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Rated by
Joseph M.
"I purchased a full set of kitchen appliances - refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and
. They were supposed to deliver the appliances and take away the old" ones. While two of the guys were installing the
and dishwasher in my kitchen I noticed the third was taking the fridge out of the box in my driveway. I went out to check it for scratches and to get out of the way of the first two. After everything was in place one of them gave me some information on the refrigerator operation. I walked them out and watched them drive off. When I walked back in I saw they did not take away the old microwave - it was sitting on my table. this is where things started to go down hill. I called the store because that was the only number I had. the store told me to call the warehouse because they do scheduling. When I called the warehouse I was on hold for over 10 minutes. Every few minutes the phone system would invite me to leave a voicemail instead of waiting on hold. I pressed 1 for voice mail and it told me the mailbox was full and hung up on me. the next day I tried again and after 5 minutes on hold I got through to the warehouse. That person informed me to call the company that made the delivery - "XPO Last Mile". I politely insisted that I purchased from
and should not be dealing with their vendors. that did no good. so I called XPO company and they explained the order was wrong - the sales man put in to deliver 4 items but only put in to remove 3. I was told to call the store and get a salesperson to fix the order. Called the store and explained the problem for the umpteenth time. A very polite woman told me to call the warehouse because they do the scheduling. I told her about my ordeal. She spoke to her supervisor and an appliance salesman called the warehouse for me and set a date for them to come back. Also, the guys that did the install did not clean up well. I got some good prices on the kitchen appliances but I never want to deal with their install team again!
Rated by
Summer D.
"I called because my camera has something in the lens that is causing artifact on my images. The gentleman who answered the phone was very professional and asked questions about what" was needed. He quoted me a repair price but also told me that he wouldn't recommend doing the repair because it would be cheaper to replace the camera than do the repair. The repair would be be very time consuming and risk damaging the camera in the process. He then advised me on the best cameras for my budget. I really appreciated his honesty. He could have easily taken my money and not mentioned that. You don't find that kind of service often today. I will definitely use this company in the future if I need camera repair. Thank you
Rated by
David B.
"Yesterday I went back to my old friend (B&H) to buy a HDMI connection cord for a new TV I was having delivered. I needed two of them, and B&H were the least expensive by FAR" from retails stores around me. What stunned me was that when I went to pay for shipping and handling, the fee was $3.85 no matter which type of delivery service I wanted! So I picked UPS Next-Day Air and I'll be darned if my package wasn't on my doorstep less than 24 hours after I ordered it. They're in New
, I'm in Ohio. How the heck? But I've always been stunned by their low prices, usually free shipping, and SPEED of delivery.

Camera Repair reviews in La Habra


I traded in a Pentax 35mm film camera body and three lenses. I had the original boxes and that seemed to be a factor in their offering me a good trade-in price. I used the money to buy a 15x Canon image-stbilized binocular. The sales person was very helpful and showed me alternatives to the one I chose. There was no pressure to make the sale. The sales person just seemed like a friendly person. Other than the distance to travel there from my home in Nassau County, I will probably go out of my way to shop there again.
- Geoffrey B.

My 10 year old Canon
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
wouldn?t hold a charge so I asked around and everyone said
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
in Seattle. Mailed
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
my camera, they called me once they received it and gave me a quote and estimated completion date. I received the camera back just before their quoted completion date and it was all shiny new and works great!
- Angela T.

A nice young man came to the door offering to upgrade our security system of a home we just moved into. He made a very convincing presentation on having a local ADT dealer would be of great value. So we signed a 2 year deal at $37\mo. The installed came a few days alter when I was out of town. When I go home my wife had difficulty operating the system. So I called the sales man and someone (tuned out to be the manager) in the office ended up calling back. I asked if someone could come out and at least get the system on and to have someone come to the home to show me when I got back in town on Friday. So someone came out the next day and found out that we had a window slightly cracked opened thus we could not active the system. When I asked my wife how we could tell she was not sure how to find that out. - we both looked at the cheat sheet instructions and found them less than valuable. On Friday, no one came. Via Email communication with the sale rep (he never would call me back) I got the mangers name and called him on Monday. finally he remembered our conversation and said he could have some one come over by 12 or 12:30 PM. I told him I had a1:30 PM Appt of my own and would be leaving shortly after 1 PM. No one showed up. While I was away someone called the house and my wife told them I would be abck home after 3 PM. The installed came by and showed me how to
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
the system. On a few items I asked where is that explained here on this card and he said he was not sure...he never read it. So I gave up and he left. the install left holes in the wall by the
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
pad. the security box in the bedroom has a sheet metal screw thru it to stop the bad guys from ever opening it. This was to be an ADT quality system but noting says nothing about ADT anywhere. The whole install seems like a downgrade from what was here when we moved in.
- Gregory M.

The flash on my Canon
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
XSi would not come up, and the shutter release button was stuck down. They promised to call the next day after I dropped it off with a quote. When I called them the day after that, they called back with a quote of $200.00. However, when they called to tell me it was ready, the tech said all it needed was cleaning, so the bill was only $125.00. I brought it home and was testing it, when I discovered the ISO button was stuck down (it must have happened when he screwed the top cover back on). So I called and made arrangements to take it back to them. At first the man at the counter said I could pick it up the next day. When I explained I lived almost an hour away, he arranged for the tech to look at it on the spot. I told him I would go get some lunch while I waited. Before I got to the restaurant, the tech called to say it was ready. The camera has worked flawlessly since then.
- Doug K.

Submitted the online form detailing issues with camera. Received no response or quote from vendor. No repair was ever performed.
- Bob H.

09/01/2013 SUN- We got the name of
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
from a friend of my husband's who had cameras installed at his business. I figured it was a trustworthy recommendation. We called (267-334-4300) and
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
and his partner came out, in the rain, and said they could do the install immediately. I wanted two cameras, one in front and one in back of our house. They said no problem.
They started around noon and by dinner time they had to stop because
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
couldn't get the box running. In the middle of the install,
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
couldn't get the box running, and initially thought it was the box and he left to get another one. He was gone for awhile, more than an hour. He returned and eventually said that the box he was installing was a new upgrade, and our TV wasn't wired to accept the software. He had experienced the same problem recently, he couldn't remember how to get around it and wouldn't be able to go forward until he could talk to the helpdesk, which wouldn't be opened until Monday.
09/02/2013 MON Holiday I rearranged my day so he could come back at 8:30 a.m. . But then he texted my husband that he had to take his van into the shop and he couldn't make it until about noon. So I rearranged my errands back to the morning (did I mention that my downstairs and basement are torn apart so until he's done I can't put anything back?) No follow up so I called about 12:45 and he's said he was still waiting for the mechanic to call him. I was upset, and he said he'd call the mechanic and get back to me in a couple of minutes. No call back.
I called again and he said he’d be here around 4 pm, then changed it to maybe between 4- 5 pm. Showed up at 5:10 pm. He had to keep calling the help desk because he had only installed the software fix once before and couldn’t remember how to
fix it. The help desk closed at 6pm, so he kept calling, and then the help desk stopped taking his calls. He called a supervisor at minutes before 6 pm and got the fix. In the meantime, he was using my laptop because he didn't have one, and wanted to (1) check his email to see if he still had a copy of the software fix sent to him by the helpdesk, and/or (2) use a flash drive in my
laptop to download the software fix to load onto the box. His partner showed up around 6 pm and he brought in a laptop and they upgraded the box.
The box is hardwired to record 4 cameras and I only have two, so if I want it to cycle the cameras, I get two
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
screens in a row. He initially tried to reconfigure it so it only recognized the two active cameras, but finally said I had to work with the two
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
camera screens and the smaller multi-screen page.
They finished around 7pm, gave me a small users guide pamphlet with no hardware or software information, and left. I realized that they hadn't set me up to get internet access. The warranty for labor is 2 months, equipment a year.
09/04/2013 WED – followed up about the internet access, sent email to since I (thought) was supposed to be able to access the feed online. No response.
10/11/2013 FRI - the camera died, and when I tried to reboot the system, the entire box died. I had checked the camera around 6am and it was fine. Going back to see what happened, it looked Camera1 started to
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
color until it became a
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
white screen. I tried unplugging, resetting, etc., but the box doesn't have any power switches and I could only work the screen menu with the mouse. I rebooted it from the menu screen, but it never booted back up so the menu was no longer accessible. It also turned the TV off every time I tried to turn it back on.
I called
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
and he told me to plug, reset, etc., and when I said I did it all, he said he'd be out between 4-5pm. At 3:50 I texted to make sure we were still on schedule. At 4:50 he called and said he couldn't make it but would be here the next day between 9 -10. When I asked him promise he’d show up, he got offended. I said he had already made me wait and he had not show up twice already, and I wanted to make sure he was coming. He said he wasn't God, and that he'd be here if he was alive and his car was working. It was all very politely said.
10/12/2013 SAT - He didn't show up and I texted him around 10:10 am to find out what was up. No response.
Aound 11:00 am I tried calling, but he didn’t answer and I couldn’t leave a vmail without a code. I texted him again. He called back and said he loaned out his van to his partner in
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
and it was supposed to be returned that morning, but now it was more like 1pm. He'll call to let me know when he gets the van back later that afternoon.
My husband followed up with an afternoon phone call and
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
told him that he’d come later that night. The rain and windy weather had caused problems with about five people so he had to work with them, too. However, he had told me he was waiting for the work van to be returned and now he told my husband it is something else. About 6:40 pm I texted him and asked if he could come on Monday. At 7 pm I texted him saying it was too late to come, we were unavailable the next day (Sunday),and could he come the day after (Monday). No response.
10/13/2013 SUN - I texted him to see if he could come Monday, and he texted back saying he could come that day (Sunday) at 2pm. I told him (again) we couldn't do it. No response.

10/14/2013 MON - At 6:32 am I texted and asked how the day was looking. No response. Texted again saying if Monday wasn’t good to give me a day and time when he could come. No response.
Took another look at the box and when
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
tied up all the cables during the initial install, they were hanging by the side of the wall. I realized how heavy they were because I saw that one loose cable had a copper wire sticking out, and I thought it might
have been pulled from one of the two jackets still in the box. Thought it might be the reason the camera started to slowly
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
the image as the copper wire detached from the jacket. There was also another cable plug loose. Not sure if the other detached plug fell out or was intentionally left out. When the TV is turned on, it says no connection to cameras and after a few seconds the TV turns off. So at 8:32 am I texted
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
and explained that it might just be the cables, and then I texted a picture of the back of the box with the detached cables. No response.
9:45 a.m. tried to call
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
and went to voicemail, twice in a row, where I have no access to the vm code.
10/16/2013 WED, about 7pm, my husband tried to call
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
twice, went to voicemail where a code is required to leave a message.
10/18/2013 FRI 5:30 am, sent a text to
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
asking him if he was coming this weekend to fix the system. No response.
10/19/2013 SAT 11am, one last shot, texted
La Habra Digital Camera Shop Provider Name Locked
that I planned on lodging a complaint with the BBB. No response. 11:45 am my husband gave it one last try and called, and actually got vmail and left a message. No response.
10/20/2013 SUN No response, review submitted here and complaint to BBB.
11/11/2013 - BBB has tried to contact business 3 times with no response.
- barbara B.

Very well, I was very happy to hear someone say it cannot be repaired, and suggested I buy another more updated version. He did not try to sell me one. He said the camcorder would be too expensive for me to repair, it is 8 yrs old.
- Rosemarie L.

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