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Below is a letter we sent to
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
the owner explaining our dissatisfaction with the way the project was pretty much says it all...about two weeks after I sent this letter, we received a call from
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, stating he would come out and discuss...of course, he never did, which is par for the course for this outfit...they never follow up anything in a timely manner, and not at all, once they have been paid.....I do not have water in the basement (thank goodness for that) but we feel its because we replaced the defective water softener that was probably the main problem. All in all, a very expensive mistake going with these people. I would urge anyone considering this outfit to definitely seek out second even a third opinion, even if it costs you money for the evaluation. I am not asking for the moon from them, as we feel the decision was ours, and we should have had a second opinion...we are senior citizens and we mistakenly took their word that the procedure was absolutely necessary...that was our mistake...however, the poor quality of the finishing work and the breach of contract by not carrying down all the furniture etc, back down to the finished basement as promised was a big problem for older people like us to handle by ourselves. Again, the following letter says it all...

7/30/2014 To the management of
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
; My wife and I decided to write to you in the hope that we can get closure on what has been a very aggravating and unsatisfactory experience with your Company. We were unable to address this issue sooner, due to family health issues. From the beginning, we were first pressured by
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
to proceed with a full perimeter system, that destroyed our nicely finished basement, including custom cedar wood
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and groove paneling and expensive ceramic tiled flooring in the bar area. The original perimeter system did not stop the water flow, even after a lateral pipe was installed, as it was discovered that the main leak came from a defective water softener. After that totally destructive process was completed, and we paid one half of the price quoted for the finishing work, no one showed up when promised, and we are told by
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
scheduled him for another job and it would be two weeks before he could start work on our project. This unplanned delay totally disrupted our personal schedules and other workmen we wanted scheduled (rug installers, etc), and caused undue stress to both my wife and I. Everything that was in the basement was still in our upstairs living/dining room until this process is completed. After this surprise delay, and after we paid him one half of the money due, calls to
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s phone went to voicemail, and we finally had to contact the main office to get any attention at all to our project. Finally, some 3-4 weeks after the job was supposed to be completed,
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
returned to begin the finishing work. We expressed dissatisfaction with the chair rail and drywall, again as we feel the job was rushed and sloppy. We were told that if there was anything we saw we did not like, he would return to fix it to our satisfaction. We were also told by
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, and had it written in the contract, that his men would be back to carry down all the bins, furniture, etc, that they originally carried up from the basement, as neither my wife nor I are physically able to do it. In good faith, we paid for the balance of the work, which in hind site, we should have never done, but we wanted to be fair, as we were told he would be back to take care of these issues. It is our opinion that work was rushed and sloppy. However, we had no one to express this to, since all phone calls after we paid for the work went to everyone’s voicemail, and were not returned. I finally called the main number and had to threaten Loush (?) with legal action if no one got back to me. Finally, after more calls and aggravation they scheduled
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew to return to fix the chair rail and other drywall defects that we found once we were able to get better lighting down there to really see how bad the job was. We were promised he would come on the weekend, but now learned he would only come during the week. Since my wife had a trip planned months in advance, I had to take off work, which I was not paid for, to be there when
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew returned. We marked items that we saw, and
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
came back to fix the chair rail, which was acceptable, and many of the dry wall defects. We finally got the rugs down, and my wife was on the phone with the office manager, and
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
got on the phone and promised that he would send people to carry down the furniture, bins, pictures, etc, even if he had to do it himself! Well, we waited for them to come, and no one showed up, nor did we ever receive the courtesy of a phone call to explain why no one showed up. At 67 yrs old, knowing that any further contact with
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
would be useless, and not in the best shape of my life, I was forced to spend the entire week alone (my wife was away for 8 days) after work, carrying chairs, pictures, accessories, heavy bins filled with books and Christmas decorations, etc, back down to the basement. Needless to say, this took quite a toll on me physically. Also upon further inspection when my wife returned, other dry wall defects were found, and they seem to crop up every day….nail pops are occurring, more paint drips were discovered, as well as other dry wall defects. In summary, this has been a very costly and unsatisfactory experience. I fully expect to be reimbursed for the time lost at work, the lack of any workmen to carry down remaining furniture, (
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
carried down a love seat and a chair as a favor to us) bins, paintings, books, etc, which took me an entire week to do, and was promised in the contract, and verbally by
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
. We consider a sum of $1500. to be a fair amount for all the aggravation, inconvenience, and failure to perform as promised, plus the loss of a work day’s pay. Failure to do so, will result in further unpleasant action by us…I hate to do business this way, but we have not been treated fairly or as promised when we signed up for this work, and the quality of the finishing work is such that I will need to find and pay someone to take care of persistent drywall issues. If we do not hear from you, we can only assume you have no interest in rectifying this matter, and we will act accordingly. Please do not call us until after 8/11, as we will not be available until then.
- Robert L.

It was a rainy spring and he was very busy so it took a couple months before he came back and fixed it, but he got the job done in one day (on a Sunday). We haven't had any problems with flooding since.
- Benjamin F.

The team works extremely hard. The equipment (
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
hammer ) is very hammer and the man operating it was sweating profusely after 6 hours of drilling and hence I do not count the dings and holes in the dry wall against them. They could have been a little
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
careful about the window ledge etc, but again I saw them work and since the work is gruelling, I downgraded them to a "B" from "A" excellent.
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
at his age is available almost instantaneously and Mr
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and Mr
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
in his team need special mention for their approachability and professionalism.
- Sundar R.

They were great from the beginning to end. They were quick to come and give us a full assessment of the work, time, and cost. They submitted the application for the building permit and notified me when it was ready so that I could pick it up at the borough hall. We postponed the work for a few months to give us time to get ready. (We had to throw out much, move a lot to the garage, and move the remaining items to the center and cover everything with plastic.) They came back once at our request to make sure that our preparations would give them the room and access we needed.
They showed up on time both days, a crew of three including
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
. They had the borough inspector come out on the second day while they were working so the inspection was done at the same time. They worked quickly. There was remarkably little dust afterward. They cleaned up the basement, the backyard, and the driveway. You couldn't tell that they had ever been there, except that we had a new drain! They were very good at giving us information about what would happen and what to expect when they finished.
We already had someone come to the house and give us an estimate to replace the sheet rock. He commented that SJ Waterproofing were thinking ahead on our behalf because the way that the sheet rock had been removed would make it the simplest and easiest job to replace. Wow!
While I hope that we never have to use them again (problems solved!), but I would not hesitate to call them again for help or recommend them for any such job.
- Mark B.

tWhen I called to find out why no one came to the appointment they were totally unconcerned. The receptionist I talked to was nice but the manager was rude and I think his comment was "oh well, I guess we messed up". He was completely uncaring that his company had made an error. He offered that maybe he could call one of his service guys and he could MAYBE get to the address in 1 1/2 - 2 hours. He was unconcerned about the fact that I had to arrange time off of work and I could not just "hang around for maybe someone to show up". If this is their level of customer service than I want nothing to do with this company. I can only imagine that their quality is just as poor and unconcerned.
- Thomas B.

After we saw so many positive reviews of
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
on Angie's List, we decided to call for an estimate. We contacted the company in late
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and got an appointment with
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, the owner, right away. After examining our basement and giving us an estimate, he encouraged us to get estimates for the same work from other contractors to cost compare. Although we took several weeks to decide,
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
never bugged us with annoying follow up calls, like some contractors. We were impressed with
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
,s professional, yet friendly demeanor, and with his knowledge of all types of basement waterproofing problems. He seemed to clearly understand what our problems were, and he was confident that he could resolve all our basement waterproofing issues once and for all. We contracted
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
on September 11, 2014 to do the work, which he stated would be done in one day -- and it was!
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's crew arrived promptly, were professional, friendly, patient, and hard working. The crew was also mindful of moving and protecting our possessions during the job. When
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
arrived a few hours later, he and his crew were more than willing to take care of a few additional minor requests, at no additional charge. After doing a great job of cleaning up the area when they were done,
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, the crew foreman, asked if we had any questions, and was happy to answer all our queries.
We were extremely impressed by
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
,s integrity and honesty when he discouraged us from spending money on extra work that was initially discussed but that he felt was unnecessary after the completion of the job.
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
provides a lifetime guarantee on its work, and
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
assured us that if we had any problems he would return and addressed them. It was a pleasure doing business with
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and we would highly recommend them.
- Elaine A.

We had arranged to have
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
come to our home to do a free inspection. A day before their appointment they called to reconfirm. I had to answer multiple questions, one of which was to confirm if my spouse would be there also. I informed them I was the decision maker and had buying authority.
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
refused to get off the issue and insisted that we both be at the house for the inspection. When I told her that would not happen she finally moved on and asked a few more questions. The day of the appointment they were a no show and when I called they said I did not have an appointment. The Customer Service is rude and attempts to perform a hard sell. These tactics are not appreciated and I will have another company perform these services.
Companies like this are there for one reason, to take your money.....
- Duane W.

We had areas in our unfinished basement where water has seeped in at various times, through the concrete block walls and also between the walls and the concrete floor. We also had a 19 year old sump pump which was running well but making us increasingly nervous. We contracted with
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
to address these items.
They did a fantastic job. The crew including
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
the owner arrived plenty early in the morning and
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
stayed around long enough to see things start off properly and to make sure my expectations were in sync with the work they planned to perform.
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was also astute enough to note our nice paver brick driveway and made sure that the crew would keep all their trucks out in the street and not on our pavers.
Very early in the day
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
the crew foreman gave an estimate that the work would take until about 1:30 PM. I couldn't believe that they could complete such a job so quickly but in reality they finished even earlier than that - around 1:15. I believe these 7 or 8 personable guys just work really well together, know what they are doing, and go about things in a very efficient and methodical manner.
The jackhammer work was definitely noisy but ended up creating very little residual dust in the basement. One of the crew explained their technique for keeping this level of cleanliness from the jackhammering which is also mentioned in various other reviews of this company.
The hauling of old debris and new materials and concrete was all done through a basement window using "bucket brigade" type of technique, so there was relatively little foot traffic in and out of the house. Again I was very impressed by the speed and efficiency of all this. To protect the path they did use through the house, they put down a very liberal amount of plastic sheeting, and left no signs of any dirt on any of our flooring. When all was basically done they spent a decent amount of time cleaning up the basement work area, leaving it cleaner than before they started.
To say one more thing about
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
- he is a guy of integrity who doesn't like sales pitches and doesn't like being long winded about anything. Unlike other companies his estimate was entirely verbal but he kept his word on absolutely everything he promised, and even authorized a bit more work than originally discussed, without any deviation in the quoted price.
I have nothing but tremendous respect for this company and its employees and would have no hesitation to hire them in the future, although I would certainly prefer to not have the need
- Joseph F.

Pat is an extremely professional and honest man. He was very detailed in the work that needed be done and did not try to up sell us or pressure us on any work.
During the project, we found out that there was going to be some extra costs because of interior structure problems and that our downspouts did not go to the street. Pat & his team called us and told us what we would need and gave us a very accurate estimate on the fix. His team also fixed a second drain without me even asking to. Which was highly appreciated.
They were very clean and his team left the basement in the same condition that it was before the work started. Pat also gave me some great information on how to continue to care for the basement.
The encapsulation is well worth the money and the entire project was well under the cost that other bigger companies had quoted us at (almost half).
In conclusion: If you need basement work done, I would highly recommend him.
- Andrew D.

Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
arrived at our place he jumped right down into the creek to see and photograph the problem.
He was able to determine and explain to us what had happened and what needed to be done.
He emailed us his estimate and we agreed. A few days later he and his dad arrived and went right to work and were done in only two days.
We are very satisfied with all the aspects of our experience with
Cypress Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and would call him again, if we need other work done.

- Nancy D.
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15102 Raymer Street
Van Nuys, CA

West Coast Commercial Construction

13710 Bora Drive
Santa Fe Springs, CA

West Coast Shower Pans

1515 E Katella Ave Unit 2109
Anaheim, CA

WillardBay Construction

Palm Springs, CA

William Clark Construction

21704 Devonshire St
Chatsworth, CA

Witherspoon Roofing Co

PO Box 3525
Newport Beach, CA

Y.O.R. Construction and Investment, Inc.

12135 Miranda St
Valley Village, CA

Your Local Handyman

736 Canyon View Dr.
Laguna Beach, CA
Cypress Zip Codes

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