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Paul D.
installed a iron filter into our house since our well water showed shockingly high levels of iron. I called to ask to talk to someone about the systems. Someone" called promptly back and scheduled a consultation. They arrived on time and were extremely professional. I was convinced that technically there are very proficient and I could trust them to do the work professionally and properly. We set up an installation date and they were EXTREMELY professional the work was top quality. They are very good at documentation and their records indicate if any future work may be necessary. I would definitely recommend them if any water conditioning work is required.
Rated by
Roxanne B.
"We received an orange card in the mail to "remind" us that we needed to change the filter. We had purchased the home with the system already installed and did not have a" history with the company but responded to this card based upon the perception that we would void a warranty if we failed to act upon it. Mind you, they have all the information they need that tells them how old the unit is, what service has been done etc... based upon the prior homeowner. I had called them when we moved into the home to let them know any further service calls would be our responsibility and asked them to reflect this in their records. When I made this call, I originally spoke to a guy named
. I discussed the fact that I really preferred to NOT have soft water as I have thick hair and to get the soap out of my hair and off my skin was difficult. It's a personal preference but one shared by my family members. Anyway, he was awesome and told me he understood and to just continue to use the unit as usual but do NOT add any salt and it would simply run out and the water would no longer be soft but the water filtration system would continue to work. At some point in the future I would simply need to change the filter to keep the water filtration system working even if we didn't want the water softener part. I thought this was great and it was working fine. So, in response to the card, I called and made arrangements for them to come out to change the filter. I was told the filter would be around $250 and made arrangements for them to come out on Sept 15 at 3:00. The day they were to come out, someone called to remind me of the appt at 3:00 and I told them that was fine. They asked if it would be possible to come out earlier that day and I said "no, 3:00 works best for me." So, 2:25 rolls around and someone is knocking on my door. It's the
guy. He said he knew he was early but asked if he could come in. I was home and figured it was fine...in spite of the fact I was in the middle of something else. I stopped what I was doing and let him in. He came in and wanted to test the water which I figured was just part of the filtration system even though he did not explain much about the testing. I then began to tell him about my conversation with
awhile back and that I wasn't a soft water fan which is why I wasn't using the salt. This guy then decided that I apparently was simply ignorant about my preferences and that I could save a lot of money if I just used less soap and was attempting to demonstrate this by washing his already dirty hands in my kitchen sink. With his hands dripping all over, I handed him a paper town and advised my concern wasn't about saving money on soap but merely my personal preference. He persisted in telling me how great soft water is yadda, yadda...and I pretty much told him to stop talking at that point as he would not be able to change my mind. I then
him to the basement where the filter is located so he could change the filter I had ordered. As we were going to the basement, it became clear that his agenda was more focused on sales than service. He started with a comment about how the life span of these units are usually about 15 years. Since I had not installed the unit but became the owner of it once we purchased the home just one year ago; I had no idea how old the unit was...but
certainly knew (or should have known) based upon their holding the records of our unit. This seemed very much like a bait and switch tactic - which is also frowned upon by Consumer laws. Once downstairs, he proceeded to remove the plastic cover of the unit that holds some dates with details about installation and service dates...something I certainly could have done on my own if they didn't already have that information prior to coming to the house. However, since they were already allegedly bringing in a proper filter for that unit, they already knew the unit was an older unit and according to them, past it's service capabilities as it had been installed in 1989, 25 plus years ago! So...as he's poking around, he begins to initiate the drama of typical (but illegal) sales practices such as telling me that it's likely that the unit will flood soon and/or catch fire since there was some "issues" he noticed in the wiring. I said "Well, I don't think a new filter would help with that!" I indicated further that it wouldn't behoove me to invest an additional $250 for a filter on a unit that was so old and way past it's typical life span. With that, I thanked him and said I was no longer interested in the purchase. He then called his office to get some information and began writing all over a sheet of paper. I was kind of milling about the basement while he did this as it took him a bit of time. I then asked him what he was doing. He said "they" needed some numbers and additional information. He then produced some scribbled numbers that apparently pertained to some of the systems they offered...with the general focus being on the bottom line payment plan that seemed to have no original cost associated with it. I reiterated the fact that I was not a fan of soft water and that I would not be interested in joining a club or financing any major purchases at this point for something I didn't want and that he really needed to just leave. He THEN told me I would owe him $89 for a service call. I said "for what?" I chuckled and said "do you mean a sales call?" I told him that I had absolutely no intent of paying him to try to sell me a new system when it was clearly something I didn't really want in the first place. He then returned to writing feverishly on this work sheet and I asked him if he was trying to "justify" his "alleged service call." He mumbled something and at this point I'm angry because he won't leave after me asking him to on at least two separate occasions. Finally, I asked him what it would take to get him out of my home. He responded that I would need to sign the paperwork and give him payment for the service call. I asked him if he would take a credit card. He said "yes." At this point I figured I would simply dispute the charge with the credit card company as he wasn't going to leave without it. (It was really getting uncomfortable even though I'm not easily intimidated....I was just furious at this point and wanted him out of my house.) I gave him an American Express card and he put the information onto the form he had been writing on. He presents me the form that contains a bunch of line items and places for me to initial whether I "accept:" or "decline". He said "you need to initial all the areas that you decline all these things - none of which we discussed - and only accept on one line where it noted I agreed to the service fee." I said, "But I don't accept that I owe you this fee and I have explained that...what don't you understand?" I then took the form and crossed out all my credit card information and told him to have someone above him call me to discuss it as our conversation was over. He then said, "Well, they will turn you over to collections for non payment." At that point I wanted to punch him in the face! I had him call his office so I could speak to his supervisor and have him removed. He did and I told his supervisor that I was so angry that I did not want to discuss the matter right now but needed this man to leave my home. We agreed that someone would call me to discuss it later. With that, the guy finally begins to leave and can't find his way out the front door he entered about 15 minute prior. I redirect him as his boss apparently called him right back to see what was going on. As he is stepping off my front porch, well within earshot, he says to his boss "You know how some people act like their 13..." I suppose this was an attempt to avoid responsibility for his lack of professionalism. This was the most unprofessional situation I have EVER encountered and would caution anyone considering this company to be prepared for high pressure sales - even when it's clear there is nothing they offer that you want. I was willing to pay the $250 to maintain the unit but the guy shot himself in the foot when he tried to go big with a new unit and used outdated and illegal tactics to persuade me, which obviously didn't work. Mind you, I am a strong consumer, neck deep in spending big bucks on home improvement items (windows, siding etc...) and I do the necessary homework to find the right people for the job for the right price; often times paying the higher of the estimates because it coincides with the quality and value I want. Unfortunately, too often, drama and intimidation are the tactics used by unprofessional sales people who
on people who don't know any better. I hope this helps warn others. Oh, and by the way, the reason why I am writing this review is because they poked the hornets nest. They are indeed trying to collect the $89 bucks they think I owe but the really, REALLY, REALLY bad part is that the documentation they sent me to support the "past due" payment contains the paperwork of another couple AS WELL AS THEIR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!!! I am going to let these unsuspecting folks know where their information landed as well. Good thing I'm honest,
? I letter will be sent to this company as well as the parent company and perhaps the Ohio Attorney General as well who monitors this type of situation. Should be interesting.
Rated by
Elizabeth P.
was prompt, efficient, professional and had our needs as the customer a the top of his list. this is unusual and we very much appreciated his efforts.

Mission Viejo Water Softener Installation And Repair Articles

Water Softener Installation And Repair reviews in Mission Viejo


Overall very good, although a runoff valve started leaking after a year, and sent our water bill sky high. It took us some time to realize that the water was draining unchecked.
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
had it fixed after we called him. He has been responsive to our calls, including a no charge visit to check on the water softener.
- Amit M.

I called, got price quote on phone arranged to have work done that day. Very accommodating and worked with us because we had a large number of people coming to stay at our home for the weekend.
The technicians
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
arrived on time to our home. They were friendly, professional & very helpful in explaining what work needed to be done. They used quality material (no cheap plastic) . Everything was cleaned up after the work was completed. We would highly recommend them. Thanks for a job well done!
- John W.

This company is amazing! I called this morning for service on my
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
system. You sent
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
out this afternoon who installed a brand new system. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable and left my kitchen exactly as he found it :) Great company with one amazing employee!!
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
was fantastic!
- JAY K.

Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
the repairman was on time. he explained the above. he finished the job in a reasonable amount of time and left a clean job site
- Wallace M.

We were out of town when our tenant called at 10pm to say the water had trickled to a stop.
I called
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
and left a message, as it was not an emergency.
They went out the next morning, determined the problem, called us with an estimate and had it fixed within an hour!

- Faye S.

It’s not usual for me to post bad comments when it involves a persons company or livelihood. But I have been lead round in circles for about a month with this contractor that ultimately walked away from the job with no solution, no communication that he was not going to take on the job, totally avoided phone calls and texts from my wife and I....More />
Granted this contractor was the last in a long line of water filtration people that have not done right by us and they will also get negative comments from us. I personally am in awe in the lack of respect and attention this person showed to us in our time of need.

I think i owe a description of the unfortunate encounter with this contractor. We had a recent issue with our well pump that ended up possibly causing a change in our water quality. We called our current water filtration company who charged us $3000 to rebed our filtration system while putting in a new small cartridge filter that was supposed to help us with our water. Our tubs, fixtures, clothes, appliances, hair and skin have been stained with red (iron). We were told we would have to live with it and replace filters every 8 days. While the $3000 we spent on a re-bed did nothing to change the quality of our water. After a month of not getting any ideas or solutions they proceeded to say we need to spend another $5000 to put in a chlorine super system that would help. We then decided that we would look into other options since we had no faith in our current filtration person. We called better well systems and
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
came out and promised us that our current system was to small to fix our problem and that he would come and put a system in for $2100 and if it did not work that he would take it out. I was a little skeptical of this deal and wanted to know more information to why he thought this solution would work. He had not done any water testing after 3 requests from me, I was just not sure how he can recommend a solution without knowing what our water chemistry was. I got a lot of runaround and open promises. I called another company that is reputable and got a quote and I showed this contractor what the other company had recommended and I never heard back from
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
told me he wanted to contact the manufacturer of this media that was recommended and was going to find out if it would work for us. He promised he would get back to me within hours but never contacted us. After a week of texting and phone calls he tells me that he had been told to walk away from the job. This has been close to a month of no communication false promises and no ideas. I
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
’t understand how he could treat his potential customers.

Due to the urgent water situation I was hoping for a quick solution but got none. I was extremely patient and understanding but a few days ago my wife sent him a text as to why he had not responded. This was their communication

Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
! I am really disappointed from a business perspective that to date you have not responded to my or my husbands various communications in regards to getting a proposal from you to fix our water problem. I do have to say for such a "reputable" company within our community this experience has been disappointing to say the least. I will be going on Angie's list, and the pound ridge working mothers sites and letting everyone within the community know what a let down this has been, as I wouldn't want someone else to be given the runaround. Sorry we wasted your time.

Sorry. Was confirming katolight would work. Your water is very bad. I was told by my supply house to walk away from the job. I still continued to research for something that would work. I was also given different information from yourself and your husband as to the timing of the water issues showing up. That added to the confusion as to why your water "changed". I also gave you pricing so you could hopefully recover some of your funds from other company. I hope he receives a poor review as he is the one who truly worked you over. I will gladly accept your comments on the sites and will rebut them with the information pertaining to the situation. If you would also note on the web sites I fixed your system a couple of years ago for free when the backwash line was frozen over your basement window as well as pointing out the illegal drain tie that other company did for your filter system backwash. Thank you and I wish you the best,
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked

Oh well thank you for getting back to me so swiftly to protect your name when called out. I’m sorry that you do not have any solution because your supply house told you to walk away.

First off you told my husband last Thursday that you had spoken to your Katolight rep that you would of gotten him a proposal within 2 hours. Hence from your text that you were confident that the solution would have worked. after that text no communication was received from you after many text from my husband looking for a response

I would like to know the different information that was given to you from us about the timing of the water issue showing up.

Thank you for giving us a break on pricing of a system that you had no idea what you were going to put in. To this day we were not informed of your “system” that was going to fix all of our problems and if it didn’t work you would have taken it out free of charge. For god sake you didn’t even do a water test. You refused to do one after 3 requests from my husband. You are a lot of talk with no action.

Our relationship with the other company is none of your concern. If you thought that we were taken advantage of thank you for your thoughts, it didn’t help us recoup money from the other company and left us again with another contractor that has given us the run around

I’m glad you’re more than vocal now, when we are upset and unwilling to give you praise. You can rebut our comments but i want you to know if I
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
Angies list and see people that are posting unhappy comments and the contractor has to defend himself then that contractor is more than likely am major part of the issue, and I would be more than likely to stay away

Thank you for your help with noting our illegal drain tie and your help with the frozen backwash line. See that’s how a contractor that cares about his business acts. Doing favors and getting it back in referrals and jobs is the way a true business man acts. No communication or ideas, is not the way.

Sorry you have nothing for us and you walk away. We will never recommend you.

That was the last time we spoke to
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
- Jaime R.

I will provide an update after we move into the house and the actual work/install is complete but I have no reason to believe it will be nothing short of the very best from
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
and his team.
- Paul F.

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Sawtell Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

12534 Valley View St.
Garden Grove

Showtime Plumbing and Rooter

7924 Rhodes Avenue
North Hollywood

So Cal Plumbing Heating & Drains

38340 Innovation Ct.

SoCal Contractor

3289 Veteran Ave
Los Angeles

Southwest Handyman Service

206 N Normandy Dr

Southwest Plumbing

31410 Reserve Dr
Thousand Palms

Spar Plumbing

P.O. Box 6062

Square Deal Plumbing

5956 Adderley Drive
Long Beach

Stanley's Rooter / Plumbing

3638 w58th pl
Los Angeles

Sterling Plumbing Inc

3111 W Central Ave
Santa Ana

Sterling Solution

3150 Forest Meadow Drive
Chino Hills

Stewart Water Treatment

15615 Alton Parkway


23905 Clinton Keith Road

Superior Plumbing

10 Taffeta Ln
Ladera Ranch

Superior Water - Waterboy Whole House Systems

13230 Evening Creek Drive South
San Diego

Superior Water Service and Sales

2023 Mathews Ave.
Redondo Beach

T-rex Construction

4135 Blanchard St.
Los Angeles

T.Pechette Construction

8232 Indianapolis Ave
Huntington Beach

Tankless Solutions by Phil's Plumbing

19140 Demeter Ave

Tarvin Plumbing

3749 Eastern Ave

The Green Plumber

Signal Hill

The Hills General Contracting

5538 Norwalk Bldvd

The Plumbing Connection

10770 Katella Ave

The PLumbing Source

27525 Puerta Real
Mission Viejo

The Water Guy

13111 Siemon Ave
Garden Grove

The Water System Group Inc

4670 Calle Carga

TI Industry, Corp

15235 S Brand Blvd
Mission Hills

Timeless Touch Home Remodeling Company

65 Via Bacchus
Aliso Viejo

Tom's Quality Plumbing

1129 S Dover Cir

Top Design Inc

16134 Hart St
Van Nuys

Treeium Eco Home Remodeling

5352 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Valley Village

Ultimate Construction

1370 Jasmine Ct

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center

12050 Ventura Blvd
Studio City

US Comfort

13854 Kinbrook St

USA Air Duct

6112 Beeman Ave
North Hollywood

Uva Construction

41785 Elm St #102

Villacortas Plumbing

1570 W 36th St
Los Angeles

W.K. Contractors

111 Echo Place

Watermark Plumbing and Drainage

271 s Orange st



Your Home Plumber

638 Camino De Los Mares
San Clemente

Your Local Handyman

736 Canyon View Dr.
Laguna Beach

Zaria Water Inc.

Laguna Hills

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