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I received a quote on 8/17.
On 8/27 we exchanged emails to proceed with a slightly revised delivery destination. At that point I also asked for final confirmation from them on the revised delivery destination. I did not get a reply. On 8/28 I asked again for a confirmation. I received a reply, and they said it is fine and we would talk the following week. Up to this point things were going OK.
However the following week I never head anything from them, even though it was less 10 days from the vehicle pick up window . I called them the afternoon of Friday 9/5, as still did not hear anything from them that entire week, and left a voice mail. On 9/5 I sent an email stating due to lack of responsiveness I would not be using their service.
This was done on Friday 9/5 as I was now less than 6 business days from the pick up window and I had not had any further communication from them since 8/28, So over that time I did not see a contract from them, etc. And with 6 business days to go before pick up, still no contract or official terms from them, I needed to make alternate arrangements.
Now, on 9/16 I received an email from them saying the order for "set for pick up". Note, I still had not heard anything from them since 8/28, and they did not even reply to my voice mail or email left on 9/5. 9/16 was also the start date of the pick up window, and the email I received from them on 9/16 said "set for pick up".
- Jon M.

When the car got here, the frame was broken in half. Literally. I have video of
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
driving the car into the back of his truck. When it arrived, it was undriveable. I still had to pay the 1200 so I did and then talked to
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
's insurance company. They totalled the car and had me sign a release. Progressive was to pay me a sum of money and
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
was to pay me his deductible of $2500.00.
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
refuses to pay. Not only that, he is telling Progressive and his auto broker Montway, that I didn't pay HIM and he is willing to send me a check for 1300 dollars which is the difference between the amount I supposedly didn't pay him and the 2500. A real jerk to lie the way that he is. He broke the only possession that my father left me when he passed and now he won't pay me what I'm owed. Do NOT use this business to haul your priceless autos!!!!
- larry E.

As my rating suggests I, personally, did not feel I was well serviced. However I shall attempt to just bullet-point all the events which occurred, using positive and negative signs to denote my perception.
For brevity I will not break-out the actions of their sub-contracted transport company from EAS (
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
) separately. I also consider EAS to be the party I hired, and thus take ownership of the events. This is chronological, feel free to form your own opinion:
+ EAS were the third place I called, and offered the best price.
+ They were able to to meet my short timeline requirements.
- Driver did not answer any inbound calls either 24 hours before or anytime on pickup day (contrary to EAS email instructions).
- Backs of driver's arms were covered in grease, which I did not want on my upholstery.
- He over revved the engine and murdered the clutch throughout loading as if he did not drive a 12 gear manual auto transport for a living.
- He drove into the guides on the right of the wheel ramps, then over corrected and hit the guides on the left side. This created significant amount of deep scratching to my car's front on both sides, additionally taking a chunk of rubber out of the tire sidewall.
- Driver said my car was "too wide", hence his damage. My car is a common and stock/OEM
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
+ Driver admitted the damage was his fault, as did EAS.
- I had to make the calls to EAS during this process. I was not called proactively. This was a common theme throughout.
+ EAS asked to know what rims I had to find out replacement cost.
- EAS were fine having me call and deal with their subcontractor directly. They seemed to have no expertise or interest in helping me recover my property damage.
- I made HD video and extreme still shot closeups of the damage (and I documented the car before & during loading). I was never asked for the images of the damage I saw evident.
+ A representative promised to call back immediately the following morning.
- No one called me the following morning.
+ During transport EAS provided a specific drop-off day, very handy (pickup & dropoff usually have a 3-5 day window).
- EAS did not deliver the car on the specific drop-off day.
- I was not called to explain why the car had not been delivered nor where it was.
+ When the car did turn up, the rim damage had been fixed.
- I had not been consulted about this. The rim damage had simply been ground down.
- The damage to the tire was just left without comment.
- They took the economic option to repair damage, rather than replace parts needed to restore my car to it's pre-pickup condition. (I should note here my car was just over 2 weeks old, and was immaculate before this incident.)
- I was asked to pay the full amount for this transport service & experience.
+ The driver took a personal check, rather than requiring me to get a money order.
- EAS stated before any of this (when I hired them), that they always called their customers after delivery to review the process. This is to capture consumer feedback and "keep getting good reviews". EAS did not call.
- I then contacted EAS stating I was ready for the aforementioned debrief.
- EAS has still not called me as of 2 weeks later. As such I am posting my review.
I do not think I was unreasonable or intolerant throughout the process, though you may feel differently. Perhaps asking for replacements rather than repairs seems too much. From my point of view I had a brand new car, which was damaged, and superficial repairs do not restore it to that condition.
I suppose I am perhaps most perturbed by what I consider a failure to execute the basics of customer service: Keeping me in the dark, making me call them, not calling me back. These are mistakes which worsen customer relations dramatically and exponentially increase the amends required to ever qualm them. If they had simply done better on the communication front I would feel far less hurt and that EAS actually cared about me as a customer.
So that is my personal review of EAS. Based on the other reviews I suspect they do a super job in all cases where their subcontractor does not put them in the unfamiliar territory of dealing with
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
customer care.
- James P.

She understood what my specific needs were and she hired the team that would best suit my requirements. They picked my car up on 9/2 and it arrived 9/10 (all as promised). There was one slight hiccup with
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
's and I notified
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
. She immediately called me to better understand my concern and notified
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
's. Issue resolved. Even though I did not have major problem, it was reassuring to see
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
respond and resolve so quickly and that
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
's owned the issue immediately. Love working with the type of people I worked with at
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
's. No fuss, no
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
, car looked good upon receipt. Gas and mileage were the same as when I had the car. All items in the car were untouched and in order. I would definitely use
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
again and recommend to my family and friends

After responding to web site bid, I had to follow up as no one contacted me.
I was initially told 7 days. 7 days later I inquired via email and received no response. I went through the receipt and had to call the vendor personally who said 7-10 days. Finally, on day 11 teh vehicle arrived.
I was fine with the timing but if it is 7 days, make that happend; if 10, OK. If 11 days, state that. Or, provide a courtswey update and feedback along the way.

- Eric D.

Moving is never fun, especially a 2,500-mile move (from Lynchburg, VA to San
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
, CA). However, getting my car moved was THE worst experience of this process and one of the poorest examples of customer "service" I have ever seen.
I began this process very early before the move--finalizing the deal in March. My furniture and I physically moved on 7/01. The window I was given began June 24th and I was prepared to rent a car in my old place for a few days, if need be, in addition to renting a car in the new place during the transition.
The window came and went with no communication. I had already planned to rent a car in California, figuring 7-10 days would be enough. Once in California, I followed up my unanswered emails with a phone call and finally caught them in the office. There were plenty of excuses, but little action. It seemed that the brokers are at the mercy of whatever drivers were available and a lot of drivers had taken off for the
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
4th holiday. Furthermore, none of them wanted to come to Lynchburg, VA as it was "out of the way."
NONE of these challenges were mentioned to me when I hired the service through Angie's List. Various schemes were then suggested, involving me getting the car moved to a better location. I had to hire someone to do a two-hour round trip to Roanoke to drop off the car. It was finally dropped off at my new home on
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
19th, after I extended my rental car contract an additional week and a half.
I cannot believe these folks are even in business. After I left town, I never, ever heard from
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
. When I called their office and finally got "
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
", she was nice enough. However, it was up to me to continue calling and checking to see where we were with the plan (generally nowhere). I think she called me herself once or twice during this drama. None of those involved in this apparently complicated business communicated appropriately with me, the customer. I was not compensated for having to hire someone to drive the car to Roanoke of for my extra car rental expenses.
Lessons learned: 1) Move your car yourself or in your moving van (my mover doesn't do that), if possible. 2) If someone isn't communicating, assume the worst and go to Plan B immediately (which in my case meant flying back and getting the car myself.)
3) Do NOT use this broker.

The transport was completed in an excellent manner.
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
kept me informed throughout the process. The Trucking company was on time to pick up the vehicle and they, as well, maintained communication throughout the transport. The vehicle was delivered a day early which was great. I am definately using them again.

- Larry W.

As our adventure vacation this summer, my family decided to drive across the country and car camp from our home in Maryland to
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
. We had two-and-a-half weeks, which was enough for a great one-way trip and my first thought was to rent a car and fly back. The trouble was the price: minimum $2600 for one-way. We decided instead to drive our own car out, fly back, and have the car shipped back from
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
by truck. This plan worked very well, though it was good we had some flexibility around the pick up time. When we hit Idaho and were about 1 week away from our return (flight back from Portland), I contacted five different brokers and asked for quotes on the car transport.One of them was
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
, which I knew about from their good ratings on Angie's list. I expected their quote to come in on the higher side, but in fact their bid was the lowest ($1200) and I accepted it. Given the logistics of our arrival and departure in
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
was not able to arrange for the car to be picked up during the short window of our stay, but this was not a problem as we were able to leave it with my brother and
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
promised pick up the week after we left. They came through on this and put us in touch with the carrier who was professional and courteous and had the car back to us in Maryland in just over a week in good condition. In the end the whole vacation ended up coming in under what would have been the cost of the car rental alone. Bottom line: although it was a little nerve-wracking not knowing until the very end of our trip that everything would come together and our car would get back, once I got in touch with
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
I knew we were in good shape. She was friendly and responsive and very professional in dealing with all my concerns and definitely did right by us in giving us both a great price and quality service.
- Grace G.

I asked angies list for an auto shipper to ship my car from
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
,Wisconsin to Fort
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
. Florida.
I was given this company and it was the only one listed on Angies list. I communicated by email and they gave me the price of about $1050 which was about $200.00 then other companies. Also, they don't do door to door. They wanted to meet me at a mall. I would then have to find a ride home. I guess it would be the same on the other end.
- michael S.

My son joined the service and got stationed on the East Coast in New
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
. But of course I live in
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
NV. which is much closer to the West Coast. So I called a few transport companies for prices and such. But I knew I found the right one after talking to
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
. He was very informative, and I really felt that I had developed a good re
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
with him after our first communication. Upon my son's request
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
also gave him a call and talked with him as well. Throughout the entire shipping procedure
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
was always available to answer any of our question and concerns. He really worked with us through all stages of the process. The car was picked up on its designated pick up day, and was actually delivered to my son a day earlier than the earliest day of the drop off day. This was the first time that I have ever shipped a car, and it was a terrific experience working with
Norco Auto Transport Companies Provider Name Locked
. If I need to ship another car I'm going to use them again.
- Burns J.
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Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties
Santa Clarita, CA

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Los Angeles, CA

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WolfePack Transport

22050 Lassen St
Chatsworth, CA

ZIP SHIP: Auto Transport Services

4949 Laurel Canyon Blvd
Valley Village, CA
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