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Rated by
Michael D.
"These guys are top notch and very professional. The install was clean and the guys were a pleasure to deal with.
Rated by
Kendon L.
"Very Well.
came and looked around our house and gave recommendations as to how we could save the most . We have an older house, built in 1949 and was leaking" heat out all over. He was very knowledgable and very helpful. We had foam insulation sprayed in our attic and roof and around the whole house and in the rim joists in the basement. When his crew came, which was actually a day early, they were very friendly and very good at their job. They also cleaned up each day before they left. We noticed after it was done, that we don't hear the noise from the street anymore. We won't know for awhile yet on the gas savings.
Rated by
Ali A.
"These guys are pros at what they do! They do insulation and they know their stuff. Immediately knew everything about the rebates, gave me a quote over the phone based on the dimensions" I gave them. I basically called to ask them some questions; in the same call they gave me a quote (which came in much cheaper than the other quotes I had gotten), scheduled the Appt and done. The team showed up on time, did their job, gave me the invoice and instructions on the rebate and I paid with Credit Card - very convenient. They are really honest people, because a portion of the exterior wall ended up already having insulation, so they subtracted billing for billing. Whenever I need new insulation, I'll call them first! Simply put: Fast, easy, Premium service and priced very, very competitive.

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Insulation reviews in Carmichael


They arrived punctually as promised. (This was my third job by
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
). They performed their work neatly. At the end of the job they explained what was done, how it worked and tested the heating system in my presence. In my 50 years of home ownership, few have come to equal their professionalism.
- Juergen D.

I'll share the bad first because that's the message that's worth communicating.
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
lied to me about the work they performed, and has not responded to my request to confirm the work they said they would do.
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
from Green Guard Energy and his partner arrived, we were at the tail end of having our house re-wired to eliminate knob and tube wiring. The electricians had also installed two bathroom exhaust fans and were behind schedule on venting those two fans to the exterior soffits.
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
said they could attach flexible vents to the two fans and put the vents in the soffits; he added that it was perfectly acceptable and to code to do this and there would be no potential adverse effects from the humidity released into the soffit space. We agreed to this, and thought it was great he was willing to do this for us.
We had just purchased the home in February of 2014, so I contacted the home inspector who evaluated the home before closing to confirm that not venting the exhaust fans to the exterior was ok. The inspector said this was not acceptable because there would not be an efficient way to release the humidity from the attic and there was increased potential for moisture problems to be created in the attic space as well as potential moisture damage to the insulation.
So, after the insulation work was complete, we asked the electricians to continue with their plan to vent the fans to the exterior. I emailed
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
to ask him where the flexible vents were terminating in the soffits, so I could give direction to the contractor who was coming to vent them to the exterior. I didn't receive an e-mail back. I called
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and got him, and he said they went directly from the fans to the soffits.
When the contractor came to complete the work to vent the fans to the outside, he confirmed that no flexible vents were installed by
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his partner. Nothing. This meant the fans were venting directly into the ceiling space.I e-mailed
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
to communicate this to him and to confirm that he and his partner has done what they told me they would do, and I have received no response two weeks later.
While the rest of their work appears to be fine, I would never use this company again simply because they are dishonest.
I'd be happy to share any other details related to this company.
- Matthew H.

Himself and his crew arrived on a Friday afternoon, they went to work immediately.
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and crew spent nearly 12 hours removing all my old insulation in my upstairs. The following days were both about 12 hour days for him and his crew. While part of his crew was removing insulation, some workers were repairing soffits. The entire crew was pleasant and respectful. Himself and his crew made a typically stressful situation into an easy one. They were even able to remove the old insulation threw a window, thankful that I have that option. This allowed them to remove it without dragging it through my home. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to replace their insulation. I can truly feel the difference in my upstairs rooms. It has definitely made my house more comfortable overall.
- betty P.

I scheduled an energy audit with Columbia Gas --- the audit recommended the air sealing and I would get a nice rebate on the service at the time of service and a follow up rebate from Columbia Gas. I scheduled the air sealing with
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
because they were on Angie's List. The technicians came as scheduled and did the job as planned.

- PAT M.

The guys arrived on time and were very pleasant. They put a large tarp on the ground outside and were able to pass the insulation out through the attic window so that none of it got in the living quarters. They also closed the attic pull down stairs at one point to contain the
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
insulation in the attic. I thought that there might be pieces of insulation on the driveway or in the yard after they left, but they did a great job of cleaning up and left no debris. They did a good job with the mastic as well. I was happy with the job and will contact them again for future insulation jobs.
- Lisa W.

Quality of the work was excellent and the return to complete the job was prompt. Advice to use closed cell insulation on the block walls and open cell on the ceiling/under the house’s floor made good sense and was unique among the contractor’s I surveyed. Moreover, the price was the best I found. Highly recommend.
- Joel L.

Our home is not standard wood frame construction, it consits of outside face brick, with larger
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
blocks as the support structure and lathe/plaster in the interior. The house was built in the late 1930's and had NO insulation until 9/24/14. We have lived in the house for 25 years and during the winter when you touched any outside wall it would be cold as a meat locker, even our dishes and glasses in the kitchen cabinets would be cold. And of course, our gas bills during the winter were always outrageous. Recently I had wondered if insulation could be injected into the
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
blocks, well as it turns out, insulation CAN be injected, but not in the blocks. Between the blocks and the outside face brick is a 1.5 inch gap. I saw this gap myself a few years ago when we had an unused side door removed and replaced with glass block. I went to the hardware store and bought aerosal cans of foam and filled this gap all the way around the door frame.

Anyway, this past January I started looking online for information on foam insulation and on Angies List to see reviews.
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was highly rated so i gave them a call.
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
came out and explained the process and gave us what I thought was a very reasonable estimate. However, being a thorough person I contacted another company (larger with franchises) and recieved their estimate, it was substantially higher. For various reasons I put off the foam insulation project, I wish I hadn't because last winter was brutal.

So, after things settled down this summer, I contacted
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
again and soon became best friends with
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
the Office Manager. I had informed my immediate neighbors (who have the same type of home construction) that they could install foam insulation in their home for a reasonable price. Two of them were on-board immediately, (my next door neighbor called it a "no brainer" and said "sign me up") another one "came around" after
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
met him and explained the process. During this time
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and I were talking quite frequently as she was coordinating the estimates and scheduleing the work and I was giving her people to contact that might be interested. As of today, FIVE houses on our street have been completed.
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
gave all of us a very attractive price because (twice) he was able to work on two houses at the same time (they were side by side).
The process: It was practically painless!
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew were great! They moved all of our porch furniture away from the house so they could work. You will have to take all pictures, mirrors down from any outside walls as the drilling might knock them off the wall. They drill holes in the exterior brick (in the mortar) and inject the foam, then they patch the holes so well you have a hard time finding where it was even injected. You will have to wash your windows after they are done because they spray water on the walls to wash off the excess foam. That's pretty much it. I stayed home to watch the process and it was cool. Inside the house you could hear the the foam as it was being injected. In the basement there were numerous places where the foam came through the interior block through cracks (That's a good thing), And the results?
For ten days after the foam insulation was installed, my house temperature stayed at 70 degrees,varying maybe a degree either way. With no heat turned on (we have hot water radiator heat) and our room air conditioners had been removed. The high and low temperatures during that time ( I checked) went from 80 degrees during the day to a low of 52 degrees. One day we left the window open on a nice day and we were gone most of the day. When we got home in the evening the house was 65 degrees and I thought I would have to light the furnace. We went to bed and the next morning the house was again 70 degrees. The resident heat in the house warmed the living space back to 70 degrees, I was ASTONISHED, and happy!!!
On October 4th we attended a wedding out of town, when we came home the temperature in the house had dropped to 60 degrees. Not a huge surprise as the overnight low was 39 degrees. So I finally had to light the furnace, and the house warmed up, and the furnace stopped running and IT STAYED OFF FOR A LONG TIME!!! Something that never happened before. Now when the furnace runs, it heats the house and shuts off. I don't even notice it running, partly because it doesn't run that often and also because the house is SO much quieter. The insulation dampened the outside noise considerably, (we live on a busy street). It's like a completely different house, it seems so much more solid and secure, it doesn't make sounds like it did before (nice additional benefits). My neighbors said the same thing. We can't believe the difference!!!
So the moral of the story is, if your house is cold and drafty and you are spending boatloads on heating your house. CALL
Carmichael Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
- James M.

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