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Jennifer Y.
was my loan coordinator and he was extremely helpful, prompt, courteous, professional, and generally really wonderful to have as a loan coordinator. How many" others can say that about their mortgage lender? Apple FCU does not resell their mortgage in the secondary
, unlike Bank of America and almost all other large mortgage lenders. I received 0.25% to 0.50% lower interest rate than the lowest rate equivalent loan packages from 2 other large mortgage lenders in N. Virginia area. I did receive a quote with just 0.125% higher rate, but that involved taking out a 2nd loan with higher fees and not so easy to pay-off early, so was not a better deal as a package. We needed to get a firm commitment to lend letter from the underwriting department in a short time frame to satisfy our home builder. It took just 1 week to process the underwriting review. I was impressed how fast it was. Plus, the paperwork requirement was the least intrusive. Since Apple does not resell their mortgages, the underwriting department did not require us to fax them last 4 years of tax filings will All Original Attachments!!!, which the others required like robots and would not budge. Apple could tailor their need for our situation. Since almost all of our income came from our employment, they only asked for the W2's and HR contact phone numbers at work. This is like night and day! We did email a list of all of our bank accounts and IRS accounts, but that was it.
was on top of the whole process (2.5 months) and called or emailed me every few days to let me know what was going on and advise me if we needed to do something to make the whole process go smoothly. At first, all we paid Apple was a $50 loan application fee, but we were treated like a VIP.
diligently spent a lot of time with me and helped me pick the right Title Company and get the final Appraisal right. He gave me tips on inspection and what will be done by the County to inspect the new home. Even though he knew we were still shopping around for the best terms until we locked-in the loan, he did not seemed to mind at all that we may pick a different lender after all that work. I really, really recommend
and Apple FCU in
, Virginia. Mortgage is handled by headquarters in Virginia, and
said the underwriting department is also in the same building. So he can go over there and apply plenty of pressure if there is any delay or problem with the loan during settlement. We're closing in 2 weeks, but I do not expect any trouble at settlement. He also said settlement will only take 30 minutes to 1 hour at most, which is much shorter than what I've read online. Apple also provides auto loans. Check them out if you are looking for a loan in Northern Virginia area!
Rated by
Charles B.
"Here is a brief story of what happened to my recently deceased Grandmother and our Family/Estate ... My Grandmother recently passed on, the executor/cosigner on my Grandmother's" account wrote checks for various Funeral Expenses (which most people would think is reasonable and acceptable) then instead of notifying the estate their intentions, Fedcom decided to confiscate ALL money from the checking account and pay part of the balance on a credit card my grandmother also had through
. Well, because they took all the money without our knowledge ... our family (unintentionally) "Bounced" all the checks we wrote for the funeral and a few other expenses. Well, one would think that Fedcom would have said "I'm sorry, lets pay the funeral expenses and then pay towards the credit card". The first thing they basically said was too bad, Then approximately a few days later they said "they would pay all the bounced checks and the fees incurred", then approximately 3 - 4 days after they said they would cover things, they changed their mind and said they would NOT fix anything - basically too bad! ... so that is where our family stands with
. Additional information ... my Grandparents had been members for over 60 years and I have been a member for approximately 30 years ... but probably for not much longer! Fedcom used to be Family oriented, but that appears to be LONG GONE.
Rated by
ada G.
"I have been with Teachers for years. It is the financial institution in which I can truly say I trust. I love the fact that I can bank at partner banks. I can also use other Credit" Union ATM's without a fee. If you
your card no worries, just go to a bank and they will print one off for you. I have never caught an overdraft fee either. If I didn't have the money in my account the transaction was declined, even if it was by a few cents! I love the rewards points you earn as well. I love
. My only complaint is that they do not have a branch in
. :( But overall it is a great credit union. I would recommend to anyone.

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Banking reviews in Huntington Beach


I have a checking account with LNB. They gave me 6 books of checks, my choice of style for free at sign up. Online services are top of the line, with free, instant, cross customer transfers. They pay me interest on my checking account at the end of every month. LNB will reimburse me for any fees I accumulate using other banks ATM's. (Yes they pay me back for the ATM fees other banks charge)!! They have always been polite and have great service when I visit. Someone always says hello and remembers my name. I haven't done any loans or mortgages with them, so cannot comment on that end. I have also never experienced an overdraft issue. Overall would, and do recommend to anyone looking for a new bank to visit LNB.
- Jeff D.

If you are considering the use of
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
for your banking needs I would HIGHLY recommend that you reconsider. They pretend to be customer focused but in practice do not support the customer very well at all. They are driven by
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
fees, poor processes and poor management. The online banking service is far from industry standards, they seem to be about 10 years behind others in the industry. Go elsewhere for banking needs.
- Michael G.

Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
persistently followed up with me after my initial
contact to get my business. He gave me a written estimate with very
low closing costs (about $500) , which is why I chose to go with
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked

Bank over the other lender I had already started working with. When the good
faith estimate arrived, the closing costs were over $2,500, and the interest
rate was higher than we'd originally discussed. I spoke to
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
and expressed
that I was surprised and unhappy about this. He informed me that they were processing
the loan as a correspondent loan because my down payment source was gifted
funds. I am not in the mortgage business, so I looked up the term "correspondent
loan" since he did not explain this. Essentially, it means they sell the
loan immediately upon closing. I was really disappointed with this considering
that we'd discussed using gifted funds as the down payment in our initial
meeting and
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
made no mention of this affecting my closing costs in any
way. When I pointed this out, he became very defensive and stated that
"this is why we don't collect your application fee up front". So
essentially, I could walk away and not
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
my application fee at this point.
That's great, however; that would entail starting over with a new lender and
probably losing the home that I wanted. I also asked several questions about
the process and the information they wanted for the application.
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
told me
that if I continued to ask questions that the loan would not close on time. I
found that to be very rude. As a consumer, I expect to be able to ask all of
the questions I want and have them answered. At this point, I stopped
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
all together and just worked directly with the loan processor.
She did all that she could to get the loan through underwriting in time. In the
end, I closed 4 or 5 days later than I wanted. I can deal with that, I had a tight timeframe
(just under 30 days) and unforeseen circumstances pop up. However; the dismissive behavior and horrible customer
service were inexcusable.
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
had a typical sales mentality. He knew he had
me on the hook and I couldn't walk away without losing the house I wanted, so
why provide decent customer service at that point? I would not recommend this
bank to anyone and I will not do business with them in the future.
- Greg H.

I took a cash advance from a
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
. He was friendly and professional. I put the $1,000 in a
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
envelope and tried to deposit the money. The envelope would not fit, so I returned to the bank and asked
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
for help. He came out w/ me and said I did not need the envelope. So, I removed the $1,000 from the envelope and tried to redeposit the money. The ATM took my money but did not provide an acknowledgement of the deposit. Instead, I received 2 slips of paper telling me there was a problem returning my cash and to contact my financial institution, which is my credit union. I contacted my credit union, which began an investigation. Five days later, and I still do not have my money. The staff at the bank are very nice, especially
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
. I do have an account w/ this bank.
- Jean H.

We took out a $4000 0% same-as-cash for 12 mos. with FSF in May 2013, to replace a broken AC. On May 13 2014, I called FSF, and confirmed we had $300 left on the loan to pay off. I explained we were moving & I didn't have paperwork, but thought I had right amount. FSF employee (Have not yet tracked down my notes with his name.) told me amount was correct and there was a grace period til 5/18 to pay. I said I could come down and pay it in person if need be; I certainly didn't want to pay a year's interest at the very end! We laughed about that & he said the bank draft was fine. I paid thru my bank as always, and FSF posted the payment 5/15. We never heard from FSF again.

Today (7/23/14) we were doing final paperwork to sell our house and FSF was on it as being owed $677 as a "second mortgage." I called FSF, spoke with
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
first, then
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
, listed as a regional manager. Both told me too bad, payment was 2 days late, therefore $677 interest was owed. When I asked about the information I was given when I called 5/13, Mr.
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
' response was, "Did you read your contract? The 0% is void." He then stated that we owe the $677 total, and said "How do you think we can offer these kinds of loans?"

By lying to customers, apparently. I told him I would be sure and share my experience with his company. This is, at best, completely unethical, and I would urge any borrower to be sure not to rely on any verbal communication with FSF's representatives.
- Celia S.

I once again enjoy the pluses of owning my own home here in
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
County. I strongly recommend
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
, a
caring, professional loan officer who made me happy to be a Bank of America customer all these years.
- Linda D.

I first moved my banking to this credit union in January 2014 because they were rated well on Angie's List. I have had nothing but problems with them. They have made errors and I finally got a banker,
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
, who knew what he was doing and was most helpful. Today I went in and he has moved into another role. I got a different individual who did not know how to do a direct transfer of an
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
from one credit union to another. The credit union where my
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
is presently gave me all of the information needed to go in to
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
, including the form that should be used to make this common transaction happen, and they couldn't do it. The "banker",
Huntington Beach Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
, did not understand the form I gave him, did not understand the process, wanted to give the form to me to complete and mail....totally incomprehensibly incompetent. I advised them that I wanted to find an institution that knew what they were doing and took my paperwork and left.

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