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Rated by
Nancy B.
"Diagnosed grey water overflowing sand filter; dug near grey water inlet to identify if there was a pipe leaking; no leak found. Burped sand filter by applying high pressure to lower" collector which causes the air to bubble up to the surface, creating new water channels and allowing the filter to drain into the leach field. Hydro cleaned the top manifold which removes minor scum build up. Sand filter worked perfectly afterward the job was complete.
Rated by
Regan L.
"They did a very high quality job, with minimal collateral damage to landscaping. They were great to work with, though we had some misfires on when the job could get done. But I believe" that was due more to the fact that excavation companies have been super busy in our area. These folks couldn't be nicer. And really exceeded my expectations in the final execution. I would highly recommend them.
Rated by
Don C.
"Went very smooth!! I had recently bought this property and wanted to be certain where all septic components were before I started laying out a new circular drive. I called one day" and
gave me a verbal quote and we agreed to meet the following morning at 8:30. He arrived on time and located all the components very quickly with my 1999 septic permit printout and his probe tool. He then dug up and uncovered all 3 concrete lids. He pumped, cleaned the effluent filter and then located and verified that drain field was gravel instead of the cheaper Styrofoam. He also explained that my tank was "traffic rated" which was good news. He also suggested that I might want to removed one
pear near my drain field. I will call them again for any septic needs and could have saved myself some money had I used them pre-purchase for the septic inspection instead of another realtor recommended provider. I had him to leave the lids free of dirt so I could "
" with some scrap bricks flush to ground to permanently locate. 100% positive experience and fair price.

Local Articles in La Mirada

Follow these five tips in order to maintain your septic system. (Image courtesy of FloHawks Plumbing)

How to maintain a septic system

A highly rated Angie's List service provider describes how to properly maintain your septic system and drain field. Here are five tips to help.

Cleaning a septic system needs to be done every couple of years.

Septic systems

Septic systems are commonly used in rural areas and sometimes in areas not served by a municipal sewage system. Septic systems absorb household sewage and distribute the liquid waste into a designated leach field where natural processes can reclaim it. However, solid wastes and grease must be pumped out of the septic system periodically.

Just as your car requires regular maintenance, your septic system needs maintenance on a regular schedule as well, says Mills. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Diana N. of Chicago)
Septic Tank

Not thinking about your septic tank could lead to a breakdown at the worst possible time. Learn some basic septic system maintenance tips to avoid problems.

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Knox Septic Sewer Service employee Chad Pitcock mixes  quickcrete to stabilize the connection from the septic tank and the outlet line, which leads to the distribution box. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)
Septic Tank, Wells & Pumps

Are you unsure if you should buy that house because it has a septic tank? Or, curious about getting a house with a well? Here’s what you need to know.

John Knox of Knox Septic Sewer Service in Indianapolis, runs a hose into the septic tank to drain it before the new risers and lid are put into place. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)
Septic Tank, Wells & Pumps

Don’t mess up your septic tank or your well water. If you’re a new home owner (or need a refresher), review this checklist for maintenance requirements.

Angie's Answers


In almost all areas, you have to get a permit from the county or city to rebuild a septic tank or leach field - permit cost typically $150-600, though can reach $2000 in some areas for a new installation. The reason is they will then come out and inspect the installation and review the test results from the civil engineer, from whom a design and soil percolation test and construction inspection report will be required before they issue an operating permit.

If you have a question on the process, the county or city most likely has a permit requirements info sheet on their website describing the process and requirements - googel your locale name combined with a search phrase like this - leach field test

The real reason a permit is required is to be sure an engineer designs the field, that the leach field is designed to match the existing soil conditions, and that it is built to the design so hopefully it will neither break through to the surface, contaminate the groundwater, nor contaminate nearby wells or waterways, thereby creating a public nuisance and health hazard.

The reason for the initial presale infiltration capacity test you had done is to provide some assurance to the buyer that the system is likely to work as needed, at least for the forseeable future, and is based on the number of bedrooms and sometimes number of bathrooms in the house as the basis for estimating the "load" the system is likely to see. There are different tests in different locales - some use a minimal criteria of 3 or 4 gpm flow for 20 minutes, other use the more common design guide of 150gpd (gallons per day) per bedroom in the house- some prorated for a 1 hour period, some far more strict by requiring a 24 hour test. 300 gallons in 45 minutes is an extremely stringent criteria - I would check with the buyilding department that this is right, because this adds up to a rate of 9600 gallon sper day - of about 64 bedrooms worth of capacity ! I am sure I have never ever seen that strict a criteria for a residential (as opposed to resort/ hotel/ commercial) septic system, so I would check that the tester did not somewhere add a zero to the volume to be pumped or something.

Also, returning water is not a viable basis for failing the test - the proper way to conduct a test is to pump the specified amount of water, and verify that the water level at the discharge pipe has returned to the original level by the end of the specified time - usually to the invert (bottom) of the pipe, but generally a conditional or "warning" approval will be given to one that does not raise the water table above the top of the 4" discharge pipe during the test time. You might discuss this with the civil engineer before going ahead with a new leach field construction - to me it sounds like the test may have been rigged to fail,, because in-service leach fields would not take 300 gallons of water without raising the water level to the top of the pipe for a period, even though they could take that flow for an extended period ot time.


I would guess that the wrong term was used to describe your problem. What was probably meant was that the leach field was saturated. This is to say that the soil around your leach field is saturated with solids from the septic tank and you may have to have it replaced. If you do not have the tank pumped often enough this can happen as well as just aging of the system. Many people ignore the septic till there is a problem do to out of sight out of mind or the false belief they are saving money. If you have a large family you may have to have the tank pumped every 2 or three years. Some of the towns around here have passed laws to that effect to avoid such problems.



There should be no growth other than grass on your leach field - for brush, bushes or trees use the kill-all Roundup herbicide to kill off the entire plant. For roots intruding from outside the leach field, use a root killer like RootX once or twice a year - I would do two treatments a month apart initially if you have root problems. Unfortunately, just killing the roots is not going to solve the problem you currently have, because they decay extremely slowly or not at all in a leach field due to the saturated and greasy conditions - they are almost embalmed in the sludge. If you have a significant problem, you may have to kill them, then get them routed out. This can be a $500-1000 job depending on how your field is designed and how accessible the inlets of the field distribution pipes are.

Septic Tank Maintenance reviews in La Mirada


These guys are great. This is the second time I called them for same day service and they never give me grief, just do whatever they can to get out ASAP. This time there was an extra fee since the ground was frozen and under 1 foot of snow, so they had to do some extra digging. They "suggested" I call earlier in the season the next time to avoid the extra charge, but they made the suggestion kindly. They are super efficient and professional. Just called to make this year's appointment way ahead of time. Definitely recommend
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
- Jennifer T.

They are great. They are a local company and are very responsive when I call. They send someone out a soon as possible. They are reasonably priced. They are thorough with explaining the process and other potential issues that might arise. We enjoy using them.
- Elizabeth C.

It went well. He was done in a day. He did a good job. He knew exactly what he was doing. I highly recommend him. He has a very competitive service contract which includes adding chlorine as a safety measure at a very reasonable cost. His wife works the phone and she was very nice.
- David I.

I am a raving fan of this company... if you just want the 'bottom line' scroll to the end of this review...
I woke up early Saturday morning to the scream... "Daddy the toilet is overflowing!" Great. Checked it out and discovered that ALL the toilets, sinks, showers, etc. were clogged... worse, we were experiencing backup. I found "
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
" on Angie's List and was impressed with the reviews and gave them a call and left a voice mail. (I also left a few voice mails with some of the other highly rated Septic companies - NONE of which returned my call.) The owner of
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
, returned my call very shortly after I left my message.
I knew NOTHING about my septic system. I purchased our 9 year old house about 4 months ago and had virtually no information to offer. It turns out, that I didn't have to. These guys are Master Contractors and really know their stuff! They have been in business so long they were already knowledgeable with the septic systems installed within my neighborhood and accurately anticipated the problems and complications that could be encountered.
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
was extremely detailed about the fees for the work to be performed and techniques that would be used to get back me back in "business".
A couple hours later the technician,
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
, arrived. He hopped out of the truck and got to work right away identifying my septic configuration and layout. While conducting his investigation
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
kept me highly informed with every problem that he identified and physically showed me each issue and explained the significance... (broken & patched septic lids, missing drain field filter, busted drain field pipe at the bottom of one of the tanks, rusted lid hook, irrigation lines installed right on top of the tank...) Let's just say, it was far more complicated then a routine septic pumping. Let me tell you... there was no shade and it was HOT and this guy,
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
, is one of the hardest working men that I have ever met.
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
got the job done and referred me back to the owner who arrived as
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
was wrapping up.
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
discussed with me the recommended repairs to my tank lids and offered me extremely reasonable solutions. He also helped negotiate a great price and set me up with a plumber to address a clog in my main line... who ended up further discounting HIS services for clearing my blockage beyond the great price that
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
negotiated for me!
Bottom line... and this is the important part!
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
stuck to his original pricing. I didn't get gouged for emergency service and I ended up paying EXACTLY what I anticipated based on our initial conversation (actually, I was prepared to pay MORE given all of the complications that were encountered.) To say that I was dealt with fairly would be a gross understatement... These guys are honest, hardworking, and are EXPERTS at this type of work. HIRE THEM!!! (I will again.)
- Terry H.

Banks came out and performed an inspection along with the pump-out of our 1500
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
septic tank. It is my first home that I owned with a septic system and
La Mirada Septic Tank Services Provider Name Locked
(?) explained how my system was setup and pointed out the location of the tank and the drainfields. Very good experience overall.
- Terry C.

Our septic alarm was sounding on and off when we took showers. They determined that the septic tank was fine, and that the float needed to be replaced. They replaced that one float and made all of the arrangements for the county inspection. We are very satisfied with their services.
- Ruth C.

Gentleman did recommend a variety of services which we were not familiar with, e.g., bacteria injections etc., which we declined. However, I think he had a tough job since we had not cleaned out our septic tank for a very long time so he was patient and got the job done. Will use again to maintain and update our system.
- Kevin P.

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