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Chrissy T.
"I had to go back to work and was really anxious about leaving my first born with people I don't know. Yes, you get the tour, but at the end of the still don't know" them. They were FANTASTIC! The infant room has experienced teachers that know more about babies than I did. Let's face it, most of them have been working with babies for years! I only had a few months under my belt. Example: My little guy refused to take a bottle. They worked with me and my baby to get us there. They made it really easy to come in and feed him while we went through this process. Eventually, they worked their magic and he took a bottle and we are good to go. They also use their tricks to help him with nap time and tummy time. Being a mom that is away from him a good section of the day when he's awake, I'm happy to know that they pick up where I can't. Everyone there is great and I trust everyone of them with my child. They have two main teachers for the infant room,
and Crystal. Both of them are just brilliant with babies. They are the baby whisperers! It made it very easy to go back to work and not have to worry about my little guy. Its great seeing my little guy smile when he sees them. It's his way of saying, "mom I'm in good hands!" I love it!
Rated by
Chris S.
"Initially, I was very happy with
. She was on time and very good with my children. She started out part time, only coming in the afternoons and helping in the" evenings to make sure she was a good fit with our family. she accompanied us to extracirricular activities and seemed to mesh well with our family. I did not find anything in her background check, facebook or instagram
. She was also previously employed with a daycare center who did not have anything negative to say about her. Eventually, after some suspicious things occurred and I caught
in several
, and then my 2 year old sons leg got broken while at a trampoline park outing,I became concerned about the safety of the children and her reliability. I installed cameras. I found that while
was supposed to be doing learning activities with my child, taking them outside to play, doing activities/outtings, she was parking them in front of the television and on the phone making personal calls all day long, or asleep on the couch while my two toddlers roamed all over the house, climbed on top of the kitchen table, colored on the television, the floors, etc. She was often late. She no-showed once and claimed to have a broken down car with no way to contact me. I have learned she was actually in court and convicted of theft that day. She called and told me my son was sick and needed tylenol while the whole time I was watching him dance to music on the camera while she was busy texting me that he was very sick. she stated she took his temperature which I did not observe on the video. She was responsible for my chilren for a weekend trip. At approximately 1am on 9/21/14, she picked up her personal items and left my childen in the care of a sleeping 16 year old neighbor whom I had also asked to stay at the house for assistance while we were gone. I was over one thousand miles and had to make emergency arrangements for my children.
left things at my home when she left including an ipad, a book, and her hairbrush. She has called and threatened us and threatened to tell our "dirty business" if we don't return the things she left in the home when she abandoned my children. We have had to call the
's office and report her behaviour. She has violated nearly every
of her
contract with us.
Rated by
Eriona K.
"I can confidently say it was the worst possible experience with a
service. The establishment is managed by
, who is as unfit as one can" be for the position. She is rude, moody, and utterly unprofessional. As directed by her, the educators would call few times a day continually, to tell me my baby had fever, diarrea, that she was sad or that she was acting weird. As I would find out once I picked her up, my baby did not have fever or diarrea... As I understand it is tough for a young toddler to adjust to a new setting of the kind especially since it was for the first time. But I realized that
had neither patience nor empathy for a 16 month old toddler's needs. The establishment made no effort to help my child transition, but instead would find excuses to send her home early. Meanwhile, I had paid tuition in advance. The moment I decided to pull my baby out of
was when the director casually came up to me as I was picking up my child, and coldly expressed that my child hadn't had one good day and that I should look for another daycare. Apparently my baby wanted to be held a lot and she had a favorite teacher and the director couldn't allow for this to happen. According to
, one month was more than enough time for transitioning. Of course I understood then and there what a terrible mistake I had made and how much of a disservice I had done to my child by taking her there. I immediately dissolved the contract and never brought her back there.

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A babysitter costs $10 an hour on average, but expect to pay an additional $2 to $4 per hour for each additional child. (Photo by Brandon Smith)

How much should I pay my babysitter?

The average cost of a babysitter is $10 an hour, but a number of factors contribute to that wage. Be sure to consider these pointers before paying.

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Child Care reviews in Cathedral City


My son is starting his second year at
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
(JMS). We chose JMS because we believe in the
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
philosophy and method of education, and believe that JMS delivers on its commitment to this method better than any other (
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
) school in the area. Our son is learning to love learning, to be independent, responsible, confident, empathetic, curious and a good citizen of our world. He'll need and use these outlooks and skills for the rest of his life, and he'll have them, thanks in large part to JMS.
- Taylor H.

Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
who came needed to be completely trained, as she even told me that she wanted to talk to my previous
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
, for me to give her instructions on how to interact with the children, and
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
would not perform a full background check, and expected me to hire this
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
without it! No family, who is going to completely entrust this
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
with their children, would not have a full background check.
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
also sent a "profile" of the
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
, which consisted of about 4 sentences. I asked her if she could send more information, and she said this is the profile they send.
All was very unprofessional, she thought me asking for a complete background check was unacceptable and "too much" for her to do, and said I needed to send the money to her, even though the
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
and I both felt unsure.
This is my first horrible experience with
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
agency, and actually shocked at how she conducts her business.
Please saavy parents, do not even call this agency as I have had nannies since my children were born, and would never hire
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
with the information that
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
provides--which is nothing. Maybe hire a housekeeper though her as she would only perform a criminal background check. YET NOT
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
- Cindy L.

After check in, my 3 yr old child was taken back to his class with the other children his age, where he spent his time learning, and playing through out the day.
He said he had fun, playing with other kids, and liked when he had his snack. He was learning about shapes and colors that day, and wanted to be sure he went the next day so that he could continue coloring the shapes, and working with his teacher.
I like the quality of care that my son receives at this facility, he likes to be picked up by their bus in the morning, and sometimes goes home on it as well if I have to work later.
It is always hard to find a place that isn't just a franchise stamped out place that actually cares about your child, and is willing to work with them in an educational sense.
The staff work hard to ensure that every day is a great day for my son.

- Kenneth M.

One of the worst delivery experiences ever. Food arrived 2hrs and 15min after placing order (45-60min delivery time). When I called to ask about the status of my order the woman at the restaurant assured me it was on its way and that she would call back after she confirmed with the driver. I had to call her again and she still didn't know what was going on. When the food finally arrived the roti was mediocre at best and the flavor of the chicken left much to be desired. My wife was almost as unhappy with her veggie roti, although they did add a generous amount of
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
for her. The portions were much to small for what we paid and the did not include any hot sauce or condiments on the side. It is unfortunate that this play didn't work out because the only good local roti place,
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
's Restaurant on Church Ave by E 10th, unfortunately does not deliver.
- Michael K.

Among many child care centers i have visited and toured and 3 child care my little one has been, this was great.
* The education was good and they took child's interest into consideration instead of forcing things on them.
* The place was very lighted, bright and spacious, a lot of space for the kids to do their individual activities and group activities.
* All of the teachers and staff were very polite, respectful and caring.
* Food was extra and not included in the price, it is both good and bad. Good for people that want a controlled diet, bad for people who want lunch everyday, hence the combined price in comparison to all inclusive child care was higher.
* Staff turnover was low, they have been their for couple of years their, I did not see any staff leave during the 1 year we stayed there.
* They have extended hours apart from school years.
* Above experience has been for a 3 year old to 4 year old, I have no experience in infant room, but the awesome experience can be extrapolated.

- Sujit M.

Both my husband and I have been avid
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
fans since our first meeting with them in 2012. All of the sitters we've used through this service have been wonderful in terms of being timely, professional, courteous, kind and caring to our family. We have instantly formed relationships with the sitters we repeatedly request, and the owner (
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
) has always done a remarkable job in matching us with the perfect sitter.
Emails and questions to
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
are always answered promptly and thoroughly. The website provides up-to-date information and we love the online booking/payment portal. For ever new sitter, we've had the opportunity to meet them (days ahead of time) at our home which allows them to get to know our child as well as our child to get to know them.
Above all, we are so happy with the service we receive from our two favorite sitters -
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
M. and
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
- as well as the overall experience created by
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
. Our sitters take such care with our little boy. They don't just "watch" him, but actively engage with him through constant playtime and activity (which is needed for a 2-year old toddler boy).
In addition to being top-notch sitters, both of our sitters have always been on time and professional. They engage with us as much as our kiddo and that makes for such a wonderful overall experience.

- Ashlee W.

The service itself is wonderful -
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
is a genius at finding the right
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
and we loved our
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
. The problem with this service is that in the contract they have a blanket policy about what happens if your
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
leaves before 12 months (if you choose that service). They will help you find another
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
but if she stays longer than the original 12 months you have to pay another hefty fee after you have already paid a large
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
fee. In our case, our
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
resigned after 9 months because she was moving, not because she did not like working for us. So if they find us someone new that stays past 3 months, I would pay the service about $3600 more. I knew this when I signed the contract so I am not suggesting they were not upfront. I would just seriously consider whether this is a reasonable policy for your needs. For us, it was not and I wish I had listened to my gut and not gone with this service. Again, our
Cathedral City Day Care Providers Provider Name Locked
was great but she is leaving which must happen a lot which must be why they have this policy.
- Deborah K.

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