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We appreciated
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
walking through our home to discuss potential upgrades. It took a little while to get the drawings, but when we did we were very pleased with the results. We may go back to
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
to get a revised quote in the future, but for now we are keeping the house as is.
- Kelly and Jay H.

Contact was quick and easy after we purchased the groupon. They typically work 8-5 M-F but they did accommodate a Saturday visit for us as we work the same times. We showed them what we wanted and they took the info quickly and easily. It took about 2 weeks to get the results which was a bit longer than expected - but we were not in a hurry. They actually came to my wife's work place to show her the results which was very accommodating on their part. They showed us in detail what we had asked for. The pricing was a bit higher than we wanted to pay - but they were are first company we looked at. We have talked to two other companies in the meantime - but have not started the remodel as of yet. Overall - they provided a service we wanted - were very professional and probably would have delivered a quality product if we had moved forward. They are still on our list at this time.
- Robert M.

I chose
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
in the first place because
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
walked into my kitchen and saw the possibilities, rather than the limitations of the space. I was not disappointed. He was very patient with me throughout the design process and had numerous excellent ideas for achieving my desired results. There were a couple of scheduling delays due to mis-measuring and subcontractor schedules, but
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Bros. made up for them in the final product. I was impressed with the quality of all of their tradesmen and will absolutely hire them for my next remodeling project. I love my kitchen every time I walk into it and everyone who sees it agrees that it is beautiful. I've recommended
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Bros. to family and friends. They are already working on my mother's bathroom!
- Chris B.

Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
did an excellent job of completely removing the existing shower stall and re-tiling everything, including the floor. Note that we did purchase the tile and fixtures separately, but the new doors were included in his price above. The job turned out to be somewhat more involved than originally estimated due to having to replace the floor underlayment, but we knew that possibility up front.
We highly recommend
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and would not hesitate to use
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
again. In fact, we have already contracted him to do our other bath.
- William P.

First everything was fine and nice however after a couple of years in, water started to go under the liner very slowly that it wasn't really noticeable. Last year it was almost impossible to take a shower without falling so we called them. 3 to 4 months later somebody came over and "fixed" the issue however bubbles could still be seen.
Today it is back to a flood under the tub and it gets again really dangerous to take a shower (like being on a surf board). we've been calling and left message and only once
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
picked up the phone and said he'll show up. Of course he never said when or bother to call before to make sure somebody was home and he left his card. It's been weeks now and still couldn't get an hold on somebody to come again to fix the leak.
My in-laws are coming in 2 weeks and they have MS, I wonder what would happen if they break their neck in the tub because of this? Maybe a class action is in
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
- Cyril A.

I chose to work with this company based on info I read on Angie's List and BBB and they sounded like a reputable company. However, the entire experience with the company was a nightmare. The project started on Sep 24 and was to be completed and walk thru by Oct 14. The project was not completed until
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
19. (Due to a death in the family I was gone for two weeks and taking that into account the project took 10 weeks to complete instead of the initial 2 weeks outlined on the schedule given to me.) There was no one on-site to oversee the project. On occasion someone would show up to check on the progress. Some days scheduled workers would show up at 9:30 am instead of 8:00 or they would be pulled off the job after a few hours to go finish another job. On two occasions workers were scheduled and no one showed up. I had a worker show up one day and he asked me what he was supposed to do. I had no idea what his specialty was but showed him the bathroom and told him I thought he should be telling me what he intended to do. The lights were not delivered to the house and the workers doing the electrical had to guess how far up above the cutout for the medicine cabinets the electrical outlet should be for the lighting. I was originally told that the project would not be scheduled to start until all parts and supplies were purchased and delivered. The plumber, didn't remove the spout for the old shower head and the next day a worker was installing the backer board for the shower. I noticed he didn't remove the shower head and asked him if he intended to do so and he said that wasn't his job. I had to call the office and the plumber returned to remove the shower head spout. That meant removing the backer board that had already been installed. In addition, on the day the plumber was scheduled to work I waited until 1:00 pm and finally called the office to ask if anyone was going to show up. They contacted the plumber and I was told he would be here in an hour. The plumber finally showed up two hours later. The drywall worker installed the pony wall but no one told him it was to be tiled so he installed bullnose edges. After the tile was installed on the wall there was a half inch of grout filling in the space between the tile and the bullnose
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. This meant the drywall on the pony wall had to be removed and reinstalled. Another delay. When the tile installer finished with his work I noticed there was no grout around the entire top
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
of the shower. I guess he figured it was so high up I wouldn't notice it. Also the tile installer didn't follow instructions and failed to install the decorative tiles in the pack of the niches. I blame all this on the lack of oversight by a site manager. The tile installer also set up a electric saw in the bathroom and proceeded to cut tiles which immediately set off all the fire alarms in my house. I can't imagine what he was thinking. Apparently thinking all work had been completed,
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
made an appointment for a final walk thru on Nov 19, which seemed odd to me because the new shower hose/head was still laying on the floor of the bathroom where it had been for weeks. In addition, the shelves that were installed needed to have touch up paint, the shower edges grouted and the outside stucco wall repaired. The stucco job where the window was removed turned out to be a disaster. Not only did the stucco pattern not match the rest of the house, it bulged out and was painted with a glossy paint. How could a worker walk away from that and call the job done. From the street one could see the exact outline of where the window had been removed. The stucco had to be removed and redone and painted with the proper paint. I had sent an email of the paint color to the office twice, then had to gave a copy to
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
when he came to paint and again had to look it up for the fourth time and give the worker who had to do the repair of the stucco. No one in the office talks to each other or shares information. Sandpaper that I had on my workbench in the garage turned up missing as well as tiles left over from the bathroom remodel. It makes me wonder what else is missing from the garage that I do not know about. To sum it up, deadlines were not met, work was either done incorrectly and had to redone or I just accepted what was done. Workers showed up late, had to leave early to finish at another jobs or did not show up at all with no calls from the office to update me. There was no one overseeing the project. All the mistakes could have been elevated if there was a Project Lead/Manager to oversee what was going on. I felt I was paying professionals to do a bath remodel but only got basic handyman work. Work was substandard and I don't know how many phone calls I had do make to the office to find out is what was going on or when someone supposed to show up. The only thing that really turned out without a hitch was the countertop and glass installation and that was because it was done by a sub-contractor. I didn't renew my subscription to Angie's List because I think the reviews are bogus and I would never trust them again. How could
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
get such outstanding reviews and the service I received was horrific. How can a job that was scheduled to take two weeks end up taking 10 weeks. This meant that the master bedroom and bathroom was unusable. The service and work from
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
is positively unacceptable.
- Leslie S.

Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
is very knowledgeable. He was great at taking our ideas, which were all over the place, and helped us
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
in on the things that were the most important to us. It was like a remodel counseling session. It was great. When he left we felt as though our vision was more defined and improved from our original concepts. We definitely look forward to working with Acumen.
- Benjamin B.

Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Burns is truly a remodeling professional. We called
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, along with several other contractors, to give us estimates on our remodeling projects. He was personally available to quickly give us a very fair quote. We chose
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
because of his professionalism, price and his ability to do all of the the work himself. He provided us with formal, written quotes and, I'm happy to say, the costs did not exceed these quotes. We initially planned to redo the master shower and install wood-look ceramic tile planks in the 3 bedrooms. We ended up expanding the project to include new master and guest bathroom vanities and gutting the entire kitchen.
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was there every step of the way. He gave us design advice as we chose the materials and planned the kitchen. From there, he and his crew handled, glass shower surround, granite counter tops, cabinetry, drywall repair, painting, fixtures and tiled the shower, backsplash, flooring and baseboards. Everything he touched turned out beautifully! Our happiness was
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
's top priority. He was always available to answer our questions and checked in frequently to ensure that we were pleased with the progress. The finished product is perfect, however, the best part about working with
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
is that he is completely trustworthy. It means the world to us that we could have total peace-of-mind when we were away and he was working in our home. It's great to work with one contractor that can do every aspect of a remodel as we never had to worry about giving access to our home to different crews of people. He constantly went the extra mile, working with our busy schedules and accommodating our 2 big dogs throughout the process.
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
is a pleasure to work with. He is a true, honest professional.

Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
came over to the house to take measurements, and we bounced remodeling ideas off of each other for a while. She was very informative and pleasant to deal with. She sent me several drawings and even came out a second time to go over things again as the plans developed all at no cost. I am very excited about the potential in our bathroom space and can't wait to get to work.
When it came to price, things were only slightly higher than my other quote, but I would consider this increase worth it due to the confidence I have in her team's expertise from the time I spent with her.
I would recommend
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
to anyone. And thank you
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
for all your time and help.
- Benjamin B.

Outstanding!! Exceeded every expectations beyond anything we could have expected. We had a few bids, however when
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
walked in our home, he was prepared and respectfully listened to our thoughts and ideas. We have always done our remodels ourselves, which we shared with
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, and said that we tend to be fussy.
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
didn't blink and was confident he would meet our needs and expectations. We discussed what we wanted to accomplish and
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was very helpful with his recommendations and gave clear reasons to his suggestions.
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
took measurements and said he would have a quote within the week. We received the quote in two days; again exceeding our expectations. We scheduled to visit their showroom and they were very willing to accommodate my work schedule and stay late at the office for us. We walked in thinking we wanted a certain cabinet finish and
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
were so helpful as we took the time to try different combinations of tile, trim and all of the cabinet samples. With their help we knew exactly when we had the right combination, to include the fixtures.
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was our project manager and (again) this man was outstanding. His assistant
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
certainly complimented
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and both men were respectful and did their best to keep the other areas of the room/house protected. And when other workers came in to perform special tasks, we did not have to check their work at all, because
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
took care of carefully reviewing the work and having it redone if not perfectly done. Truth be told, my fussy husband was blown away with
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
's work-ethic and attention to detail. It was very obvious that
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
loved his work and was very proud at the end of each day to review what the guys had done, what time the following day they would be back, and/or which of the other workers would be on site the following day.
The outside stucco man would not even come through our home. He said his shoes were dirty and he did not want to mess up our home. He went through the backyard and climbed a ladder to get to our back deck, to perform the exterior work on the house.
It has been so refreshing to find a company with a culture of true customer service. Even before our bathroom was finished, we knew that the other work we had planned to have done would be done by
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. The day we had our final walk-thru, we asked
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
to measure our kitchen cabinets and all our floor tile areas. Work begins after Thanksgiving to reface our kitchen cabinets and replace our tile floors. As with the bathroom, we visited the showroom to select our products and
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was patient and so helpful as we went round and round to find something that popped for us. And we found it, although it was not what we walked in thinking we wanted. We choose a darker wood as it was so rich looking. We also chose the wood-look tile which was also darker (than our original thought) however the combination was very rich. When
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
came out to take final measurements,
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
brought the samples so
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
could see it in our own home/light. Again, the right choice. Every person from
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
is so focused on genuine customer service, and it is obvious they love their work. The results also made it very easy for us to think of other smaller jobs to have done in the coming year.
We will remain members of Angie's list, although won't need to go searching for another contractor.
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
is our company and the people we will call for any future projects. Thank you very much to
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Chandler Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, our main team!!
- Michael M.
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Arizona Kitchens by Max LLC

4020 W Grand Ave #1
Phoenix, AZ
Granite countertops starting at 29.99 a sq ft. new cabinets, cabinet refacing, cabinet...

Arizona Leak Detection

8602 North 40th Drive
Phoenix, AZ
Leak detection of homes, pools, businesses, any water related leak and repair, video camera...

Arizona Project Solutions LLC

PO Box 1725
Queen Creek, AZ
Arizona project solutions is an experienced licensed, bonded, & insured general contractor....

Arizona Remodeling

1240 E. Sahuaro Dr.
Phoenix, AZ
Home remodeling, repair and maintenance. handyman services. quality and reliability at a price...

Arizona Remodeling Specialists

2324 w cortez st
Phoenix, AZ
Estimates are given and determined by the type of job needed. free in home estimates....

Arizona Renovations Group LLC

10 S Stellar Pkwy
Chandler, AZ
Residential and commercial general contractor

Arizona Residential Contracting LLC

3131 W. Baylor
Chandler, AZ
Arizona residential contracting is a fully licensed, bonded and insured general contracting...

Arizona State Remodeling

2419 N Black Canyon Hwy #13
Phoenix, AZ
We are a family owned and operated business. our customer is our number one priority....

Armstrong Innovations, Inc.Home Remodeling

3655 W Anthem Way A-109#171
Anthem, AZ
General contractor, ken armstrong, has the knowledge and expertise to take your project from...

Arriola's 3 Custom Framing LLC

1649 W Mohave St
Phoenix, AZ
I have 2-9 employees including myself. i bid jobs material and labor.

Arron Enterprises

7253 E Dewberry Ave
Mesa, AZ
1 employee. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. lead certified....

Art of Tuscany

Mesa, AZ
Art of tuscany is a direct importer of tile, travertine, marble and granite slabs and tile. ...


2134 sasadfasd
Phoenix, AZ

Arties Master Plumbing LLC

242 S Beck Ave Apt 257
Tempe, AZ
Angie's list will get an extra 5% off (15% total) and will always get 10% off after the first...

Artisan Renovations LLC

514 W. Willetta St
Phoenix, AZ
Artisan renovations is owned by marty jablonski and rt tanner, licensed contractors. we work...

ASAP Restoration LLC

20701 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 107-292
Scottsdale, AZ
Asap restoration, llc (asap), are experts in water and fire damage cleanup and restoration. we...

Atchison Construction, Inc.

1410 E Tierra Buena Ln.
Phoenix, AZ
An arizona full service general contractor and facilities maintenance specializing in...

Authentic Durango Stone™ by World Wide Stone Corp

7946 E McClain Dr
Scottsdale, AZ
Quarrier-producer of natural dimensional travertine and marble limestone collections, as...

AZ Alpha Glass & Mirror

9192 W. Cactus Rd. Ste#
Peoria, AZ
Az alpha glass -provides glass and glazing services for commercial industries that require...


Mesa, AZ
Owner operated. uses same subs for plumbing & marble. cost is determined by the job. travel...


Glendale, AZ
A license general contractors. multi- proffesional companies under one roof

AZ Home Construction LLC

2934 E Yucca St
Phoenix, AZ
Ask about our angie's list discount. we can help you plan and start your repair or remodel...

AZ Revamp

2487 S. Gilbert Rd.
Gilbert, AZ
Az revamp is a licensed, bonded, and insured general contracting company located in phoenix,...

AZ Xtreme Glass & Mirror, LLC

P.O. Box 93202
Phoenix, AZ
Free estimates, next day installations on most orders. licensed,bonded,and insured roc#...


8550 e Mcdowell rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. our...

Azco West LLC

13427 N. 84th St.
Scottsdale, AZ
Disability & veteran discounts member of the bbb


Phoenix, AZ
Owner operated. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fee. license #:...

B Ann Builders LLC

1225 S Quail Ct
Gilbert, AZ
General contractor residential & commercial and certified insurance remodeler. we have been...


3726 W Villa Linda Dr
Glendale, AZ
B colorful llc is an arizona native owned and operated home improvement company.

B D Cabinets LLC

2168 W Sharon Ave
Phoenix, AZ

Bailey Services

Peoria, AZ
Owner-operated. uses subs for general labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges....

Bannister Development

Peoria, AZ
Bannister development is a full service builder from land aquisition to ground up...

Barber Contracting, LLC

70 S. Val Vista A3-171
Gilbert, AZ
We are a licensed general contractor. we are a small family company. our services are very...

Bathroom Redesign & Repair

1743 W Muirwood Dr
Phoenix, AZ
At bathroom redesign & repair we service the entire arizona valley with full and custom...

Bathroom Transformations

8092 West Paradise Lane
Peoria, AZ
We offer free in-home estimates. we are licensed, bonded, insured, bbb and ethical arizona...

Bathroom Transformations

8092 West Paradise Lane
Peoria, AZ
Bathroom transformations specializes in creating bathrooms that are just as functional and...

Beautiful Remodel llc

PO Box 1762
Gilbert, AZ
We are a family-owned, award-winning design-build remodeling company. owner steve price...

Bedrock Remodeling and Repair

2913 W Mandalay ln
Phoenix, AZ
Bedrock remodeling was started in 2001. we are licensed, bonded and insured. we remodel...

Belke Builders

Phoenix, AZ
Refer a friend (that books a job over $500) and receive a $50 referral fee. for all booked...

Bella Builders Corp

16211 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Bella builders is a premier locally owned full service remodeling and maintenance company.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - The Punctual Plumber

20601 N 19th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Lic # roc200353.

Benn Mark Construction

4932 E. Rancho Tierra Dr
Cave Creek, AZ

Berglund & Sons Contracting LLC

Mesa, AZ
Family owned & operated. additional contact name - bruce berglund.

Best Austin Handyman & Remodeling

937 Reinli, Suite 14
Austin, TX
Locally owned and operated. all handyman, landscaping, home automation, and remodeling...

Best Quality Handyman Services

5911 address supplied on request
Phoenix, AZ
Best quality handyman services is dedicated to giving honest professional services with clean...

Better Homes Cabinets & Granite LLC

4011 N Black Cyn Hwy
Phoenix, AZ
We are an in-stock supplier of manufactured cabinets and granite countertops. we take pride in...

Beyond Cabinets Design & Remodel

Mesa, AZ
We are a design-build company which is a process of the most efficient method of completing a...

Big City Plumbing & Service LLC

Queen Creek, AZ
We are a professional plumbing contrator, family owned and operated

Bill's Roofing

1404 E. Lemon St.
Tempe, AZ
We are residential & commercial roofing contractors, specializing in metal roofing, shingles,...


7615 N 75th Ave
Glendale, AZ
We supply and install cabinets and counter tops to the home owner and contractors.

Bloomer construction inc

2848 E houston Ave
Gilbert, AZ
We do all kinds of custom concrete. from new foundations to small backyard jobs. we have a...

Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating

4765 Independence Street
Wheat Ridge, CO
Blue sky plumbing & heating, located in wheat ridge, co, and serving the surrounding denver...


PO Box 1521
Gilbert, AZ
We are a family owned business. honest and quality service is what we provide!

Boers Home Renovations, LLC

Mesa, AZ
Owner run and operated.

Boswell Flooring

702 E Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ
Boswell flooring is located in chandler arizona, but services the east valley...phoenix,...

Bradfeldt Construction

625 W Deer Valley Rd
Phoenix, AZ
A small construction company with a wide range of abilities; anything from handyman projects...

Bradley Companies Inc

21617 N 3rd Ave Ste A
Phoenix, AZ
Bradley companies is a full service general contractor. we specialize in the construction...

Bri-Sto Development Corp.

Peoria, AZ
Bri-sto development est. 1995 we are a general contractor involved in cutting edge...


2432 W Peoria Ave Ste 1075
Phoenix, AZ
Browner building and design is one of the most premier remodeling company's in maricopa...

Browns Improvements

4102 E Ashurst Dr
Phoenix, AZ
Browns improvements has been going into its third year, lots of references and photos to view...

Budget Bathrooms Inc

10841 N 29th Dr
Phoenix, AZ
We are a one stop company that will handle every aspect from design to installation. we...

Build Logic LLC

Laveen, AZ
We are a family owned and operated licensed general contractor. we accept cash, check, and...

Builders Depot AZ, Inc.

7950 E. Acoma Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ
Our history the beginning builders depot az, inc. was founded by mark stephenson. the...

Building Specialist LLC

PO Box 10362
Glendale, AZ
See website for additional services.

Built Tough Construction

Mesa, az
Built tough construction is a small family owned and opperated company.


PO Box 12438
Chandler, AZ

By The Hour

28039 N 77th St
Scottsdale, AZ
Owner operated. award winning.

BYC Contracting

3601 W Altadena Ave
Phoenix, AZ
I am an owner operator and do 99% of the work myself. we accept checks and or cash. no...

Bz Construction

PO Box 2641
Scottsdale, AZ
Bz construction is a family owned and operated business. we pride ourselves on an outstanding...

C & C Renovation

East mesa drive
Mesa, AZ
We are a full service home renovation company. everything from complete home remodels to your...

C & L Tile

14409 N 37th St
Phoenix, AZ
C & l tile does full remodels and new construction tile work only. we are licensed and bonded...


Phoenix, AZ
We are a small family owned business, since 1997, located in ahwatukee. we pride ourselves on...

C.P. Plumbing

25 N Cottonwood St
Chandler, AZ

C.P. Plumbing

25 N Cottonwood St
Chandler, AZ
Owner operated company. i dont charge to look at a job if i am in the area, i work all over...

C.P. Plumbing LLC

25 N Cottonwood St
Chandler, AZ
C.p plumbing has been in business since 2009. i currently have no employees. my rates are...

C.P. Plumbing LLC

25 N Cottonwood St
Chandler, AZ
I have been in business since 2009. i am licensed, bonded, and insured. my rates are very...

C.P. Plumbing LLC

25 N Cottonwood St
Chandler, AZ
I have been in business since 2009. i am licensed, bonded, and insured. my rates are very...

Cabinet Giant Kitchen Cabinets by Cabinet Giant

7600 Gardner Ave
Kansas City, MO
Cabinet giant is the right place for your online kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities,...

Cabinet Solutions USA

7848 E Redfield Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Our line of in-stock, preassembled kitchen cabinets and hundreds of custom order styles give...

Cactus Construction and Remodeling LLC

29850 N. Varnum Rd
Queen Creek, AZ
Cactus construction and remodeling llc has been in business since 2004. we are insured, bonded...

Cactus Valley Remodeling and Repair LLC

2084 East Firestone Dr
Chandler, AZ
We provide a turn key oporation for all your remodeling and residential home repair needs. we...

Cadence Design & Interiors

2810 E Jones Ave
Phoenix, AZ
We are a locally owned and operated design/construction firm specializing in small to medium...

Cadillac Tile LLC

PO Box 86247
Phoenix, AZ
Owner operated. see website for more details.

Cahaba Scapes

2130 11th avenue north
Birmingham, AL
We offer a full scale of all outdoor improvements, from simple lawn care to complete landscape...


Phoenix, AZ
License #: roc222860.

Camelback Contractors Inc

10201 N 21st Ave Ste 9
Phoenix, AZ
Family owned business in operation since 1950. specializing in remodeling, insurance...

Camelback plumbing

3546 E Hazelwood St
Phoenix, AZ
Family owned & operated.

Cancelli Development Group Inc.

10552 W Villa Chula
Peoria, AZ
Cancelli development group is a leed accredited sba certified business based in peoria,...

Canyon Kitchen Cabinets LLC

1201 N 54th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Canyon kitchen cabinets can assist you with all of your remodeling projects. we do complete...

Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet

1530 S Val Vista Dr #105
Gilbert, AZ
Located in gilbert, arizona, capital mark granite and cabinet offers full-scale kitchen...

Capital Property Specialists

1444 E. Kingbird Dr.
Gilbert, AZ
Our formula for success has always been to create lasting relationships with our customers by...

Capital R Construction

3009 N. Rockwell Blvd #4
Casa Grande, AZ
I would like to introduce myself and capital r construction. i have participated in the...

Carlson And Sons Plumbing

4520 E Westchester
Chandler, AZ
We take pride in our work and our name we treat every job like it is our owne for all your...


12413 N. 79th Street
Scottsdale, AZ
Carmichael construction is a scottsdale, arizona based full service company.


Scottsdale, AZ
The remodeling business in general has a high failure rate and anybody with a set of tools and...

Casa Del Rey Development

1423 E Beverly Ln
Phoenix, AZ
Casa del rey development, is a general contractor specializing in custom homes and remodels....

Casey Plumbing LLC.

1933 E. Dana Ave.
Mesa, AZ
Casey plumbing, llc. is one of the premier plumbing companies in the valley. anything that...

Castle Builders Incorporated

4050 E Garnet Cir
Mesa, AZ
No job to big. no job to small.


7829 N 68TH AVE
Glendale, AZ
Comm'l/res. b licenses, c61 remodel license. turnkey remodeling of kitchens, baths,...


3654 N Power Rd Ste 150
Mesa, AZ
Cbc has been building and remodeling luxury homes and businesses in the valley since 1999....

Century Shower Door

Corporate Office
Torrance, CA
Since 1945, century shower door has been a family owned and operated company with its...

Certified Professional Restoration

1779 N Congress Ave
Boynton Beach, FL
Sometimes the unexpected happens…. certified professional restoration is an all inclusive...

Chas and Sons Builders

5111 E Roy Rogers Rd
Cave Creek, AZ
We are a full service general contracting firm thatspecializes in all of your residential...

Choice Property Construction & Remodel

16805 N Aspen Dr
Fountain Hills, AZ
Residential and small commercial services. we provide all construction services and...


Scottsdale, AZ
Citywide builders is a full service general contractor specializing in residential remodeling...


4202 E. Elwood Street
Phoenix, AZ
We are your full service kitchen & bath remodel company. including building additions,...

Classic Copper Works

9337 Spring Cypress Road
Spring, TX
Classic copper works uses time honored german copper smith techniques handed down from father...

Classy Kitchen and Bath

4320 W Chandler Blvd Suite 7
Chandler, AZ
Classy kitchen & bath® is a leading supplier of quality, custom kitchen and bath design,...

CLD Construction LLC

162N. Starboard Dr.
Gilbert, AZ
-contractor license no.283035 class kb-2 residential and commercial -20 years experience

Clean under pressure washing llc.

Surprise, AZ
Pressure washing anything you need we have hot and cold applications and special machines for...


2550 E Rose Garden
Phoenix, AZ
Manufacturer of a non chlorine-non chemical fresh water pool equipment sanitizer. credit card...

CM Remodeling

729 w 1st ST
Mesa, AZ
Cm remodeling was founded in 1989. we are a family owned general contracting company that does...

Color House Properties LLC

11461 109th Way
Scottsdale, AZ
Professional remodeling company. licensed, bonded, insured.


Glendale, AZ
Our company has a proven reputation. licensed for 10 years in the state of az.and we had no...

Consolidated Facility Services

P.O Box 51597
Mesa, AZ
Consolidated facility services (cfs) is a family owned small business. we use our own crew and...

Construction Diversified Ltd

PO Box 4362
Scottsdale, AZ
Commercial and residential builder

Consumer Finance Solutions

6909 W Ray Rd., B15-106
Chandler, AZ
We’ve teamed up with retailers, contractors, dealers and healthcare providers nationwide to...


Mesa, AZ
Cook remodeling and custom construction is an award winning, design build firm serving the...

Copper Canyon Millworks

5411 W. Orange Drive
Glendale, AZ
When selecting the right custom cabinet manufacturer for your home, you may wonder about the...

Copper Sun Construction LLC

320 N Don Peralta Rd
Apache Junction, AZ

Copperline Contracting LLC

148 W Orion St Ste C-1
Tempe, AZ
The management team at copperline has been in the housing and contracting industry for over 25...

Copperstate Mechanical Llc.

PO Box 5148
Phoenix, AZ
Our plumbing company was found in march 25th of 2004 with the goal to provide plumbing...

Counter Intuitive Concrete

2053 North 39th Place
Phoenix, AZ
We will come to you for a complimentary on-site consultation. we currently accept cash and...

County Electric Co.

14589 W. Watson Lane
Surprise, AZ
County electric co. is the valley's premier electrical service company. we are licensed ,...

Courtesy Manufactured Home Plumbing & Repair

110 N. Papago Trail
Chino Valley, AZ
Courtesy manufactured home plumbing & repair has been in business since 1984 providing...

Courtesy Plumbing of AZ LLC

6014 W Glendale Ave
Glendale, AZ
4 employees. uses subs. charges a flat rate. travel charges may apply. extra charge for after...

Cowboy Steve Handyman

51536 W Julie Ln
Maricopa, AZ
In business for over 30 years, we have seen and fixed everything!

Coyote Creek Construction Inc.

4110 E. Woodstock rd.
Cave Creek, AZ
General contractor specializing in residential remodeling projects. license...

Coyote Plumbing

8490 S Power
Gilbert, AZ
"we are just a howl away!" family owned and operated. 6 employees. master plumbers, no subs....

Craftsman Unlimited, Inc.

7950 E. Acoma Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ
Services home services instead of doing it themselves, many customers choose to have qualified...

Crandall Custom Homes

8883 E. Captain Dreyfus Ave.
Scottsdale, AZ
Crandall custom homes is a custom building and remodeling contractor specializing in custom...

Creative Kitchens

11122 W Alabama Ave
Youngtown, AZ
Creative kitchens is a full-service general contractor in phoenix, az, that specializes in...

Crosspoint Contracting LLC

11735 W Patrick Lane
Sun City, AZ
"making dreams a reality by designing beautifully, pricing affordably, and delivering...

Crowley Construction Co., Inc.

Phoenix, AZ
General contractor

CSC Stone Inc

8736 W Salter Dr
Peoria, AZ
Csc stone, inc. providing custom tile installation and remodeling in the valley for over 25...

CTR Construction and Renovation LLC

15508 Bell Rd
Surprise, AZ
Ctr construction has been serving the valley since 2009, we are a full service contractor and...

Custom Cabinet Installation, Inc

4126 E. Aspen Ave
Mesa, AZ
We work with each customer through a step by step process. making sure they understand exactly...


Phoenix, AZ
5% discount given to angie's list members.


308 West Watkins Street
Phoeniz, AZ
Greg topel, the owner of custom crafted floor covering has been in the flooring/remodeling...


Glendale, AZ
License - roc241457, roc241456, roc245434, roc245433.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Cabinets by C&F

3245 N Arizona Ave # 5
Chandler, AZ
Arizona home remodel company specializing in custom cabinets for your bathroom or kitchen...

D & M Shelving & Remodeling LLC

8345 E Jensen Cir
Mesa, AZ
Pull out shelves - custom to your cabinets

D&K Entprises

517 S Lebaron Road
Mesa, AZ
D & k enterprises offer a wide range of services in commercial and residential asbestos, lead...

D'amore Interior Design Studio Inc

2919 E Glenhaven Dr
Phoenix, AZ
Specialties: 24 yrs experience in custom cabinetry and specifying all products needed fro new...

D. A. Nessler Construction Inc.

8502 East Welsh Trail
Scottsdale, AZ
Licensed and insured subcontractors and company crews.

D.W. Rodda Remodeling

5721 N 13th Pl
Phoenix, AZ
No home owner complaints. rarely hires sub contractors. hires other employees to help...

DA-Nite Construction Handyman Services LLC

7130 W Shaw Butte Dr.
Peoria, AZ
Do you need a good handyman/plumber or any honey do’s done, then give me a call. i have been...

Daddy Does It Inc

PO Box 42143
Phoenix, AZ
Full service home inspection company. providing checklist inspection reports that may be...


Phoenix, az
Phoenix, AZ
Family owned and operated; payments by cash or check only

Darling Designs

6522 E Camino Santo
Scottsdale, AZ
We are architectural/residential design professionals we have had offices in scottsdale az....

David Michael Development

Gilbert, AZ
Specializing in repairs and new installations for all your construction and handyman needs. i...

daVinci Green, LLC

PO Box 71251
Phoenix, AZ
10 employees. free estimate and design ideas. financing is available. davinci green...

Davis Home Development LLC

25719 S 189th St
Queen Creek, AZ
Davis home development is a full service remodeling,restoration and repair company that does...

DC Restoration

422 S Drew St
Mesa, AZ
Alternate business name: damage control builders. additional phone nos: (480) 892-3855. (928)...

DCM Dave's Custom Millwork

45023 N. 7th St
New River, AZ
Small, family owned, 1 man shop. 20 years in arizona. works mainly with architects, builders,...


Phoenix, AZ

Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors Inc

2411 W Lone Cactus Dr
Phoenix, AZ
Since 1989, deer valley plumbing has provided plumbing construction and repair services to the...

Deluxe Electric LLC

PO Box 50724
Phoenix, AZ
Licensed electrical contractor, offering residential and commercial electrical services.

Desert Canyon Construction & Landscape, LLC

457 W Smoke Tree Rd
Gilbert, AZ
Desert canyon construction has been serving communities in arizona and california for more...

Desert Carpentry LLC

Phoenix, AZ
Desert carpentry has a self-employed licensed carpenter with 19 years experience. no travel...

Desert Mesa Painting

3425 E Grand Canyon Drive
Chandler, AZ
Desert mesa painting has been in business since 2000. our services include decks, driveways...


4139 North 68th Street
Tempe, AZ
We are dually licensed with the arizona registrar of contractors, commercially &...

Desert Mountain Countertops Inc

PO Box 378
Gilbert, AZ
Desert mountain countertops provides fabrication and installation of quality,...

Desert Rock Building and Remodeling

PMB # 275, 2753 E. Broadway, Suite 101
Mesa, AZ
General contracting and sub-contracting. we build and remodel in both commercial and...

Desert Solutions

8620 E Cortez St
Scottsdale, AZ
Desert solutions and property improvements, inc. is a licensed and insured contractor and...

Desert sun protection

4187 E Austin Ln
Queen Creek, AZ
Desert sun protection is a general contracting company that can take care of anything that you...

desert valley construction incorporated

5724 W Harmont Dr
Glendale, AZ
Desert valley construction a glendale, arizona based company which has been in the...


1500 S Boulder St
Gilbert, AZ
Residential remodeling- kitchens, baths and additions. including tile installation, painting,...

Design & Stone International, Inc.

5261 S 31st Pl
Phoenix, AZ
We provide retail and wholesale quality affordable cabinets and natural granite countertops...

Design With Distinction, LLC.

Tempe, AZ
Small, boutique interior design studio with personalized service. our award-winning interior...

Designer Cabinet Refinishing LLC

4442 N 7th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Designer cabinet refinishing, using your existing cabinets you select one of our 48 designer...

Designer Remodeling

4615 E Adobe Dr
Phoenix, AZ
We have 5 employees, in business since 1990


Mesa, AZ
May contact by email. uses subs for licensed trades. charges by the hour. travel charges may...

Diamond Glass and Mirror

16191 N 82ND ST
Scottsdale, AZ
Diamond glass and mirror has been serving the phoenix are with the highest quality shower...

Diamond Granite & Remodeling

2121 S Priest Drive
Tempe, AZ
Diamond granite & remodeling offers full service for kitchen, bathroom and complete home...

Diamond Kitchen & Bath Inc

4010 NW Grand Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Diamond kitchen and bath, inc. employs approximately 40 employees. we have a full installation...

Diamond Kitchen & Bath Inc

522 N Country Club Dr
Mesa, AZ
Diamond kitchen and bath, inc. employs approximately 40 employees. we have a full...

Diamond Kitchen and Bath, Inc.

4441 W Polk
Phoenix, AZ
“we sell and install new kitchen and bath cabinets and vanities. we carry top manufacturers...

Diamondback Renovations

2377 W. Utopia Rd.
Phoenix, AZ
We are a full service home renovation company, we offer free competitive bids, we do all work...

Diffenbaugh Design Build LLC

21998 E Cherrywood Dr
Queen Creek, AZ

DirectBuy of Indianapolis

8450 Westfield Blvd
Indianapolis, IN
Directbuy of indianapolis is a great connection for those who prefer mid to high quality...

Disaster relief Restoration & Remodeling

1718 South 80th place
Mesa, AZ
Also specialize in patios and room additions

Discount Electric

11583 W Hubbell St
Avondale, AZ
At discount electric, you get professional service at a price you can afford! our electricians...


28225 n 65th lane phoenix az 85083
Phoenix, AZ
Family owned & operated.

Distinctive Kitchen & Bath

2716 N 68th Street
Scottsdale, AZ
Distinctive kitchen and bath has been locally owned and operated in the valley for over 20...

Distinctive Remodeling and Design LLC

5408 W Country Gables Dr
Glendale, AZ

DJ Bauer Homes

4420 E. Duane Lane
Cave Creek, AZ
20+ yr mn custom home builder moved to az in 2006. owner/operator. sub-contractors used most...

DKS Home Repair

2233 E Behrend Dr
Phoenix, AZ
I have been in the handyman/remodeling business for 25 yrs.and have 2 employees and have done...

DMD Design Builders LLC

9226 W Kimberly Way
Peoria, AZ
We are a full construction company commerical and residential specializing in high end kitchen...

DMG Plumbing Company LLC

19635 E Via Del Oro
Queen Creek, AZ
Plumbing - new construction, remodel, service, water heaters and water softners.


2824 N Power Road, #113-250
Mesa, AZ
Call today for an estimate-nocost/free, remodeling and tenant improvements


25616 S 182ND PL
Queen Creek, AZ
Doctor restoration is a family owned and operated general contractor. we accept cash, checks,...


Phoenix, AZ
Registrar of contractors #60681 c-37r


19320 E Avenida Del Valle
Queen Creek, AZ
We are a full service insurance repair contracting firm. we have top of the line equipment and...


8809 N 192nd Ave
Waddell, AZ
Hello; we're a general contracting with over 30 years experience. we've been license in az...

Double DD

1515 Sandra Terrace
Phoenix, AZ
Self employed, sub-contract as necessary. accept cash, check or money order payments.

Double R Service, LLC

12934 W Cherry Hills Drive
El Mirage, AZ
Double r services is a company that generates leads for your business

Doucette-Ewer Construction L.L.C.

3044 N. Alvernon Way
Tucson, AZ
We are a licensed and insured residential & commercial general contractor specializing in new...

Dozer Construction & Home Remodeling

34807 N 32nd Dr #2089
Phoenix, AZ
Dozer constuction will repair and remodel your home based on your specific needs and desires. ...

Dry Guys Restoration

104 E 1st Ave
Mesa, AZ
We work with insurance companies and homeowners after a disaster (flood, fire, storm damage...

Dry Star Restortation LLC

1817 S. Horne St #9
Mesa, AZ
We are a one stop shop for water mitigation and rebuild services. we are clean trust...

Dryland Homewerks

Apache Junction, AZ

DSW Restoration

4220 E. Turney Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Specializing in the pv and arcadia area


Chandler, AZ
We are a general remodeling contractor

DTR Construction LLC

4071 W Orchid Ln
Chandler, Az
General remodeling contractor we do all forms of remodeling accept credit cards ,checks

Durfee Construction

3005 W Sentinel Rock Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Durfee construction is a fully licensed, registered and insured building and remodeling...


Scottsdale, AZ
We are a general contractor that specializes in remodeling and insurance restoration resulting...

Dutch Design Cabinetry

4721 E Swilling Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Dutch design offers sales and installation of kitchen and bath cabinetry. just looking for...

Dutchman Construction

4128 W Grovers Ave
Glendale, AZ
I have been in business since 1999 under the name of dutchman construction. i am a framer by...

DVS Development Co.

118 W Orchid Ln
Phoenix, AZ
We are licensed, bonded and insured general contractors. dvs is dedicated to customer service...

Dwelling Cabinetry & Flooring

7655 E Redfield Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Dwelling cabinetry & flooring/dwelling design llc is a unique cabinetry & flooring company...

DXR Construction

17500 N 67th Ave
Glendale, AZ

Dynamic Plumbing

38241 n 3rd street
Phoenix, AZ has been serving the state of arizona since 1995

Dynamic Remodeling & Repairs

428 E Villa Theresa Dr.
Phoenix, AZ
I have been in the phoenix for 30 years. i have been in this business over 20 years. thank you

Eagle Luxury Properties

6617 N. Scottsdale Road Suite #104
Scottsdale, AZ
Eagle luxury properties is a custom homebuilder located in scottsdale, az. founded in 2000, we...

Eagle Valley Construction, Inc.

PO Box 9670
Chandler Heights, AZ
Eagle valley construction, inc is a general contractor specializing in residential room...

East Valley Floors Inc.

509 East Chicago Circle (BY APPT)
Chandler, AZ
Von started east valley floors back in 1984 when gilbert was a small farming community. as...

EBS Contracting LLC

712 W. Manhatton Dr.
Tempe, AZ
General contracting services offered. start to finish. credit cards accepted.

Eco 360 Solutions, Inc

1815 W 1st Ave ste 107
Mesa, AZ
We have been in business since 1978 a family owned business, disable vet certified compamy.

Ecozona, LLC

18981 E Superstition Dr
Queen Creek, AZ
Ecozona is an earth friendly company, we use sustainable materials when ever possible and...

Element Plumbing Services

123 W. Chandler Heights Blvd.
Chandler, AZ
We are a licensed, bonded & insured plumbing contractor out of chandler arizona, hiring only...

Emergency Plumbing, LLC.

17826 N 11th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ
Emergency plumbing llc is a licensed commercial and residential plumbing contractor servicing...


Scottsdale, AZ
See website for additional services.

Empire Waste Systems, Inc.

19695 E. Via Del Oro
Queen Creek, AZ
Founded in 2003, by two brothers, empire waste systems, inc. is a locally owned and operated...

English Building Co LLC

2338 S Playa Mesa
Mesa, AZ

ENVY Restoration + Construction

803 E. Melody Drive
Gilbert, AZ
Full service emergency restoration firm, specializing in both interior & exterior remodeling...

ERC Emergency Repairs & Construction

929 N. Val Vista Dr. Ste.C-109`152
Gilbert, AZ


Scottsdale, AZ
Owner-operated. uses subs for extra work. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges.

ESC Surfaces

22405 N. 23rd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ
Esc surfaces offers some of the most competitive labor rates in arizona. in addition to this,...

Ethical Const Inc

2041 W Hidalgo Ave
Phoenix, AZ

european style design LLC

6628 w eagle talon tr.
Phoenix, az
Family business. working father and two sons. experience and passion.


Chandler, AZ
Exact marble and granite inc. has over 35 years experience in the natural stone industry...

Executive Services, Inc.

Phoenix, AZ
Licensed - bonded - insured - full service residential contractor

Express Marble & Granite

835 W 22nd St
Tempe, AZ
At express marble & granite we have our own facilities, we custom manufacture your order, we...

Exquisite Designs

47332 Sterdley Falls
Sterling, VA
We are a full service interior design firm. we also obtain a re-sale license which allows us...


237 S Date St
Mesa, AZ
License# 134065

EZ Flow Plumbing

3496 E Vaughn Ave
Gilbert, AZ
We have been the premier plumber in the east valley since 2007. we emphasize quality customer...

EZDesigns, LLC

724 W. Rhonda View Rd
Queen Creek, AZ
Specializing in custom outdoor kitchens, and residential electrical projects, ezdesigns has a...


6833 W Sherri Jean Ln
Peoria, Az
General handyman

Faizi Design, LLC

Phoenix, AZ
Founder and principal owner of faizi design, omer has turned an extensive background in...


657 S 73RD ST
Mesa, AZ
Husband & wife , many ref's , we strip/sand prior to stain , website has plenty of pix =...


2631 N 24TH DR
Phoenix, AZ
We have been making the homeowners of phoenix happy since 1962. our specialties are room...


2625 E Kenwood St
Mesa, AZ
We are located in mesa az been in contracting 30 years and provide a quality service at a fare...

Flint Inc Bathrooms Plus Kitchens

790 North Golden Key St.
Gilbert, AZ
Located at 790 n golden key st, gilbert, az 85233


14190 W Ban Buren
Goodyear, AZ
Ask for details.

Forrest Anderson Plumbing And Air Conditioning Inc

1725 W Williams Dr
Phoenix, AZ
Forrest anderson plbg. & a.c. has been serving residential, commercial and industrial clients...

Four Seasons Roofing and Home Services

45593 W Amsterdam Rd.
Maricopa, AZ

Frank Breinholt Custom Homes, LLC

3543 E Fox St
Mesa, AZ

Freeman Built, LLC

21639 N. 14th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
We would like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. freeman built is a ...

Freeman Reiff Construction, LLC

7730 E Greenway Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Freeman reiff construction is a general contractor skilled in both residential and commercial...

French Quarter Flooring llc

17455 N Black Canyon Hwy
Phoenix, AZ

Full Spectrum Contracting LLC

11543 E Adobe Rd
Mesa, AZ
Family owned business all work performed or directly supervised by owners.

Furcini Construction Co

4300 N 54th Street
Phoenix, AZ
Established in 1976, furcini construction is a builder and renovator of distinction of some of...

G & L Powers Inc

1483 W. Harvard
Gilbert, AZ
Manufacture of quality custom cabinetry for residential and commercial. we are family owned...

G & T Remodeling

5140 E. Oneiba St.
Phoenix, AZ
Free estimates, have a couple employees and sub contractors for larger jobs. half down and...

G.D Anderson Building Co. LLC

1533 W Hatcher Rd
Phoenix, AZ
G.d. anderson building company is a family run business that has been working in arizona for...

gagliardi enterprises

7100 west grandview rd.
Peoria, AZ
With a solid foundation in the central arizona area, gagliardi enterprises has built an...

Garage Door Repair

Valley Wide
Gilbert, AZ
It says garage door service but we are much much more. we are a father, son, brother combo...


P.O. Box 9146
Mesa, AZ
Garrett plumbing, inc. has been serving the valley since 1985. the owner of the company has...

GasCan Graphics/S&S Restoration

4546 E Shapinsay Dr
San Tan Valley, AZ
Gascan graphics is a one stop for all art and graphics. formerly robinson customs s&s...

Gates Custom Homes

8231 E Shetland Trl
Scottsdale, AZ
We are a full service home building/remodeling company.

GBP Contracting LLC

Tempe, AZ
2 employees. uses subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....

GES Construction

11275 E. Sahuaro Dr
Scottsdale, AZ
Gks enterprises llc/dba ges construction is a 18 year old general construction company in...

Giancola Builders

10640 E. Mercury Dr.
Apache Junction, AZ
We are a complete home remodeling company that is family owned and operated. the owner will ...

Gil's Electrical Service Inc

11024 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA
For over 20 years gil’s electrical service, inc. has been servicing all of the los angeles,...


Mesa, AZ
Family owned and operated since 1969. new construction residential and commercial plumbing...

Gillum Enterprises

1314 N Dodge Blvd
Tucson, AZ
Home remoldeling

Giovanni Herrera

12556 W Cottonwood St
Surprise, AZ
2 other employees. no sub contractors. charges by the job. no travel/trip charges.

Global Prevention Services

7329 E Greenway Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Global prevention services ('gps') is a full service general contractor and an environmental...

GMA Construction, LLC

P O Box 383
Phoenix, AZ
General contracting in the fields of residential and commercial..license kb-1, #282318 and...

Go Time Plumbing & Rooter

11811 N. Tatum Blvd #3031
Phoenix, AZ
Emergency plumbing repair services, leak repairs, water heaters. licensed plumbers. insurance...

Golden Rule Plumbing, LLC

Mesa, AZ
We do all service, repair, and install plumbing work. we are a family owned and operated...

Golden West Contracting

1960 E Woodsman Pl
Chandler, AZ
Golden west contracting is a locally owned licensed general contractor. we do not charge for...

Gottlieb Designs

6634 E Aster Dr
Scottsdale, AZ

Granite Mountain Construction

2127 W Maya Way
Phoenix, AZ
Granite mountain custom homes llc. look’s forward to extending our new construction,...

Granite Transformations of Phoenix

1230 W. Southern Ave. #103
Tempe, AZ
We have no sub contractors they are all employees of the company. we are licensed, bonded and...

Great Spaces

2330 W Mission Ln
Phoenix, AZ
Family owned & operated. great spaces az is a full-service provider of custom design projects....

Greater Arizona Home Improvements

19026 N 41st Pl
Phoenix, Az
Greater arizona home improvements is a family owned and operated business that specializes in...


Phoenix, AZ
We have over 28 years experience in remodeling and renovations but we don’t limit ourselves...


8905 N 18th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
.family owned and operated design~build remodeling company. project billing by progress...

Grittman Installations

2525 E Libby St
Phoenix, AZ
We install your cabinets.

Gryphon Roofing

2128 E Cedar St
Tempe, AZ
Welcome to gryphon roofing! gryphon roofing is a general contractor roofing and repair...

Guard Building Corp.

Phoenix, AZ
Guard was formed to provide builders quality, competent and competitive construction services...

guild general

37216 n. 15th ave.
Phoenix, az
Guild general, llc is a family owned business offering professional design and project...

Hacienda Restorations LLC

3294 E Birchwood Pl.
Chandler, AZ
We are a family owned and operated business that is licensed, bonded and insured to take on...

Hacienda Stone & Flooring Inc

1184 N. Gilbert Road Gilbert
Gilbert, AZ
Locally owned and operated,emphasizing honesty and good service,wide range of selections,and...

Hammersmith Home Improvement

5555 E. Skyline Drive
San Tan Valley, AZ
Richard has been in business for over 30 years and will jump through hoops to plan / complete...

Handcrafted Woodwork

San Tan Valley, AZ
We are a locally owned family business that specializes in fine finish carpentry and cabinet...

Handy in AZ LLC

32725 N 23rd Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Additional email - additional dba - handyinaz llc.

Handyman Connection - Phoenix

11435 N Cave Creek Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Award winning. 25 employees. cost is determined by the job. additional phone - (480) 585-6946....

Handyman Matters of Scottsdale

7505 East Main St. Ste. 700
Scottsdale, AZ
Roc 289099 quality residential & commercial handyman services, repair & remodeling from...

Handyman Solution

8924 East Pinicle Peak Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ
Handyman solution - one call solves it all. as a licensed, bonded, insured general contractor...

Handyman Unlimited

PO Box 11723
Winston-Salem, NC
In business since 1981. no subs except for major electrical and major plumbing.


525 W Tamarisk st
Phoenix, AZ
License #roc187059

Harcon Concrete, Inc.

PO Box 13552
Chandler, AZ

Hawk Builders, LLC

6040 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ
We specialize in custom new home construction and design, additions, and interior / exterior...

HCH Contracting Inc

PO Box 734
Waddell, AZ
Additional dbas - kyle henley custom homes, inc. in trade since 2003

Healthy Structures Inc

1404 E Lemon St
Tempe, AZ
8-25 employees. uses subs for plumbing & electrical. cost is determined by the job. no travel...

Helping Hand Bathtubs

1831 W. Rose Garden Lane
Phoenix, AZ
We supply and install heated shell walk-in theraputic bathtubs for elderly or those people...

Helping Handyman

9477 W Deanna Dr
Peoria, AZ
Generally i work by myself unless extra help is needed. usually i receive 1/2 of the job total...


Chandler, AZ
Lic:- #roc196773.

Heritage Vine LLC

2209 W 1st St Suite A-103
Tempe, AZ
Heritage vine creates unmatched custom wine cellars and can take you turn key to the custom...

High Standards Construction LLC

17425 W Mountain View Rd
Waddell, AZ
I have 2 employees. i do all the work with my crew. i have only worked in construction and...

High Tech Home Warranties

PO Box 24881
Raleigh, NC
We are a one stop shop for all home improvements and home warranty needs. we are local almost...

His and Her Handy Service

7660 E. Mckellips Rd. #82
Scottsdale, Az
Handyman service, home repairs, plumbing

Historic home renovators

201 W Echo Ln
Phoenix, AZ
We accept mastercard and visa


1261 Spring Valley Dr
Carol Stream, IL
Hk n do it all, llc, is a sub-contracting handyman service with over 37 years in construction,...

Hochstetler Home Improvements LLC

7155 W Bronoco Trl
Peoria, AZ
Residential remodeling

Holex Plumbing and Handyman Services

170 E Guadalupe Road
Gilbert, AZ
Our mission is: * to perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction...

Home Experts

7225 S. East St.
Indianapolis, IN
Owner operated. cost is determined by the job. award winning.

Home Improvements By RMS LLC

35317 N 31st Dr.
Pheonix, AZ
License number #roc195318.

Home Performance Solutions

Phoenix, AZ
Home performance solutions offers a direct and cost effective approach to lowering the heat...


13625 N 21ST LN
Phoenix, AZ
Owner operated, does use subs for cabinets and any extra labor that he does not do. cost is by...


500 N. 56th St. Suite 22
Chandler, AZ
We are a small remodeling company which has been built by referrals. with a background...


PO Box 24049
Tempe, AZ
We are a full service remodeling company specializing in full kitchen and bathroom remodels....


1301 W Broadway
Mesa, AZ
Homedge, previously known as ray brothers granite, is a family owned and operated business...

Homemade Design

41 Monument Ave
Boston, MA
Homemade design (hmd) is america's leading online interior design service providing a...

Homes by Dwight

PO Box 31785
Phoenix, AZ
General contractor dwight davis and his crew are professional grade craftsmen whose main focus...


23038 NE 19TH DR
Sammamish, WA
Owner-operated. uses subs for electrical, plumbing & painting. cost is determined by the job....


202 E McDowell Road
Phoenix, AZ
We invite you to join our family of happy clients who have benefited from our focus on...

Horizon Tile & Flooring

PO Box 567
Tonopah, AZ
Providing all flooring needs with a lifetime warranty with all workmanship

Horton Plumbing Company, Inc.

PO Box 5177
Glendale, AZ
All plumbing needs! commercial and residential plumbing.

House 2 Home Repair

3227 E Cedarwood Ln
Phoenix, AZ
We are a small general contractor with an engineering background. i grew up bulding homes in a...

HOUSE Drafting, LLC

10985 W Loma Ln
Peoria, AZ
House drafting, llc is a drafting & design service providing construction plans for...

HR Contracting LLC

2447 W Memorial Drive
Anthem, AZ
We are a general contractor with the owners on site and hands on with our workers. most work...

I Crown Homes

44542 W High Desert Trail
Maricopa, AZ
Crown moulding installation is my specialty. this is a trade that is best served by someone...

Imperial Restoration & Contracting LLC

2487 S Gilbet Rd
Gilbert, AZ
Additional email -


10840 N 83RD ST
Scottsdale, AZ
Incline llc, building fine homes for nearly forty years. incline combines experience,...

Infinity Electric LLc , Dba: Power By Infinity

524 East Carol Ave
Phoenix, AZ
We provide commercial and residential facility maintenance, new construction and remodel...


4910 E Elliot Rd Ste 100
Phoenix, AZ
We are a full scale in house remodeling firm. we employee 7 people; one full time architect...

Innovative Interiors

560 E Germann Rd
Gilbert, AZ
Innovative interiors offers window coverings (including custom wood blinds and shutters),...

Inside-Out Home Improvement LLC

Scottsdale, AZ
We are a small home-based family-owned & operated handyman business. no job is too small. ...


2852 South Ave
Toledo, OH
Our most important goal is customer satisfaction. we strive to meet every need of our...

Intents Construction LLC

1732 E Camino Del Santo
Phoenix, AZ
Arizona's premier general contractor. at intents construction llc, our professional team of...

Interior Difference

7816 SE 68th Ave
Portland, OR


Tempe, AZ
Our goal is to provide the customer a quality,clean,professional project done on time at a...

Interiors Remembered Inc

942 S Ash Ave
Tempe, AZ
Under design director athena vigil’s guidance, interiors remembered, inc. brings together...


Glendale, AZ
4 employees. uses subs for various jobs. charges a flat rate. no travel charges. no extra...

Ironclad Construction

535 E Yellow Wood Ave
Queen Creek, AZ
Ironclad construction, llc is a fully licensed general building and repair contractor. we...

Isaly's Home Service

14848 N. Cave Creek Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Property and home management. any thing to do with residential and commercial property.


1911 W Long Horn
Chandler, AZ
Owner operated. uses subs for specific trades. cost is determined by the job. no travel...

J & H Plumbing LLC

3015 N Norfolk
Mesa, AZ
You can count on us for all of your plumbing needs in phoenix and the surrounding area. call...


Casa Grande, AZ
In business since 1978. expedited scheduling. full design service. quick concept to completion...


1783 W University Dr
Tempe, AZ
General contracting company specializing in kitchen & bath remodels, new construction...

J n L Builders

1350 E. Thomas Rd.
Phoenix, Az
We are a general/sub contracting company with over 123 years combined experience. we are...

J. Diguiseppe Construction & General Contracting

16060 N Boulder Dr
Fountain Hills, AZ
J. diguiseppe is a full service licensed and fully insured general contractor, offering a wide...

J/A Design Group

8902 E Vía Linda
Scottsdale, AZ
J/a design group, based in scottsdale, arizona, is a full service interior design firm...

Jack Rathert & Company

12309 E Appaloosa Pl
Scottsdale, AZ
We are a small company serving most of the valley, licensed subcontractors can be called upon...

Jack Taylor Services

4295 East Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ
In business for 15 years, and looking forward to exceeding all your remodeling expectations.

Jacob & Company Remodeling and Construction

8563 E. Pierce St.
Scottsdale, AZ
Jacob & company construction was founded in 2003 and has become one of the most sought after...

Jaime's Handyman Services

Goodyear, AZ
Handyman services

Jamesco Inc.

230 W Goold Blvd
Avondale, AZ
All in one interiors solution. including sales and installation of flooring, cabinets,...


Mesa, AZ
Since our beginning, january 2002, jdc homes has operated primarily on customer referals. we...


Peoria, AZ
I am a small business owner. you receive my personal attention on every project start to...


PO Box 55682
Phoenix, AZ
We offer many in-house contracting services and have partnerships with numerous high integrity...

JDM Countertops, Inc.

902 S 19th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Jdm countertops, inc. is a custom natural and engineered stone solid surface fabricator. we...

JDS Improvements

379 E Elm St
Cottonwood, AZ
Customer satisfaction is very important to us and what we pride ourselves on. we go out of...

JGQ Enterprises

2557 east granite view drive
Phoenix, AZ
20 years experience as a one-man band

JLeon Remodeling Masters

Mesa, AZ
Home remodeling and improvements


Fountain Hills, AZ
30 employees. uses subs for roofing, concrete, and various other jobs. cost is determined by...

JME Construction Services llc.

21497 E Nightingale Rd
Queen Creek, AZ
Jme construction services llc. is a family owned and operated company that thrives on...

Joda Handy Man Services

5809 N 8th Pl
Phoenix, AZ
Joda handyman services never charges for estimates or travel. joda is a small company with...

Joe's Maintenance/LLC/HVAC

7430 W Sells Dr
Phoenix, AZ

John Harding Dey, A.S.I.D. Interiors

1346 W. Highland Street
Chandler, AZ
Creative, performance and results-driven interior designer with extensive experience in the...

John T. Ertz, Inc.

4653 E. Sports Dr.
Gilbert, Az
John t. ertz is a full service general contracting company specializing in many fields. i have...


Mesa, AZ
Family owned & operated. arizona roc license number: 213146. additional contacts: jeremy...

Jovos, Inc.

2143 East Page Ave.
Gilbert, AZ
I would like to take a moment to introduce jovos inc. we are a general contracting company...

JP Innovations Inc.

9625 S 44th St
Phoenix, AZ
Offering professional floorcovering installation services in arizona. jp innovations is proud...

JSB Remodeling, LLC

Glendale, AZ
We accommodate all areas of residential remodeling

JTI Construction LLC

1678 W. Superstition Blvd. Suite #2
Apache Junction, AZ
General contractor commercial/residential roc 281383 kb-1 specializing in...

Justright Handyman Services

8046 N. 19th Dr.
Phoenix, AZ
Free estimate. done right from start to finish. plenty of contractors say they can do home...

JW Plumbing, LLC

16133 E Glenpoint Dr
Fountain Hills, AZ
We have been servicing the valley since 1995, family owned and operated, we are competitively...

K & L Ceramic

4367 W White Mountain Blvd
Lakeside, AZ
Web site

k Willis Construction

6019 E Hermosa Vista Dr
Mesa, AZ
We have more than 35 years of experience in the construction industry. we are committed to...


11418 N 39th Pl
Phoenix, AZ
Small, quick response, 24/7 - valleywide service.

Kachina Kitchens

13930 W Camino Del Sol
Sun City West, AZ
Complete kitchen and bath remodeling, refacing or new cabinetry. granite, quartz and solid...

Keith Persons General Construction

805 E. Roma Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Starting in 1967, i started out as a handyman. then became a general contractor building homes...

Keystone Repair and Maintenance

19139 W Thomas Rd
Litchfield Park, AZ
Small family owned business,we accept cash or check


1035 N McQueen Rd
Gilbert, AZ
License: roc#242325 & 265083. additional contact: jim kieran.

King Home Restoration Inc

PO Box 21992
Mesa, AZ
Guaranteed to beat any licensed competitor's price! free estimates! at king home restoration,...

Kino's Painting

321 E 9th Dr
Mesa, AZ
Our company was established in 1988 and had been responsible for providing outstanding house...

Kirk Development Co

340 E Caron St
Phoenix, AZ
Award winning.kirk development company is a design/build full service remodeling company. the...

Kitchen AZ Cabinets and More

3135 W. Meadow Dr
Phoenix, AZ
Main company located in phoenix, arizona and doing business throughout the phoenix metro area,...


Phoenix, AZ

Kitchens 101

5053 E Downing St
Mesa, AZ
Discount prices on all wood, dove tail, full extension, soft close cabinets with your ideas...

Koda Builders

1069 W Tepee St
Apache Junction, AZ


Phoenix, AZ
Kowalski construction, inc. has been serving the valley since 1967 and is one of the oldest...

KP Home Solutions

725 W Catclaw St
Gilbert, AZ
Most work completed by company staff however we occasionally use sub contractors for...

Krasiva Custom Remodelers

2432 W. Peoria Ave. Ste. 1186
Phoenix, AZ
We offer a one stop shopping experience for your complete kitchen or bathroom remodel. we will...

Kretz Contracting

2252 S Noche De Paz
Mesa, AZ

Krisel Construction and remodeling, Inc

1395 East Whitten Pl.
Chandler, AZ
A family run business since 1986 focusing on quality, workmanship and service


Phoenix, AZ
All jobs require 1/2 down, 1/4 mid way through and then the remaining balance upon completion...


Phoenix, AZ
Owner-operated. uses subs for drywall. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no...


Phoenix, AZ

L&H Desert Homes

4804 W. Misty Willow Ln.
Glendale, AZ
We offer no obligation in-home estimates.

La Casa Builders Inc

8260 E Gelding Dr
Scottsdale, AZ


Phoenix, AZ
Project scope is commercial and residential landscape irrigation install & repair. we also...

Latitude 33 Contracting

PO Box 13278
Tempe, AZ
Latitude 33 contracting is a full service residential and commercial general contractor.

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