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We believe no construction project is error free end to end. What matters is how the contractor handles issues.
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
was the only company willing to acknowledge this during the sales process. All other salesmen insisted they had never experienced any problems with any customers ever.
In short, we are satisfied with
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
and we are glad we chose
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
to be our solar installer. We would recommend this company to others. Although the end-to-end process was longer than outlined in the contract, time to complete the project, including permission to turn on, was still shorter (2.5 months) than most solar customers experience. With the exception of the electric panel upgrade, the workmanship was professional. We are evaluating this company to a "B" for promptness only because they were not able to meet the contract deadline. We believe early on in the process the ball was dropped and so there was a period of about 30 days where literally nothing happened primarily due to a couple of key persons being on vacation.
The subcontractor for the electric panel also handled digging a trench, stucco break/repair and concrete break/repair. During the process of digging the trench to pull new wire from SDGE's box, he nicked the gas line causing SDGE to turn off the gas until we could come home from work. The stucco repair and repaint was pretty sloppy – there is stucco and paint drips all over the new electric panel. Bottom line here, if we ever need to repaint our house, we won’t be hiring this electrician. But we have no issues with his electric workmanship.
The subcontractor for the roofing was professional and his workmanship is good. There was an issue that his workers nailed through an electric line so one portion of our house had no electricity for a time but that was promptly corrected. There was a couple of minor walk-through issues when he completed the job which was handled promptly same day as reported. Most important, the roofer contacted me after each issue was resolved to confirm we were satisfied. Very professional!

And here are the nit-picky details:
Our process began with interviewing more than two dozen solar installers over the course of two months. We finally settled on
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
because we believe it is important to employ contractors who are likely to still be in business if warranty issues arise and
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
is the “Big Dog” in San
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
. As well, our salesman told us he was also the “Project Developer” which we felt was a plus since whatever promises the “salesman” made during the evaluation process would have to be honored by the “Project Developer” once the project started.
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
’s quote was the highest of all companies interviewed but they were willing to price match so we signed our contract on June 29 with a clause that provided for completion within 60 days. For the first 30 days literally nothing happened. Finally, our Preconstruction Coordination meeting was scheduled for August 1st at which time it became clear that completion would not be on schedule. The project was handed over to the “Project Manager”. The application for permit was submitted on August 7th but with minor errors in the paperwork that were quickly resolved. There was a minor permit issue arising from the city requiring a right of way permit for upgrading the electric panel which the Project Manager resolved. The permits were approved by the city on August 25th. There was an issue arising about our roof. The roofing technique described by the Project Developer at the evaluation stage did not match the actual roofing technique required. The Project Developer suggested our contract price was going to be adjusted. In the end,
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
honored their contract, although we opted to move the panels to a different roof which required that roof section be replaced.
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
worked through pricing that was favorable to the spirit of honoring their contract. The electric panel upgrade required a trench and during this process the gas pipe was nicked requiring SDGE to turn off the gas until we returned home that day. The re-roofing began on September 2nd. The panels were installed on September 12th. The net metering application was submitted to SDGE on September 11th, but with errors and was rejected three times before finally being approved on September 15th. Permission to Turn On system was received on September 18th.
- Sue S.

Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
due to a malfunctioning dimmer switch in our kitchen. The technician (Chase) was on time, very courteous and professional. He replaced the dimmer switch in less than 5 minutes and the problem was solved. I was just a little "shocked" that I was charged $214 to replace the bad switch. In all fairness to this company they told me the price before they replaced the switch and I approved them to do the work. I give them high
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
on everything except the price which I feel was too high.
- David A.

We had good results for the entire process.
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
sold the system to us. She measured the solar insolation sky view for our car port, then came inside and explained all the pros and cons. Actually, there are few cons since the system should pay for itself in 5 years (due to incredible incentives from the federal and state governments, and our PUD). She answered most questions, and was very good about emailing the rest of the answers after checking with her experts. We worked with
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
to reduce costs by doing some of the work ourselves (mainly dig the trench and doing annual cleaning ourselves), and slightly downsize the system to use smaller inverters, and omit the automated monitoring system (we'd monitor it manually). We also asked to have some provisions installed in case we put in a 220V line for a future electric vehicle. And our system was sized larger than we need (190% of annual usage) to be ready for that car.
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
had run several systems for us, starting with roughly half the size that was sufficient for annual use, and ending with the final system size. Since the payback was similar, we elected to get the larger system.
After we decided to buy the system,
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
came by to inspect our panel. We needed an upgrade from 100A to 200A. Our house was built in 1908 and didn't have room in the panel for any expansion (e.g., for EV line). All was included in
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
's quote.
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
discussed how that would look, where the equipment would go, and listened to my concerns about our historic house. Then the crew came and installed as we discussed. All went well. It happened a bit later than we hoped, but we understood they were tied up on other homes. It's been a very busy time for solar panel installations due to the incentive program and reduced costs.
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
came by to walk through the system for us. He showed us how to adjust the inverter displays to get all the numbers we need, and discussed how to clean, etc.
In summary, we are very pleased with
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
. Our system is pumping a lot of kWh into the grid. It's quite amazing, actually, and fantastic to have free electricity for some years to come, and to do the "right thing".
- deborah R.

fantastic work and the look is great from both inside and out. color matched the house and the grid lines were done great. will use these guys again. they showed up on time, performed their work on time, and left the place clean.
- Billy B.

They were very professional, started the job a day earlier than they had predicted. They showed up on time and cleaned up behind themselves. They didn't fool around, everyone had their job and did it well. Couldn't be more pleased.
- Kathleen H.

Very flexible as I modified my plan and budget.
Installation exactly as contracted, low profile, black and white panels(not the standard aluminum color but that depends on what's best for your situation)
Every time I contacted
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
the answer was always "whatever you want Mr
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
". And they always came through!
The system outputs at least as much power as agreed. No conduit shows on my roof. Much better workmanship that what my neighbor got with Vivant. The array even has a squirrel guard.
The internal meters and switches are well laid out and presentable to my very interested neighbors. All of the exit and entry points are clean and well defined.
The workers that came to my house are smart, courteous and took the time to explain every part, even entertaining my 'off the wall' questions.
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
handled all of the applications and permits smoothly without extra charge. When you go solar be prepared to wait a bit as the state and town is involved. Seriously consider purchasing the system as the payback is short, 4-5 years and its all gravy after that $$$. Almost forgot -
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
guaranteed a minimum SREC price for five years & will sell my SRECs for 1%. 'm happy I don't need to handle that.

- David M.

We contacted this company to install a ground mount solar system.
This was our experience.
April 17th 2014 – Signed contract & paid deposit of $15k
May 27th 2014 – After numerous unanswered calls & emails we received a
bill from
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
& Solar. When we responded that
the first month’s bill was supposed to come after installation &
nothing has been installed our salesman,
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
, called. He
said the city was considering it a structure. We advised
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
that we
have pulled special use permits in the past for structures.
June 9th 2014 - We met with
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
, Senior Planner for the City of
North Richland Hills. He gave
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
the information to apply for a
special use permit.
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
24th 2014 –
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
, COO of
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
& Solar, called us & advised that he could move
the solar panels to a different location that the city would approve.
He also said he could enclose the solar panels due to the fact that we
would have to remove a loafing shed in that location. I agreed as long
as it would be enclosed.
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
27th 2014 - We responded to an email from our salesman,
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
, regarding the
new structure. We asked to verify the pitch, height & enclosing the
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
responded with the pitch & the height. He said he
would check with
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
on enclosing the sides.
August 14th 2014 - After more unreturned phone calls & emails we sent an
email requesting a read receipt to everyone in the company that we had
an email for.
August 20th 2014 –
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
called saying he “could” enclose it not that he “would”
I told him again I was not changing the location if it was not enclosed.
August 21th 2014 – Planning & Zoning meeting at 7pm.
We were there. No representation from
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
& Solar so the city denied the permit.
So we have no solar panels but
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
& Solar say we have forfeited our deposit.
- Penny L.

We have had the solar panels for several years. They have proven to be a great investment. They give us several extra swim months. The people at
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
are helpful and very responsive to any issue. After finding a soft spot on the patio roof they had the roof repaired and resolved the issue. I was so impressed with
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
. He was always pleasant and attentive to my questions or concerns. They have proven to me that they stand behind their product.
- Donna S.

My wife and I got quotes from five (5) solar panel installation companies in the area. (We even looked at purchasing wholesale - panels costs are great, but installation and getting a contractor would have been a real pain). We learned a lot from the five companies and their proposals. We eliminated one company because they proposed panels on a roof that gets less daily sun exposure (there is an instrument to measure sun exposure to roof location) than our easterly facing roof. Another company didn't specialize in solar installations - they were an HVAC company that could also install solar panels. We wanted a company that specialized in solar - their costs were higher than
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
, too. A third company was eliminated because they wanted a 10% deposit before providing the final estimate to us - a "good-faith" gesture on our part (as they said). We eliminated them immediately - no other company requested anything like that. The 4th company was OK, but cautioned us their price might be higher because of their overhead which, supposedly, is the experience and expertise they use to provide great service. We did not feel that their overhead was a problem we needed to pay for. They were a fairly big company and understood the systems, but their cost was higher than
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
. They also wanted to requote after I told them we had selected
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
, which I thought was odd (I just didn't respond to the email). We selected
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
because the price was significantly less,
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
is the owner/installer/salesman, and
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
obviously understood the systems. He knew on which roof to install the panels and how the system could get optimized. We felt that we just had to deal with
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
on any issue since he knew all the cost, equipment, and technical details. (The other companies primarily had different people doing the installation and selling).
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
is a licensed electrician, which is required for panel installation and permit approval.
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
contacted proper agencies for permit approval process (ours was approved by Town of Apex).
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
does not have a lot of personnel but, once they got started, they moved right along with the project. We were not in a big hurry to get the panels installed - we just wanted to make sure they were installed in time to qualify for each of the 3 rebate programs. Everyone from
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
was very nice and easy to get along with. The system looks great, the installation is professional-looking, and they cleaned up well after they were done. Installation could have been done in less than one week if there hadn't been so much rain in August. we've used many contractors over the years for various projects and we would agree that
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
was the correct selection for our solar panels. Professional, very qualified, nice - everything you hope to get when you contract out a project. Yes, we'd use them again.

- Mark M.

I contacted
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
via the solar panel manufacturer as they are a local installer/ distributor.
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
, the owner, came on site to audit the sun exposure and take measurement. Based on that, we iterated on the quote until we were in agreement. The work went then quite quickly. It took one full day for
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
to install everything on the roof and another half day to connect and test the pool connections. The product and installation are of great quality. It works perfect. The whole experience with
Brentwood Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
was flawless and I strongly recommend this kind of product for in-ground pools.
- Anthony L.
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P.O. Box 4094
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7980 Enterprise Dr.
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Prestige Pools

P.O. Box 23211
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Project Management Services

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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Quality First Home Improvement, Inc.

485 Salmar Ave
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R&K Automatic Gate & Access

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Oakdale, CA


13771 S HWY 101
Hopland, CA

Repair Wizards

PO Box 1514
Los Gatos, CA

RGS Energy

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San Jose, CA

RGS Energy

2955 Kerner Blvd
San Rafael, CA

RGS Energy

3109 N Miami Ave
Fresno, CA


San Leandro, CA

RJL Installations

2031 Parkside Dr
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Roofing Service Group

201 Spear St
San Francisco, CA


241 Travis Ct
Suisun City, CA


7275 National Dr
Livermore, CA


3800 Hillsdale Dr
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Roving RV Tech

PO Box 3027
Tustin, CA

S & I Construction, Inc.

287 17th Street
Oakland, CA

S&B Electric

1229 Morning Glory Dr
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Save a Lot Solar

6114 La Salle Avenue #760
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security crime prevention

po box 30
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San Ramon, CA

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Lariat Lane
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Solar Universe-Diablo Valley

4878 Sunrise Drive
Martinez, CA


3055 Clearview Way
San Mateo, CA


285-D Bel Marin Keys Blvd
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14938 Camden Ave
San Jose, CA

Standard Roofing Co

1226 9th Ave
San Francisco, CA


1078 Hewitt Dr
San Carlos, CA

Sun Fire Plumbing

7321 Bodega Ave., #B
Sebastopol, CA

Sun First! Inc.

3060 Kerner Blvd
San Rafael, CA


Berkeley, CA

SunFreedom, Inc

14500 Roscoe Blvd Suite 400
Panorama City, CA

Sungate Energy Solutions

8445 Camino Santa Fe
San Diego, CA

Sungevity, Inc.

66 Franklin St
Oakland, CA


2300 Zanker Rd Ste F
San Jose, CA


167 Commercial St
Sunnyvale, CA


595 Market St
San Francisco, CA


1130 Wilderfield Rd
Los Gatos, CA

Suntrek Solar Industries Inc.

5 Holland
Irvine, CA

Swan Solar

24512 Bridger Rd
Lake Forest, CA

Synergy Conservation Solutions Inc

1190 Burnett Ave
Concord, CA

TC Building Management

211 Kingston Ct.
Martinez, CA

TerraVenti Construction Inc.

468 N Camden Dr
Beverly Hills, CA

The Home Improvement Source

2366 Walsh Ave
Santa Clara, CA

The Home Improvement Source Inc

1659 Scott Blvd
Santa Clara, CA

Top Design Inc

16134 Hart St
Van Nuys, CA

Town & Country Roofing

2155 Elkins Way
Brentwood, CA

Treeium Eco Home Remodeling

5352 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Valley Village, CA

Urban Energy

350 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA

Vacaville Electric

1011 Mason St
Vacaville, CA


Santa Clara, CA

Vivint Solar

5159 Commercial Cir.
Concord, CA

Wedge Roofing

5 Casa Grande Rd
Petaluma, CA


150 Mason Cir
Concord, CA

West Coast Exteriors

2785 Del Monte St
West Sacramento, CA

West Coast Solar

2155 Elkins Way Ste E
Brentwood, CA

West Coast Solar, Inc.

2155 Elkins Way, Suite F
Brentwood, CA

Western Building and Power

3833 Clarke Street
Oakland, CA

Western Roofing Systems

1328 White Oaks Rd
Campbell, CA

Western Sierra

111 center ave ste a
Pacheco, CA

Wiegardt Electric and Lighting Controls

2778 Jefferson Street
Napa, CA

Wilkinson Design+Construction Inc.

72 Clayton Street
San Rafael, CA

World Class Window Coverings

390 Carrol Ct Suite G
Brentwood, CA

Your Energy Solutions

6700 Santa Rita Rd.
Pleasanton, CA

Zumwalt & Associates Inc

3301 Sunrise Blvd
Rancho Cordova, CA

“NCSA” Northern California Sunroom Additions

850 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA
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