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Since purchasing my furnace and AC from a different company, I have received endless promotional SPAM emails from
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
. (They've also sent numerous junk mail items through regular snailmail too.) The first SPAM email came on 8/3/13. The second on 4/5/14. The third on 4/29/14. The fourth on 6/9/14. The fifth on 7/22/14. The sixth and most recent was on 8/19/14. They are all from "
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
". I tried the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the first two emails I received. This didn't work, and the senseless promotional emails kept coming. So I forwarded one of their unsolicited emails to them and asked to be removed from their list on 6/9/14. I received a reply from Crystal Nellermoe the same day assuring me I would be removed. But I wasn't. I sent a more firm message to Crystal in reply to the SPAM from 7/22/14, and received another email from her reading, "Hi, I apologize - we've changed marketing companies and there may have been a miss in the email opt outs. I will notify them promptly to avoid a future email. Thanks - Crystal " OK, fine, these things happen. But unfortunately, this hasn't worked either and the SPAM continues to come. And now I'm fed up with this irresponsible SPAMMING. So after their most recent SPAM on 8/19/14, I've decided to formally review this company here on Angie's List.
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
rep who visited our house was very courteous and professional, I'm sure they would have done a fine job, but in the end, they were not the most competitive option for us. All I can say now about
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
is that despite my repeated requests to receive no more SPAM emails from them, I continue to do so. In fact, the SPAM emails seem to be coming monthly now. I wish I had never contacted them. If you enjoy receiving SPAM, then by all means, request a quote from
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
. Otherwise, think twice.
- Meggan C.

The site survey and estimate were very thorough. We obtained two bids, and the other contractor also seemed very thorough but was more expensive. The original bid came in higher than our budget, but they were very willing to work with us to design a system within our budget. They considered our specific needs and the way we use our house, and recommended ways we could reduce cost without sacrificing on comfort (too much).
They came and did the work within 2 weeks of the original estimate. They were punctual and professional. The linesets (lines to the individual units in each room) were done in a way that looks good on the side of the house - basically like downspouts - with a cover that worked on our house. The installation of the interior units look sharp. They took the time to show us how to use and maintain the units, and all the settings.
One of the workmen in the basement broke a lightbulb. He was very apologetic when I pointed it out, and they cleaned it up promptly. Overall they cleaned up after themselves very well.
we've been using the units for almost 3 months. We are very pleased with the performance of the units and the installation services. We highly recommend using AQS for ductless air conditioning systems in an older house.
- Kathryn H.

I give
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
& AIR CONDITIONING INC my highest recommendation. Everything from calling for service to final goodbye was great. Called again Aug 18 about another issue and got same-day service. I would certainly use Binder again as well as recommend to others.


My old boiler had barely worked the past winter resulting in burst pipes and leaks so I decided to spend the cash to get an energy efficient Combi boiler/water heater and new radiators. I checked Angie's List and hired
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
Plumbing. In preparation, I installed every radiator on the wall per factory instructions to make the install go smoother and had all furniture moved to the center of each room except for the bathroom which was totally empty.

First, they assured me that two of their staff had been trained on this particular Combi boiler. However, when the guy came to preview the job, he did not tell me I had to have a water softener which if not installed nullifies the warranty by the manufacturer. That left me scrambling to purchase a water softener at the last minute! I only learned of it by going on the manufacturer's website. Then I took two days off work to be home for the install; first day, plumber didn't show up until 5 pm to say he wouldn't be able to do it- he had been held up on another job. I was told he would be there next day @ 7 am- when it was approaching 9 am I emailed the scheduler to just cancel until the installers had time. The plumber showed up shortly after. One guy was doing the Combi install and the other was working on installing the radiators. The guy doing the boiler took all day just to figure out how to install water softener so the boiler did not get installed and I had to go without hot water or heat for three days just as there was a cold snap in May as they couldn't get back before then. When I sent an email to the scheduler,
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
, to
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
my discontent I received an offer to have space heaters dropped off. I surveyed some of the radiators installed and found that the work was very sloppy and unprofessional so when they came back I pointed out how on one side of the living room he ran the pipes next to the wall and on the other side they were more than an inch away which would make it difficult to install baseboards. His response, "Oh it 6 of one, half dozen of the other." I also asked him about the possibility of leaks as stated by the plumbers who had come during the winter and showed him an area behind built in bookcases they thought may have a leak; he said he thought it would be okay, to just leave it and he simply attached the new radiators to the existing pipes. Pipes for the radiators in the bedroom were installed again resting on the floor and at angle away from the wall so the installer didn't have to bother putting in corner fittings. Registered my This concerned me so in my bathroom which was in the process of being renovated and where I had purposely left the walls and floors open to the studs and joists for ease of installation of pipes, I left a note for the installer that pipes had to be run under the floor and through the walls; he assured he got my note and it would be no problem. I couldn't take any more time off work so I had to trust they would finish better than they had begun. Came home from work and they were still there and the install was not completed. They said they would have to come back on the following Saturday. As I again looked at the work done, the pipes in the bathroom were installed resting on the joists! Can you imagine trying to install a subfloor and floor with pipes on the joists? In addition, a radiator in the entryway had a coil of pipes on the floor under the radiator- not only was it unsightly looking as if a very inexperienced DIY-er had done it, it was unsafe as anyone coming in the door could accidentally kick the pipes causing a rupture; I didn't bother this time with the guy that installed it but went to the guy working on the boiler. He said they would fix when they returned on Saturday. (At this point his has been going for a couple of weeks!) Saturday arrives and they work all day until - and you can confirm with them- until 2 am!! By 10 pm I told it would be OK to return but they kept on! The problems in the bathroom or the entryway were not corrected nor the pipes in the living room that were unevenly installed. The plumber told me make sure and keep the water pressure above 5 psi and he would return on Monday so I left the house unlocked- no show- no call. After a few days, the boiler lost pressure and was flashing error messages and I kept adding water to try to keep the pressure up so I emailed the scheduler and he said they would be over the next day. Took day off and only the plumber showed saying the other guy had quit that morning. He continued to work on the system but had to leave for a previously scheduled job. I pointed out the pipes in the bathroom and he said he couldn't install them under the floor- he would move them closer to the wall but all I would have to do was cut the granite floor a little and cut out a small part of my new vanity! Two days later I get an invoice in my email from
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
for the plumber's return - charged at over $200/hr for the 'plumber!' Emailed him and asked for an explanation - didn't receive a response so I had the plumber that was doing my new bathtub/sink/toilet install but doesn't do heating installs, and he showed how the pipes could easily be fitted under the floor and through the wall! Well, I sent a letter and pictures to
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
and stated that if they did not care to correct the problems, I would hire another company and take them to court. He stated they would be there whenever I wanted. I had trouble getting more time off work but
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
said the plumber was quitting and his last day was the next Thursday he had to come out before the; I was not thrilled they were sending the same guy! The plumber showed up alright and read me the right act for my complaints telling me I was a "real class act." He refused to correct anything but the entryway radiator and the bathroom pipes saying "I will never be done with tis! I'll never get out of here!" Previously they not only left pieces of cut pipes everywhere and empty takeout food cartons, but they left their torch and tank. After he was so anxious to get out of here this time, he still left the propylene torch and tank and his step ladder! So I have uneven pipes in the living room, a bedroom with pipes which look like a giant "Z" to avoid connections to turn the corner and pipes resting on the floor in my den! I don't know if it is because I am a senior citizen, a woman living alone or both!
- Roxanne K.

Bonfe has been our furnace and AC service provider of choice since we bought our home a year ago. They are always prompt, helpful, and are not condescending to me (the wife) when they come over.
On this particular visit
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
K service technician came to look at our furnace as we were having water leak from the unit. He did his thing and then called me downstairs to give his verdict. I was a bit upset at his news that we needed a bunch of cleaning and repair completed because as I told him, this furnace is only a year old having been placed by our contractors a year ago.
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
K didn't miss a beat, he told me he had some bad news for me and that I would have an excellent legal case against this contractor.
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
K proceeded to show me that my supposed 1 year old furnace was 12 years old, not to code, and to large for my home. He also showed us that it was installed improperly and had damaged our duct work and AC unit.
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
K went out of his way to make sure I understood my rights, understood what was wrong with the unit, and helped me find out online that our contractor had only pulled general permits and not a single Mechanical or Warm Air permit for the furnace. He also helped me report this incident to the city.
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
K we would have never discovered this blatant deception by our contractors, now we are using the city to pressure them into replacing the furnace and fixing all other problems caused by the bad furnace on their dime or face legal action.
Thank you to
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
K and Bonfe for looking out for your customers! Also thank you to
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
K for not minding that our dog and 2 cats followed him around like he was their new family :)
- Torbjorn C.

We have used
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
4 different times. He installed an air cleaner for us on an older furnace, replaced our air conditioner one year and replaced our furnace when it died. He is very professional, arrives when he says he will, does great work, and is personable. His prices are very fair and he gets the job done. He will not sell you a service you do not need!
- Kimberly P.

These guys were terrible.
A young guy showed up and found a 'crack' in my furnace's inner workings with a camera. I took a picture of what I saw when he showed me. He said I'd need to get it immediately replaced and it would cost me a couple thousand dollars and they should do it that week. He told me it was releasing ozone into my house and was extremely dangerous. I declined setting up an appointment for the next day and immediately called another group to come in and assess the problem.
As I showed the pictures I took to the other company, the serviceman was immediately skeptical. He opened my entire unit instead of just putting a camera in there and spent a good deal of time inspecting it. He told me that the scratches I was shown were probably caused by the camera itself and there was no damage to my furnace. He also told me that replacement cost
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
& Cooling offered was wrong anyway as my unit had been a part of a class action lawsuit a few years prior. I could have gotten the entire unit for free minus the cost of installation, but I was told this is a pain for the company so most companies 'pretend' not to know about. However, I didn't need to do anything.
I called
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
& Cooling back and they refunded my money. I would never do business with them again. I think they offer these deals and send inexperienced servicemen out to try and scare customers for more business.
- Joseph C.

Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
responded really quickly to my query, gave an estimate within a couple of days and was really flexible in fitting us in quickly and working around other contractors who were on site at the time. Very pleased with the work that was done and just waiting to arrange a date for him to come back and install a new water heater. ...More />No hesitation in recommending, professional and pleasant service.
- Linda H.

We choose G & H Heating & Air Conditioning as our service provider based on their reviews and we'll definitely be using them again for all of our future heating and cooling needs.
Saint Paul HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
, the owner of G & H Heating & Air Conditioning, was affordable, accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable.
- Marc C.

I was very pleased with the service technician. I was frustrated in trying to get an appt. time however that is why the responsiveness rating os low. I wasn't told about the Saturday appt. option and I called multiple times. It would be nice if you had a day or two of after hour times, 6 or 7 pm. Overall happy with the experience though. Happy about the 5 for $25 campaign for charity too.
- susan j W.
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