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came to see the kitchen and give an estimate,
was very thorough and took time to discuss all of the details and talk through the installation specifics so I was comfortable that the estimate I received was a total cost for the work to be done. I had a specific design in mind and wanted to use 3"x6" subway tiles with 1" square glass accents that I had already purchased.
offered great advice on how the pattern should be altered and was very knowledgeable about installing the product.
arrived to install the tile they were on time and the work each day was meticulous. The installation required each subway tile and accent to be set individually and they cut each tile by hand on their own initiative to minimize chipping and waste. The project was completed on time and they left my kitchen clean and swept after the work was complete. They were total professionals.
The backsplash turned out better than I expected and the workmanship is terrific.The final product is simply beautiful and I could not be happier.

- Carol R.

TERRIBLE! I can not stress how bad the work was and how awful the professionalism was. Since the roof was replaced, two certified roofing contractors have told me that the work is THE WORST roofing job they have ever seen and the only way to correct the problems would be to tear off the all the roofing and start over. I now have water damage in four rooms. I have called dozens of times with little to no response or repair. Never a response from the owner
; although when they were soliciting my business, he sat in my living room making promises. Always promises; never action. Always voice mail; never return calls. Two of the only employees who ever did answer the phone no longer work for the company!
List of problems:
two different colors of roofing on garage
exposed nails on roof ridge and system
nails driven through fascia
no flashing on step down
shingles mis-aligned
gutters full of old roofing and nails
no flashing around the chimney
bulging beneath roofing
no caulking on flashing
shingles extend to far beyond the roof
gutters bent out of shape from ladders and from the weight of old roofing
and more!

- susan A.

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Ceramic Tiling reviews in Saint Louis


Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
and his associate were top notch professionals. I've had grout work done before by plumbers and handymen, and it seems they have always considered this a job not worthy of their time. Instead of having this attitude ,
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
came in and happily spent the time and energy needed to do this work right! In several of the places they worked, they were repairing sloppy work done by previous contractors. Thank you for taking my desire seriously to have this caulk look like new. I enjoy looking at the improvement every single morning when I get ready for work. I would definitely use this company for bigger jobs in the future.
- Debra C.

The end result was wonderful--neatly and precisely done. I will indeed hire
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
again for future tile jobs. He was professional and courteous, and above all does a bang-up job.

I was going to wait until he actually remodeled our bathroom, but I thought I would type up a review after seeing the F rating.
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
is a straight forward guy and showed right on time to give us a bid. I love the fact that he actually took his shoes off to come in the house after seeing me take my shoes off. I have read a ton about building waterproof showers and I know just enough to be dangerous, but I can tell you
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
knows all about the business of tiling. He is very detailed oriented and was concerned about thickness of certain whirpool tub skirts to make sure the tile matches up perfect. His price was right in line with other bids. I will report back after he finishes the job in a few months (that is by our choice to wait until summer) and comment on the quality, but I am confident it will be an A as well.
- Brian Y.

We were very disappointed by the overall workmanship of this company. We had used them 10 years ago to remodel the kitchen with no issues but this time we were disappointed by the work. We bought a new tub and they added a water jet control to the foot of the tub rather than within reach when sitting in the tub. The hole to move the control had to be removed and patched. They sent out a company to repair the tub but rushed the job and added plumbing before the surface was ready and ended up cracking the tub when they added the faucets and handles for the tub. We had to call them back out to again repair the crack. When the plumbing was added for the tub they cut away the tub supports to make room for the plumbing - they did not fix this - they covered it up with the onyx that surrounded the tub instead. They told me that the supprt for the tub was placed underneath the tub - but we could see allthe way to the other wall with no support being added. They sent out one guy to do the work when clearly carrying the tub, bathroom cabinet fixtures, etc. would take 2 people. My husband actually helped the contractor with carrying the stuff in the house. We priced the fixtures, tub, toilet and Onyx shower with another company and found that the
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
up was twice the cost of what we would have paid if we would have picked it out at another company - they matched some of the prices when we brought it to their attention. Their explantaion on this was that if they weren't installing it the fixtures they would have charged us less. The doorways that they put in were split and then repaired with wood putty- they weren't a very high quality product and required us to add more wood putty and then sand them ourselves to get a smooth finish. We also have plaster walls and the finish that they leftwqas just flat drywall. They suggested that we add sand to the paint to try and match our other walls as a solution. The onyx around the tub is not
level where the corners come together - their explanation was that in an older home they can't promise that this would be level. The drywall around the inside of the window was poorly done- really noticeable after we painted it.
- John M.

Things started out well, but ended up poorly. Based on our experience I would not recommend this contractor for either plumbing or electrical work. Flooring installation and painting may or may not be acceptable. The new kitchen sink did not get connected as promised. During the attempted connection, there was evidence of a big leak we did not discover until later. There were discolored areas on the lower level ceiling directly below the sink, and the hardwood floor in the area warped from the water leak. Thinking he had completed much of the installation, we paid him for his time, but later discovered that practically all the connections had leaks. Two of the four bathroom stools connected started leaking around the floor less than a month after installation. One of the stools was installed by stacking two dissimilar wax rings at the base instead of using thicker wax ring for elevated floors. The plastic on the wax ring of another stool reconnection was crushed during the installation and had probably been leaking since installation. Neither has leaked since new wax rings were installed. The new faucet installed on the jet tub had reduced flow because the flexible hose connection was routed against the access panel. When the valve was turned on, the pressure caused the hose to flex against the panel and kink off, greatly reducing the flow. The new shower heads leaked and it was found that the connections were over-tightened, squeezing the O ring seals up into the pipe leading to the shower heads. The new shower door was improperly installed, with neither connected to the bottom tracks, and leaks around improperly sealed areas. This after being assured that there were no leaks. The shower faucet update kits were improperly installed, with the faucet handles flopping around when turned. The faucet handles had to be removed, the adapter kits properly screwed in and reinstalled correctly. There was no guidance when selecting update kits for the shiny brass faucets. We purchased new shower faucets and valves. A week after delivering the new faucets and valves, we were told on the day of the intended installation that walls would have cut into to do the installation. We had to scramble to find update kits that didn't require this - fortunately,
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
's in
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
Groves had some update kits in stock.
A kitchen island was moved during installation of hardwood floors, but reconnection of the electrical outlets was sloppy. Both outlets had wires crammed up in the electrical boxes and improperly secured wire. One outlet had a bare place on the positive (black) wire, and the other outlet was cracked on the ends when reinstalling. A new dining room chandelier was hung with the electrical wires bearing the weight instead of the chain.
They might be OK for hardwood flooring installation, but there were some dings and dents and gaps in the flooring after installation. The gaps in one area were closed, but we overlooked a couple of other areas, and they did not correct the gaps. Some of the dings were patched. The bathroom floor tile was OK, but the grout was not properly worked in, leaving air pockets and fragile areas. When redoing these areas, another color grout was apparently used, because these areas dried darker than other areas, leaving a mottled appearance for the grout. Some grouting ended up on the new upstairs hall carpeting, but fortunately most of it came off. Painting was average, with some less observed areas sloppily painted.
In general, specialized requests were not done well. Two attempts were necessary for the fireplace tile installation, and then I had to
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
out how arrange the tile. The new closet doors move roughly and take extra effort. They will need to be rehung, probably with new tracks and rollers. Two of the closet shelves were switched with a light load bearing shelf in a heavier load shelf location. It was a bear to put them back in their proper places. It seemed as if work proceeded at two speeds - too fast for quality, or no work at all. We did make some additional requests, which they seemed more than eager to do. They kept delaying finishing up things, and then seemed in a big hurry to move on when the last day arrived, probably because of all the improperly and unfinished work left behind. My final advice to them would be to promise less and deliver more. Work smarter and in more organized fashion so that higher quality work is done. It was a big disappointment to move in and have to correct all these and other things.
There is photo documentation if anyone wants to see it.
- Paul W.

First, let me say that the work was OK, but the level of professionalism was absolutely terrible! A three day job turned into a month log experience. The owner would drop his men off at the house and would not bother to tell me who was there. Sometimes, they would not show up at all and would not call! I was informed more than once that he had to take care of a job out of town. Ok, but call and say something as it is very unprofessional to wait for someone who never shows up.
Second, the quote that you get will not be your final costs! If there are problems due to inspections and additional work need to be performed because it was not done right the first time, he will charge you for it! I feel like that is an expense that he should have to eat because of his mistake or miscalulation.
One final note, on the last day of the job, the worker had to turn off the pilot light for the gas in order to do the gas line, but he did not know or how forgot to relight it. When I called the owner about it, he informed "I will be over tomorrow to light it and Im sorry you will have to take a cold shower tonight." No effort was made to come the same day and this is something that I feel should have been offered.
Again, the work was fine, but Im a stickler for professionalism and this was the WORST I have EVER SEEN and I will NEVER recommend this company for anyone for this reason alone. Professionalism goes a long way for me!
- Kelly C.

Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
first sent out
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
to give us an estimate and provide options. The estimate was about 80% cheaper than the estimates we received from contractors to completely tear down the bathroom to studs and rebuild everything. We were impressed by the samples, so we agreed to a start date a few weeks later.
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
needed three days to complete our project. On the first day, they removed the shower and began the cleaning process. The cleaning agents they used are definitely noticeable throughout the house, but it was nice weather out so we were able to keep the house aired out with the windows open. By the end of the first day, they were able to pain the shower stall and bathroom tile floor. Day one was about seven hours.
On the second day,
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
returned and finished prepping the tile walls (removing the cemented-on old towel bars, toothbrush holder, cup shelf). They then sprayed the new white paint over the pink tiles. Day two was about four hours.
On the third day,
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
returned to install the new shower enclosure. Except for a minor issue with custom fitting the pieces, everything went in easy. Because of the taller height of the shower walls we chose, the frame didn't quite meet up with the tile wall height. They ordered custom-fit matching hardware to fill the gaps, but this took a couple of weeks to come in. There was no additional cost for these parts, or their return trip a few weeks later to install (which took about twenty minutes).
In the end, we are completely satisfied with the work
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
did and would easily recommend them for any old bathroom or kitchen. Everyone who has seen our bathroom can't believe the tiles weren't always white.
- Jan N.

The short version is that the result was spectacular (though I cannot yet say anything about durability). This reglazer had capabilities (fixing tile, installing doors), which the other reglazer I contacted did not. Overall they were very good to work with, though I did have one case where they showed up late which was quite inconvenient.
Here are a few details:
1. The best thing about this was the result. We had ugly, cracked, 50's era pink and green tile in two baths. We asked them to do white on the walls, and kind of a mottled grey/white on the floor. I was stunned by how good the white tile looked in the end. I literally blurted out "WOW!" when I saw it. We have identically sized real-white tile on the backsplash in our kitchen, and it really doesn't look different unless you want to scrutinize the grout.
2. I had talked to 2 contractors about full bath rehabs, and because opening up the wall had so many unknowns, going with the reglazing cost at least $20,000 less across the two bathrooms, and quite possibly more. It also really cut down on the risk, both contractors had allowances, and had told me up front that once they opened the walls, they didn't know what they would find and need to fix.
3. This company was particularly useful because they were able to do minor tile repairs prior to reglazing. We had a 12" square laundry chute in one bath which is now filled with wires and pipes from various rehabs. They were able to cover it over, and now you cannot tell it was there. Similarly, we had some old corroded soap dishes in the tile which they were able to pull out, and cover over with tile.
4. The one minor disappointment was they were late getting the door, and had to reschedule the door install. That was fine, but I scheduled them to come out from 7am - 8am so they wouldn't conflict with painters who were working there. I called the day before to confirm 7am, and they said yes. However, on that day they showed up at 7:30am, which had them conflicting with my painters. This was in the bathroom where I most needed the painters to work, because I had electrical in that bathroom the next morning. That was annoying. All this said, the door itself looked awesome. I paid a little more to get a 3/8" thick door without a frame (just hinges and glass, basically, and I was super happy with it.

Despite (4), I would still highly recommend
Saint Louis Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
. I was super happy with the result, and overall they were professional and helpful.
- Chris J.
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