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If you own property and are considering using
: run. Do not under any circumstances trust these people with your investment/home. Over the duration of the lease the property was inspected 0 times. None. The tenants they secured were both convicted felons which they either didn't check or did not disclose. Due to their lack of inspection the tenants sublet at least one additional room, smoked inside the house, had multiple dogs without paying a pet deposit which urinated all over the home requiring replacement of all carpets and sealing of subfloors, severely damaged freshly refinished heart pine flooring, destroyed all curtains in the home, broke tile and appliances....etc. The list goes on. Additionally the tenants were still in the home well after their lease expired. Literally thousands upon thousands worth of damage done. Again, I cannot stress enough, do NOT trust these people with your home. Please.
- John B.

Rented from them for 4 years with on time payments, but because they have an antiquated accounting system they can not seem to get the rent payment from the receptionist desk to the accounting office. After being late twice and including the late charges, they decide that I owe them over $1,000 after moving out. The property manager,
is a joke and does not return phone calls when services are needed. don't waste your time with this company, because they are unresponsive, unethical and willing to take your hard earned money for their profit.
After writing them, they sent a partial refund of my deposit that was nowhere near what should have been returned, but attorney fees would have cost me more than I'm willing to contribute to this cause. I have excellent credit and recently bought a house and new car, but the ineptness of this company really borders on unethical.
- olivia J.

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This is my second review for
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Management and I cannot recommend more highly!
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
continues to exceed my expectations in her exceptional professional real estate skills and level of communication.
She recently re rented our home in the Arcardia area of
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. It was not even on the
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
a month before the new tenants moved in.
The first tenants she found for us were wonderful, responsible and always paid their rent on the 1st of month.
The new tenants so far have been just as wonderful. If there is ever a problem with the property,
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
responds immediately to solve. We live out of state, so this type of professional service is more than we could ask for and such a comfort to us.
If we ever decide to sell,
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
will also be the one we choose to list. Her real estate experience and her knowledge of marketing are top notch. Thank you for everything you do for us,
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
- nancy W.

Horrible. I just left court house where LRS failure to properly manage my problem tenant cost me a trip to court and $$. LRS are amateurs, non-responsive and hiire overpriced contractors. The fact that LRS employees in the maintenance department don't know crap about maintenance means you will get screwed. I had to find my own cleaner! Their employee turnover is high so you always have new people to speak with and bring up to speed on your property. Their accounting reports are so confusing that a child could improve on them. Unfortunately I need their reports for my tax return reporting.

Do yourself a favor, go to the stationary store and buy a standard rental form and manage your own property. You will be much better off. I am now managing my own property and have saved thousands of dollars. From the
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
's on down in LRS company, buyer please beware.
I now manage my own properties and with Angie's List save money and aggravation that I experienced in
dealing with the LRS hacks who could not care less about high maintenance cost. They fail to report problems, fail to check on the property, fail to provide timely and accurate reports, foal, fail, fail!

- Jenny K.

Thank goodness for
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
! I am living in Japan, so must rely on my property manager 100%. My previous agent completely neglected the property, and the tenants completely trashed the house, and were finally evicted. I was left with a house that had a lot of damage, garbage and things everywhere, and had to spend a lot of time and money getting the house back in rentable condition.
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
held my hand and advised me through the whole process, which was essential to me because I'm so far away. She was my eyes and ears and spent a lot of time going to my house, emailing me and on the phone with me advising me on what to do. Due to the extensive damage and complications with my previous property manager, it took several very frustrating months to get the house back in order, but
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
stuck with me all the way. And then she found me a really good tenant and got the house rented pretty quickly. She's very professional, knowledgeable, and I would recommend her. I am so grateful to
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
and (Angie's list where I found
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
), I couldn't have done this without them! The price for her services was also very reasonable. Thank you,
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
- Cecy W.

Rented a house through this company for 1 year. When we rented the house we were told that our $1900 deposit was refundable based on the move out condition of the house. When we moved out we hired a cleaning company and carpet cleaner and the house looked better than it did when we moved in. They then tried to tell us that the move out condition was horrible and charged us ridiculous amounts to "reclean" the house and repaint all the walls (which were chipped before we moved in). Would not listen or reevaluate any of their charges when I voiced my concerns. Ended up only giving us $611 back. We never caused any problems while renting from them. We took care of the house and yard and it looked so much better when we left it than when we moved in. They were also horrible about returning phone calls.
- Darcee H.

Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
did an excellent job of representing us for the sale of our condo in Lincoln Park IL. We contacted them in February 2014 however we did not list the property until May due to several renovations that we wanted to make before we sold the property.
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
made sure to stay in contact with us during the time before we listed the property and was very helpful in giving us advice on how to best show the unit. (Furnished/Unfurnished, Paint colors, Etc) She took excellent photos of the property and we had several viewings the first week and once we received an offer she helped us negotiate the price we wanted for the a final sale. We are very happy with the service this company did and would recommend them to anyone looking to sell property in the Lincoln Park/Chicago area.
- Jill A.

Hands down the worst experience I ever thought possible. If you are looking for a condescending, lying, integrity-free, irresponsible, and uncommunicative property management company, then
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is for you!
They were referred to me from a friend of mine (who I’ve updated and suggested they not refer this company anymore), so I went with them after minimal investigation. It started off smooth enough; signing forms, getting a list of suggested repairs and the quotes for them, explanation that we were trying to maintain a budget but still wanted to get the needed things done, etc. etc. Finally all things were set to get up on the
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
after only outlaying a couple grand. Then, with much anticipation…nothing.
It took more than 6 months to find a tenant after we’d signed the papers, and then only if we came down $100 off rent. At that point we were willing to negotiate and their credit and prior rental history was checked and approved by
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
Group. Move ‘em in! That’s when the real fun began…
Everyone who rents has probably had the “needy” tenant; the one that calls about every little thing. I believe that’s why management companies exist, right? One guy said, “This person is crazy, I sure wish I had a company that would help me manage the tenant and I’d just pay them a monthly fee. That’d be nice!” Well, I think this tenant trained all those other “needy
tenants” on how to act. I
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
’t think a month went by where we got our full rent due to some repair that was needed. Now, if something is wrong in the house, I want to know and I want to fix it, but the problem was the communication and then the frivolity of the repairs. I would get a call after a “repair” was made and told how much it was. I told them that I needed to be consulted BEFORE any work was done and I had to approve it. This behavior didn’t change, despite many calls and notices about it. Then, if I disagreed with the repair, they would cite that it was needed for safety purposes, but only when pushed. One
instance was cutting open all the windows in the house (built in 1950’s). The person responsible for maintenance cited not running the a/c as the reason, when I asked the head of the company why the tenant wasn’t running the a/c and that doing so could damage the walls and floors, he stated it was for safety purposes. Hmmmm. Rinse and repeat that scenario several times over.
Now we’re at move-out time and this property management company contacted me b/c the tenant has written a threatening letter citing the unsatisfactory conditions in which she lived in the prior year (I lived with my entire family there for 6 years) and hinting at a lawsuit. While they’re shaking in their boots, I simply smell an attempt to get back the deposit in full. I advise them to do the walkthrough as normal and let me know what they find. This is where the whole thing took a nose dive.
They came back to me and said all was good and the tenant should get back all of their deposit, except for what I had previously paid for the tenant to make an erroneous service call in the middle of the night. OK I say, but my wife and I will come down to turn the house for the next tenant and get it ready to go on the
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
(we live in North
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
). Well, we walked into this place and it was anything but fully-deposit-refundable. The dogs had torn up the carpet and used it as a bathroom for about a year. Every room in the house needed repainting, some rooms had wall scratches way down to the sheet rock. There was some interesting colors of some kind of growth in the bathrooms, the yard was a wreck, etc. etc. etc.
Now, having been on both sides of the tenant/landlord relationship, I know there’s some give-and-take and that you’ll always have a sharper eye as the landlord, but there’s no person on God’s green earth that would say, “Sure! They should have 100% of their deposit back.” They were purely afraid of the threatened lawsuit. The problem was how they handled it. Rather than saying they we're frightened about a lawsuit, they claimed that they didn’t paint the whole house (I had photos and records they did), they claimed I denied some of their suggested repairs prior to move in (I had records I didn’t), they even claimed I advised on having a sub-par paint job to stay in budget (I didn’t and have records to prove it)!! The conversation around this went on for weeks and they continued to lie to me, attempt to rewrite the past, claim they had started work when they didn’t, etc. It was astonishing to me that
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is still in business.
End of the day, they gave the tenant 100% of the deposit back, I still had to replace the carpet and paint the interior all out of my
pocket due to this tenant, as well as work for days on end with my wife to repair the damages made to the house. I fired this company and have since found a great company and tenant (was on the
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
for 3 days before getting rented). Now, I’ve left out a lot of details, but rest assured, I have prior emails outlining all of this and more. Frankly, I’m still flabbergasted about the fact that this company is still around and that anyone would hire them. If property management was easy, people wouldn’t hire a company to do it. You hire a company to manage things when they go south and to keep them from going south. This company did neither. They kicked the can down the road by lying to everyone until they couldn’t lie anymore, and then rested the
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
on me and my family.
STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY if you value your sanity, time, and wallet.
- Martin F.

I originally found
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
on Angie's List when searching for an individual who could help us out. We own property in AZ but reside in
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
State. Since our property is well kept, it was important that we find renters that would treat the home like their own. When
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
found someone that did not meet our criteria, she would present the information to us but we could always depend on her honesty.
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
is very thorough in the preparation of our property for rent. She has great resources that she can use to do any necessary work in the house. We hired a contact of hers to paint our great room and it turned out beautifully and at a reasonable price. Because her standards are very high she only recommends people who's work is also well done.
We hired her at the end of March, 2014 and by May, she had renters for us. Through her continuous efforts our renters are exactly what we were looking for. When hiring
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
, which I highly recommend you do so, it is imperative to be able to define what you want in a renter. If you are unsure you can certainly depend on
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
to give you a thorough list of expectations.
- Liane G.

Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
was absolutely great to work with. She marketed, showed, screened, and leased my rental property in
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. This is the second time I've used her to do so and both times we rented our property with over a month before the old renters moved out. Not to mention she caught a fake ad on my property and prevented a couple from being scammed by the crook. If you have had problems with you property manager, call
Anaheim Property Managers Provider Name Locked
. She is the best real estate agent I've ever worked with.
- Michael D.
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