of days, a month, or a year. His advice was to wait and see if it occurred again, then maybe replace the main board if that was the most cost effective solution. I was only charged for the service call and it will be good for 60 days since this may happen again soon. At this point it's been 2 1/2 weeks and all is well.

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Brought my daughter's iPhone in to have the cracked screen replaced. Phone was repaired and returned on time for the agreed upon price. 60 days later, the screen went black, but all other functions seemed to work okay. We took the phone to Cracked Wireless for repair. They discovered several internal pieces were missing and they were likely harvested by the previous repair company.
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
Nutz was the only company that ever repaired this phone. Be sure to have them tell you how they intend to repair your phone and to return all parts once complete
- David and Cindy O.

I called at 4:30 pm and at 6:30 he was in our home checking our TV. He was very friendly and professional. Our TV is 10 years old. He gave us the price to fix it and then told us we could get a new TV with new technology for just a bit more money. He let us make the decision . He even offered to help us if we decided to get a new TV. We did decide to buy a new TV and he gave us a great deal for the service call. We would definitely use them again and would highly recommend them.
- Laura M.

I felt very much taken advantage of by this guy, as he knew there was nobody in my area who services jukeboxes - so
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
's attitude was basically - "milk him for every dime!"
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
came to my home the first time - I put him on a plane and flew him into Bismarck. The round trip ticket cost me around $860.00.
When I needed to have my
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
Continental-2 serviced -
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
told me that he would rather drive to Bismarck than fly - and he said being that I paid $860.00 for his round trip airfare the first time - that he wanted $860.00 to drive instead - claiming that is what it was going to cost him in gas anyway. The distance from Bismarck to Blooming to is only about 400 miles each way. On top of the $860.00 he was paid each time - I also had to pay him another $700.00 for his "service call." - which totaled $1500.00 per visit + 1 night in a hotel.
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
was at my home to fix the jukebox - it was a "rushed job" - he did get it (barley) working - but there were still issues as far as the records magazine not stopping dead center between the grippers arm - when I talked to
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
about this - his response was - "Just bend the spokes a little bit!" - Anyone who knows anything about jukeboxes knows - YOU NEVER DO THIS! Also - even after paying him well over $4,000.00 - the records are not landing center on the turntable. Because of this - the
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
arm sways back and forth making records sound warped. I then called Bill
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
from Jukebox Friday Night and even his friend
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
at Northland Jukeboxes - both of these guys have been in the business 40+ years - and they both told me that the screws on the bottom of the turntable need to be loosened and adjusted so the turntable is centered. When I told this to
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
, he became angry and defensive - accusing me of "going behind his back". He insisted the turntable cannot be moved/adjusted - (he was wrong).
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
ended up taking my amp from the jukebox back to Bloomington with him so he could "rebuild it".
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
said it would take about 1 week to finish the amp - it actually took him a month and he blamed the delay of his friend
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
! (wow, some friend!) Whenever I would call him to see how the amp was coming along,
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
would get very agitated and yell "You're not my only client!!" The last time I called before he came back to my home to install the amp - he started yelling and screaming about how he has been working since 7:30 in the morning and it was now 8:30pm and he had just got to sit down for the first time that day and start eating he Taco Bell. As rude and unprofessional as he was being - I decided to tolorate him because I needed him to bring my amp back.
After all this - he finally came back to my home - (
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
!! another $1500.00 in his pocket) and installed the amp - and the sound from the jukebox was still distorted. He said we needed to go to a Radio Shack and buy a receiver that had a phono input - so we did that - and that is now how my jukebox is hooked up!
I will NEVER be calling this guy again in this or any other lifetime!
- Troy T.

Deliver me from these people! The old adage is correct: You buy cheap, you get cheap. Only in their case, you get worthless junk. A tablet purchased at a local office supply store 3 weeks ago was defective. The company was contacted about replacement/repair of the
tablet. Their response to our email essentially said: "Shucks! Too bad. You're on your own." That's $80.00 out the window and we're stuck with their defective piece of machinery.
- Pamela H.

Very reasonable prices and extremely professional service!. Several places were quoting from $80 to $120 to replace the screen In my iPhone 4s.
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
replaced it for $49.99 and added a screen protector at no charge. I also asked him to verify that my phone was unlocked from AT&T as I was not sure I had followed their online instructions correctly. This was also done at no charge. I was told it would take about one hour and 45 minutes as there was another customer ahead of me. I chose to pick it up the next day. I would highly recommend them.
- Angela B.

San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
repaired our "dinosaur" of a Xerox copier purchased in late 1999. We had been told by Xerox that parts for the XD100 were no longer being mfg'd. We had called Xerox centers with no success.
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
even came to our home to work on the copier. He apparently found the problem quickly; cleaned the parts; tested; and made a
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
out of that machine. As a plus,
San Clemente Cell Phone Repairs Provider Name Locked
even checked our back-up toner cartridge finding it clean/good. When I questioned whether the toner cartridge would dry out, his answer was that they had a long shelf life. After repairing the Xerox, he took a look at the all-in-one machine that conked out. Weren't successful with that one, but he is going to check with other system builders for possible parts. How thorough is that! I am keeping his company name in my list for future reference. We all know that in this electronic world, repairs are bound to be needed.
- Katrina P.

They ordered the part, then insisted that I remove the TV from the wall myself because they do not carry liability insurance despite the fact that I did not put the TV up and am not capable of taking it down. Then they were extremely rude about the Tv not being removed from the wall. When I was finally able to have someone remove the TV they would not come install the part. So, I found someone else to do the installation, but they would not give me my part in a timely fashion and was rude about this also. When I began to try to research the company, they are not even in the phone book or on the internet. All I had was a recommendation from GeekSquad to use them. I have called Geek Squad and they are removing them from their list of contractors.
- Michael L.

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California Fire Security

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Rancho Cucamonga

Computer Tech Express

31726 Rancho Viejo Rd
San Juan Capistrano

COSMO - Mobile Device Repair Center

374 E. Colorado Blvd

CPR Cypress

6891 Katella Ave.

CPR-Cell Phone Repair

21787 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills

Creative IT USA

27674 Newhall Ranch Road


919 S Wooster St
Los Angeles

D-Bugged Computers

28188 Moulton Pkwy

Desert Logistics

5761 Cholla Ave

8721 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 1091
West Hollywood

Dominic The Electrician

17451 Mt Herrmann St
Fountain Valley

Douglas A Hatfield

10001 Grunewald Rd

dr GEEKsters

1515 West Magnolia Blvd


113 S. Juanita Street

Electric Integration Specialists

232 s Allen street
San Bernardino

Elevate Inc.

180 Avenida La Pata
San Clemente


24729 Roxbury rd.
Apple Valley


1101 Niagara Falls Blvd

Excellence Electric INC.

7176 Santa Catalina Cir.
Buena Park

EZPC Recycle

2518 W. 5th Street
Santa Ana

farmers insurance

325 N. Second ave suite L

FastFix iPhone Repairs

6461 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood

Fernandez E Service

3565 Meadowview Dr

Fuzion Electronics

5966 Santa Fe Ave.
Huntington Park

Gadget Parts

16942 Gothard Street
Huntington Beach

Gadget People

5708 Mc Auley street

Gadget People


Geek Squad - Best Buy

4820 Dublin Blvd

Geek Squad - Best Buy

1800 Plaza Dr
West Covina

Go Bill It

Agoura Hills


37911 Veranda Way

Hackkers Computer Support

924 E. Washington Blvd

Handy Jims

7281 Middlesex Dr


Fountain Valley

iCracked Long Beach

630 Magnolia Ave
Long Beach

Innovative Computers

4508 Valdez pl

iphone repair and service

10268 Westminster avenue
Garden Grove


Los Angeles


15346 S Keeler


7250 Reseda Blvd

JP Tech Consultants

2139 Placentia Ave
Costa Mesa

Kevins Handyman Service

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KTEK Contracting

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Monster PC Store

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Moodie Consulting

Marina Del Rey

Nirvana Home Entertainment, Inc.

PO Box 41183
Los Angeles

OC Electronic Recycling

17662 Irvine Blvd #2

OC iRepair & Unlocks

3063 W Chapman Ave

OCLA construction group

26150 Laguna CT, #218

Orange Coast Computers and Recycling

10561 Ellis Ave.
Fountain Valley

Orange Electronics

651 S State College Blvd Ste 3

Overnight PC Repair

22941 Ventura bl #G
Woodland Hills

Pacific Mobile Computer Repair

17595 Harvard Ste C


Santa Ana

Roving RV Tech

PO Box 3027

S & R Machinery Sales

5144 N Commerce Ave Ste D

S-FAB Construction

318 E. Hazel Street, #3

San Clemente Computer and Network Services

219 Via Socorro
San Clemente


7723 Day St


1400 E. Katella Ave.

Smith Ellectric

885 N Alameda St
Los Angeles

SoCal Security Cameras

1114 Mahanna Ave
Long Beach

Somerset Electric

1834 S Helen Ave

Specified Services

14001 Windsor Pl
Santa Ana

Superior Gate Services

23027 teil glen road


Santa Monica


Woodland Hills

US Developer & Property Inc

4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd
Valley Village

User Friendly Computer Services

1278 Glenneyre St.
Laguna Beach




20121 Harbor Isle Lane
Huntington Beach

West Coastal Electric

698 B Avenida Sevilla
Laguna Woods


612 S Victory Blvd

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