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Rated by
Jean-Francois S.
"The car was listed on a Canadian website with a very good price. I was already suspicious when he reply that the car was located in
. We exchange some emails" and I ask him if we could do a pre-purchase inspection at the nearest dealer. He accepted and ask for the following monday. I book the apointement and of course he never showed up. He is not answering the emails anymore. Beware, he is a scam.
Rated by
Julie S.
"My son purchased a 2012 Toyota Camry from
last Tuesday evening. He is a Marine, and on leave. One of the chief reasons we did this was their "5 day money" back guarantee". We felt that he couldn't go wrong since he could return it should it not be mechanically sound. On Wednesday morning at 8 a.m., my son was sitting at our mechanic business. Within 20 seconds, our mechanic informed my son that the car had been wrecked. There was clearly debris in the paint, and there were indicators all over the car that it had been wrecked. Within 2 hours, we were at
for his "money back". This is when the manager explained to us that the buyer is often aware that the car has been wrecked even if it isn't on the CarFax. And the buyer may not disclose that information to the person doing the inspection. Given our mechanic had spotted the problems so quickly, we have to question the caliber of people doing their inspections. The high pressure push was on to get us to take another car from them. Previous rental cars, fleet cars, and cars from northern states. No thank you. Money back, please? My son and I headed back to the window. He had given $2000 cash as his down payment. He doesn't make a lot of money as a Marine. This was his only cash. And his line of credit was tied up with the loan on a car he already returned. So, imagine our surprise when we were informed that he would received his check in 10-14 days? How did a 5 day money back guarantee become 10-14 days? After arguing with the lady, and her phone call to corporate (where no one answered), we left and went home and called our lawyer. Thanks to our attorney, we managed to get my son's money the following day. It seemed that the wait of 10-14 days came as a surprise to the people at corporate. How many people like us have been forced to sit without a car? Or accept another car they didn't really want because their money was tied up at
? Deception about the car. Deception about their guarantee. We headed to
Toyota. Buyer beware. don't buy at
unless you have spare funds, and a great mechanic to go over that car with a fine tooth comb. Oh, and a good lawyer.
Rated by
Rafail S.
"Good service and good people specially service ad-visor
R, DCH will give you a ride home. I use them for my group home
which are in North"
,NJ. Thank you.

Penngrove Car Sales Articles

Car Sales reviews in Penngrove


Stay away from this decietful dealer. First I dealt with a pleasant salesman but beware, this is not who actually sells you the car. They are there as the Vana White of the sale. They are there just to smile and present the car to you. From there you are railroaded to a sales manager who tries to sell you things you don't need and
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
to you.Then you go to a finance guy who tries to pressure you into an extended warranty and acts angry if you don't want it. Post sale they are rude and don't care about you from the sales mananager to the general manager. Lesson learned. I will never buy a car from them again or any service. I do not trust them at all. Instead I will use a buying service (there are many and they will all net fair results to prevent you from over paying or getting ripped off.) There are online buying services like
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
,True Car,Consumer Reports,
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
Blue book and many more. There are car broker services like Costco or credit union fleet buying services. ANY of them will net you better results. Try several and see who finds you the best deal, you do not have to commit unless they find you the actual car you want at the actual price that you agree to. When you decide that you want to commit, then the dealer pays the fee to the service. Had I used any of these I would have saved about $3,000.00 and not gotten talked into unnecessary services in addition.(The sales manager lied and said that was the rock bottom price, any lower and he'd
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
money. After checking these services(too late for me, maybe I can save you) I found out that many many dealerships were BEGGING to sell me the identical car for around $2,500-$3,000 less.
Back to the clear coat they applied to the car for $900.00, I cannot tell any difference and it definitely was a lie that it makes rain sheet away like RainX. It does not. In adition they suggested I have it applied to the interior which darkened it's color(which I hated). They were able to remove most but not all of it inside. In addition
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
Corp stated to me that they do not reccommend applying any coating to the interior of their cars. As stated above my neighbor had problems with them and said he wished he had known I was going to go there. He would have told me not to ever deal with them. As it stands I am afraid to even have an oil change with them.
- michaela W.

The service manager wanted to schedule me a week later, but I needed the vehicle in the middle of the week for a day trip and waiting a week for brake repair wasn't going to work for me. Then one of their service technicians, (a young man named
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
) came out from the back of the shop and said he could take a look at my car right then. The service manager seemed perturbed by his suggestion, but
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
insisted. He took my car into the service garage and replaced the pads, shoes, refilled the brake fluid, etc. The brake light no longer lit and the brakes worked great after. I might not score the service manager all that high, but
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
deserves an A+
- Maura F.

Nick Costoff was my sales person at
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
in Alliance. I was very impressed with this young man. He first asked me what I was looking for in a car - features, gas mileage, body style that I like, colors that I liked, did I want a sun roof or to know me and what I wanted in a car. He showed me a few cars, new and used, never tiring of my asking questions about them. When I decided that I wanted a new car he showed me one that I fell in love with, a black 200 with a moon roof and sport package! He took the time to go over my features on my car and was very informative about all of them. My navigation voice was very low and he showed me how to turn up the volume, which was nice so that I could hear my directions. He also made sure that I was very comfortable with my buying experience by taking the time to explain payments and such - he wanted to get me the best payment that he could. The purchase was done in a timely manner and Mr. Costoff was sure to take care of my every need. I will be back and I highly recommend Mr. Costoff!
- Tanette P.

These people are really weasels. Took 2005 Ford Escape in for a problem. Told them very specifically that the car had almost 200k miles on it and we didn't want to put a lot of money into it. What imbeciles - they charged us $3000 and never fixed the original problem. Brought it back because they didn;t fix the orogianl probelm and they charged us another $800. I would never buy from them or use them. How they they get away with claiming to be #1 in service is beyond comprehension. Really borders on criminal the way the mislead and gouge their customers. They should be investigated.
Anyone that reads this, take your money and run. Go to
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
's at Triangle Auto - always fair and reasonable. The nicest guy. The only reason we went to
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
was because the case is hybrid. Never have been but I hear
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
';s in Ridgewood is AA rated and I hear good things abotu him. Go anywhere but not
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
;t think if you go to the one in Hackensack it will be better than the one on Rt 17 Paramus. All the same. I took my car there for a recall. They came back with a long lsit of thing s to be done which I will say thank you and take to
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
's where I won't get screwed over.
- Liza A.

We bought 2014 Dodge Ram 1500. However after first oil change oil leak noticed this is a garage kept truck. The service person told us it was a oil filter problem and Dodge did not have a fix for it yet so they attempt to tighten it again and after get truck back again it shows leakage. Took truck back second time and they assured me the problem was fixed. They said they put a filter converter on. This time they kept the truck for 1 week and after truck back it started leaking again and this time worse. So took to Ford Dealer to check because by this time I didn't trust them they said was still leaking and it was coming from around the oil filter I went straight to the dodge dealership after this. After I finally got to go back where the mechanic check at
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
and seen leak the mechanic said it didn't even have the right filter on the truck. After they spoke with me and reassured me the problem would be fixed and that a friend of my husband's would drive the truck to make sure no leakage before returned to us then I was in great hope the problem would be resolved. This is where it gets worse I am going to pick up dog at pet groomer my truck was left at dealership on Wednesday this is Friday when I go to pick up dog at groomer at 4:45pm and behold on my way home there sits my truck at the package store and I stop as to go in and retrieve my keys and out walks this man I do not recognize with a case of beer and a bottle in a brown bag I sit there in disbelief and start to get out but trying not to let dog out car he drives off I follow him to his residence and ask who he is and why driving my truck he replies I was told to and I then say only my husband friend suppost to drive truck and then tell him go straight to dealership and I want my keys. I then follow him to dealership and he hands keys someone else I pull up to see who. The man come to car and I ask him same why he drive my truck he says other guy not a mechanic and I refute that doesn't take a mechanic to see a leak. I ask who he is? He says he is the service manager. He then ask me if I want my keys back and I respond yes he toss my keys and stomp back to his car. I motion at him and he stands back up and I ask him does he even know why I am so mad he says yes and I go on to tell him about where the mechanic was and he says he can take the truck anywhere they want to. I had only seen this person one other time and did not recognize him till after I ask who he was so how did he know me and remember he toss the keys to me without really knowing who I was. After all this guess what truck still leaking oil I contact Dodge the main company and find another Dealer to take my truck to and they have the problem fixed the first time and explain the problem was only that the other dealership was to lazy to clean the oil up from the frame after changed the oil and the leak I was seeing was from the left over oil dripping from the frame. However the second time as you see in the first part of this letter
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
admit they applied the wrong filter. Have ask for my papers from last service stated they would mail them to me still have not received and they did not put any information in the computer for the other dealership to see either. Beware do not buy from this dealership I feel they are not trust worthy and since this have spoken to other people in the community that believe the same. They are very nice until they have sold you the vehicle but then when you have to deal with the service department it is a disaster.

- Rosemary R.

I made an appointment with
Penngrove Auto Sales Provider Name Locked
to check the level of my mobile home. The appointment was set for 10:00am. They actually showed up about 5 minutes early. They set up their equipment, and checked the corners and floor of my home. All thru the process the technician explained the process and what he was doing. He took the time to show me the bubble, and how to determine if the home was out of level, and how much they would have to raise or re-fit the blocks to make the home level. Then they tightened the tie down straps, made sure my doors opened and closed properly, and that my home was completely level. The whole process took about 2 hours from start to finish and the guys were very professional.
- Danial G.

If you are looking for a GREAT place to buy a used car, I strongly suggest this place! After dealing with car dealerships and other places for a used Honda Civic, we were frustrated as heck! Prices were super high, we were getting ripped off!
We somehow stumbled upon these guys and wow...if you want a low mileage Honda, Toyota, or Subaru...go there!!
They took two of our complete junk cars and gave us 1300 for didn't run and the other had a bad leak in the oil and power steering leak...
They take insurance totals and "revive" them...all low miles too!
We got a 2010 Honda Civic with 41000 miles on it for only 8700! They gave us a 3 year warranty along with it too!
I priced the same car at the dealerships and it was around 17,000!
So far anything we have found that we wanted "tweaked" they have done quickly ! I plan to get the rest of my cars from them!
- Eve S.
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Winters, CA

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45 Park Cir
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1967 Market Street
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Boardwalk Chevrolet

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1 Bair Island Road
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Boardwalk Volkswagen

1 Bair Island Road
Redwood City, CA

British Motor Car Distributors

901 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA

British Motor Car Distributors Exotics

999 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA


4900 Scotts Valley Drive
Scotts Valley, CA

Capitol Subaru

920 Capitol Expwy Automall
San Jose, CA

Capitol Subaru

920 Capitol Expressway Auto Mall
San Jose, CA

Capitol Toyota / Scion

775 W. Capitol Expressway
San Jose, CA

Car Care Service

PO Box 1407
Alameda, CA


Redwood City, CA


4040 Civic Center Dr
San Rafael, CA

Cash For Cars Oakland

1300 Clay Street Suite 600
Oakland, Ca


Daly City, CA

Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Marin

201 Casa Buena Dr.
Corte Madera, CA

Classics By Steve

2308 Bates Ave Ste A
Concord, CA


2103 N MAIN ST
Walnut Creek, CA

Colonial Life

1401 Willow Pass Road
Concord, CA

Concord Honda

1461 Concord Ave
Concord, CA

Concord Kia Mitsubishi

2199 Meridian Park Blvd
Concord, CA

Courtesy Chevrolet

3640 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA


2600 Petaluma Blvd N
Petaluma, CA

Dandos Automotive

45554 Industrial Pl
Fremont, CA

Diablo Subaru

2646 N Main St
Walnut Creek, CA


2020 N Main St
Walnut Creek, CA

Discount Car Shipping Auto Transport AmeriFreight

417 Dividend
Peachtree City (Atlanta), GA

Dublin Chevrolet

4200 John Monego Ct
Dublin, CA

Dublin Honda

6300 Dublin Blvd
Dublin, CA


4321 Toyota Dr
Dublin, CA


6399 Mission St
Daly City, CA

Enliven Nail & Spa

570 Masonic Way
Belmont, CA

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

6876 Center St
Mentor, OH

European Car Repair LLC

275 N Fairoaks Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA


6800 Chestnut St
Gilroy, CA


10225 San Pablo Ave
El Cerrito, CA


Santa Clara, CA

Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont

5760 Cushing Parkway
Fremont, CA

Foo Bar

San Francisco, CA


Santa Clara, CA


Santa Rosa, CA

Freeman Toyota

2875 Corby Ave
Santa Rosa, CA

Fremont Chevrolet

43155 Auto Mall Cir
Fremont, CA

Fremont Ford

39700 Balentine Dr
Newark, CA

Fremont Toyota

5851 Cushing Parkway
Fremont, CA

Fuentes Auto Detail

Mobile Service
Concord, CA

Gilroy Chevrolet Cadillac

6720 Bear Cat Ct
Gilroy, CA

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

3255 Auto Plaza
Richmond, CA

Hansel Honda

1310 Auto Center Dr.
Petaluma, CA


1125 Auto Center Dr
Petaluma, CA

Hansel Toyota

1125 Auto Center Dr
Petaluma, CA


El Cerrito, CA

Honda of Hayward

24919 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA

Honda of Marin

5880 Paradise Dr
Corte Madera, CA

Honda of Morgan Hill

17100 Laural Road
Morgan Hill, CA


Oakland, CA

Honda of San Leandro

1302 Marina Blvd
San Leandro, CA


Redwood City, CA

Hopkins Acura

1555 El Camino Real
Redwood City, CA

Hyundai Serramonte

1500 Collins Ave
Colma, CA

Infiniti Marin

475 Francisco Blvd E
San Rafael, CA

JLPM Auto Transport

2043 Emerson
Berkeley, CA

Kastner GMC Honda

282 Soscol Ave
Napa, CA

Ken Harvey's Dublin Mazda

5510 Scarlett Ct
Dublin, CA

Kia of Santa Rosa

1255 Santa Rosa Ave
Santa Rosa, CA

Land Rover Marin

195 Casa Buena Drive
Corte Madera, CA

Land Rover of San Jose

5080 Stevens Greek Blvd
San Jose, CA

Land Rover Redwood City

440 Convention Way
Redwood City, CA

Larsen Auto Care

940 Petaluma Hill RD
Santa Rosa, CA

Lawrence Volvo

2791 N. Main
Walnut Creek, CA


Concord, CA

Lexus of Portland

8840 SW Canyon Rd
Portland, OR

Lexus of Stevens Creek

3333 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA

Livermore Audi

3400 Las Positas Rd.
Livermore, CA

Livermore AutoGroup

2266 Kitty Hawk
Livermore, CA


1333 Bynum Way
Oakley, CA

Los Gatos Luxury Cars

620 Blossom Hill Rd
Los Gatos, CA

Manly Honda

2750 Corby Ave
Santa Rosa, CA

Manly Hyundai

2755 Corby Ave
Santa Rosa, CA

Marin Acura

5860 Paradise Drive
Corte Madera, CA

Marin Luxury Cars

195 Casa Buena Dr.
Corte Madera, CA


El Cerrito, CA

McGuinness Mechanics

3135 Kerner Blvd
San Rafael, CA

McKevitt Fiat

2700 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA

Meineke Car Care Center

2151 Monument Blvd
Concord, CA

Mercedes Benz of Oakland

2915 Broadway St
Oakland, CA

Mercedes-Benz of Walnut Creek

1301 Parkside Dr
Walnut Creek, CA

Moore Buick GMC

15500 Los Gatos Blvd
Los Gatos, CA

My Perfect Automobile

307 Orchard City Dr, Suite 210
Campbell, CA

Napa RV Sales Inc

350 Soscol Ave
Napa, CA

Newell Auto Group

3925 Alhambra ave
Martinez, Ca

Nicks Honda Acura

775 California Drive
Burlingame, CA

Nissan Marin

511 Francisco Blvd East
San Rafael, CA

Nissan of Santa Rosa

1275 Santa Rosa Ave
Santa Rosa, CA


Petaluma, CA


277 27TH ST
Oakland, CA


2703 Tenth St
Berkeley, CA

One Toyota of Oakland

8181 Oakport St
Oakland, CA

Peninsula Infiniti

386 Convention Way
Redwood City, CA

Premier Nissan

1120 Capitol Expy
San Jose, CA

Price My Wheels

1379 Prada court
Milpitas, CA

Putnam Mazda

65 California Dr
Burlingame, CA

Putnum Toyota

50 California Dr
Burlingame, CA

Raineri Automotive & Truck Sales

351 Keyes St
San Jose, CA

Randall Bros Used Cars

7505 Redwood Blvd
Novato, CA

Rick's Performance

3295 Bernal Ave
Pleasanton, CA

Saab Replay

1014 carleton street
Berkeley, CA

San Francisco Hyundai

1020 Carolan Ave
Burlingame, CA

San Jose Capitol Chevrolet

905 W Capital Expressway Auto Mall
San Jose, CA


San Rafael, CA

Santa Cruz Superstore

1616 Soquel Ave
Santa Cruz, CA

Saw Mobile Body Work

23978 Connecticut St
Hayward, CA

Sell My Car San Francisco

1840 Gateway Drive Suite 200
Foster City, CA

Serramonte Ford

999 Serramonte Blvd
Daly City, CA

Shore Auto Lease Inc

1913 Atlantic Ave
Manasquan, NJ

Silveira Healdsburg

985 Healdsburg Ave
Healdsburg, CA


555 E Evelyn Ave
Mountain View, CA

SOS Foreign Auto

2051 Ashby Ave
Berkeley, CA


Santa Cruz, CA


Escondido, CA

Stevens Creek Hyundai

4425 Stevens Creek Blvd
Santa Clara, CA

Stevens Creek Subaru

3155 Stevens Creek Blvd.
San Jose, CA

Stevens Creek Toyota

PO Box 9099
San Jose, CA

Stewart Chevrolet Cadillac

780 Serramonte Blvd
Daly City, CA

Stewart Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

800 Serramonte Blvd
Daly City, CA

Sunnyvale Ford Lincoln

650 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale Volkswagen

1025 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA

Team Chevrolet

301 Auto Mall / Columbus Pkwy
Vallejo, CA

Team Superstores

301 Auto Mall Parkway
Vallejo, CA

Team Volkswagen of Hayward

2115 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA

The Driving Machine

PO Box 695
Cupertino, CA

The Ford Store Morgan Hill

17045 Condit Rd
Morgan Hill, CA

TL Tillett's Automotive, Inc.

1426 Petaluma Hill Rd
Santa Rosa, CA

Topline Automobile INC

1028 Carolan Ave
Burlingame, CA

Toyota 101

525 E Bayshore Rd
Redwood City, CA

Toyota Of Palo Alto

690 San Antonio Rd
Palo Alto, CA


Walnut Creek, CA

TriStar Motors LLC

701 Illinois Street,
San Francisco, CA

Union Jack

13555 Depot St
San Martin, CA


Hayward, CA


San Jose, CA

Volvo Marin

195 Casa Buena Dr
Corte Madera, CA

Weatherford BMW of Berkeley

735 Ashby Ave
Berkeley, CA

WHEELS & DEALS of Silicon Valley inc.

Santa Clara, CA

William Michael Automotive

1800 Richard Ave
Santa Clara, CA

WolfePack Transport

22050 Lassen St
Chatsworth, CA

Wondercar Automotive

20 LA Goma St
Mill Valley, CA
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