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Michael M.
"I called
Friday morning, when I discovered that, instead of ventilating to the outside, my dryer was ventilating into the utility room where it lives. Having" had unsatisfactory experiences with some other small repair companies, I spent some time on Angie's list and, on the basis of the reviews, chose
. Fortunately. he was able to come by soon thereafter, after he had picked up a replacement hose. He replaced the hose and, at my request, gave the rest of the dryer a once-over, immediately spotting a belt that had cracks in it. He replaced the belt and checked over the rest of the unit.
has been doing this kind of work for a long time and is exceptionally knowledgeable about his work. He gave me some excellent advice and interesting insights into the machine, something I appreciate since repairing a dryer is way out of my pay grade. He is the kind of individual one finds too rarely these days: courteous, efficient, and completely professional. I certainly will use
Service in the future and encourage others to contact him if/when they have similar problems (he works on large appliances as well.)
Rated by
Leo E.
"WOW! This is an exceptional firm and lives up to Angie's List recommendations. I was having problems with water leaking and becoming ice in the bottom of my freezer.
" , All Americans Technician, arrived on time and proceeded to immediately diagnose the problem. He repaired the cause, remove additional unseen ice and then cleaned up after himself. What a pleasure to deal with this firm!
Rated by
Catalina L.
"We were able to get a pretty good idea of the cost of the service by phone. We provided the model number and the service provided looked up the possible parts that we needed. Once he" came to our home, he confirmed what needed to be done. We received same day service, which was great because we had to turn off the oven/microwave tower switch breaker to prevent the oven from heating up when not in use.

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Appliance Repair reviews in Concord


I bought an appliance repair deal for $59.00 from Angie's List. The ice maker on my fridge was not working, so it was not a critical problem that had to be worked on right away. I had to change the original scheduled date. That was fine with him. He was happy to work with me on my schedule. He showed up a few minutes early, which was fine with me. It didn't take long for him to diagnose the problem- a broken dial. He left to go get the needed part, came back a little while later, put the new part in, put everything else back together and it was fixed. The ice maker works fine now. I definitely would hire him again.

I called them on Tuesday and asked if they could deliver on Friday. They said they offered same day sales and service. He was very happy to set this up for 9:00 am on Friday. I assumed because I made the appointment 3 days in advance they would be here on time. My bad! By 9:30 they were still not here. I tried calling to see where they were. I was told by a woman they were on their way and they were close to me. I waited another 30 minutes. Nothing. Waited a bit more, finally my phone rings. The lady said that she is his wife and that they had their mobile home vandalized with broken windows, graffiti and other damage, they had to speak to police. I said I understood that things happen. I asked when they could be out. She indicated that they were almost to my house now. Said it would only be a few moments longer. 30 Minutes later she calls me again. She asks for my address, which I had already given them on Tuesday when I made the appointment. 30 minutes later she calls again and said they were headed my way. Finally about 3 hours later, they finally called and said they were at my apartment. I was happy to see they finally arrived. Opened the door and wow. I was greeted by a lady who looked like she just rolled out of bed and threw on the clothes from last night, needed a bath and was dressed inappropriately for a home delivery. She was in short shorts and a very tight tank top that was almost see through. The shorts were so low cut in the back you could see her "rear end split". I have a small child in my house! She seemed friendly enough though so I will give her that much. The man, well he wasn't in much better shape, but I will give him credit as it looked like he had been working hard to get the washer and dryer up to the second floor. He is in repairs and sales, so it looked like he had been hard at work. He
Concord Appliance Repair Experts Provider Name Locked
me nice enough and he too seemed friendly enough. He was quick about the work. I showed him were the washer and dryer space was and he got right to work. He hooked them up and he even took time to show me how to work the washer and dryer. Now being a used washer and dryer I didn't expect it to look brand new. So I took the scuffs, dings and the small
Concord Appliance Repair Experts Provider Name Locked
and decided to overlook it. This was just going to tide me over until I could finish saving for the new set I wanted. Well, then he states that the "Automatic Dry" feature didn't work because the heat sensor was in it. Hmm. I questioned him about the feature as I don't know much about how they work other than you put the clothes in and push the button. He said it wouldn't matter because the other part of the dryer which was the "TImed Dry" feature worked great. Wrong! He turned it on it started to get warm. I was like okay. It works. I should have listened to that little nag in my head saying something was wrong.
He took time to borrow a rag, as he had left his in his truck. He had asked his wife to go get it, but instead she asked me for a rag. Hmm. Ok. But he was nice enough to wipe them down, make sure he left no dirt or fingerprints on the machine. And off they were.
I was very excited not to have to go to the laundromat. I had errands to run so I did that first. Came home later in the evening and I plopped in the first load of clothes into the washer. Great! Time to dry them. Turn it on. 30 minutes later the clothes are still very wet. Not damp but wet. Turned in on a again. 30 minutes later. they were still wet. How long does it take to dry clothes? In this dryer about 3 hours for a medium load. Ugh!! My daughter had decided she needed a load of clothes washed too so she had put in load when I had taken mine out. This was at 9:00pm. I stayed up restarting the dryer until 3:00 am until I finally went to bed. I could not figure out why the dryer was not drying, so upon inspecting, the dryer was getting barely warm, not hot enough to really dry the clothes. I give up. I went to bed. Got up at 6:00 am to start my day. Immediately I turn on the dryer again. Hmm. Maybe I did something wrong yesterday as it is getting really hot now! Clothes should be dry in no time.... wait.. why did the dryer just shut off? It has only been like 10 minutes. Maybe something was caught in the door. No.. everything looks fine. Just a regular load of clothes. Push the button to start it again. Nothing. Tried over and over. Nothing. Checked my electrical breakers, checked the dryer, unplugged the dryer,plugged it back in. Nothing. Okay, time to call the guy back.
Who answers? The wife. She insists it has to be my electrical breakers as she sees this happen in apartments all the time! I try to explain this is not the electrical breakers in my apartment. She gets irritated an annoyed. She said she will call her husband and tell him. He will be back out. She will call me shortly to let me know when. This is just after lunch. No phone call no nothing. So at 9:30 PM as their website said the are open until 10:00PM I called back again. She said "Oh! I forgot about you! I told him and he said he would be out tomorrow between 10:30am and 11:00 am." Great. Thanks for letting me know.
Get up this morning. Waiting for them to show up. At 9:00 am I called to see if they were going still come. No answer. I called at 9:30 am. No answer. Called at 10:00 am no answer. Finally at 11:00 I texted the number I was calling. The guy said I had called his wife's number yesterday and she did not tell him about the dryer and did not tell him she told me he would here at 10:30 am or 11:00 am. Great! I told him I was not happy and he needed to come fix it or I would like a refund. He said how people get messed up all the time, good thing I bought something with a warranty! He said he would come at 3:00pm. So.. your wife set something up for 11:00am.. you are not coming until 3:00pm? Great. Then he texts me again and said thank you for my patience. I gave him details on what it was doing. He offers to replace it with another dryer but it does not match the washer. I opted to just go with the mismatch, even though that is not what I was told I would get. Again, I just wanted something that works. Then he texted me and said he has a working on that would match the one I have. Great! But I can't have it until tomorrow. Uh.. Why? If it works.. I want that one. But it doesn't work. He will fix it and make it work. Never mind. Just bring me one that works. Now I have no working dryer, and a banged up washer. I should have just refused them when I saw them at my door. Lesson learned. No show again! Great! Now I have to fork out more money for another dryer somewhere else. I am out money and have a broken dryer.
- Billie W.

Showed me what the problem was, explained why I needed to replace whole unit did the work promptly. Had the replacement unit with him so only one trip. Was friendly and fast. Felt like I got a good deal and would use him again.
- Donald B.

I got this provider via Angie's List - one of their newfangled things where you just buy the service directly. I somehow got charged three times instead of just once, but that's a problem with Angie's List, I think. - not the provider. They don't answer calls or schedule service over the weekend, so I had to wait a few days before I could actually schedule service. On the scheduled day, the service provider called before 8AM (I work very late) to ask whether he could come early. I wasn't that thrilled about having to get up early, but it was nice to get it over with. The service was professional and effective, but I thought it was a little expensive.

The washing machine was not advancing through a cycle. On 10/5, they examined the problem and said a part had to be ordered from KY. On 10/6, they called and said the part was in and would that day be convenient to do the installation? They were prompted, courteous and cleaned up after themselves.
- Nancy L.

I called on a Friday and made an appointment for the next day. He arrived on time, checked everything out. Although he identified the underlying problem because the oven is an older model, he continued to look for certain things. I may still need a part, but because of his persistence at just working with the involved parts, removing some rust, the
Concord Appliance Repair Experts Provider Name Locked
now works. I am not planning to remain in this house, and I don't bake often, so I was pleased that he persisted and found the least costly solution to make it work.

The repairman diagnosed the washer problem and repaired the machine within thirty minutes. We were only charged for the house call, as the repair required no parts replacement. The technician was very friendly, capable and efficient.
- Kevin L.

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