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Within hours of purchasing their on-line deal from Angie's List, I received a call from
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
. An appointment was scheduled the next morning. Angel arrived promptly on time, with a new
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
, 50
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
water heater. Angel was a skilled professional, efficiently removing the old heater and cleanly and carefully installing the new heater. He even helped remove a failed heater timer assembly from the old unit at no extra charge. He explained the settings and showed me how to make any temperature adjustments needed. I was extremely pleased with the quality of product and installation, Angel's courtesy and competency, and the PRICE! Other Angie's list companies wanted to charge $300 for the same unit and install. For my first experience in purchasing through Angie's, this was remarkable and made me an instant fan. I asked Angel why their prices were so low and he explained
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
doesn't put money into advertising, just social media and referrals. They definitely have my recommendation.
- Karen S.

I would definitely recommend
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
Conditioning for the servicing of water softeners.
We moved to Texas in early September only to find out after moving in that a whole house water softener was installed in the garage.
I have never owned one before and knew nothing about them. I called the previous owner and she stated I simply needed to add salt pellets and that is was long overdue for a check-up (wish i had known prior to sale as I would have had her pay for it).
For about 6 weeks all seemed to be fine until I tried tinkering with the system to see if I could figure out how it worked. I turned valves and dials and pushed buttons, etc.
Long story short I came out the garage a few hours after tinkering with it and found the floor flooded with water from the system.
I immediately started Google searching for any information I could on the system. All I could find was a spec sheet that was 15+ years old. I called the manufacturer and couldn't get anyone to talk to.
Turns out my system was no longer produced (and NO literature was available) and the original manufacturer was taken over by
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
. So I again turned to Google and came across
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
and was happy to find out they were located less than 5 miles from my house.
I called to see if I could get an appointment for a check-up and to see if someone could simply teach me how to use the system. Turns out they already had my system in their records and stated that it had not been serviced in over ten years. I was a little reluctant to schedule an appointment, as i assumed they would try to sell me a new system and I was definitely not in the
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
for one. I went ahead and scheduled a tech. the appointment was within one week.
Here is where I became pleased with
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
The tech (I wish I remembered his name) showed up on time and was very friendly. After some small talk he began to look over the system, he he did mention quite quickly, was very old and probably a little outdated. "Here we go" is all I could think.
He looked everything over, ran and flushed the system for a few cycles, checked water quality and even checked the house water pressure with system both on and off. Being a contractor and a hands on guy myself, I was kind of hovering over him and playing close attention to what he was doing. When he finished he sat down to tell me what he found. "Here we go" was still running through my head.
Instead of a sales pitch, he told me that, much to his surprise, everything seemed to be ok. He stated that the system was approximately 20 years old, uses outdated technology and probably won't last too many years longer, but as of that day, all was well. He did recommend that the carbon filler in the filter tank be replaced since he had no idea of it's age and that the life cycle was most likely over. He also recommended cleaning the salt tank and replacing all the pellets.
I asked him why it leaked all over the garage (an answer I already knew) and he stated that the overflow valve switch didn't open and the water that should have drained out to the sewer line leaked out the top of the tank. He had checked the valve operation a few times and it appeared to be working just fine.
He then spent about 15 minutes explaining the system controls and settings to me. He was very thorough and made sure I understood what was going on.
Knowing that I had only booked a one hour appointment I figured I was going to have to schedule another appointment for the additional work. When I asked the tech, he did state that he had full day scheduled but would be happy to do the carbon replacement. He gave me a price, I agreed and he got right to it. While he was working on that I asked him about cleaning out the storage tank and he explained it very well. As he was finishing the carbon replacement, knowing he could clean the tank in a tenth of the time I could, I asked if he could do it for me. He said "no problem", gave me a price and got to work on that also. Since I live a mile from the store i ran up and bought new salt pellets so the system would be ready before he left.
All in all the tech spent about two hours at my house. He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I now had a "like-new" water softener and understood how to use it.
I recommended them to all my neighbors for future servicing. I have since moved to a new house and don't know if i am going to install a new system. If i do, I will definitely call
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
As a contractor for over 20 years myself, it's was nice to deal with an honest company like
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked

- Andrew B.

My water treatment system messed up due to a lightening strike and my normal guy was not avail. I called
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
since it is part of the larger company. He came out the same day and took care of the problem at no charge since the system is under warranty. come to find out it had just blown a ground fault breaker and though not under warranty he still did not charge me because he said there is never a service charge with his company.. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He drove 40 mile for me at no charge.
.I was very happy with my installation and reviewed that company and am just as happy with his affiliate in
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
, they do what they promise.
- Dyanne B M.

He came within 2 hours of service call. He was knowledgeable; carried all parts needed. (Our water softener is an old model.)
He was very friendly and informative. Left us a water softener test kit (free of charge). Pricing very reasonable.
So we now have a new water softener repair person now.
- Rosemarie N.

Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
came to my home and explained the different systems that I could choose from to have installed in my home. He was very informative and professional. This was on
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
16, 2014. The next day I had
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
call me and set up an instillation date which was
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
23, 2014 at 8:30. Three gentlemen arrived at 8:30 on the date stated. First they checked out my garage and attic to decided where the softener should go and the best way to enter my home. They went over everything they were going to do explaining just how they were going to install the softener. Two men then dug up a trench in my yard to my house where they were going to
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
the piping. At this time, the third gentleman was installing the water purification system in my kitchen. Before the insulation he explained everything he was going to do and how he was going to run the piping to the back of my refrigerator. When the purification system was installed he joined the other two men to work in the garage on the softener instillation. They went into the attic and made two small holes where they fed a water pipe and wiring down from the ceiling to the outlet in the garage. When they were finished they cleaned up the area and took time to explain how the system worked. Later that day when I ran my sprinkler system in one area water was just coming up from the ground. I called
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
right away and he had someone at my home the next morning at 8:00. The gentleman found out the one of the pipes to the sprinkler system had accidentally broken. He then replaced the pipe and checked out my sprinkler to make sure it was running correctly. With in a week of the instillation
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
returned to my home to check out the water softener and the water purification unit to make sure it was installed correctly. He also walked me through the steps on how to use the systems. He was very professional and told me if I had any problems to just call him. Since the instillation all systems are working well. I am also very pleased that I have a warranty for the next three years for parts, labor and service. I would recommend this company they were punctual, courteous, and did exactly what they said they would do.
- Sandra H.

Things went very well at first. I contacted
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
and they had someone out the same afternoon. They determined that the leak was from a broken float in the brine tank of the softener system. They unplugged the system to prevent further cycling of the system and said they would get back to me to schedule putting in the brine tank as well as changing some filters in the drinking water filter system. They didn't get back to me in a couple days so I called the cell phone number that my original contact (I assume the owner) had given me stating to call him if I had any issues or questions. He didn't return my call.
The next week on Tuesday before lunch, I called the office and spoke to the receptionist to ask when I could expect them to come out a make the fix. She put me hold and got back in said that the person in charge was indisposed but if she could take my information he would get right back to me. Since I hadn't heard back by that afternoon, I called back around 4:30 pm and got a different person. They too asked for my information and said that the person in charge would get back to me.
It is now over 2 weeks later and I have yet to hear back although I have supplied both my work number and my cell phone number and had at least three person-to-person conversations where they said they would get back to me. At this point I have decided to go with a plumbing outfit that has so far been very responsive. They also diagnosed it as an issue with the brine tank, but a crack that is still causing water to leak and not just on the fill cycle.
Not returning calls is extremely unprofessional, especially when you are mid-way through a job that someone is expecting you to complete.
- Rich M.

We set up an appointment with the company, and they were very accommodating to our schedule. It's a small family-owned company, and
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
came out to explain the system and options to us. We had talked to several companies, and by far he was the most professional and informative. We were glad that their prices were also relatively reasonable, so we decided to work with them.
We had some scheduling issues with travel on our side, and the company worked with our changing schedule.
We asked that the equipment be installed in an inconspicuous location around back of the house resulting in a more challenging installation. Yet there wasn't a whisper of complaint. They were 100% accommodating to our needs.
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
explained the technology to us before he left. A couple of weeks later we discovered that we wanted our water to be a little less soft than the typical settings. When we couldn't figure out the manual,
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
went through how to configure the system. And then he came out to check and adjust it himself.
- Bryan K.

Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
loves water and he loves people; therefore it's only natural his customers will
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
the benefits.
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
and his team installed a water softener in my home in under 3 hours; his team was extremely knowledgeable and courteous. Two weeks later his lead service tech came out to inspect the installation and go over the unit (a second time) with me to ensure I know my way around the device. Nice touch!
I'd say, I'd use his services again, but I have faith this will be the last water softener I ever purchase. So, my only choice is simply to recommend him (and
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
) to others. If you're looking for a water softener, look no further! I promise,
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
is who you want to purchase your unit from.
- Daniel N.

Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
came out to install a new unit but he didn't think we needed a new unit. He replaced resin in the old unit and charged less than half what the new one was going to cost. He was very quick and efficient.
- Lee F.

The installation of the
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
Quality Water System went extremely well. The consultant (
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
) came to our home on 3/28/2014 to test our water and give us an estimate on a water system. Our well water system had served us well for years but I have always had hard water spots on everything from dishes, glasses, silverware to my sinks, bathtubs, and faucets. I recently bought new sinks and fixtures for our home and did not want the hard water spots on my new fixtures. I was talking to my friend about this and she told me about
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
. I called and the consultant came to our house, performed tests on our water and made suggestions to solve our problem. He presented everything in detail and we agreed on a date for installation.
On April 11, 2014,
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
, himself, and his crew of professionals arrived at our home right on time and spent the day installing the new system. Mr.
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
explained everything again in detail at the end of the day. He made sure we understood every part of the new system before he left.
We have been very happy with this water system!! I no longer have water spots on my dishes, glasses, silverware, and especially not on my new fixtures. Our drinking water taste wonderful. My clothes come out of the washing machine much cleaner and surprisingly are lasting longer and do not look so "worn". I find myself using less detergent in both the washing machine and the dish washer. I do not use as much body wash or shampoo when bathing (an added plus). I love the feel of our water now. It feels so clean and soft.
I am happy that our hard water problem has been solved.
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
was very professional, straight forward (which I appreciate), very knowledgeable and honest. The men who helped install the water system were very courteous and professional. If I have any problems, all I have to do is call them and they will come to remedy the problem. I would recommend North
Mission Viejo Water Softener Companies Provider Name Locked
Water Consultants to anyone who is wanting to invest in an excellent water system!
- Jan G.
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901 12th St
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Pipe Bros

1450 Chesapeake
West Covina, CA

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1345 N. Red Gum Street
Anaheim, CA

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15189 Ashwood Lane
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Los Angeles, CA

Plumbing by max

2614 Broken Lance Drive
Norco, CA

plumbing by max

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22 Blackwood
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7765 Sandalwood Wy
Stanton, CA

Plumbquest plumbing

5062 lankrashim blvd 15
North Hollywood, CA


1311 Skyline Drive
Fullerton, CA

Praz Pure Water Inc.

309 W Elmwood Ave
Burbank, CA

Precision Plumbing & Leak Detection, Inc.

13644 San Timoteo Canyon Rd
Redlands, CA

Pro Water Solutions Inc

23890 Copperhill Rd
Valencia, CA

Proserv Plumbing and Drain

3012 Enterprise St
Costa Mesa, CA

PSI Plumbing

P.O. Box 11355
Costa Mesa, CA

Pur-a-life Water Solutions

5225 Canyon Crest Dr
Riverside, CA

Pure Aqua manufactures Reverse Osmosis Systems

2230 South Huron Dr.Santa Ana, CA 92704 USA
Santa Ana, CA

Pure Aqua,Inc.

2230 South Huron Dr. Santa Ana, CA 92704 USA
Santa Ana, CA

Pure Elements. Inc.

2549 B Eastbluff Drive, #468
Newport Beach, CA

Pure Water 1

11870 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Pure1 water services

San Bernardino, CA

PV Plumbing

24222 Park St
Torrance, CA


23231 El Gato Way
Lake Forest, CA

Ramco Restoration

10722 Arrow Route
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Rapid Plumbing

P.O. Box 18861
Anaheim, CA

Rayne of Palm Springs

555 Williams Road
Palm Springs, CA

Rayne of Santa Barbara

5336 Overpass Rd
Santa Barbara, CA

Rayne Water Conditioning Inc

1702 E Rosslynn Ave
Fullerton, CA


3775 Market St.
Ventura, CA

Rayne Water Systems

6953 Canoga Ave
Canoga Park, CA

RC Plumbing

Chino Hills, Ca

Reliable Rooter & Plumbing Inc

2925 College Ave
Costa Mesa, CA

Repipe 1

19326 Ventura Blvd Suite 201
Tarzana, CA


Studio City, CA

Right Wrench Plumbing

16282 E Main St
Tustin, CA

RJS Services

La Mirada, Ca

Robertson Plumbing

Dana Point, CA

Roger Rooter Plumbing

3429 W Faircrest Dr.
Anaheim, CA

Rooter Buster Plumbing Inc.

13012 Debby Street
Van Nuys, CA

Rooter Hero Plumbing

534 S Elwood Ave
Glendora, CA

Rooter Hero Plumbing

165 Poindexter Ave. #F
Moorpark, CA

Rooter Hero Plumbing

1691 E. Del Amo Blvd
Carson, CA

Rooter Master Plumbing Services

12000 Vose St
North Hollywood, CA

Rossman Plumbing

12523 Limonite Ave. Suite 440-413
Mira Loma, Ca

RS Plumbing Solutions,Inc.

3553-A Atlantic Ave #615
Long Beach, CA


1561 Avenida Selva
Fullerton, CA

Rush Plumbing & Rooter/Rush Contractors & Eng.

offices in Anaheim, Menifee, San Jose, San Diego
Anaheim, CA


Santa Ana, CA

Saddleback Plumbing Inc

23901 Remme Ridge
Lake Forest, CA


South El Monte, CA


15056 Laurel Ln
Lake Elsinore, CA

Sawtell Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

12534 Valley View St.
Garden Grove, CA

Scott Andrews Plumbing

Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca

Showtime Plumbing and Rooter

7924 Rhodes Avenue
North Hollywood, CA

So Cal Plumbing Heating & Drains

38340 Innovation Ct.
Murrieta, CA

SoCal Contractor

3289 Veteran Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Solid Rock Construction Group, Inc

943 Majella Ave
La Verne, C

Southwest Handyman Service

206 N Normandy Dr
Anaheim, CA

Southwest Plumbing

31410 Reserve Dr
Thousand Palms, CA

Spar Plumbing

569 Cardiff St
Corona, CA

Square Deal Plumbing

5956 Adderley Drive
Long Beach, CA

Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

130 Plymouth Ave N
Minneapolis, MN

Stanley's Rooter / Plumbing

3638 w58th pl
Los Angeles, CA

Sterling Plumbing Inc

3111 W Central Ave
Santa Ana, CA

Sterling Solution

3150 Forest Meadow Drive
Chino Hills, CA

Stewart Water Treatment

15615 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA


23905 Clinton Keith Road
Wildomar, CA

Superior Plumbing

10 Taffeta Ln
Ladera Ranch, CA

Superior Plumbing Services

20351 Acre
Orange, CA

Superior Water - Waterboy Whole House Systems

13230 Evening Creek Drive South
San Diego, CA

Superior Water Service and Sales

2023 Mathews Ave.
Redondo Beach, CA

T-rex Construction

4135 Blanchard St.
Los Angeles, CA

T.Pechette Construction

8232 Indianapolis Ave
Huntington Beach, CA

Tankless Solutions by Phil's Plumbing

19140 Demeter Ave
Cerritos, CA

The CSI Company Constrution Services & Inspections

3756 Pacific Coast Hwy
Torrance, CA

The Green Plumber

Signal Hill, CA

The Hills General Contracting

5538 Norwalk Bldvd
Whittier, CA

The Plumbing Connection

10770 Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA

The Water Guy

13111 Siemon Ave
Garden Grove, CA

The Water System Group Inc

4670 Calle Carga
Camarillo, CA

TI Industry, Corp

15235 S Brand Blvd
Mission Hills, CA

Timeless Touch Home Remodeling Company

65 Via Bacchus
Aliso Viejo, CA

Tom's Quality Plumbing

1129 S Dover Cir
Anaheim, CA

Tony's Plumbing & Rooter

17701 Mitchell
Irvine, ca

Top Design Inc

16134 Hart St
Van Nuys, CA

Treeium Eco Home Remodeling

5352 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Valley Village, CA

Ultimate Construction

1370 Jasmine Ct
Chino, ca


Studio City, CA

US Comfort

13854 Kinbrook St
Sylmar, CA

USA Air Duct

6112 Beeman Ave
North Hollywood, CA

Uva Construction

41785 Elm St #102
Murrieta, CA

Villacortas Plumbing

1570 west 36th st
Los Angeles, CA

Vision Environmental Services

4263 Baggett Drive
Riverside, Ca

W.K. Contractors

111 Echo Place
Placentia, CA

Watermark Plumbing and Drainage

271 s Orange st
Orange, CA

Your Home Plumber

638 Camino De Los Mares
San Clemente, CA

Your Local Handyman

736 Canyon View Dr.
Laguna Beach, CA

Zaria Water Inc.

Laguna Hills, CA
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