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Elizabeth S.
was prompt and very curious. He came out right away to give an estimate. He listened to the requests and provided recommendations as needed during the quoting" process. I was impressed with his professionalism and willingness to do the job. It was a smaller job with the
and primer supplied. He came out that very next Monday on time to install. It only took him a few days to do start to finish and it looks great. I would certainly recommend him to anyone, and I plan to use him again on other jobs.
Rated by
Angel D.
"He responded promptly and quoted $300. We provided green board, tape, screws, and a 3.5
bucket of joint compound He arrived on time - this & communication" are the only 2 positives here. When he came into the house to check out the bathroom, he raised the price to $400. He said he did not realize we needed a ceiling as well. That is false because I communicated that the bathroom was down to studs & mentioned the exhaust fan was mapped. That should have been very clear. He grabbed his drill and said it was dying (battery not charged). Luckily, my husband offered his drill.
also mentioned he needed help installing the ceiling so my husband stayed to help (an hour late for work that was unanticipated). After my husband left, I was going to finish a project in the basement, but decided to stay and help.
needed a new blade for his knife, a straight
, and screws (all provided by us). He was at our house from 9am-6pm... Lunch, coffee,
, and cookie provided to him. He was really rough with the green board. So much so that the tops and bottoms of the boards busted and cracked in several spots. He tried to force the board behind water pipes and actually bent them. When installing the walls, he scraped the ceiling and ripped the paper, but said he would fix it. When installing board in shower area...he was told at least 4 times that the gap should be 1/8" (for silicone). The gap is at least 3/4" for the back wall & side walls. Now, the walls have to be cut back so I can install another piece that only leaves 1/8" gap. Under the window...he cut the board at least 2 1/2" too short. I had to cut back the existing piece and install another piece to meet the sill so the moulding has a surface to sit against. Near the exhaust fan...on the left side, I had to install a piece of green board (3 1/4" x 9") to cover the gap. On the right side, I installed a piece of green board (3" x 9") to cover that gap. Since he did not have a corner tool (we have the toll, but he never asked)...We have to sand really high spots and fill in where there was absolutely no compound. To help him move along, I cut the corner bead (exact). One particular wall looked like a disaster - uneven, thick, and cracked. When he was packing up to go to another job, he said he was going to call them and ask if they had joint compound. I looked in the bucket we provided, which had very little left. I told him to take it to the next job. By the way, those buckets cover 450 sq ft. Our bathroom is 6x8. Do the math. That should tell you what kind of sloppy and piled on compound we are left with. His straight
broke (rivets snapped), so my husband fixed it for him. That was another clue about he rough he was with tools. He answered his cell phone all day, except one call because the 3 of us were trying to hang one piece of wall. We had to clean up after him (an hour) to scrape the compound off the bathroom floor, hose down the sidewalk and front wall (splatter from him mixing the compound). The list goes on. Very unprofessional! And the mess we are left with....unbelievable. I messaged him and provided photos. I asked how he was going to fix this. He said he was not like clueless RI contractors and would make it right. That was IF I was willing to wait another week and a half. Unacceptable since the green board is exposed in a damp environment and I already paid. I told him that we would even take a refund. He decided to push us off. That way, we fix the problems and keeps the 400 and doesn't have to fix his mistakes. Honestly, after seeing his work...we don't want him back. We would appreciate at least the 100 that he added that morning after quoting 300. He is personable, but now we feel like its an act. We felt bad for him because he has personal issues, but then we got scammed in the end. Hopefully, this won't happen to anyone else. Maybe he is better with other materials, but greenboard, drywall, and compound - no good.
Rated by
"Excellent service. They were able to come the same day as called. They actually went a little over the allotted time for the special and did not charge for it. Very professional and did a great job. Highly recommend.

Chatsworth Drywall Contractors

Chatsworth, CA

Drywall Contractorsare in Chatsworth

Chatsworth Drywall Contractors are TOP RATED

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Working with
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was a pleasure and I highly recommend him based on the following:
From my interactions and his performance on the project, it is clear that
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
is a very knowledgeable and skilled professional. Additionally, he was true to his word, very hard working and reliable. He was very focused on the project and never complained about anything.
Customer Focus:
I obtained estimates from several contractors, but
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
stood out because he actually took the time to fully understand the scope of the job and asked intelligent questions. I’m sure that there are many contractors that know the trade well, but it is a challenge to find someone that has the people skills and the customer focus to make the experience less strenuous – this is clearly one of
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s strengths. He understood my requirements and did an excellent job communicating before and during the project, providing the right level of updates and consultations.
Quality and Attention to Detail:
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
deeply cares about the details and completing the job right. He took the time to explain the building materials that were used on the job, and why those were picked over others. The end result demonstrates his commitment to quality.
- sachith W.

I called and
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
came out within 1 day and he gave us a quote less than what our insurance had quoted. He and his coworker came out within a week and performed the job noted above. It took them about 10-12 hours to complete and the job was done very well. They helped clean up and replaced items that were up on cabinets. Also helped put back furniture. I would certainly recommend his company and staff to my best friends and family. Job very well done.
- Barbra S.

The owner came out and spoke with my client about what they wanted. He offered some ideas and gave her some options and explained what walls were support walls and which weren't and how they could open up some space between the kitchen and the living room My client also had one or two other contractors come out to discuss options and give bids. She felt that
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was the most knowledgeable and really liked the owner. I don't know what the cost of the work done was, but she decided to go with
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
- ANN D.

Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
is a magician. That pretty much says it all.
What, you want more details? Ok. The back bedroom of our house has not been occupied in probably over 30 years. It's been used for storage and pretty much neglected, in part because of some heavy water damage to the ceiling and plaster that was in disastrous condition. We'd been talking about it for years, but never really got to it until we hired
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
. We had several estimates - his wasn't the lowest, but wasn't the highest either and we felt it was very fair for the work involved. He did warn us up front that, because of the age of the house (100+ years) and the previous water damage, the price may go up if he found anything unexpected. We had anticipated this - another reason for the long delays was that we were afraid of what we might find - and were fine with it.
So… he started with the demo which was the part that made me the most nervous. The ceiling was filled with blown-in cellulose insulation and I had visions of my entire house being coated with the nasty stuff. Z and crew took great care to ensure that my worst fears didn't come to fruition - the area was sealed off with a double
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
of plastic and the floors were covered with a very heavy duty protective material. And thank heavens because the job was a bigger mess than I could have ever imagined. But… not one shred of insulation made it past the protective
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
and the rest of our house stayed mess-free (or at least construction mess-free, family mess is another story entirely). Once all the old nasty stuff was removed, Z did find a damaged beam and - after checking with us - completed the necessary repairs before moving on to the more cosmetic restoration.
Restoration really describes what Z and his team did. I was afraid that the plaster walls were in such bad shape that they would have to be removed and replaced with drywall, but his miracle-working plaster guy brought them back to what seems like original condition. They are beautiful! My husband and I keep looking at them from all
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
and in all lights and they look just as amazing every time. Way beyond what we ever expected.
So once the walls were restored, it was time to go on to the woodwork - some of which was rotten, some of which was missing and some of which was ok, but filthy dirty. We had a
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
of similar woodwork that we'd pulled out of a house that was being demolished and
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was able to utilize it to patch the bad/missing spots. Again, he went well beyond what we expected. I couldn't tell where he had cut out and patched the bad places even before he painted! He also had to fill in with some new woodwork around the windows, install new sills and a boatload of other bits and pieces. Then there were the doors. Salvaged doors that matched the rest of our house, but didn't match the sagging doorway. He planed them down to fit the irregular opening and somehow managed to hang them so they fit perfectly!
However, even with all that amazing work, the piece de la resistance was the closet. Not the interior - we'll do that later - but the trim. We had salvaged an old
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
-stlyed closet surround that we wanted to use around the new closet opening. It was old. It was dirty. It had been badly stored. But, worst of all, it was the wrong size. But not anymore.
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
did some magic and now it looks like it was original to the house. It was way too tall for the space so this magic trick involved cutting out a part from the center portion to maintain the more heavily decorative top and bottom. Plus it had double doors with a post in the middle so the job also included proper support and creation of jambs for everything. Not to mention sanding, fixing cracks etc. If I can figure out how to upload photos, I will. It is gorgeous!
Finally, everything was painted to our specifications - which included a deep-toned accent wall that I had neglected to mention when he first gave us the estimate, so that was a bit of an added charge (quite fair!). He also installed six down lights, a ceiling fan and added an outlet.
I really can not say enough about how happy we are with the completed job and
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
. The work was outstanding, on time and close to on budget (with every overage explained to and approved by us) and I can hardly wait to have him tackle several additional long overdue projects!
- Ann H.

In the summer of 2013 I bought a large 1906 single-family home that had until recently been occupied by a couple of
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
-head squatters. The house had great bones but needed a ton of work: electrical, plumbing, sheet rock, refinished floors, new kitchen, new bathroom, new furnace--pretty much everything.
This project took more than a year, cost about $200,000, and involved dozens of contractors and laborers. I hired people at all price points--everything from day laborers to guys from Craigslist to people with excellent ratings on Yelp and Angie's List.
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was one of the least expensive people I worked with. I found him on Craigslist and was skeptical at first. He looks pretty raggedy and drives a beat up car. But he has ultimately become my go-to guy for almost everything. He does better work than many of the far more expensive and well-known contractors I dealt with but charges a fraction of the price. He has many years of experience and is very knowledgable about the trades and local code. Most important, he's completely honest. He stands by his work and will stick with a job until he gets it right.
I can recommend
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
for electrical, plumbing, carpentry, sheetrock, painting, and window repair and replacement. This is all stuff that he did for me quite extensively, and it all turned out really well.
He's a one-man operation and he's not a fast worker. I usually work with him by the bid instead of by the hour. Sometimes he fails to show up at the promised time. But this is a small tradeoff for working with someone who knows what he's doing, is reasonably priced, and is a good person.
The house is now completed and was instantly rented out. It's one of three residential properties that I own. I will continue to use
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
for all of my handyman needs.
- Josh H.

Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
came to our house on a Saturday to given us an estimate. The estimated price was lower than another top Angie's List provider that we also got a bid from - but in all honesty we also chose him for his direct and straightforward manner.
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
carefully protected our newly finished floors with paper, put up dust barriers and got to work preparing and priming the walls.
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
spent four and a half days in total. The job took a bit more time than initially expected because it took a bit more time than planned for the mud to dry. There was very little dust or mess from the skim coating - in large part due to the careful work did in applying the mud in the first place. After the work was completed
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
cleaned everything up.
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
is very friendly and professional. I found that he pays careful attention to detail and cares about the quality of his work. I would highly recommend him and plan to hire him again in the future.

- Nathan S.

Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
was quick to communicate throughout the entire process. He came out within 2 days of our first contact and gave me a very reasonable quote (it turned out he actually did 3 additional cracks and a ceiling spot without charging me!). Because we had so many places that needed work, and because the nature of drywall repair is "do something - and then dry - then do something else - and then dry," he slipped our work in between other jobs. So we saw he and
Chatsworth Drywall Contractors Provider Name Locked
three times in 4 days. They protected our stuff, cleaned up after each work session, and got along with our dogs. All-in-all a really good experience.
- S L S.
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3720 Oceanic Way
Oceanside, CA

Born Again Construction

4760 Benito Street
Montclair, ca

Borunda Home Remodeling

Lake Elsinore, CA

Bottom Line Termite Control

1864 Arrow Hwy
La Verne, CA

Brad Treadwell Construction

2113 Morning Glory Street
Simi Valley, CA

Brandon Keiser

Billings, MT

Bravo Tech

11943 Vanowen st 111
North Hollywood, CA

Brett Krueger's Property Investment Co

10955 Monte Vista
Montclair, CA

Brian Becker Const

1376 Nonchalant Dr.
Simi Valley, CA

Brian McCarthy and Associates

7704 Wish Ave.
Van Nuys, CA

Brigada Builders Inc.

400 Corporate Pointe
Culver City, CA

Bright Green Contracting

464 Larkstone Ln.
Brea, CA

Bristol Restoration

25020 Avenue Stanford
Santa Clarita, CA

British builders

4944 Denny Avenue
North Hollywood, CA

Brits R Us

15929 Jasmine St
Victorville, CA


Simi Valley, CA

Broderick's Woodworking & Remodeling

5254 Baza Ave
Woodland Hills, CA


Beverly Hills, CA

Brothers Construction Co

2103 Maynard Dr
Duarte, CA


119 S Everett St
Glendale, CA

Brown Dog Repairs

1727 Kent St
Los Angeles,

Bruce Brockett Construction

31067 Lobo Canyon Rd.
Agoura, CA

Bruns Construction

28100 Bouquet Canyon Rd
Santa Clarita, CA

Brush Roll & Beyond

4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd
Valley Village, CA

BSC Painting Company

P.O. Box 6032
Norco, CA

Budget House Repairs

1526 Bay st #5
Santa Monica, CA

Build For You

8615 W. Pico blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Buildbest construction inc

1121 T hompson Ave # 202
Glendale, CA

Builders Law Group

9767 Vía Roma
Burbank, CA

Built To Perfection Inc

22222 Sherman way Blvd
Canoga Park, CA


220 N. Victory Blvd
Burbank, CA

Bussell Construction, Inc.

1301 E Stormy Dr
Meridian, ID

Butel Construction Inc

733 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA

BW Construction

Sunshine Terrace
Studio City, CA

BWW and Company

832 Ardmore Cir
Redlands, CA


15793 Larkspur St
Sylmar, CA

Byrons Painting

800 N Mariposa Ave.
Los Angeles, CA


29747 Shenandoah Ln
Canyon Country, CA

C&K Construction and Design Inc

31316 Via Colinas
Thousand Oaks, CA


466 Foothill Blvd.
La Canada Flintridge, CA

C.Moore Construction, Inc.

PO Box 1115
Sunland, CA

C.Q. Painting Co

Colbath Ave
Van Nuys, CA

CA Green Remodeling Inc.

6700 Fall Brook Ave.
West Hills, CA

cab-i-net Design & Remodel

7151 Warner Ave
Huntington Beach, CA

Cabinets Revival

11432 South Street 243
Cerritos, CA

Cahaba Scapes

2130 11th avenue north
Birmingham, AL


Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Cal Spec Builders

Seal Beach, CA


Glendora, CA

CALECCO Construction

1605 E Elizabeth St
Pasadena, CA

CalExpress Construction, Inc.

1224 N. Griffith Park Dr.
Burbank, CA

CalGreen Builders, Inc

8306 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, Ca

California Certified

12663 Ralston Ave
Sylmar, CA

California Construction

13347 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA

California Construction & development

8414 s. 8th Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

California Construction Center

13659 Victory Blvd
Van Nuys, CA

California Consultants

3458 Charlemagne Ave
Long Beach, CA

California Dream Home Builders

14051 Burbank Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA

california handyman

31801 violeta
Trabuco Canyon, ca

California Kitchen and Bath

530 New Los Angeles Ave
Moorpark, CA

California Redwood General Contractors

209 Marina Blvd
San Francisco, CA

California Remodeling Inc

17412 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA

California Skyline Remodeling Inc

4570 Van Nuys Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA

Calimax Painting

23525 Arlington Ave. Apt. 202
Torrance, CA

Callahan Building & Inv. Co., Inc

2380 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Cannata Construction

2386 Via Mariposa W
Laguna Woods, CA

Canyon Crest Construction

17595 Harvard Ave
Irvine, CA

Capitol Plumbing and Rooter

10200 Farralone Ave
Chatsworth, CA


Woodland Hills, CA


P.O. Box 2014
Palm Desert, CA

Caribe Construction

521 S Parish Pl
Burbank, CA

Carl DiMaggio's Handyman Service

1216 N. Screenland Dr.
Burbank, CA

Carlos Construction

361 Victoria street
Costa Mesa, CA

Carrion Appliance Installations

25961 Cottonwood Ave
Moreno Valley, CA

Carter Construction Co.

West Covina, CA

casa bella remodeling

1049 Winchester Ave
Glendale, CA

Casanova Construction

5875 MissionBlvd #136
Riverside, CA

Castillo's Building & Plumbing Co.

8903 S. Denker Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

Castle Craft Construction Inc

30823 Mainmast Dr
Agoura Hills, CA


Burbank, CA

CAV Drywall Inc.

4020 Rosabell Street
Los Ageles, CA

Cavalier Builders Inc

6520 Platt Ave
West Hills, CA


PO Box 9973
Moreno Valley, CA

CBR Drywall Interiors

43360 Windrose Pl
Lancaster, CA


Regan, ND

CDM General Contracting Inc

5650 Sumner Way
Culver City, CA

CE Contractors

71 Fortune Dr.
Irvine, CA

Cedars General Building Contractor

2988 1st St Ste I
La Verne, CA

Center Line Construction

1611 W San Bernardino Rd Ste A
Covina, CA

Century Construction Company

8634 Ivy St.
Los Angeles, CA

CertaPro Painters of Sherman Oaks

14431 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA

CES Construction Co.

1229 W San Bernardino Rd
Covina, CA

CH Construction

12304 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 300
Los Angeles, CA

Chai Painting

7508 Bobbyboyar Ave
West Hills, CA


Simi Valley, CA

Champion Remodeling Inc.

7411 Bellaire Ave
North Hollywood, CA

Chapin Custom Carpentry

732 S Mansfield Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

Charles' Construction

325 N Evergreen Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Chicco's Painting & Construction

P.O. Box 111049
Los Angeles, CA

Choose Blackhawk Construction

.P.O. BOX 7125 Redlands, Ca 92375
Redlands, CA

Chris Gabledon Construction Services

19852 Sandpiper PL#96
Newhall, Ca

Chris' Advanced Drywall Repair

236 Avenida Monterey
San Clemente, CA

Chris's Creation

5318 Medina Rd
Woodland Hills, CA

CID Builders & Developers Inc.

17000 ventura blvd ste 206
Encino, CA


1053 Colorado Blvd Suit C
Los Angeles, CA

City Wide Construction Inc.

4804 Laurel Canyon Blve
Valley Village, CA

CKlein Properties

9000 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA

Clark Drywall

4800 Island View Street
Oxnard, CA

Classic Remodeling, Inc.

12830 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA


630 S. Hauser Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Clear Construction

6220 Holly Mont Drive
Los Angeles, CA

Clockwork Contractors, Inc

20058 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA

CMM Construction, Inc.

25231 Dana View Lane
Dana Point, CA

CMS Builders & Restoration

7108 De Soto Ave
Canoga Park, CA

CMS Construction

800 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA

CMS Construction Services, Inc.

4425 Larchwood Pl
Riverside, CA

CNM Construction

13559 Muscatine St
Pacoima, CA

CNM Drywall Construction, Inc.

118 S Rampart Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Competitive Builders

112 Harvard Ave
Claremont, CA

Comwest Construction

139 Pineview
Irvine, CA

Concept 2 Reality Construction

10 San Andres
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Conejo Home Restoration

3633 raincloud ct
Thousand Oaks, ca

Consolidated Property Services

13351 Riverside Drive
Sherman Oaks, CA

Construction Connection Services

23951 Gilmore St
West Hills, CA

Construction JM

10527 Cottonwood Ave
Hesperia, CA

Construction Management Consultants

13046 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA

Construction Quest

Westminster, CA

Construction Services

PO Box 1836
Tehachapi/Venture, CA

Contractor License School

34862 Monte Vista Dr. Ste. #107
Wildomar, Ca

Corey Fisher Construction

620 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA

Corey Plastering

712 N Park Center Dr #162
Santa Ana, CA

Corken Drywall

22920 Ingomar St
Canoga Park, CA

Cornerstone Construction

18637 Kenya St.
Porter Ranch, CA

Countywide Remodeling

5632 Van Nuys Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA

Craftsman Home Services

9807 Haines Canyon Ave.
Tujunga, CA

Craftsmen Construction

10120 Woodale Ave
Pacoima, CA

Craig's Helping Hands

37 Torremolinos Dr
Rancho Mirage, CA

Creation Builders Inc

22647 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA

Creative Construction & Remodeling, Inc.

4570 Van Nuys Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA

Creative Construction Service LLC

17173 Germain St
Granada Hills, CA


23106 Magnolia Glen dr
Valencia, CA

Crown Remodeling Inc

4139 Ventura Canyon Ave
Sherman Oaks, CA

Cruz Handyman

11701 Menlo Ave
Hawthorne, CA

Cunningham Construction and Development, INC

803 S. Marengo Ave
Pasadena, CA


Burbank, CA

cv construction

7530 atherton lane
West Hills, ca


Post Office Box 8587
Moreno Valley, CA


310 S. Virgil Ave #113
Los Angeles, CA


Downey, CA


616 St Paul Ave
Los Angeles, CA

D Christjan Design & Fine Cabinetry Mfg.

13913 Magnolia Ave.
Chino, CA

D S construction

31500 karena ave
Castaic, CA

D.&D.S. Drywall

7210 Jordan Ave
Canoga Park, CA

D.C. Drains, Inc.

220 Newport Center Dr. #11-559
Newport Beach, CA

D.F. Construction & General Engineering

8132 Firestone Blvd
Downey, CA

D.R.G. Construction & Millworks

4483 1/2 Hazeltine Ave
Sherman Oaks, CA

DAG Construction

2160 Century Park E
Los Angeles, CA


PO Box 1595
Sun Valley, CA

Dakota Construction

507 El Redondo ave #3
Redondo Beach, ca

Dale Shaw Developement

4016 Amethyst Ct
Los Angeles, CA

Dan Kinslow Construction

23930 Lake Dr
Crestline, CA

Dan Tucci Painting

18641 Linnet Street
Tarzana, CA

Daniel’s Design and Construction

4000 Medford St # A
Los Angeles, CA


Chatsworth, CA

Dave Rucker Construction

18247 parthenia st
Northridge, CA

Dave's Home Maintenance and Repair

416 Manzanita Ave
Sierra Madre, CA

Dave's Remodeling Inc

6047 Tampa Ave
Tarzana, CA

Dave's Works, Inc.

3873 Marcasel Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

David Story Craftsman

1925 N. Pass Ave.
Burbank, CA

Davila's construction

1126 W 47th St
Los Angeles, CA

Davis Brothers Construction, Inc.

1247 E Topeka St
Pasadena, CA

Dawn Construction Inc

PO Box 431016
San Ysidro, CA

Dax Patterson Painting

Canyon Country, CA


Chino, CA

DC Johnston Construction Co.,Inc

PO Box 940637
Simi Valley, Ca

DC Professional Home Services

1978 Midlothian Drive
Altadena, CA


920 W Olive Ave
Monrovia, CA

Dean's Painting

10219 Gaviota Avenue
North Hills, CA

DeCarlos General COntractor

7951 Bothwell Rd
Reseda, CA

Del's Electric

5300 Chesley Ave
Los Angeles, CA

DelSan Construction

527 W 36th St
San Pedro, CA


Ontario, CA

Design 2 Build

Orange County, CA

Design Tech

Los Angeles, CA

Detail Painting Inc

4531 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA

DeVries Construction

744 Holbrook Ave
Simi Valley, CA

DH Construction Corp.

11312 Covello St
Sun Valley, CA

Diaz Construction

322 E Heath Ln
Long Beach, CA

Dimensional Concept Construction

421 E Bay State St
Alhambra, CA


Granada Hills, CA


Corona, CA

DM Bomba Construction

9725 Old Creek Rd
Ventura, CA

DM Construction - Home Improvement Los Angeles

12909 S. Butler Ave.
Compton, CA

DMD Construction

17620 Community Street
Northridge, CA

Do It Right Construction

5240 Norwich Ave
Sherman Oaks, CA

Do It Rite Commercial Maintenance

PO Box 34723
Los Angeles, CA


39285 Calle de Companero
Murrieta, CA

Douglas A Hatfield

10001 Grunewald Rd
Yakima, WA

Douglas Sharpe

15130 Brookhurst St
Westminster, CA


Woodland Hills, CA

Dream Painting

1159 Iowa Ave
Riverside, CA

Dry Down Inc

PO Box 673
El Segundo, CA

Dry-Response Mold/Water Damage Services

447 N Wendy Dr, Casa Conejo, CA 91320
Newbury Park, CA

Drywall Contractor Beverly Hills

155 N Crescent Dr #615
Beverly Hills, CA

Drywall Contractor Canoga Park

7115 Milwood Ave # 608
Canoga Park, CA

Drywall Contractor Culver City

4709 Maytime Ln # 716
Culver City, CA

Drywall Contractor Encino

5415 Newcastle Ave # 505
Encino, CA

Drywall Contractor Glendale

1600 E Broadway # 508
Glendale, CA

Drywall Contractor Hollywood

6735 Yucca St #720
Los Angeles, CA

Drywall Contractor La Mirada

13515 Avenida Santa Tecla #461
La Mirada, CA

Drywall Contractor Marina Del Rey

13953 Panay Way #906
Marina Del Rey, CA

Drywall Contractor Monterey Park

211 N Huntington Ave #216
Monterey Park, CA

Drywall Contractor North Hollywood

5251 Vineland Ave #901
North Hollywood, CA

Drywall Contractor Palos Verdes Estates

2545 Via Campesina #102
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Drywall Contractor Santa Fe Springs

11011 Cultura St #23
Santa Fe Springs, CA

Drywall Contractor Venice

615 Hampton Dr #301
Venice, CA


27601 Alvesta Pl
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Drywall Repair & Ceramic tile Repair

20351 Lorne St
Winnetka, CA

Drywall Repair & Patchhwork

20841 Ventura Blvd #376
Woodland Hills, CA

Drywall Repair Agoura Hills

27440 Country Glen Rd #250
Agoura Hills, CA

Drywall Repair Calabasas

4716 Park Granada #7
Calabasas, CA

Drywall Repair Chatsworth

9950 Topanga Canyon Blvd #2257
Chatsworth, CA

Drywall Repair Gardena

15549 S Budlong Pl #9
Gardena, CA

Drywall Repair La Puente

510 League Ave #108
La Puente, CA

Drywall Repair Manhattan Beach

1420 12th St #13
Manhattan Beach, CA

Drywall Repair Monrovia

610 W Foothill Blvd #497
Monrovia, CA

Drywall Repair Playa del Rey

8701 Delgany Ave #494
Playa Del Rey, CA

Drywall Repair Redondo Beach

1007 S Catalina Ave #473
Redondo Beach, CA

Drywall Repair Santa Clarita

18756 Mandan St #12
Canyon Country, CA

Drywall Repair Simi Valley

2477 Chandler Ave #22
Simi Valley, CA

Drywall Repair Sun Valley

9325 Sunland Park Dr #41
Sunland, CA

Drywall Repair Valencia

18014 Flynn Dr #32
Canyon Country, CA

Drywall Repair Valencia

24132 Victoria Ln #2332
Valencia, CA

Drywall Repair Whittier

6335 Comstock Ave #65
Whittier, CA

Drywall Service Hermosa Beach

1600 Ardmore Ave #556
Hermosa Beach, CA

Drywall Service Montebello

632 N Wilcox Ave #35
Montebello, CA

Drywall Service Northridge

9950 Reseda Blvd #340
Northridge, CA

Drywall Service Reseda

19540 Sherman Way #1105
Reseda, CA

Drywall Service Santa Monica

1814 12th St #80
Santa Monica, CA

Drywall Service Sherman Oaks

14271 Dickens St #582
Sherman Oaks, CA

Drywall Service West Hollywood

122 N Clark Dr #1204
Los Angeles, CA

Drywall Service Woodland Hills

5240 Premiere Hills Circle #508
Woodland Hills, CA


Moorpark, CA

DS General Construction

7761 Balcom Ave
Reseda, CA

DS Handyman Service

527 West 36th Street
San Pedro, CA


5819 Alcove Ave
Valley Village, CA

DSH Home Repairs & Renovations

464 walker ave
Camarillo, CA


Playa Del Rey, CA

E & J Acoustics

330 N, Leland ave.
West Covina, CA

E T Builders Inc

449 N Sweetzer Ave
Los Angeles, CA


9814 California Ave.
South Gate, CA

E. G. O'Connor Construction

22050 Ybarra rd
Woodland Hills, CA

E.B. and K. LandScape and Construction

3475 6th street
Riverside, CA

EA Pacific

17902 Renwick Rd
Azusa, CA


1023 N Hayworth Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Earl D'La Fer

Valley Village, CA

Eberia Construction Co.

8924 olin street
Los Angeles, CA


Glendale, CA

Eccono Tree Care

15332 Antioch St
Pacific Palisades, CA

Eclipse Remodeling, Inc.

5025 Coldwater Canyon Avenue
Sherman Oaks, CA

ECM Construction Co

13151 Sherman Way
North Hollywood, CA


2549 Paseo Tortuga
Chino Hills, CA

Ed's construction

17117 ceredo place
Granada Hills, CA

Ed's Construction

10223 Mt Gleason Ave.
Sunland, CA

Edcellent Home Repairs and Improvements

P.O. Box 526
Simi Valley, CA
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