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"These gentlemen arrived on time,suited up and cleaned a very disgusting mess up quickly . They took away the trash and left my attic, home and yard clean and smelling good. They showed" me where the critters were coming in and the roofer will be here directly. When they left they sprayed disinfectant everywhere they walked in my home. I am very pleased with the job.
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Leslie J.
"He had 2 very nice, hard working men come out to do the work, he was on the job on and off answering any questions we had. He answered the phone when we called or texted a question" They took out a lot of PVC of all sizes from under the house, it was a mess under there! Everything was cleaned up and hauled off. We are now waiting for the plumber to come and redo the plumbing so they can hook up the dehumidifier and plumb it out of the crawlspace. Every thing went well. We can't wait to have the dehumidifier on for a month or so, he said it would make our house dryer and smell better, I'll get back to you on that part. There is no mold under the crawl space.
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Rodham W.
"They were helpful and professional at a very difficult time and I can't say enough good things about them, especially crew chiefs
" . The day after I called them they were out there for an assessment and then were able to get most of the cleanup done that same day. I'm not sure of the final cost yet because it's still going through my homeowner's insurance, but the insurance company, who recommended this
franchise, says they are the best
in the area, with the fairest prices.

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Biohazard Cleaning reviews in Tampa


We had a water leak in our vacation guest house the weekend of January 25-26 that we did not discover until
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
. 26 (Sunday) around 11 am. When I walked into the front door, I stepped into an inch of standing water in the living room. Not knowing the cause of the leak, I immediately shut off the main water valve.
I, my wife, and a friend then spent the next 7-8 hours moving all furniture to safe areas; removing all standing water from the wood floor in the living room and bathroom; and using water vacs to remove the water from the pine floor of the living room and from the wall to wall carpeting in the three bedrooms. We then left for Northern Virginia where we reside 130 miles away.
I reported the damage to my State Farm agent who recommended we use a man named
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
(owner of Rainbow Int'l of
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
) for further drying and remediation. We knew the bedrooms would be fine, but were not sure if remediation might save the pine flooring in the main room.
This review is to state how we were billed by Rainbow Int'l of
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
for almost $4,000 for a "service" that accomplished absolutely nothing.
When we first contacted Rainbow, we were immediately emailed a contract that stated that no estimate for remediation was possible and that the costs could not be determined in advance. This was a HUGE red flag but I unfortunately relied on the recommendation of my insurance agent and plowed ahead. Big mistake. Instead, I gave Rainbow the information needed for owner
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
to gain access to the property (as no one was there -- we were not scheduled to return to the house until 2l weeks later).
The next day, January 28, during the middle of the day,
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
of Rainbow visited the property (I was later billed over $100 for an emergency visit !). He called me at my home in
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
to discuss the damage and to gain access to the garage (located below the flooded rooms).
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
also stated his son would return the next day with drying equipment. I was again told costs could not be determined in advance. OK I said, completely ignorant of how the remediation business works and with no idea that I was about to be charged huge daily rental fees for said equipment and that indeed Mr.
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
knew exactly what those daily fees would be. He also failed to tell me he was going on vacation the next day...
Even though
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
obviously knew exactly what equipment he was going to tell his son to bring, at no time did
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
say, "Here's what we will bring, and here's what it will cost per day..." Rainbow of course has a standard per day rental charge for each piece of equipment. This failure on
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
's part was clearly deliberate. If I had simply been told up front the cost for set-up and daily rental I would have said (after I stopped laughing) forget it (or—maybe, just maybe—do what you can for $500 to a $1000 if you think the effort will save the floor).
Please note that it was obvious at this point that the carpets in the bedrooms would be fine and the only total loss potential was the pine floor (approx. 460 square feet). The cost to entirely replace that floor was about $4,000 (including all materials and labor). I know this because: (1) I had the original floor installed and (2) I had the new one installed in May-June. Apparently in
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
world, it is OK to spend $4,000 to save something that costs that amount to replace !!
The next day, Wednesday, January 29, the equipment (11 air movers & 1 dehumidifier) was brought and placed in the rooms. I would later be invoiced labor of eight (8) man hours !! at $37 an hour (a total of $300) to simply carry in, place, and plug in 12 pieces of equipment—outrageous gouging !!
When I attempted to get in touch with
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
later that week to see how things were going, I was told he was on a "cruise" and his son
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
was in charge ?! Uh-oh...
A week later (on or about Wednesday, February 5) I received my first communication from Rainbow since I spoke with
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
prior to the equipment install. Son
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
had called me to report that a glass shelving unit had fallen because the wood floor had buckled so severely as to push it over. It would have been obvious to any honest person at that point that the floor could not be saved. (I would not see the floor myself until 3 days later.) Supposedly, the living room and floor were being regularly "monitored" (at a cost of anywhere from $37 to $56 an hour) and yet I NEVER received a single report or photo as to the conditions. Taking a cell phone photo and emailing it to someone takes less than a minute.
By the way, the son simply left the broken glass on the floor, even though it would have taken only a few minutes to clean it up. Dreadful.
Because of this uninformative phone call, I asked the contractor who built the house to visit the location, assess the situation, and determine the source of the leak (something miserable Rainbow never did). He visited the property on Friday, February 7. He called me from the location and told me there were 11 floor fans packed into the small space (two in the tiny hall closet area alone) and the floor clearly would not be salvageable. He kindly cleaned up the glass on the floor, and easily located the leak: a cracked connector for fridge water line at the back of the fridge (the living room has a sink and fridge on one side—no kitchen).
Unfortunately, being completely ignorant of how the remediation business works, I still had no idea that I was being charged a DAILY rental cost for each floor fan and the dehumidifier. Are you ready? The 11 fans were being billed to me at over $200 per day !! and the dehumidifier at $110 per day for a daily total equipment cost of $312 a day. Remember, that does not even include the cost of placing the fans ($300) or the cost to remove the equipment (the exact cost for removal is unclear on the bill but some hundreds of dollars again). Total labor charged for dropping the equipment off, so-called “monitoring,” and then removing the equipment: $780. Outrageous..
As soon as Rainbow realized that we had returned to the property to meet with the insurance claims adjuster, and that the insurer and we had seen that the floor was not salvageable, and had clearly not been salvageable for a week or more, Rainbow scurried over and removed all their fans and dehumidifier (after we had left that weekend).
They then sent a bill to our insurer for just under $4,000. Mind you – NO bill was sent to us – just to the insurer even though we had hired them and all the (limited) communications from Rainbow had been with us. This invoicing tactic is yet another sign of a shady operator.
STAY AWAY from these people, and if you decide to hire a business for any kind of remediation, I highly recommend you insist on an estimate; if the vendor claims that no cost estimate can be determined in advance, then tell them, “Thanks, but no thanks.”
- Christian M.

Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
came quickly and just as quick things went bad. This room is used as my home office and I had to remove all my inventory quickly, so they could place some fans to dry the walls. The damaged part of the walls were removed. The carpet was still soaking wet. They didn't try to get the water out of the carpet, their only solution was to let the fans dry it. So I used my shop vac and removed about 2 gallons of water from the carpet that night. 2 days later the fans are still running (at my expense) and I haven't heard from them. When I called they told me it takes 3 days to dry, so I waited another day. Still no one. So I called again. The rude man on the phone told me someone would be out tomorrow. So I wait another day. Finally they came and pulled the fans and said their sheet rock person would call me. He called but can't come until next week. At this point we are over a week, for a minor repair and clean up. After the sheet rock goes up then mudding takes 2 days (this guy did a great job. The only good thing about this experience). No call from the company so again I have to call the office and speak with the man that really hates his job and try to get some one to come and finish. Another day goes by and I have to call again, this time I got mad and their excuse is "construction takes time". What construction? This is a minor repair of sheetrock, paint, and clean the carpet. When they finally show up to paint he only puts on one coat of paint without using any primer, and even I know without primer the paint will eventually peel. He left the rest of the can, so instead of waiting another week to get it done properly, I put on 2 more coats and finished the ceiling where he failed to even paint. Also I had to patch places where they scratched the wall and ceiling with their equipment and my shelving that was still in the room, and then paint those also. Still waiting for the carpet cleaner so I had to call again. Again the office personnel were rude and condescending. Finally they come and "clean" the carpet. Amazing how poorly you can do a job when you really want to. So bad I called the Plumber and told him this is all unacceptable. He sent out a professional carpet cleaner and they did a nice job, got out all the water stains and smell.
A job that could have been done in a week or so took nearly a month, all the while my business is running on life support because I couldn't fill orders with all my inventory in storage.
If I ever have a problem again and
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
shows up, I will not allow them in the building. They took a bad mistake and turned it into a living nightmare. I would recommend you run if they ever show up at your place. I would rather take the loss and cover all expenses myself than have this company do it.
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
takes your disaster and turns it into an even bigger disaster.
I DO NOT recommend this company to anyone.
- David G.

ce!PJ and his crew were great! They responded quickly when I called and worked continuosly getting the house clean and dry. He was very professional along with his staff and made a horrible situation easier to deal with. He assured us that he would do his best to try to preserve what we could from the water damage and he did a great job. He was so easy to work with and talked to the insurance agents and the adjustors for us. He made things so
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
for us!! He then restored the damaged areas and did a fabulous job. I would recommend
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
to anyone and everyone needing restoration done or even just as a general contractor. He was fair and we couldn't be any happier with them. They are a trustworthy company and really just a nice crew of guys. I can't thank them enough and would hire them again in a minute. They get an A+ in all categories and I would recommend them to anyone looking for this type of service!!
- Theresa B.

Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
came out the same day for mold remediation. April was VERY nice and got an employee to come out even though he was in between jobs for the day. Service was prompt and efficient and I was desperate for someone to come out ASAP! I would definitely recommend them!
- Susan B.

My crawlspace flooded and I pumped out the water. I called
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
to assess the post-flood damage and to ensure there were no mold problems in the area. A crew of 3 guys showed up within a few hours of my call (1 supervisor, 1 worker, and 1 helper). One tech went into the crawlspace and cut slits in the plastic water
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
, cut open one of my heating ducts (to help with the drying process), and installed several fans in the crawlspace. They were very careful to keep the areas inside of my house (and near the crawlspace opening) clean....which I appreciated. Several days later, a worker showed up and sprayed the crawlspace with some type of fungicide (to help prevent mold). Several days after this, a worker showed up and removed the fans from the crawlspace and declared the crawlspace to be completely dry.
I received very little communication from
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
during this entire process (other than direct communication from the onsite workers). Several days after the fans were removed, I received an invoice which I considered to be completely outrageous considering there was actually very little "touch time" on their part. In addition to the technician time and fan rental fees, they charged me an Emergency Service adder, a crawlspace adder, and drive time to and from my property was added to every worker's hours. I complained to the site manager about the outrageous charges but to no avail. And so I paid their outrageous invoice and immediately terminated their services. I then completed the job by hiring a different set of contractors who installed a sump pump, replaced the crawlspace vapor
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
and inspected/repaired the heating duct work.

- Ken M.

The whole process was great.
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
was very patient with me in scheduling as it was part of my buying agreement to get the tank out of the ground but it was the dead of winter and had to be postponed due to inclement weather. Once scheduled they arrived on time walked me through all the steps asked me if I understood and wanted to proceed. There was a three man crew each doing a separate job. When the had a problem reconnecting the oil tank to the furnace I was told and assured it would be fixed, and it was. The heavy machinery caused minimal damage to the lawn which was to be expected with all the snow and rain. I still cant figure out how they didn't touch one of the plants surrounding the outside tank. I called the next day to make payment with
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
. Great experience
- Jeffery P.

My basement flooded from a water main break with 3 inches of water. I called them early morning and they were onsite and working by 11AM! Very responsive. Jumped right in and started moving things and assessing damage. Started in one corner and blocked items off the floor, moved them around as necessary and vacuumed water out to start and systematically working all the way around the whole basement, cleaning as they went and determining salvage potential for soaked items. Very careful and professional as they went about their work. Asked questions when needed but for the most part just quietly went about taking care of the situation with really no effort from me. This was especially helpful to me as I was right in the middle of a critical customer telecon for 4 hours while all this was going on and they made it so much less stressful to be dealing with the water issue in the middle of that. They saved any items in a set aside area that were likely insurance claims so it made it easy for me to go through it after they left. They bagged up completely unsavagable and water soaked items telling me about them as needed and then placed them outside. Once the general water mess was cleaned up, they set up fans and dehumdifiers all over the basement and left them for 3 days to dry the basement out. They stopped by each day to a**** the progress and rearrange the equipment as necessary. They also gathered up several area rugs including a a couple of rugs we purchased in
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
and took them separately to their warehouse to
Tampa Environmental Cleanup Provider Name Locked
them out and dry and clean them. That took about a week and then they brought them back clean and dry and wrapped in paper as good as new. Overall, I was very impressed with their professionalism and the way they just went about taking care of things without my needing to do a lot of supervision. I had never had to use a service like this before and I wasn't sure what to expect but they did a great job and I would hire them again in the future. They worked all the paperwork with the insurance company after I paid my deductible so I didn't even have to do much there either.
- Michael K.

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