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Kim R.
was very thorough and he was very good at explaining what he was doing to a
person. On top of searching for deficiencies, he was able" to make suggestions to me for various ways to save money on energy bills and to avoid repairs in the future. He pointed out potential future issues so that I would be aware of costs that may arise in the future. He was also very friendly and accommodating: he did a radon test for me at the last minute, even though the inspection was an hour from his business office and it meant he would have to meet me to pick up the radon equipment at a later date! He really went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with the inspection and the service I received.
Rated by
Mary G.
"The team of workers for both houses were always professional and respectful. They covered the current flooring so as not to cause wear and tear in the areas they used to come in and" out of the house. Every day they would clean up dust and debris even though they were coming back the next day to complete more work. The mold remediation areas were separated off with tarps being sealed floor to ceiling. The machines to scrub the air and dry out the wet areas were put in place. The rooms had to be gutted and then remodeled. As I was not good with seeing the finished project,
Wise, the contractor, stepped in at my request to help guide me. As the work progressed, if I was not happy with the way something looked,
would work with me to get the desired outcome. Sometimes we had to be creative to get around existing pipes, thats why it took some creativity in some of the areas. The work done by
and his team was well done. Both of these houses required a lot of work. I was extremely pleased not only with the final product but with the team and how they worked with me. When we sold our first house, the two bathrooms and the kitchen were the highlighted features. As we were moving locally, the realtors in the area would tell me as I searched for a new home, that I would not find any bathroom or kitchen as beautiful or well constructed as the ones in my current house. I owe it all to
and his team. If you need mold remediation, dry out services and reconstruction, I would highly recommend
Rated by
Alison D.
"I had water in my basement during this summer's torrential rains and friends recommended a drain tile system. So, I initially contacted an outfit that installs drain tile systems." However, the more I thought about it the less I thought it was going to address the problem, since I have never had water in my basement before. A few friends who have experience in construction suggested that the problem might be in a basement bedroom built by the previous owner which had a false floor. They suspected that the water was seeping in from there and that I should have the floor taken up. I read the excellent reviews here and chose
to come take a look and give me a bid on the project.
came within a matter of days and had a bid to me in two days' time. He was able to schedule the work within 10 days, all of which was very impressive, since the company that was going to put in the drain tile system had a 4-month gap between the bid and when they could do the work! The crew came on a Thursday, and by the time I got home from work, the basement was sealed, there were fans blowing, and they only had to come back the next day to basically button things up, which they did.
, the owner, was in communication with me frequently, and I was very pleased with the whole thing. When I arrived home on Friday I inspected the work and found that they hadn't taken up the floor, although everything else was crackerjack - excellent! I immediately called
, explained my concern, and he assured me he'd take care of it. He didn't hesitate for a moment or try to defend the fact that it hadn't gotten done - right then I knew this company was the old-fashioned kind of company that actually puts their customer first. A week later
came out to complete the job. He was pretty sure he'd have it all finished in two or three hours, but as it turned out, the previous owner had "over-engineered" the building of the room, according to
, and the work was going to take longer than he originally estimated. He planned to be here from 8:00 until 11:00, but wasn't finished until 2:00!
stopped by around 11:00 to check in with me and inspect the room. He didn't charge me one penny more than the original bid, even though the work took almost a day longer than he planned. Now THAT is what I call customer service! I plan to have more work done in the spring and I will use
for that as well. I truly could not be more impressed or more satisfied with the way the job was done, the way I was treated, or the quality of the work. I'm a baby boomer (that means I'm pretty old), and when I first met
I wondered whether such a youngster was really the best choice, since he looks about 15. ;-) I can assure you that he is as conscientious and as professional as you could want, and his employees are top-notch. I highly recommend
for any members who want high-quality work and excellent customer service. You will not be disappointed - in fact, you will probably think of completing other projects you've been putting off since you'll finally have a company you trust to do them.

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removing black mold


Nothing strikes fear like the sight of black mold. Learn about household mold, mold symptoms, how to test for mold and the best methods for mold removal.

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

Many homes in humid climates are susceptible to mold growth on furniture, clothing and even structural walls if there is inadequate ventilation, says Belk. (Photo courtesy of Gold Coast Flood Restorations)
Mold Testing & Remediation

Long-term exposure to certain types of toxic molds can be catastrophic. One highly rated provider shares four easy tips to prevent mold from invading your home.

Most molds, when allowed to grow in abundance, are visibly seen in certain colors, says Cascone. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Teresa K. of Beachwood, Ohio)
Mold Testing & Remediation

Mold may be present in your home and affecting your life even if no actual mold is visible. Here are four things that may indicate you need mold remediation.

"While it’s entirely possible that you do have mold in your air ducts, such claims are also a common scare tactic used by some less-than-scrupulous air duct cleaning companies," Angie Hicks says.
Mold Testing & Remediation, Air Duct Cleaning

Do you have mold in your air ducts? Learn how to identify mold and remediate it, along with what you should expect to pay. Angie Hicks provides the answers.

Angie's Answers

Mold in a basement is a common problem. My company helps people with this every day. Some of the answers you received were helpful but not all the information is correct. First, you need to eliminate the two main ingrediants that mold needs to survive. The first one is water intrusion. This is a must. I am assuming you have no water intrusion as you make no mention. The second componant that needs to be eliminated is moisture. Moisture is also humidity. Basements need to be kept airtight in the summer months. Some folks have posted that you need air flow in your basement. Nothing could be furthur from the truth. When you open any windows for example, not one micron of air goes out of the basement, Warm humid air is sucked into the basement. Houses suck air into the basement and it meets the cool surfaces and skyrockets humidity. The windows must be kept closed and a dehumidification device installed to ensure humidity stays below 60% humidity. The dehumidifier should be energy star rated and purchasing a seperate humidity guage is a must to monitor the unit's progress. We like to keep our customer's basements at 50% humidity. This eliminates the smell that is active mold spore growth. Once the water and humidity is brought under control. Remove the organic materials that have mold on them. Walls, sheetrock and studs that have been affected. Follow the advice of previous posts as you must ensure that you do not affect the rest of the home. Once removed, install new walls using as much inorganic material as possible. We also install vapor barrier over the walls and seal the floors to stopwater vapor transmission into the basement. Poly plastic is not a acceptable vapor barrier. It is not "zero-perm" and will still allow moisture transmission. It will also crack and break into pieces over the years. A PVC liner rated "zero-perm" is the correct product in this application. Depending how large the basement is and if it is sectioned off will determine the dehumidifier strength. We use the Santa Fe line of dehidifiers as they are super energy efficiant and work like a dehumidifier on steriods. I hope this helps and I wish you the best in Basement Health!

Is the cabin conditioned year round or at all?


Are there any grading or moisture issues that are allowing bulk moisture into the crawl?


Conditioning the crawl is usually the best answer but if it is sporadic use and/or makes better sense to leave as a vented space, you need to do the following for optimum performance:


- Install a vapor barrier across the floor.  Seal all piers and penetrations as well as seal to the stem wall.

- Insulate the underside of the floor and ideally thermally break the floor joists from the earth.

- This is best accomplished by covering the floor joist with a rigid foam and sealing all the seams.




When you say vented to the roof, do you mean into the attic UNDER the roof, or through the roof with a duct up through a roof jack into a roof hood ? Hopefully the latter, otherwise you have the likely source of the problem.

You are clearly getting moisture in this area still, so more insulation will not help and may hurt - insulation does not stop moisture but does trap it, particularly if you add enough tht the freezing front moves well down into the insulation, so vapor coming up from the house freezes in the insulation (making it wet when it thaws) rather than venting into the attic and evaporating from there.

You need an expert check on the bathroom area - that the fan unit and any light fixtures are tighly sealed to the vapor barrier. Usually they are installed with about a 1/4-1/2 inch void all around for ease of installation, and not sealed at all, so moist bathroom air vents around themm into the attic.

Then the fan unit needs checking for openings - many have openings in the plastic or metal case from manufacturing that are not sealed but should be. Do NOT use any type of unit that, because of big lights or heat lamp, says it has to be vented and cannot be sealed in, because moist air goes right up through it.

Then the duct from the fan up through the roof needs checking for leaks (and should be insulated, at least if your attic goes below freezing ever), and should have a roof jack where it penetrates the attic - a rubber seal in a metal plate that fits tightly around the duct, so the air blown into the vent hood on the roof cannot circulate back down into the attic. Most installers just cut about a 1 foot opening in the roof (especially if they can install the duct that way without having to crawl around in itchy attic insulation), run the duct up through it into the roof hood, and walk away. That leaves that big opening in the roof sheathing for the wet air and condensation in the hood to corculate right back down into the attic. Some installers (like my house whenn I first bought it) really take the easy route and don't even connect the duct to the hood - they just terminate it a foot or so below the sheathing so ALL the moist air goes into the attic.

I would also check the kitchen and any other bathroom fans for the same leak sources or improper installation, and make sure all vent pipes are intact to above the roof, and that there are no furnace or HVAC ducts disconnected or damaged that could be adding moisture.

Also look around all roof penetrations for ducts and pipes for staining on the underside of the sheathing, which would be indicative of roof hood or jack leaks that should be repaired. (Hopefully, with a new roof you would not have any).

The area most affected should have the insulation moved away and checked to see if the vapor barrier has holes or tears, openings around pipes, ducts, light boxes or wiring, or was maybe totally torn out by some prior workman. If your vapor barrier is not effective, moist household air will move into the attic almost year around, but especially in cold weather, carrying moisture into the attic, where it will condense and cause mold.

Also - if you have a fireplace chase (wood boxout around metal chimney) in that area, it may connect to the house in the firebox area and be open to the attic (which is a real fire spread hazard but for some reason is not contrary to code), letting household air flow by that route.

The mold should be brushed and vacuumed away, then treated - there are commercial sprays that are fungicides that commercial mold and mildew removal contractors have, a sprayed chlorine bleach and borax solution has also been shown to work but you would have to have an air supplied respirator and chemical suit to work with that, which only professional remediation contractors have. Do NOT paint the area - especially the underside of the roof sheathing and trusses. They needs to be able to breathe, not have any moisture from above locked in.

Stains in the attic (assuming this is an unoccupied area) can be bleached, and then if you want the evidence to go away and make it easier to tell if there is new staining or mold, sanded to remove the worst of them.

Stains on areas visible from the outside like walls and rafters can be treated with Chlorine bleach (beware of dripping on good finishes below), painted with Kilz or similar anti-fungal primer, then painted. Stains on the underside of the sheathing visible in the soffit area can be bleached and then when dry, sanded away.

Ventilation is essential, but without removing the source of most the moisture you will not win this war no matter how many times you battle it.

While I would guess the fans and vents are the problem, is there anything different about the attic ventilation to this area versus the other parts of the roof - soffit covers, blocked eave openings, insulation-clogged bug screening or soffit cover openings, lack of air chutes or eave baffles, insulation pushed up against eave opening or up against roof, horizontal blocking that prevents or obstructs airflow, no ridge vent above it, etc ?

If you are not able to find an obvious source of the moisture, I woud consider getting a thermal IR scan of the attic. For typically about $200-300 an energy conservation expert with thermal scanner can scan the attic (might have to be done at night or VERY early morning if done in summertime, to accentuate the temp difference between house air and attic air, unless you have AC in which case turning the AC down low and blower on full can work by pushing cold air rather than hot up through any gaps or voids. If you have that done, check on price to add in the rest of the house too - probably not more than about $100 more, and can show you where your air leaks and poor insulation air. You should try to get one who can provide the entire scan to you on CD or DVD, so you can review it in the future. Here is a link to some images so you know what I am talking about -



Call in the professionals.

There is no sense addressing the mold issue until you resolve the basement leaks.

High ground water that is seeping into your basement is going to lead to long term, serious damage to your foundation and basement walls.  Any mold you remove will just keep coming back.  The first question is the age of the home and whether or not you have working perimeter drain tile installed.  If you home is pretty old (30+ years) it is possible you do not have a drainiage system, or the system is clogged / deteriorated beyond function.  For a newer home, perimeter drain tile was a requirement, but doesn't mean it was installed properly.

I recommend you hire a licensed architect to review your house's construction, the site and look for indications that a drainage system is in place and functioning.  They should be able to find out where the drain comes out, and to check it (after a rain or by doing a water test) to see if it is working.  If it is working, it is possible your system is undersized or only failing in a specific area.  It is also possible a second, lower water table exists that is below your current drain system.  A site change, to change the current flow of ground water or above ground water may resolve your issue as well.  Something as simple as a new drainage ditch, retention pond or higher grades around your building may resolve your issue.

Working with a professional will prevent you from worrying about a 'draingage expert' recommending a high cost repair when another option may be available.

Some drainage people will propose installing a new perimiter drain inside your basement walls.  This system gets the water that gets through the walls and under the floor, and carries it back out.  This is a last ditch idea.  The best method, to solve the issue for good, is to dig back down to your footers, repair the waterproofing on the wall, then place drainage board over it (this protects the waterproofing while allowing moisture a travel path to your drain tile).  Then place gravel fill with geo-fabric over it, then backfill.  Now, no matter how much water you have in your ground, it will be directed away from your basement.

A sump pump in the basement to handle flooding or low water tables below your basement slab will augment this system.

Once you have the moisture issue resolved, then worry about stopping mold.  In the interim, any materials that are growing mold need to be removed (use protective measures).  Make sure you run a dehumidifier at all times and keep air moving by turning on the basement hvac vents or putting some fans in the area.

Working with a licensed architect will help ensure you pinpoint the exact problem, and have a knowledgable person to discuss the options with before doing any costly work.  The architect will also be able to assist with finding contractors and overseeing that the work is installed correctly (It is worthless to redo the drainage if any one area is not done correctly).  Good luck.


Mold Removal reviews in Hawthorne


I highly recommend
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
for Attic Mold remediation. Mold was found in my attic during a home-buyer inspection.
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
was recommended to me by my realator.
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
was able to come out and meet me the same day we called. He educated me on the problem, talked me through the process and explained what was needed. He responded to calls, texts, and emails within an hour, most of the time within 15 min or less!...
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
followed-up with me regularly through the process, was very aware of urgency of my situation, and completed the job on time.
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
and the
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
clean staff turned a very frustrating situation into a positive customer experience. I have nothing but good things to say about how they handled my remediation.
- Matthew E.

The results were great. We were very impressed with the knowledge and the thoroughness of the representative. He spent a considerable amount of time examining our entire home, including the basement and attic. In places where he couldn't visually ascertain moisture, he was able to check by meter. We were very pleased with the results. The walls of the basement even tested dryer than normal. The inspection was well worth the cost of service and we appreciate the integrity of the representative of
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked

The entire process for our repair, from diagnosing the standing water problem under the house, to the last patch of wall drying inside the bathroom, took about 2 months, from about mid-May to early
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
was amazingly professional, informative, timely, and easy to work with in a terrible situation. From initial contact with
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
, to
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
taking the lead on getting under the house for all of the cleaning, to
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
stepping in when needed-- we had a great experience. I'll never forget my mom talking to
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
, with all of his gear on to go under the house to diagnose the problem, and
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
having a smile on his face & telling her he just plain enjoys this work and being able to help people. I also extremely appreciated that
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
was willing to explain the science of what was happening and to answer our questions about safety at length. It turns out that the pipes in our 1924 house were probably still the original and had rotted/worn through the bottom.
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
was extremely patient and willing to make sure we had a completely dry and safe area underneath the house.
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
were always responsive whenever we had a question about the process or wanted to check in. We had a few issues with some of the companies we were referred to for other parts of the repair process, and we felt that
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
really took steps to deal with the situation and make sure we were taken care of. We felt we were in the best possible hands through the entire process with
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
and we'd recommend them as first-class service to anyone.
- Matt S.

Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
came to quote me on the crawlspace upgrade. He was very knowledgeable and professional. I knew the work would not be cheap based on comments in Angie's List but it was necessary - my crawlspace was damp and there was mold.
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
patiently worked with me through the contract process knowing it's not easy to spend $8500 on a part of your house you don't see very often.
The crew of Nick,
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
were excellent. Nick kept me informed of their arrival times. They answered questions and tolerated my photographs as the work progressed. They cleaned out all old insulation and debris from the crawlspace and hauled it away - they even took some other wood and rebar that was hanging around. They applied a mold spray to
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
mold. Part of the job involved grading the crawlspace floor which was not easy since here in Chattanooga we don't have soil, we have rock with some clay mixed in. They insulated the foundation walls with a thick product called Silverglo. It covered the old foundation vents to stop outside air from entering. After that a 20 mil vapor
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
was laid down covering the floor and going partially up the walls and covering the piers. The Silverglo was also cut to fit between each floor joist to insulate the sill plate. A sump drain with alarm was installed at the low point of the crawlspace floor. Foam was used to seal every crack and hole. They installed a weatherproof door in place of my old crawlspace door. Finally, a dehumidifier was installed and tested.
I am very pleased with the work that was done and very happy with the results. I used to hate my crawlspace - it was a nasty, damp, bug-infested part of my house that I didn't want to go into. Now I love it. I can go in there to inspect my plumbing, HVAC, dryer vent, etc, and it is clean, dry, and pleasant. I know it is better for my house and it is healthier for me and my family.
- Mark P.

Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
was excellent. He took all of our phone calls, explained everything, and was very knowledgeable (I checked his and other statements made by others). I'm skeptical of service providers and ...
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
's competence, commitment to quality, and desire to make sure the problem is 100% remediated made me see that
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
is someone who has honesty and integrity. He determined that the moisture source had been fixed (our townhouse association fixed it) and then fully remediated the mold not only in the area where the source was but ... did the entire basement and then used his equipment to remove the leftover ambient mold in the air. The result was that we now have a house that no longer has any mold issue and has tested at levels that give it the designation of a 'clean air building'.
- William L.

Update #2: Indoor Restore's accreditation by the Better Business Bureau was revoked in Feb. 2014. I highly recommend reading up on this company before hiring them.

The good:
Everyone that I spoke to at Indoor Restore (IR) was professional and knowledgeable.
The bad:
I called IR because I knew that there was mold in the front room of my house. IR tested for mold and found that I was correct. IR told me I would get asthma unless it was fixed. IR could not identify (and was not interested in finding) the source of the mold. I was charged $200 to tell me that there was mold somewhere in my house. Because there was no visible mold, I was also told that I could have IR out again to test inside the walls. To test inside the wall would cost an additional $75 per hole. I believe that the $200 charge is just to get you in the door, and set you up for the rest of the process, ultimately ending in paying them a hefty amount for their construction contracting services. (Coincidentally, I called on a week when they were having a $100 off sale for the testing.)
The work that IR proposed doing was basically evacuating the air in the rooms, cleaning the walls, ceiling and carpet. The one fix that IR wanted to do was completely replace the bathroom ceiling. We know where that mold comes from, the shower. No testing was done in the ceiling to see if mold had penetrated the paint. The bathroom is about 50 feet from the room that I called about. The shower is not causing the mold in the front room. The total estimate was about $3000.
On the phone, I mentioned that the grading in the front yard could possibly be contributing to the mold problem. IR told me that they do not consider anything outside the house.
The proposed treatment was only to treat the symptoms of the mold. The source of the mold was still unknown. I could not understand how IR could guarantee their work for 10 years without actually finding the source of the mold. This is how IR deals with the guarantee:
1) We accept the proposal for work.
2) When IR comes out, they retest every part of the house (all rooms, attic, crawl space, garage, etc.). (I asked if we could get the entire house tested before they came out so we would know what to expect. The answer: ~$500 and that would not include identifying the source of the mold.)
3) If IR finds any other part of the house that IR
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
to be in need of improvements, IR requires that we contract with them to complete the work before ANY of their work is guaranteed. IR decides what the improvements are, so IR is financially motivated to increase the work load.
So, I was told that it would cost $3,000 to treat the symptoms of the mold, but this would not come with a guarantee. In order to get the guarantee, IR would require me to contract with them for an unknown amount of construction. If down the road we needed to bring them back under the guarantee, I'm sure that the same process would start over.
I wanted IR to find the source of the mold, and fix it. That's not what happened. IR should be ashamed of their policies.
Since the air sample test was performed, the source of the problem was found. The carpet was pulled back and some of the dry wall was removed. Some weeds had gotten in behind the siding. We recently had the siding replaced. The old siding may have been part of the problem also. If we had had the work done that was proposed by IR, the problem would have remained.

Update #1, Reply to Provider Response:

I understand that mold is a living organism and that the source is hard to find. That is why I called you. I knew that mold was in the house. It is obvious now that the inspection did not give you enough information to recommend remediation. The cost estimate was for remediation based on air samples. The extent of the project should be known (as much as possible) before the remediation contract is signed, and the guarantee should never be in jeopardy. You
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
’t “offer” additional testing,
you demand it or the work is not guaranteed.

In all construction projects, estimates can change. This case is different because you didn’t make an effort to determine what needed to be done. By the time you do the actual tests, the contract is signed. That’s too late.

Here is my recommendation to you: Do enough testing to determine what the extent of the problem is. If you need to do more testing, tell the homeowner. Once you have determined (to the best of your ability) what the solution is, send an estimate for the
remediation. Do not hold the guarantee over the homeowner’s head.

I would be very surprised if the EPA and the CDC agreed with your remediation recommendation to clean the room and not determine the source of the problem.
- William O.

When they took the samples, the test results were returned very promptly. After reading the results myself, it appeared that air quality in our home was poor, so I contacted
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
to help me understand the test results. However, Mr.
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
could not interpret the results of the test. I had to contact the laboratory myself to have the test results explained to me. Additionally, the results given to me in writing were different than what the laboratory told me, and they stated there was an error, but unsure as to why/how that happened.
As far as the mold remediation is concerned, they set a date and stuck to it. They estimated that it would take three days to complete the job, and they were done in a little less than that. They got rid of the known mold, but they also found mold we were not aware of and got rid of that as well. Moreover, they took photographs of everything to document what was seen and what was done. I thought they were good until we discovered later that they did not do a complete job of getting rid of all of the mold.
Moreover, we based a decision which cost us thousands of dollars on Mr.
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
's "expert" opinion. He re-stated that same opinion over and over. Yet, when it really mattered, he stated the complete opposite of what his first "expert" opinion was. His statements were not consistent. What kind of expert services am I receiving if I receive completely opposite advice/opinion within days? I would not use
Hawthorne Mold Remediators Provider Name Locked
's services again.

- Lise R S.

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Los Angeles

AC Interiors

4752 Sewell Ave

Accurate Environmental Consulting

16592 Bordeaux Ln Suite
Huntington Beach


811 N Catalina Ave Ste 2020
Redondo Beach

Acme Clean Air

409 N Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach

Action Duct Cleaning Co Inc

2333 N Lincoln Ave

Action Environmental & Construction

3100 Airway Avenue
Costa Mesa

Adobe Builders

15300 Ventura Blvd Ste 203
Sherman Oaks

Advanced Builders & Contractors

19528 Ventura Blvd

Advanced Cleaning & Maintenance

16755 Hughes Rd

Advanced Contracting Services Inc

4705 New Horizon Blvd #3

Advanced Environmental

2420 w carson st

Advanced Restoration Group

1630 S. Diamond St. Ste. A
Santa Ana

Advancive Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

3521 Casitas Ave #17
Los Angeles

Aeroscopic Environmental Inc

1833 Dana Street

AGA Construction Inc

18375 Ventura Blvd

Air Duct Cleaning in Gardena

14600 S Broadway St Unit #090

Air Duct Cleaning in Manhattan Beach

2901 Laurel Ave Unit #330
Manhattan Beach

Air Duct Professionals

La, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Oc Areas

Air Duct Repair in Manhattan Beach

3100 Flournoy Rd Unit #234
Manhattan Beach

Air Duct Repair in Redondo Beach

1524 Steinhart Ave Unit #110
Redondo Beach

Air Duct Repair in Redondo Beach

4363 East Slauson Avenue

Air Duct Repair in Redondo Beach

2601 Carnegie Ln Unit #3243
Redondo Beach

Air Duct Repair in Redondo Beach

408 Sapphire St Unit #444
Redondo Beach

Air Duct Repair in Redondo Beach

222 N Western Ave
Los Angeles

AIR Mold Removal-Remediation Fontana

15733 Valley Blvd.


7700 Congress Ave

Air  Flow Check in Manhattan Beach

3408 Highland Ave.,
Manhattan Beach

Air  Flow Check in Rolling Hills

745 Deep Valley Dr
Palos Verdes Peninsula

Aleksa Simich Construction Inc,.

957 S. Meridian Ave


3030 Joshua Tree rd

All City Remodeling

6501 Vanalden Ave. #5

All Clear Environmental Inc

11333 Moorpark St
North Hollywood

All Stars Remodeling

19327 Ventura blvd

Alladin Restoration Inc

10859 Sherman Way
Sun Valley


1077 Canary Ave


990 W 10TH ST

Allison Property Inspections

305 N 2nd Ave

Alpha Handyman

PO Box 531516
San Diego

Altadena Cleaning

2400 Lake Ave



Ameri-Pro 911 Restoration

P.O. Box 2620


517 Avenue G
Redondo Beach

American Environmental Specialists, Inc.

15183 Springdale Street
Huntington Beach

American FreezeBlast, Inc.

1409 Kuehner Dr
Simi Valley

American Mold Guard

P.O. Box 3533

American Technologies, Inc.



5261 West Imperial Highway
Los Angeles

Anderson Group International

10655 West Vanowen St.

Anygreen Carpet Clean Restoration Echo Park

1635 Morton Ave 28
Los Angeles


Newport Beach


Long Beach

Ari Development

1401 S Main St
Los Angeles

Asbestos Removal in Inglewood

10901 Crenshaw Blvd

Asbestos Removal in Santa Monica

1025 Montana Ave.,
Santa Monica

Assura Public Relations

335 N Brookhurst St

Atom to Atom Carpet Clean Restoration Culver City

4100-4148 Ince Blvd 24
Culver City

Aylor Construction & Remodeling

24377 Newhall Ave

AZ air duct cleaning los angeles

2401 Silver Ridge Ave
Los Angeles

B2B Design / Build

6302 Whittier Ave.

Baldwin Construction

464 S Cataract Ave


10840 Talbert Avenue
Fountain Valley

Beach City Environmental

1407 S Irena Ave
Redondo Beach

Bel Air Maintenance Service

5007 Eagle View Circle
Los Angeles

Belarian Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

4650-4698 Firmament Ave. #35
Sherman Oaks

Benchmark Environmental Services, Inc.

990 Centrsl Ave.

Best Experts Carpet Cleaning Inc in Beverly Hills

8200 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills

Best Orange County Carpet Cleaning

216 E. Chapman Ave.

Beverly Hills

8949 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills


9520 Topanga Canyon Blvd.

BMa Industries, LLc

13089 Peyton Dr
Chino Hills

Breathe-Rite Air

1969 Roadrunner Ave
Newbury Park

Bright Green Contracting

464 Larkstone Ln.

Brooks Lance E. DC

10901 Downey Ave

Brown Dog Repairs

1727 Kent St

Builders Law Group

9767 Vía Roma

Building Cleaning Services, Inc

820 Thompson Ave

Cal-Spec Inc.

42335 Washington St. F247
Palm Desert

Cal-State PM Home Inspections

163 South Cross Creek Rd

California Air Services Group

18375 Ventura Blvd.

California Certified Mold Inspectors

22655 Mariano St
Woodland Hills

California Construction Center

12509 Oxnard St
North Hollywood

California Consultants

3458 Charlemagne Ave
Long Beach

California Skyline Remodeling Inc

4570 Van Nuys Blvd
Sherman Oaks


84 La Patera Dr

Canyon First-Choice Restoration

27524 Walnut Springs Ave.
Canyon Country

Carls Flooring Service

149 N Maple St

Carpet & Rug Cleaning Company in Long Beach

3605, Long Beach Blvd # 450
Long Beach

Carpet Repair & Cleaning in Santa Monica

1517 Lincoln Blvd Room#9
Santa Monica

Carpet Repair, Streching & Cleaning in Los Angeles

4292 Crenshaw Blvd Room #1
Los Angeles

Carpet Upholstery Rug Air Duct

1457 E Florence Ave
Los Angeles

Carpet, Upholstery Rug & Air Duct Cleaning

3939 Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles

CBC Cleaning and Restoration, Inc

25042 Anza Drive

Century Restoration

20301 bluffside circle suite #112
Huntington Beach

Chicco's Painting & Construction

P.O. Box 111049
Los Angeles

Clark Drywall

4800 Island View Street

Clockwork Contractors, Inc

20058 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills

CMH Environmental Group, Inc.

PO Box 4213

CMS Construction

800 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach

CMS Construction Services, Inc.

4425 Larchwood Pl

Coast To Coast

10881 La Tuna Canyon Rd
Sun Valley

Common Sense Inspections

1842 N Edgemont ST
Los Angeles

Construction Management Consultants

13046 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City


Panorama City


616 St Paul Ave
Los Angeles

Dennis Cleaning & Restoration

414 Vista Ave

Diamond Property-Pros

23648 Bower Cascade Pl
Diamond Bar

Digital Mold Analysis

Ramon Road
Cathedral City

Digital Mold Analysis

Ramon Road
Cathedral City

Disaster Protech

7029 Marcelle St

Do Right Carpet Clean Restoration Eagle Rock

2130 Fair Park Ave 27
Los Angeles

DR Water and Mold Damage Services

292 S La Cienega Blvd
Beverly Hills

Dry Down Inc

PO Box 673
El Segundo

Dry Right Restoration

428 W 10th St. Unit B
Long Beach

Dry Water Damage Restoration

312 S Flower St.
Los Angeles

Dry-Response Mold/Water Damage Services

447 N Wendy Dr, Casa Conejo, CA 91320
Newbury Park

Dynasty Exterminators

6279 E Slauson Ave
Los Angeles

Eagle Eye Property Inspections

11445 Paramount Blvd


1012 Segovia Cir

EcoStar Inc

10818 Chimineas Ave

Ekwall Company

3302 Avenida De Loyola

Elite One Water Damage and Restoration

1457 Wilder St
Thousand Oaks


12893 Harbor Blvd
Garden Grove


13401 Oxnard St.
Van Nuys

Enviro Diagnostics

5020 Campus Drive
Newport Beach

Enviro-Services, Inc.

1204 Tico Rd.

Envirocare Consulting Incorporated

16155 Cousins Cir


2211 W. Orangewood Ave.

Environmental C&R Inc.

2030 E. 4th Street
Santa Ana

Environmental Services

10100 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles

Environmental Services

4695 MacArthur Court, Flr 11D
Newport Beach

Environmental Services

333 City Boulevard West, Flr 17 - Suite 10


412 Olive Ave Ste 280
Huntington Beach

EnviroServe - Santa Fe Springs

11700 Willake St.
Santa Fe Springs

EnviroServicesCA - Mold Abatement

914 Buena Vista St


2911 WEST 182ND ST
Redondo Beach

express restoration

13348 Saticoy St
North Hollywood

farmers insurance

325 N. Second ave suite L

First Restoration - Yorba Linda

22800 Savi Ranch Parkway
Yorba Linda

Flood Brothers Plumbing

3940 Laurel Cyn Blvd
Van Nuys

Flood Doctor Restoration and Construction

Los Angeles County
San Diego County

Flood Presto-Ration

147 11th St
Huntington Beach

Flood Rescue of Orange County

2901 East Yorba Linda Blvd

Florentin Construction Inc

P.O. Box 261322

FMc Construction and Restoration

220 33rd St
Newport Beach

Forward Carpet Clean Restoration of Koreatown

3918 Beverly Blvd 20
Los Angeles

Fountain Carpet Clean Restoration Hollywood

1611 N Cahuenga Blvd 26
Los Angeles

GAMA Contracting Services, Inc.

1844 Tyler Ave.
South El Monte


610 Richfield Rd

Gary Eccleston

3011 E Craig Drive

GLM Mycology Lab

9400 Montemar Dr
Spring Valley

GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.

701 E. Santa Clara St.

Global Prevention Services - LA, LLC

3314 Livonia Ave
Los Angeles

GME Development Inc.

PO Box 35242
Los Angeles

Go Bill It

Agoura Hills

Go Green Construction, Inc

9300 Texhoma Ave

Gold Health and Safety Consulting, Inc.

4001 Inglewood Ave.
Redondo Beach

Grace Carpet Clean Restoration Beverly Hills Inc

125 S Rexford Dr 15
Beverly Hills

Green Environmental Group

18034 Ventura Blvd

Green Planet Mold & Restoration

13659 Victory Blvd
Van Nuys

Handy mans services

196 coral tree dr

Haner Construction

5201 Patricia Avenue

Hawaiian Gardens

12119 Carson St
Hawaiian Gardens

Hi-Rel Plastics & Molding

7575 Jurupa Ave

Hi-Tech Environmental

1601 N Sepulveda Blvd
Manhattan Beach

Hi-Tech Restoration

14714 Flynn St
La Puente

Holmes Carpet Clean Restoration El Segundo

327 Richmond St 29
El Segundo

home in style construction, inc.

23022 Dolorosa St
Woodland Hills

Home Top Construction & Design Inc

6931 Van Nuys Blvd
Van Nuys

Home, James! Real Estate

31103 Rancho Viejo Rd. #2328
San Juan Capistrano

HomeRight Water Damage Restoration

112 E Carrillo St.
Santa Barbara

IND-IndoorAir Services

15407 Proctor Ave.
Hacienda Heights

Indoor Air Quality

413 La Brea Ave, CA
Los Angeles

Indoor Air Quality in El Segundo

525 S. Douglass Street Unit #242
El Segundo

Indoor Air Quality in Manhattan Beach

3713 Highland Ave Unit #456
Manhattan Beach

Indoor Air Quality in Rancho Palos Verdes

6453 Via De Anzar Unit #211
Rancho Palos Verdes

Indoor Mold Tests by Property-Pros

10814 Ceres Ave.

Indoor Restore Environmental Services

14118 Pioneer Blvd

Indoor Water and Mold Recovery Services

9185 Magnolia Ave

Indoor-Air Specialists - LA Mold

358 N Francisca Ave.
Redondo Beach

Indoor-Restore Enviro Services

120 Vantis Drive
Aliso Viejo

Indoor-Restore Environmental

716 S Walnut Ave, Brea, CA 92821

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services

342 N H St
San Bernardino

Indoor-Restore of East Los Angeles

918 N Bonnie Beach Pl, East Los Angeles , CA 90063
Los Angeles

Indoor-Restore Services


IndoorAir Mold Assessment Specialists

8613 Firestone Blvd

IndoorDamageManage Services

13110 Hawthorne Blvd

Infrared Inspections

2551 Galena St
Simi Valley

Infrared Water Damage & Mold Inspection

835 San Julian St
Los Angeles

Inland Tri-Tech, Inc.

PO Box 5287

Inspection Pros

12050 Tiara St.
Valley Village

InspectTech, Inc.

866 1/2 W 43rd St
Los Angeles

Insulation Replacement in Culver City

10990 Jefferson Blvd.,
Culver City

IR-Enviro Mold Inspection of Los Angeles

2460 North Lake Avenue

iRealty Inspection Services (dba IRIS Engineers)

1948 Comstock Avenue
Los Angeles


501 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles

J & M Home Improvement

2425 S. Nancy St.
West Covina

James B Robertson Inc

8500 Tunney Ave.

JCL Contractors

2980 First Street
La Verne

JLM Environmental

Redondo Beach

John T Llamas Construction

25591 Breezewood St
Dana Point

K-DM Property Services

424 3rd St
Laguna Beach


PO BOX 3726

Key Environmental Services

1450 South Burlington Ave
Los Angeles

KOCH Development

217 Palos Verdes Blvd.
Redondo Beach

KRB Construction

2774 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles

la floodmasters restoration

1107 Fair Oaks Ave #183

La Mold Inspection

11024 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills

LA Mold Specialists - Property Water-Mold

2103 Huntington Dr.
San Marino

La Verne Construction

2076 Bonita Ave
La Verne

Lake-Air Mold Specialists

18650 Collier Ave
Lake Elsinore

Landscapes Carpet Clean Restoration Jefferson Prk

1885 W Jefferson Blvd 32
Los Angeles

Lightning Carpet Clean Restoration Hermosa Beach

17-99 12th Ct # 15
Hermosa Beach

Living Green Remodeling & Design

646 W. Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach

Llandmark Home Handyman Services

6423 gentry ave
North Hollywood

Local Water Damage Marina Del Rey

4133 Redwood Avenue #1021
Los Angeles

Local Water Restoration Service

590 N Sierra Way
San Bernardino

Los Angeles

2920 W Jefferson Blvd Room #8
Los Angeles

Los Angeles

1104 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles

Los Angeles Carpet & Rug Cleaners

3660 Wilshire Blvd # 221
Los Angeles

Los Angeles Construction & Remodeling

5455 Sylmar ave
Sherman Oaks

Lux Carpet Cleaning & Restoration of Crenshaw Inc

3737 Crenshaw Blvd 14
Los Angeles

Maintenance Inspections

3458 Charlemagne Ave
Long Beach

Manage-Damage Property Services, Inc.

11707 Lindale St.
East Irvine

Mark Hooper

13171 Sierra hwy.
Santa Clarita

MARVA General Construction

8055 Foothill Blvd

Masters Environmental Inc

44719 Alexandria Vale


7609 140Th Pl NE


Long Beach

Mighty Ducts Heating and Cooling Inc.

13811 Gershon Pl
Santa Ana

Millan's Restoration, Inc.

2910 E Blue Star St

Mit-Cat Expert Restoration Services

11442 Haskell Avenue
Granada Hills

Mitigation Inc

2113 Border Avenue


10274 Tujunga Canyon Blvd

Modern Construction & Design, Inc.

9461 Charleville Blvd
Beverly Hills

Mold Decontamination - HomeRight Services

71788 San Jacinto Dr.
Rancho Mirage

Mold Inspection Sciences of Los Angeles

1223 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica

Mold Inspection Sciences of Orange County

26741 Portola Pkwy
Foothill Ranch

Mold Masters Inc

2513 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles


San Clemente

Mold USA

4712 Admiralty Way #591
Marina Del Rey

Mold-DamageManage Cleaning & Remediation

22114 Del Valle St.
Woodland Hills


2501 Mayes road suite #110

MRD Construction & Handyman Service

13719 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks

Nation Remodeling Corp

5937 wilkinson ave
Village Valley

NCC Construction

7426 Cherry Avenue, Suite 210-429

Neptune Restoration Corp

23141 La Cadena Dr.
Laguna Hills

Nexxus Remodeling Inc

PO Box 260470

nordic consulting and construction inc.

27466 santa clarita rd.
Santa Clarita

Nu Look Services

13060 Tom White Way Ste G

Nu Look Services Inc.

13060 Tom White Way Ste G

Nv Environmental

8581 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood


PO BOX 746

Orange Co Property-Pros

2658 Mainway Dr.
Los Alamitos

Orange Coast Building Services Inc

2191 S Dupont Dr

Orange Coast Building Services, Inc.

2191 South Dupont Dr

Orange Restoration

23785 El Toro Rd. Ste 176
Lake Forest

Pacific home remodeling

12658 w Washington blvd

Pacific Remediation

428 W. 10th St.
Long Beach

Paradigm Flood & Restoration

3066 Caper Bush Ct

Plumbquest plumbing

5062 lankrashim blvd 15
North Hollywood

PNI Construction, Inc.

6960 Aragon Cir. Ste. 6
Buena Park

Precise Home Builders

6924 Canby Ave

Precision Environmental, Inc.

2945 Townsgate Rd.
Westlake Village

Premium Design Builders

2400 Alicia Pkwy
Mission Viejo

Premium Remodeling Inc.

17412 ventura bl

Prettyplus Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

105 N Chapel Ave #23

Pride Public Adjusters, Inc.

23332 Hawthorne Blvd.

Prodigy Construction, Inc.

5023 Parkway Calabasas

Professional Indoor Mold Removal

5060 Rodeo Rd
Los Angeles

Prop-Pros Water and Mold Damage Recovery

601 W Cesar E Chavez Ave.
Los Angeles

Propert-Pro, Inc. - Mold & Water Damage

708 S Jordan Avenue
San Jacinto

Property-Pros Water Damage Recovery

1519 14th St.
Santa Monica

Property-Pros, Inc of Cypress

5116 Marion Avenue

Pure Restoration Inc

12115 Magnolia Blvd
North Hollwood

PuroClean Emergency Restoration

1525 Endeavour Pl

PuroClean Emergency Restoration Specialist

5776 d Lindero Canyon Rd. # 140

PW Stephens Environmental, Inc.

15201 Pipeline Ln.
Huntington Beach



Quality Carpet Cleaning Inc

4701 W San Fernando Rd
Los Angeles

Quintana Construction Inc

2402 Elmgrove St
Los Angeles

Rapco West Environmental Services Inc

1500 Ocean Pk Blvd
Santa Monica

Ray's Restorations

P.O. Box 1355
Chino Hills

Relax Carpet Clean Restoration Canoga Park Inc

7318-7328 Topanga Canyon Blvd 19
Canoga Park

RELIANCE Home Inspections

PO Box 641804
Los Angeles

Repipe 1

27281 Las Ramblas Ste 200
Mission Viejo

RestorationSOS® of Newport Beach

20312 1/2 Southwest Cypress
Newport Beach

Rid Environmental Services

19901 Archwood St

Rjc Partners LLC

North Hollywood

RJD Construction

12188 central ave #455

Rock Inspection Services

24075 Tango Dr

Rock Inspection Services

2989 W 12th St
Los Angeles

Rush Plumbing & Rooter/Rush Contractors & Eng.

offices in Anaheim, Menifee, San Jose, San Diego

Rush Quality Environments

5941 Murietta Ave
Sherman Oaks

Salvation Carpet Clean Restoration Downtown Inc

260-328 S Olive St 26
Los Angeles

Same Day Home Inspections

11110 Lorne St
Sun Valley

Same Day Mold Testing, Inc.

995 East Green Street 164

San Diego County Home Inspections

302 E. Washington St.
San Diego

Secure Property Inspections

614 Linwood Ave #C

ServiceMASTER by C2C Restoration

10881 La Tuna Cyn Rd
Sun Valley

ServNet Services

PO Box 1290




1403 E. Brochard Ave.
Santa Ana



Servpro of Azusa/Covina

964 E Badillo St. #442

Servpro Of Chino/Chino Hills

14175 Telephone Ave Ste I

Servpro of Costa Mesa

1041 W. 18th St.
Costa Mesa

Servpro of Diamond Bar/South Pomona

3911 E. La Palma Ave.

Servpro of Downey

12001 Woodruff Ave

SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks

18034 Ventura Blvd

Servpro of North Pomona / La Verne

1689 Curtiss Court
La Verne

Servpro of South Rancho Cucamonga

12223 Highland Ave
Rancho Cucamonga

Servpro of Studio City/Valley Village

12400 Ventura Blvd
Studio City

Servpro of Walnut & Hacienda Heights

515 Spanish Ln. Unit D

Sharp Services, Inc.

3100 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles

Simple Environmental

7711 Gentry Ave
North Hollywood

Simple Environmental

3704 W 119th St

Simple Environmental

950 S Westmoreland Ave, #114
Los Angeles

Simply Plumbing and Rooter

15081 Purdy St

Sky Blue Environmental, Inc.

708 Arroyo St
San Fernando

Sky Blue Restorations

25801 Obrero Dr
Mission Viejo

Sky Renovation

5632 Van Nuys Blvd #184
Van Nuys

SoCal Contractor

3289 Veteran Ave
Los Angeles

Southern Cali Services

513 S Pine Dr

Southwest Construction & Home Improvement

2729 S Roberston Blvd
Los Angeles

Starstrukk Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

2405 Forney St #12
Los Angeles

Streamline Remodels & Restorations, Inc.

2236 26th Street
Santa Monica

Sunrise Inspections

520 Highview St
Newbury Park

Sunset Asset Services

3940 Laurel Canyon #1328
Studio City

Superior Environmental

555 E. Edna Pl.

Supreme Remodeling Inc

14545 Victory Blvd
Van Nuys

Tag Team 911

27943 Seco Canyon
Santa Clarita

TBG RESTORATION Contractors, Inc.

Los Angeles

Team Pro Restoration

1556 S Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles

Team Ridamite

6308 Woodman Ave
Van Nuys

Testa Environmental Group, LLC

7108 Catella Avenue

The Hills General Contracting

5538 Norwalk Bldvd

The Home Doctor

15332 Antioch St
Pacific Palisades

The JVS Construction Group

1732 W. Slauson Ave.
Los Angeles

The Mold Guy Inc.

9190 W. Olympic Blvd.
Beverly Hills

The Water Damage Experts Incorporated

9909 Topanga Canyon Blvd

The Water Damage Experts Incorporated

2355 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles

There-Repair Mold and Water Damage

17827 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Huntington Beach

There-to-Repair Water Damage Recovery

433 S Oxnard Blvd.

Treeium, Inc

5352 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Valley Village

Trinity Builders & Design

7109 Reseda Blvd

Triple J Certified Mold Inspection

4541 W. 172nd st.

Troop Real Estate

136 E Thousand Oaks Blvd. suite 200
Thousand Oaks


21345 Deering Court
Canoga Park


Los Angeles

US Home Developers Inc

19737 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills

USA Mold Guard, Inc

2911 E Miraloma Ave

Vegas Water Damage LLC

2297 Bigelow Ave
Simi Valley


11661 Salinaz Ave
Garden Grove

Vital Core

26795 State Hwy 74

VM3 Environmental, Inc.

2240 Encinitas Blvd.

Water Pro Restoration

16139 Cantlay St.
Van Nuys

WDR Contracting

P.O. Box 2370

We Love Small Jobs Handyman Services

4470 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles

Weinstein Construction Corp

15102 Raymer St
Van Nuys

West Coast Carpet Cleaning Company in Long Beach

3801, E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach

West Coast Commercial Construction

13710 Bora Drive
Santa Fe Springs

Westside Home Inspections

2312 6Th Street
Santa Monica

White Van Real Estate Services

26540 Adams Ave.


13203 Hadley St

Xact Restoration

1580 E Walnut St

YD Restoration & Construction

2345 Johnston St
Los Angeles

Yes construction

12501 Burbank blvd

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